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"Trigger Warning: This chapter contains a final look into Ria's past. It's gonna be messed up and disturbing.

Ria's eyes fluttered open. The room was dark, her blanket was carefully wrapped around her. As she stirred, a thought ran through her head. Had the last week been just a weird, weird dream? Was Sindr just a figment of her imagination? Ria let out a giggle at the thought. Nope! She wasn't known to sleep in the nude and the fact that weird Grineer fluids were oozing from her loins.

"Goodness, what is this stuff?" She muttered as she ran her hand over her privates. That Grineer dick was one squirty toy.

Metal clanked on metal outside and suddenly the door opened. A happy smile invaded the Tenno's features. Sindr stepped in, circled by the harsh light of the rest of the Orbiter. She was holding a tray with cups and a plate, clad only in a pair of lose and slightly bulging panties.

"Hey..." Ria muttered, rolling to her side, still half-covered with the blanket "How long was I out?"

"Half an hour." Sindr asked in bemusement and went to sit down on the side of the bed, tray on lap "I thought you might be a bit hungry and thirsty. You haven't eaten anything all day."

The Tenno sat up and nodded. "I am a bit hungry..." she admitted and rolled her shoulders.

"I didn't know what you'd like, so I... well... I hope the shine bucket did actually chose something to your taste. Wouldn't surprise me if he gives you something that tastes like Krill's codpiece. "

"I doubt that he is that vindictive." Ria giggled and crawled closer. She reached out, but Sindr grabbed her hand.

"You're not eating on the floor, get it?"

The Tenno rolled her eyes. "It's not a compulsion..."

"Just making sure." Sindr said seriously. A grin danced over her face "Want some clothes too?"

Ria shook her head and took the plate. "I don't really feel like it. The sheets are nice and..." She cuddled closer "You are warm enough for me..." Still, her eyes narrowed. Was Sicarius that vindictive? She took a spoon full. Time for that Tenno bravery... Coconut and pineapple. She could live with that.

"Do you want some clothes?"

"Why bother?" Ria laughed between bites "Say..." the Tenno muttered after a while "That thing was fun and all, but what exactly does it shoot? I don't want to find out that we're missing mutagen samples or something."

Sindr shrugged and put her hand on Ria's shoulder, holding her gently. "I think it drains girl-juice from me and uses that." She poked the bulge in her panties "I had a look at the manual while you were sleeping but seriously, this thingie... it's overwhelming. Got something for every fetish ever... like... you can make the jizz white so you can roleplay knocking someone up. Or use some expanding gas-liquid thing to make the belly bulge! Like... who gets off on that?"

"Better not you!" Ria stressed.

"Hey, I'm fine with the... what we did last night."

"You mean vanilla"

"What is a vanilla?"

Ria looked up. "Oh... you... sorry, it's a dictum. It comes from a flavour that was really easy to replicate on the old world. So, people used it to describe appealing but unspectacular things." A small grin ran over her face "So... it doesn't really fit in the strictest of sense."

Sindr let out a laugh. "You do know a lot, don't you? And yes, I am pretty awesome..."

The Tenno smirked. "So..." she mused "You have done some kinky things in the past?"

"I really did wake up a monster, didn't I?"

"Come on... you can't blame me for getting curious. I mean, I got all my info about sex from books and video!"

Sindr sighed. "Fine, I'll share a few, but you have to promise that you're not gonna get jealous!"

"Don't worry, I'm too happy to feel like that right now. And you better share now, later I might get too disgusted... when I'm not just thinking about you." Ria giggled "So... what did you get up to?"

"Me, personally, I'm more into getting others off. Even if it did involve some weird stuff from time to time..." Sindr mused "Hmm... I think the weirdest thing I ever dealt with was that heavy gunner that was on a leave. Nightwatch unit, bigger than me... like, really scary bitch. And once the armour was off, she, like, couldn't even start going without dressing in a ton of pink, frilly... what did she call it? Lingerie? Lace? Something like that."

Ria almost choked on her food. "What?"

"Yeah, weird, right? She said she saw it on some colony raid. And over that some really short skirt, a white shirt, like, these weird leg-warmers that you can see through."

"And a black tie, hair in pig-tails and she yelled kawai, called you sempai and begged you not to rip her clothes off?" The smaller woman concluded, horror in her eyes.

"Wait, that's a thing? She didn't make that part up? Like... even that dumb wig?" Sindr asked quickly.

"Let's just say that there are things that the Old War consumed that I thought dead." Ria muttered darkly "Apparently, I was wrong..."

"So, yeah, that was probably the weirdest."

"Please don't tell me that she also tried to get tentacles-"

"Don't know, I quit after the second night! Got a sore hand from all that spanking... her ass was harder than ferrite, I swear."

"You know, I expected weird... but not like this..." Ria said and shook her head. Apparently Tenno were not the only weeaboos in the Origin System. "Any stories that are less sanity-draining?" She asked as she put the plate back.

"Well... there were those two Scorpions."

"Yes, I think you mentioned them."

"A really cute pair. Like, silly adorable." Sindr said with a bit of a smirk "Really tiny though. Smaller than most. Almost your size."

A very blue pout formed.

"Awww, come on! You're adorable!"

"Doesn't mean I have to like being small! Sometimes when I hug you, I feel like your pouch." Ria said. A small blush formed. "Even if I really like it... I just wish I was taller..."

"Nah, you're just the size I like..." Sindr laughed and nudged Ria with her elbow "Though I do wish there were also two of you... I tell you that was fun!"

Ria froze for a moment. Slowly, her gaze dropped, a solemn smile on her face. "There used to be... two of me."

The Grineer's eyes went wide. "OH SHIT! Ria... I... oh fuck that was terrible... look, I'm-"

The Tenno shook her head. "Don't be! I know you meant no harm..." She let out a deep sigh and looked up, her expression hard to read. "Do you... want to know?"

Sindr sighed. "Look, I... oh... I mean..." she groaned "I want to, but I don't want to hurt you... I mean, that must be horrible for you! If you don-"

"I really want to talk about her..."

"Really?" Sindr asked firmly.

Ria sighed and leaned closer against the taller woman. Warm. "I've spent literal centuries not talking about her. For a while, I even forgot that she existed. I... if I have to be... this..." she gestured at her naked body "I want to be all of it. And thinking about it, I don't want her forgotten. And I've suffered from amnesia before..."

Sindr sighed, but nodded. "I... know what you mean. I'm fine with listening, if you want to share."

"Can we just lie down? I might need a hug all of a sudden."

Sindr wordlessly put the tray on the ground and scooped onto the bed. She also took off her legs while Ria got comfortable. Finally, she came to rest in Sindr's arms, back to her, while the Grineer leaned against the wall.

"Her name was Lissa." Ria said quietly, snuggling against Sindr while the big women held her close "We were twins. Natural and identical. The worst kind you can be..."

Sindr raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

"The Orokin hated twins. Hated us. It was standard procedure to kill twins at birth." Ria let out a breath "Lissa and I only survived because my family was too poor, too lowly to be even on the radar."

"Why would they do such a thing?" Sindr asked, unconsciously holding Ria tighter.

"I don't know... I can only guess." Ria answered "They believed in duality. That soul and body were two separate entities, bound together but still separate. Twins... well... basically, we were an abomination. What should become one soul, one body, became two. To them, we were like a hive mind."

"That sounds insane..."

"I wish I could agree..." The Tenno muttered "But there was something between us. We felt one another. When Lissa was sad, my eyes stung. When I was happy, Lissa was smiling." She let out a small laugh "Sometimes, when we managed to get a hold of something sweet, we'd take turns eating, so we'd feel each others joy. And when Lissa had that crush on a boy, my stomach would flutter whenever they met. It was a chore..." Ria laughed and heat built behind her eyes "You would have liked her. She was more like you. Rowdy and loud. She always bonked me on the head when I kept the lights on to read. And then she would complain that she felt hurt too." A tear dropped "We were poor. We had to hide because of what we were. But we had each other... and we thought that we would always have that."

"Hey... if you want to stop-"

"No! I..." Ria interrupted "She..." The Tenno squeezed her eyes shut and took a breath "We didn't know the truth. Our parents had plans. There was a rumor that an important Orokin official of the planet had an interest in natural twins. We ate the cheapest food for half a year, just so my father could save the money to get in contact with that official." She sighed "A week later, they took us to a golden place... gave us a full examination... gave us shots... corrected some ingrown teeth... removed our ovaries... at the time, we wouldn't even dream of getting such amazing medicine. And for a few months, we ate well." Ria closed her eyes, a familiar pain crept over her "Then, some day, father and a Dax... a real Dax... showed up and told us to come with them. They took us to a beautiful place, full of gold and ivory. I was 15 at the time... I... I was blown away by the beauty. And there were so many other kids... all of them pretty. Still, father gave us white robes to wear and we walked down to one of the golden lords... he... and his wife, she seemed ancient... liked us." The Tenno felt a tremor rush through her and grabbed Sindr's natural hand and squeezed "We didn't understand. Father told me to go with him. He took me to a bright room... two Dax were with him. He had them hold me down while he... groped me... he... I don't think he enjoyed it. His Dax didn't comment or care... he just... touched me again and again for I don't know how long..." She took a deep breath. Her mouth felt dry. "Then his wife came. I... I thought that would be it... that she would be angry or help me... but she just nodded... I'll never forget the grin... and the joy in her sunken eyes. He took off his robes... I had never seen such a beautiful man in my whole life. And then, after all that... he raped me."

A loud sob went through the room. Ria looked up. Tears ran down Sindr's cheeks. Ria turned in her arms and the two embraced, their tears not ending for a while.

"His Dax... just watched and his wife... she watched... and she laughed and cheered him on..." Ria muttered.

"Why? This... why would anyone do that to a..." Sindr muttered.

The Tenno swallowed. Her stomach was in knots. "Because this pair didn't just want to kill twins. They enjoyed separating them. Breaking one while the other suffered. First they made sure that Lissa and I could feel each other... and then... they... they..."

"Shh! You already told me..." Sindr whispered.

"Losing Lissa left this endless hole in me. It was like losing my arms." Ria whimpered "I didn't feel a thing afterwards. I... I wasn't human anymore... On the Zariman, I killed my parents... and felt nothing! Then I killed more... and more... I... I didn't care. When I felt the Void for the first time... I embraced it... and a part of me... will always be empty."

A gentle hand brushed over Ria's cheek. "It's OK... I... I can't imagine what you went through... but I'm here..."

Ria said no more. She wept quietly for her sister for the first time in centuries.

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