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Chapter 18

Jonathan let out a low sigh as he slumped his head, his mind going over perhaps a dozen different scenarios upon walking into that room. None of them were any good, and the fact that he couldn't see a positive outcome stopped his feet from taking another step. Letting a nervous chuckle come out of his mouth, Jonathan spoke up.

"Frankly, this is perhaps the most nerve-wracking thing I feel I've ever had to do."

Morgana, who was behind him, sighed in a rather annoyed manner.

"It might not feel so bad if you had opted to come here sooner rather than a week later."

Sarya, who was next to Morgana, looked to the mage woman.

"Hey, Jonathan did what he felt was right. And besides, coming to the Guild managers office is nerve wracking regardless of if your hiding big secrets."

Jonathan let out a small and pitiful laugh at the elf's words. Yes, it had been a week since he had returned, and as he had promised Andrew, he had delayed going directly to the guild manager to let them know of what had happened. In all that time, he had tried to keep a low profile for the week so that he wouldn't be spotted by any other hero parties or adventurers. Something he had been rather successful with thankfully.

However, he still had a job to do, and now was the time to do it.

"Morgana, Sarya… if I don't come out of that room alive, I want you both to know… I'm the one who stole the last cookie two months ago from the bag."

For a moment, neither one of them said anything, but then that quickly changed when Sarya, in indignation, looked at him.

"You son of a bitch! You told me a fucking gremlin stole that! I've half a mind to wring your damn neck and save the Guild manager the trouble!"

Morgana, for her part, only let out a sigh at the rather stupid piece of information.

"Relax, the guild manager won't kill you. Probably very angry at you, but not kill you… also, Sarya… it's a cookie. I'll buy you more later okay."

Sarya looked like she wanted to say more, but she decided to hold her tongue. She was getting free cookies later after all. With the silliness out of the way, Jonathan turned his attention back to the office door and knocked once on it.

"Come in." Was what heard after that.

Taking a moment to take one more deep breath, Jonathan turned the knob on the door and made his way inside. The blonde man took a cursory look around the room, his memory of it not failing him in the least. It was a nice office with decent furniture and many a bookshelf. However, the most dominating centerpiece of the room was the overly massive desk sitting close to the stained-glass window at the back of the room. It was the most eye-catching thing in the room due to the sheer amount of paperwork that was on it. And just visible behind all of that paper was the guild manager of Gwent. A man that Jonathan knew quite well. Mort was his name, and contrary to the odd name, he looked rather young… maybe even younger than Jonathan was. He looked to be in his late teens with slicked back black hair and a very studious and intelligent face. He wore good quality finery for one of his station, even if he looked too young to hold the job. However, Jonathan knew better then to judge the man based on his appearance. He was wise beyond his years and had an intellect that would leave even a Dai-Tengu wet and horny. Mort was busy writing something on a piece of parchment, his eyes glancing up to look at Jonathan before they went back down to signing and writing.

"Greetings Jonathan… forgive my manners, but I've many a document to fill out right now. Don't think I'm not paying attention though; I assure you I have my attention in two places at once. Now, since you're here earlier then I calculated, I take it your foray into the Shadow Labyrinth went well? That or it went badly… but seeing as you don't appear to be injured or dead, I can only assume it's the former."

Nervously swallowing, Jonathan had to think about what he was going to say next. Honestly, Mort was the guild manager of the Gwent branch of the adventurer's guild. Even though Jonathan and his party really didn't answer to the adventurer's guild, they still had close bonds with the hero's association, so this was like dealing with his own superior. Simply looking at the man behind the desk, Jonathan decided to go with the best answer he could give at the moment.

"Well… yes and no."

The sound of the ink pen scratching across paper came to a halt. Mort then looked up from his paperwork with a neutral expression on his face, though anybody with eyes could tell that the mans gray ones were currently running what had to be one hundred and one scenarios in his mind, not one of them being good.


Attempting to fill himself with a little more confidence, Jonathan stood up straighter and put a bold fire in his spirit.

"As you are aware, almost two months ago, myself and my party accepted a request from the Hero's association to go and investigate the reason for the increased levels of Miasma activity in the shadow labyrinth."

Mort nodded his head in understanding at that.

"Yes, I recall you telling me this. It had started to affect the creatures in the labyrinth and even some of the monsters in the ocean. I had received a report well over a week and a half ago about a sudden explosion of Miasma out in that direction before it vanished just as quickly. It had many people worried for a while, and some are even saying that it might be the return of one of Oda's generals… or even the monster himself."

At that, Jonathan internally flinched. However, he was committed at this point, and thus he continued on like the soldier he was.

"I can explain what that was. But allow me to explain the events leading up to it first. First and foremost, my party and I had not been able to find anything for the first month we spent down there. Though that's more in part of the amount of travel we spent rather then of any real searching. Morgana figured that the source would probably be coming from the deeper parts of the labyrinth, thus we tried to get down there to find the source. After the initial month of diving, we had managed to make it close to what we assumed had been the source. However instead of a creature, we found a person. A man who went by the name of Andrew. Anybody who could detect magic could tell that he had a great deal of power in him, and from Morgana's initial observation of him, he had managed to absorb the raw power of Oda Nobulax."

Jonathan could see Morts eyes go wide, the shock and surprise maintaining itself there for the moment. Thankfully he didn't say anything, obviously more interested in hearing the rest of the report before anything else.

"At the time, he had appeared to be in pain, though Morgana's observation told us that he wasn't able to hold magic, and thus the power of the tyrant was killing him. After conversing with him for a short period of time, we left him to die there in the tunnel in hopes that with his passing, the power of Nobulax would vanish. However, some days later, we had encountered him on the way back up. He was not alone either, having managed to not only survive, but had managed to make a contract with a Baphomet named Labareda, a Dark Mage woman named Unoma, and was in the company of a swordwoman named Serena. We conversed with I'm for a bit and we had agreed to travel together on account of the Baphomet knowing a faster way out of the Shadow Labyrinth."

"A faster way you say? That is intriguing… I am also curious about the Dark Mage you mentioned as well. But I apologize. Please continue with the report."

Nodding in understanding, Jonathan did just that.

"Upon finding this hidden path, we proceeded to make our way through it. But we came to learn later that the path was also a way to the body of Oda Nobulax, though it had been altered and reshaped into the form of a massive axe. Andrew was able to take hold of it and use it with ease. However, a young celestial girl by the name of Aruma had been used to seal it away, the weapon having been lodged in her body to suppress it. Upon its removal, she awoke and is now accounted for Andrews traveling companions. Upon finishing that, we found ourselves in the Den of an Echidna woman named Alyssa, though she did nothing to impede our progress. After that, we quickly made our way out after a few short days and got a boat ride back. After we docked, we separated from Andrew and his companions upon then we waited a few days to rest and recuperate before coming here."

Mort raised his eyebrow at Jonathan at the last part of his report, the man curious about several things.

"Alright… what was the name of this ship?"

"The Blissful Tide sir."

"Ah… Kanneth's ship… she had been ferrying people back and forth from the island for the past few weeks now if I recall… alright then. I understand a few things from your report… but I also have some questions… I take it a Dragon Turtle attacked you on your way back? I've heard reports of the Blissful Tide having come back with one in tow. And I take it that it had something to do with that energy spike we counted a week back… however, I have one serious question for you in regards to all this Hero Jonathan… why did you not report this immediately? As I am aware, anything to do with Oda Nobulax, no matter how small, should be reported to the closest guild so that the information can make its way back to the Hero's association. Not only did you do no such thing, but you didn't bother to try to keep tabs on this man who is now in possession of Oda Nobulax's horrific power. Is this correct?"

Jonathan kept his eyes straight, but at the same time, there was a nervous energy in his body, the blonde man looking as if he didn't want to be here in this very room with this very situation.

"Yes sir… I allowed him to leave."

Mort said nothing, but his gaze sharpened to a point directly on Jonathan, Sarya and Morgana even feeling the intensity from behind the young man. This staring contest went on for a minute or two before Mort closed his eyes and let out a very long sigh.

"Wonderful… just wonderful… you are no fool Jonathan… but this has to be one of the stupidest things I have ever heard in your many years working for the hero's association. Let me ask this in sheer hope that you have not taken all leave of your senses… do you have any idea if he is still in Gwent or if he is traveling somewhere?"

Jonathan answered.

"I assume he has left by now. The young girl named Aruma had managed to suppress his power once on the boat trip here, but she was suffering from Mana exhaustion. Since she was a powerful celestial of sorts, I can assume that they planned on taking her to a holy site to help her. However… if I may be permitted to speak in such a manner… he is not a villain. He was an honest and good-natured man… perhaps a little more influenced by his lust then anything, but a good man with a decent heart nonetheless. I was more the one who urged him to leave before I made my report in fear that he might be taken captive or even executed."

Mort looked back up at Jonathan, seeing good intentions in the man's eyes, though still filled with some regret of having intentionally waited to make this report. The man behind the desk let out an exasperated sigh before he picked up his pen and extracted a piece of paper. He then began to write quickly across the blank sheet, but at the same time, spoke up again.

"Very well then Jonathan… I am going to have to keep you detained here for a short period of time as I write to the hero's association. What happens next will be decided by them, but I want you close by in the event they want you to find this man. Honestly, you should have brought him here so that we may determine if he was indeed a threat to the world. If he is as honorable and decent as you say he is, I can only hope that when we send someone after him, that he will come willingly. In the meantime though, you need to stay here. I expect a response from the association within a few hours. Until that time, you are dismissed. However, you are not to leave the Guild under any circumstances or else it will be counted as abdication of your goddess given duty and thus you will be charged with treason and hunted down. Is this perfectly clear?"

"Yes sir." Was all he said in response, not really trusting himself to say anything else.

"Good. You are free to roam the guild hall at your leisure until I call for you. Dismissed."

With that said, Jonathan made A small bow before he turned around and left the room with Sarya and Morgana in tow. The moment they left the room and closed the door, Sarya spoke up with a cheerful grin on her face.

"That turned out better than I was expecting."

Morgana nodded her head as well.

"I also expected a much grimmer outcome for us. However, I expect that withholding information like this will still get us in very serious trouble. We will have to wait and see what the Association has to say on that front. Until then though, I suggest we go and get hammered down in the bar on the lower level. It might be the last time we get to for a long while, if ever again."

Sarya raised her arm in celebration despite the reason for it.

"I'll drink to that! I do hope that they can help Aruma before they can track them down though… I'm not even sure if they left town yet."

Jonathan nodded at her.

"I hope so as well… but only time will tell in the long run… until then, I'll pay for all our drinks, it's the least I can do for you both for getting us caught up in my mess."

Both women looked to Jonathan happily as they all made their way down into the bar, Jonathan looking out a window with a wish that Andrew and his group were doing well and hopefully could get their task taken care of.

Xx meanwhile, seven days of travel away. xX

Andrew dunked his head into the water once again, attempting to wash out the days grit and grime from his understandably dirty hair. The cool water soaked through his hair easily enough, his hands running through it to agitate dirt and oil out of his dirty blonde hair. A moment later and he came back up to get some air in his lungs, though his attention fell to one of his party in front of him. Just like he was, Serena stood in the water as nude as the day she was born, attempting to clean her hair just as he had been doing. However, unlike Andrew, her hair went well to her waist while Andrews hair was only just long enough to extend past his fingers if he grasped it. Pinching his bangs, Andrew tugged on them a bit to see the length they had gotten to.

"Ugh… I need to cut my hair… this is so out of regulations…"

"Why? I like your hair the length it is now."

Turning to his side, Andrew saw Lab standing next to him, the demon girl looking up at him with her hair down and wet while her body was exposed to him. Eyeballing her chest and exposed pussy for a moment, Andrew then turned his attention back to her eyes before he smiled at her.

"Is that so… sadly, I kinda like it as short as when you and I first met. Makes it easier to keep track of and wash after all. Though if you like it long like this, I suppose I can keep it that way for a little while longer."

Labareda grinned widely as she embraced Andrew, her face nuzzled into his stomach.

"You would? Thank you Master, you treat me much too kindly I think."

However, Andrew wasn't fully paying attention to her words right that moment, the feeling of her exposed body on his groin causing his lust to run wild for a moment. The feeling of his dick starting to get hard caused Lab to look down at her chest and feel Andrews dick start to press into her belly. Looking back up with a sly grin on her face, Lab pressed herself into him a little harder.

"Oh dear master, here I was just trying to give you a hug and you go and start to get a stiffy. I'm happy you like my body so much, but I do think we should perhaps not taint the pond right now."

Turning to look at something else out of embarrassment, Andrew ruffled her head once as a small form of payback while also getting out of her embrace.

"I know that… can't help it if you push yourself onto me though. Just reminds me of how small and soft you are…"

Labareda simply giggled as she went back to washing her hair, though her eyes spoke of a promise much later that day to finish what she had accidentally started. Andrew simply let out a small huff at the look, though he was somewhat looking forward to drive his dick into her wet snatch later on. Looking around, Andrew found his attention falling back to Serena, though the red head was giving him an annoyed look over her shoulder. She had been giving him more of those as of late, ever since the night that he had sorta confessed to Serena. She seemed much more comfortable around him since then, even going so far as to allow him to look at her nude body, though she wasn't allowing for him to touch her yet. Unoma had told him that she was mostly trying to work herself back into it, though he wasn't sure how the Dark Mage knew this. She had simply told him that it was a woman's intuition. Though it still left him curious about why she wouldn't let him touch her while she had been fine with it in the shower on the boat some time back.

Chalking it up to weird womanly wiles, Andrew found himself looking over to Unoma herself, the woman currently sitting in a shallow part of the pond while helping to clean the wings of the reason they had been here in the first place. Aruma was currently sitting patiently in the water, her body just as exposed as everyone else in the pond, the girl running water through her hair while Unoma was helping to clean the girls many wings. Thankfully Aruma had been somewhat recovering by sleeping, so she was able to stay up a little longer, though the longest she was currently able to go without going back to sleep was about thirty minutes. She had woken up when they had made camp for the day and had wanted a bath since it had been a long time since she recalled having one while awake. The group opted to oblige her while also agreeing that they could do with a bath themselves. This ended up leading to the current situation with the whole group bathing, though he did recall that the other groups wanted a turn after they got done. Nodding to himself, Andrew dunked his head into the bath one last time before he made his way over to where Aruma and Unoma were sitting. The two of them gave him a quick look with Aruma smiling and waving at him while Unoma simply smiled.

"Oh? Come to join me in washing Aruma?"

Andrew nodded at Unoma as he sat down next to her.

"That's the plan at any rate. Unless you don't want me to Aruma?"

The blonde shook her head at him before holding her hands together bashfully.

"I… I would be alright with that… Lady Unoma has only gotten the wings on my right side so far… so… if you could… please wash the wings on my left."

Smiling at the request along with the girl herself, Andrew scooted closer.

"Of course."

Andrew moved himself a little closer to Aruma and began doing as was requested of him, Unoma having to give him a few pointers on wing care and how he should properly wash the wings. Meanwhile, Serena had observed all of this out of the corner of her eye, though she let out a low sigh and turned to look out into the forest in front of her, deep in thought. However, the sound of a familiar voice brought her attention to her more immediate surroundings.

"You know Serena, playing the tease is an effective habit, but that really only works on a man who's oblivious. You know as well as I do that Master isn't the insensible type. Or is this just how you like to play? Tease and taunt him until he gets so sexually frustrate that he jumps you when he can't hold back his raging lust anymore."

The human red head turned to look at the demonic red head that had snuck up on her, Serena blushing at the mention of the tactic.

"Would it kill you not to sneak up on me like that… also, no. I don't do that. I'm just trying to mentally prep myself is all… I know he and I had an encounter on the ship some time back, but I was so caught up in being surprised that I kinda just let it happen… now though, I don't want to be a dead fish just sitting there. Plus, he seems to be fine with waiting. Despite all the chances he takes fucking you and Unoma, he seems to be willing to wait for me… or at least that's how I see it right now."

Labareda looked up at the woman with a nod and a smile.

"Makes sense I suppose. He does seem to have a soft spot when it comes to you and Aruma after all… though it makes me curious, how do you want the first time to be with him?"

Blushing furiously, Serena turned away quickly so as not to show it off.

"I…I have no reason to answer you in that regard!"

However, the feeling of a familiar embrace behind her caused her to stiffen up, the soft but wet paws and velvety pads on her front torso telling her who it was immediately.

"Oh come now. Let's not be that way. It's just the both of us over here talking to ourselves. Personally, with the way you are, I can't help but think you'll want him to take you with the rest of us present. Maybe even participating in on it."

"I-" was all she got out of her mouth before she suddenly felt Labareda reach up and begin to fondle Serenas modest bust.

"I can envision you laying face done into Unomas bust, the shapely slut using her breasts to seduce you into comfort while Master would be gently eating you out from behind. I would be on top of you, using my soft little paw pads to stimulate your breasts… kinda like now."

Serena didn't say anything, her knees going somewhat weak while her mouth did it's best to keep closed so as to not let a moan come out of her mouth as the familiar used her unique anatomy to fondle, caress, and tease the woman's bust and nipples.

"Oh yes… I can imagine this going on for several minutes… but just as you're about to hit that deliciously electrical climax, you feel masters tongue stopping, only for it to be replaced with a gentle prodding into your already gushing pussy."

One of Labs paws left Serena's chest, though it didn't take a genius to know where it was going after such a description. She then felt a velvety softness begin to stroke her vagina, the sensual feeling rubbing itself up and across her slit, teasing and pressing on her stiffened clit.


She couldn't stop the moan from coming out of her mouth anymore then she could stop Lab from continuing, though if she was being honest, she wouldn't stop her at all.

However, the feeling stopped a moment later, confusing Serena into turning around, only to see Lab looking away from her with a sheepish look on her face. Looking at where the other red head was looking, Serena could see Andrew looking in this direction, a slightly annoyed expression on his face. It was easy to see who he was currently annoyed with, though the look fell away to an apologetic one when he turned his look to Serena. After shooting one more look at Labareda, Andrew went back to washing Arumas wings. This left the two of them to look at the preoccupied man for a moment only for the both of them to turn to look at each other, Lab breaking the silence between the both of them.

"Well… pity we couldn't finish… but maybe we can take care of that later?"

The sly and lewd grin on her face only caused Serena to blush even more, the girl somewhat thankful for Andrews interference. After another twenty or so minutes of washing, everyone was clean as they could be without soap and quickly got dressed for the rest of the camp to have a turn in the pond.

Andrew and the rest quickly made their way back to the campsite, the pond itself not being all that far and informed the next two groups that they would take over watching the camp. After a minute or two of them getting in order, Excela, Juliette, and Michelle left to go take a dip. Koyoi and Sazanaka stayed behind as they were busy managing something. Andrew and the rest of the group didn't ask what they where doing, but Andrew couldn't help noticing that it looked like some kind of small ritual. Seeing as it wasn't important, Andrew looked up at the sky to get a good look at the time. The sun hadn't even really started going down yet, the position of the light and the length of the shadows indicating that it was closer to late afternoon. It had seemed like an odd time to stop, but Kuroi had said that they could do so this day as they had been making some excellent time. Thus they took today to relax more then usual.

Huffing to himself, Andrew turned his attention more to his inner thought about the last week. Thankfully, nothing had really happened that required the attention of anyone pretty powerful, though they had come across signs of larger animals or other things that they should be wary about. Juliette had said she had found traces of goblins in the area a few days back, and it hadn't been the mamono based ones. She said that it looked to be a small band, nothing that the current group wouldn't be able to dispatch. This had left everyone more cautious, but Kuroi had said that things would be more concerning when they got to the mountain range separating the planes from Dragonia. That was when they would need to be more careful, and from the sounds of it, they would start to get there in a few days.

Andrew had also made a mistake in his calculations. Taking three weeks to get to Dragonia was the fastest time they would expect on a cart. On foot, it would have taken much longer, though this was true for any other direction they would have gone in. However, the Danuki had said that the group was making good time, so it wasn't that much of a bummer. Humming to himself, Andrew turned his attention back to the monster slayer group, both of them looking as if they had finished up… whatever they were doing. Feeling slightly bored, Andrew was about to call to them to see if he could get a conversation started, but the look of Koyoi whipping her head around caused him to stop that. She looked razor focused and on alert. Not sure what she was on about, Andrew was about to say something when Lab spoke up.

"Master. I smell something in the distance."

Now curious along with cautious, Andrew put any questions or comments he had away for the moment.

"What does it smell like?"

"Foul. Disgusting. I recognize the scent easily enough as is. It smells of goblins… though I can smell something else mixed in as well. It also appears to be heading this way."

Andrew nodded at her in understanding before he turned his attention to Serena and Unoma.

"Get ready."

Serena only nodded before the sound of her blade rung across the area, the red head getting ready for anything that might happen. Unoma found herself holding Aruma close, ready to blast anything that might try to aim for her. Being out in a large plane had its advantage, though tall grass could be a problem even in the middle of the day. Thus why they heard it long before they saw it. The moment they heard savagely rustling grass a little to the side, everyone just about pounced. However, the next moment and someone bust through the grass, panting heavily and tripping over a large rock they didn't see as they skidded to the ground in front of the group.

Upon seeing them though, the rock alone couldn't be faulted for the individual's trip. The person now currently scrabbling to get back on there feet looked to be a young girl of maybe twelve or thirteen, though the assumption of her age went out the window when one saw the state of her pointed ears. Though she did look young, some aspects of her body indicated of another maturity altogether, her chest size being that of a double D or larger, the one single tribal wrap loosely fitted around her chest not doing much to hamper her large tits. She also had two horns on her head, though one was of an average size while the other looked a little too large, as if it would make the girls head lean to the right if she stood straight. She had short shoulder length black hair that had a single hair band in it that kept it off her face. Speaking of which, said current face was stricken with worry, the girls gray eyes concerned as she stared in a particular direction.

That direction was in the ground in front of her as she had dropped someone when she went tumbling.


The large breasted girl cried out as she scrambled to get to the other girl. Like the first one, this girl also looked rather young, she even shared the same black hair, though it was longer than the other girls. However, unlike the worried one, the unconscious girl had a symmetrical pair of horns coming out of the side of the head, and her bust was a modest B cup. She was currently unconscious, but Andrew would hazard a guess that she would share the same eye color as the other girl. They shared a lot of similarities between each other, leaving Andrew and no doubt others present that they might have been related, Maybe even siblings. Such thoughts quickly fell to the wayside though as a quick observation of the two indicated that they looked very bad in regards to physical health. The both of them shared many cuts of varying severity, open and untreated, while also looking to have more bruised skin then anything healthy.

The girl with the lopsided horn was already next to the other girl, trying to pick her up, seemingly oblivious to the current situation. That changed when Unoma spoke up, the woman keeping Aruma close to her in the event they proved hostile.

"Who the hell are you two?"

Hearing a voice for the first time, the conscious girl whipped her head up to see who had just talked, her eyes wide in fright. However, it didn't take long for the fear to slip away.

"You… you're… are you adventurers?!"

Before anybody had the chance to answer, the girl started to tear up, her voice cracking.

"Please! Help me and my sister! There's a bunch of evil goblins chasing us! We just got away from them! They'll kill me or Lissa if we go back just to make a point!"

It was very easy to see how distraught the young lady was, the tears in her eyes and the sheer amount of panic and fear quite visible on her face. However, nobody got much of a chance to respond to her request as a moment later, the grass exploded outward yet again, this time with what looked to be a group of seven or more traditional green skinned goblins. Almost everyone reacted to the sudden intrusion, Koyoi and Sazanaka already having weapons out and making moves to intercept the goblins. Serena was a little later than the both of them, but she moved to do the same. Unoma simply muttered a few words under her breath and a sudden shimmer in the air in front of her indicated she had put up some kind of barrier, no doubt to protect Aruma as she clung closely to the Dark Mage. Labareda stayed back to analyze for a moment as she summoned her flaming scythe, the Baphomet twirling it as she prepared for her next move. Andrew was the only one who didn't react at all, his brain not sure what to do in this situation. However, he could see that the goblins had their attention on the two horned girls, which caused him to react by moving to protect the two girls. In a flash, everything had exploded into action, Andrew only focused on getting between the two girls and the goblins obviously intent on doing harm to them. The first to actually intercept the goblins though was Sazanaka, her axe sweeping in a wide upward arc through two goblins that had been close enough together for her to kill on the spot. Off to her right, Koyoi had thrown what looked to be paper talismans into another two, her hands rapidly forming gestures while she muttered words under her breath. The next instant, the talismans connected with the goblin's bodies and the sounds of miniature explosions caused goblins innards to violently evacuate through charred and flying flesh.

Serena for her part had to work a bit more then the other two, the red haired swordwoman intercepting a goblin that had grown a brain in a matter of three seconds. Upon seeing four of its brethren taken out in the span of a breath, it and the rest had stopped charging and instead had taken up more defensive maneuvers. This forced Serena to aim for the closest one, though it had a dagger like sword up in some manner of defense. However, it didn't have much more strength then a common goblin, which meant little to the enchanted swordwoman. The upturned blade for defense proved useless as she battered it to the side and sliced the goblins torso open. However, the other two goblins could see that the two young girls were wide open, and made a beeline for them. The one girl tried to nab her sister and back peddle as quickly as she could, but she couldn't get a grip on her in her panic, and could only scream out in fear as the goblins closed in quickly. Andrew, who had been running to help, put on more speed in his legs to help, the first thing he thought to do was kick the closest goblin. Dashing past the two girls, his foot came up to meet the first goblin right in the torso. However, it had some mind to try to retaliate against him, and he was rewarded for his effort with the feeling of kicking the goblin out of the way, but also with getting a nasty cut across his lower leg when it tried to swing at him.


He felt the sharp bite of the blade, but he didn't have time to register it as the second goblin had used the firsts sacrifice to leap at Andrew, the dagger raised to stab him. Andrew could see it happening, but he couldn't think of what to do, his mind drawing a blank. However, he didn't need to worry as he felt something run past him and launch into the air. Lab, who had stayed back, had dashed forward when she saw Andrew was in danger and cartwheeled through the air with her scythe in hand, the sizzling blade cutting right through the skull of the goblin. She then found the goblin Andrew had kicked and quickly impaled it with the blade of her scythe before she quickly turned back to her Master.

"Next time, I suggest you use a weapon rather then your bare limbs to fight."

Andrew, who was currently kneeled down to nurse his cut leg, smiled up at her with a slightly strained smile.

"I'll keep that in mind next time. For now though, you might wanna keep an ear out for anymore of the little bastards wandering around. We don't know if they had more then this."

The sound of the crying girl speaking up caused him to turn around.

"N-no… this was the whole group after us… but… it's not all of them."

Andrew was a little confused, but Sazanaka speaking up caused everyone to look at her.

"An interesting thing of note, but let us regroup and take care of the Hob and the goblin. They both appear to be in bad condition, and I think they might need healing… along with Andrew-dono."

Andrew was curious by what she meant by Hob and Goblin, but he quickly concluded she was talking about the two girls.

"Makes sense. Take care of the two girls first. They need care a lot more then me."

Serena spoke up next, the woman kicking the body of one of the dead goblins.

"Okay… what do we do about these?"

Koyoi dismissively waved towards the bodies.

"Ignore them for the moment. I will dispose of them at a later date."

With that taken care of, everyone agreed to head back to the camp. Andrew, wanting to save some small amount of face, opted to help the girls behind him.

"Here, let me help your sister… I heard you call her Lissa. Do you also happen to have a name?"

The girl with the lopsided horn looked at Andrew for a moment, slightly cautious, but at the same time, looking worn out enough to not exercise said caution.

"Alyssa… my name is Alyssa…"

Andrew blinked in some curiosity at the name.

"Oh? That's a good name. I find it funny that you call yourself that though, mostly on account that I know an Echidna by that name as well. Odd coincidence aside, my name is Andrew. If you feel uncomfortable around me, feel free to let me know and I'll do what I can alright? But in the meantime, let's get you and your sister back into…"

Andrew had moved to pick up the one named Lissa currently on the ground as he continued to talk. He hadn't distracted himself from his current task and wanted to make the girl feel safe and more secure, however, he found his attention deviate when he went to pick up the girl from the ground and found that she was missing something from her lower legs. That being the feet that went on the bottom of said legs. It took his mind a moment to catch up with what he was seeing, but Andrew finally did and tried to take in more of what he was looking at. The stumps appeared to be wrapped in dirty cloth of sorts, caked in slightly damp blood as if they had been there for a while now. Seeing his reaction, Alyssa spoke up.

"The… the goblins cut her feet off to make an example out of her… me and Lissa had tried to escape several times before… with more of our sisters… but…they… they're all…"

The girl tried to speak up, but her voice caught in her throat, and she started to make a low crying noise. Realizing more of the gravity of what he was looking at, Andrew looked to Alyssa in sympathy.

"It's alright… you don't need to say anything more… let's get you and your sister to the camp… you both need rest and healing."

The girl simply nodded her head, her hands coming up to wipe away tears coming from her eyes. Andrew felt his heart start to sting at seeing her expression, but opted to put it to the back of his mind so he could take care of the other girl on the ground. Before picking her up, Andrew checked to see if the one called Lissa was even still alive. Thankfully she still had a heartbeat and was still breathing, though her body was tinged with many wounds and her frame felt light and thin. It made her easy to pick up and carry, though Andrew noticed that Alyssa was rather shaken and didn't seem to want to move. Moving over to her, and bent down next to Alyssa and exposed his back to her.

"Here, climb on. I might not be good in a fight, but I'm sure I have enough strength to carry two tired girls."

The Hobgoblin looked at him momentarily confused, but she quickly got the gist of what he was saying and simply nodded, a small sob escaping her lips. She tightly clasped her arms around his neck and held on as if this was the only real and comforting thing in her life right now. Nodding to himself while feeling his heart sink further, Andrew stood up with both girls and made his way over to the camp with everyone else. As he made his way to the camp fire, he saw Kuroi poke her head out from the flap on her wagon, the Danuki woman looking around quickly before she spoke up to everyone.

"Judging from the fact that everyone seems alive and well and that my cart isn't being raided, I take it that the goblins have been eliminated?"

Labareda answered her in response as her scythe vanished in a plume of fire.

"That would be correct. However, we will be keeping watch for any more of them in case they send another group. Obviously, they where chasing these two for a reason, and I get the feeling they won't stay away."

Andrew put Lissa and Alyssa on the ground next to the fire pit before he turned to look at Lab.

"True, there is probably a reason for it, but I think we should heal the both of them first before we start talking about it. The one named Lissa is currently missing both her feet and both of them look as if they've been starved for a while. Anybody here know how to heal? And if they do, can they regrow a severed pair of feet?"

It was easy to see that he got a lot of attention when he said that, however, the only one to speak up was Sazanaka.

"I apologize, but I do not have the ability to impart healing on others. Milady?"

The silver haired woman turned to Koyoi, the miko looking at her partner for a moment before she turned to look at Andrew.

"I can maybe do something about healing… but regrowing severed limbs is outside of the ability of my onmyodo magics."

Before anybody could comment further, the sound of people approaching caused everyone to turn in the direction it was coming from. Thankfully, it was easy to see that it was the Hero party, however, they had been approaching with weapons in hand, and much to Andrews pleasure, completely nude. Excela was the first to call out, a large lance in hand.

"Is everyone okay!? We felt the presence of monsters and came back as quickly as we could!"

The situation was quickly explained to the three, causing them to thankfully take less aggressive action, but also leaving them with some serious looks on their faces at the mention of goblins.

Julietta nodded her head in understanding before she turned to look at the two goblin sisters.

"So, the goblins were chasing these two mamono? Alright… also, you're trying to find someone who can heal? I believe I can be of some assistance here."

Michele nodded her head at her brown haired frined before she looked at everyone else.

"Yeah, Juliette is a warpriest of sorts. And a pretty powerful one at that."

Andrew smiled at the blond drilltail before he looked to the warpriest.

"Okay… good to know. But can you regenerate lost limbs?"

For a moment, she looked at him before she mulled it over for a second.

"I… It might take a while to do so, especially if I have to do it for both her legs. I'll get to healing them both up first, but if anyone happens to have a scroll of regeneration or a potion of it, it would be a lot faster."

As she started to heal the two goblin girls, Andrew turned to look at his own group for a second, though he knew for a fact that nobody had this potion or scroll.

"On a very off chance, Any one of you got one?"

As predicted, the answers were no, forcing him to turn to look at the next best bet. That being Kuroi as she stepped out of her cart only to see Andrew looking at her. She held his gaze for a few moments, the both of them having some kind of silent conversation between the both of them before she spoke up.

"I know what you're about to ask, and the answer is yes, I do have some potions and Scrolls of regeneration. However, I would like to point out that I'm not going to hand them over for free. Your going to have to pay for them."

A second later and Serena shouted out in surprise.

"Say what?! We have a girl missing her limbs and your going to charge us for using something to heal her?!"

Kuroi turned to look at Serena with a neutral look on her face.

"Look, if it was literally some recovery potions or something along those lines, I would have been more then happy to give them to you to heal yourselves. But a potion or scroll of regeneration is not cheap, and I have these backordered, so if you want them, you're going to need to pay the price the original customer paid for along with some additional fees since by doing this, I'll be breaking my customers trust."

Serena still looked like she wanted to say something, but she couldn't find fault in the logic she just heard, though she still was awfully angry at the fact that someone would charge people for helping someone.

Andrew, for his part, mostly understood where Kuroi was coming from in regards to her words, so he didn't ponder on it. Instead, he opted to simply ask.

"So, how much would it cost to buy one?"

The Danuki seller didn't even hesitate when she threw out the price.

"A scroll is going to cost you about 700 Gold while a potion is going to be about 500. That is with the added cost by the way. Of the two options, I would pick the potion on account that you seem to only be using it for the one time. The scroll would allow you to use it several times, but I'm sure that's not a big concern for you right now given the urgency."

Andrew wasn't sure if that was a high or a low price, but seeing as a ship ride only cost him a few gold coins, he felt it might have been high. He then looked to Labareda who was in charge of safe keeping all the money they had.

"Could we buy one according to our funding?"

"We could, but it would take a good deal of our money, and I don't know if we would have enough to stay in dragonia for any period of time."

Before they could begin debating it though, Michele spoke up.

"I'll buy the potion if you're willing to part with it."

Everyone turned to the blonde woman, mostly in surprise, but none so surprised as the members of her party. Kuroi turned to her and simply nodded.

"Alright then, if you have the money I can go ahead and give it to you. Or to the individual who needs it."

Michele nodded at the Danuki.

"That would be a big help, thanks."

A few moments later and Kuroi vanished into her cart, leaving everyone to look at the warrior. Andrew was the first to break the silence though.

"That's… uh… I don't really know what to say other then thank you very much. Also, why though?"

Michele simply smiled at Andrew before she put her hands behind her head.

"Mostly just trying to help is all. Both you and the goblin girl there. However, I do have an ulterior motive, so don't think I'm just going to hand it off to you without some kind of payment. We'll work that out later though, let's see about getting them healed up first."

Andrew could only agree with her, and a moment later, Kuroi came out of her cart with a potion in hand, the Danuki carefully handing it off to Andrew before she went over to collect her payment from Michele and her group. While they were getting that sorted out, Andrew made his way over to Alyssa and her unconscious sister before he bent down next to her. Juliette was also there, the girl healing the wounds of the Hobgoblin while Alyssa was busy looking at her sister in dejected worry.

"Hey Alyssa… I happen to have obtained this potion that can heal your sister. Do you mind if I use it on her? Or would you feel more comfortable doing it yourself?"

Alyssa looked at Andrew quickly in surprise, as if she wasn't sure what she was hearing was real or not. However, she did finally process it and answered him meekly.

"Y-you can do it…"

Andrew nodded his head at her before he turned his attention to Lissa. He then looked at the potion in his hand and pulled the stopper off. It then dawned on him that he wasn't sure if this was a something that needed to be injected orally or if he if it was alright to just pour it on her. Opting to go with some level of logic, Andrew decided to give the potion to her orally. It took him a moment to remember how to do it without making her choke on it, but Andrew managed to get the contents of the bottle down the goblin girls throat. After that he and Alyssa both sat and watched Lissa to see if it would take effect.

Needless to say, the potion did not disappoint.

At first, he wasn't sure what to expect when he made her drink it, but a few seconds later and he watched as the girl's body began to heal itself, the cuts sealing themselves back up, the bruised flesh returning to a normal color. even her feet that had been missing quickly regrew in a matter of moments, a thing Andrew had never expected to ever see in his life. Alyssa was overjoyed at her sisters healing, the hobgoblin jumping onto Andrew with sheer joy and many words of thanks escaping her lips at her sister's recovery. Andrew could only smile and pat her as she embraced him tightly, the young man happy for her as well. However, he had to eventually pry her off of him so that Juliette could continue to heal Alyssa, though not before the goblin girl could get several more words of thanks and another big hug in. Feeling rather content with himself, Andrew made his way back over to where everyone else had gathered, all eyes turning to him as he walked in on the circle. The first to speak to him was Kuroi oddly enough.

"I take it that she has recovered?"

"Yeah, she's looking a lot better than she was a few minutes ago. Her sister is really happy about it and wouldn't let me go."

Sazanaka smiled at him.

"So we saw."

Koyoi however didn't share her partners smile, the same neutral look on her face that she always had.

"It is good to see that she has recovered, but I believe we should get to discussing about this current situation. Most importantly, the two mamono and why they were being chased."

Michele (who in the time Andrew had been away gotten herself dressed in some small clothes along with Excela) turned to look at the Zipangu demon slayer.

"Why else would a monster goblin chase down a Mamono goblin? To force her into breeding more of it's ugly ilk."

Andrew, along with others from his group, showed varying degrees of interest in that statement, but Andrew was the first to voice it.

"What do you mean by that?"

"Just as it sounds. Any normal monster gets hold of a Mamono and we end up with an issue on our hands. Especially with goblins, little bastards breed faster then rabbits if they get a hold of a goblin mamono. We'll need to talk with the two sisters about the situation, but for now, we should probably let them rest."

With that one statement, Andrew could roughly grasp what was being mentioned, and he honestly didn't like the sounds of it. However, Serena wasn't sure what the woman was talking about and opted to speak up.

"Sorry, but seeing as I'm not a native to this world and missing memories, why is a Mamono getting into the hands of a monster a bad thing?"

Excela looked to the red headed twin tail with a curious gaze.

"Oh? You're an offworlder then?"

Serena nodded her head at her in answer. Excela hummed in thought for a second as she processed that before she spoke up.

"I see. Well then, let me explain what we are talking about then. You know how Mamono and the like came to be?"

"Yeah, I know that."

Excela nodded in understanding.

"Excellent. Well, at the very core of there being, a Mamono is still a monster of its race only given succubi traits through the power of the Demon lord who currently is in power. It's why Mamono have such nice bodies after all. Those added traits were originally supposed to make it easier for Mamono to breed with human men and try to sire male and female offspring. At first it wasn't working very well, but when Oda invaded and pretty much destroyed a good majority of the world, both the chief god and the Maou had to come together and get the world repopulated. This resulted in the Chief god allowing for Mamono to breed males in their bodies and being able to get pregnant more easily, but it came at the cost of lowered pregnancies for human women, that way the world could balance itself out with a more even ratio. However, at their core, Mamono are still a type of monster… no insult intended for those present. And since Odas power still is in the world and creating new monsters, said monsters can very easily breed with the Mamono counterpart of their species. For a hero party like ourselves, we actually are supposed to give priority to saving Mamono if they should fall into the clutches of monsters. Human women come second."

At the end of the explanation, Serena nodded her head, though she looked deeply troubled.

"So… what kind of problems can occur from a Mamono being captured."

Koyoi spoke up next.

"An explosive surge of that particular monster is one such thing. Usually they end up forming war bands around monsters who have captured Mamono and use them relentlessly to make more soldiers for their war bands. Monsters born from the union of a Mamono and a normal monster tend to grow up quickly and are birthed rapidly in large numbers. The worst of these are goblins, which is why I feel we should question the two sisters on how long they had been captive, and how many times they have been forced to give birth. Judging from what the hobgoblin sister said, there might be more Mamono captive. I won't pressure them though seeing as the both of them only just escaped, maybe after some rest. But we shouldn't hold off for very long."

The other groups nodded in understanding, though Andrew and Serena looked to each other with rather uncomfortable looks on their faces. For the next little while, nobody said much of anything, Sazanaka and Koyoi having left to go and bathe and Excela's group getting dressed. Thankfully Juliette finished healing up Alyssa, the hobgoblin girl looking much better than she had earlier, but still only willing to stay by her sisters' side. Aruma had fallen back to sleep, and in a rather clever suggestion, Unoma said she would watch after both the goblins and Aruma as they rested. Nobody could disagree with this, and thus everyone set about to do what they needed to get the day closed up. However, as everyone set about, Andrew found himself drawing his attention to Michelle. Having noticed his look, the blonde drill-tail smiled at him before she walked over to him, it being easy to see that he wanted to talk.

"I notice you want to say something, what's up?"

Andrew thought about it for a moment before he opted to just speak his mind.

"Well… for starters I want to thank you for helping the goblin sisters. You didn't need to go out of your way to do that, but you did anyway. So, again, thanks for that."

"Aw, I said don't worry about it. Besides, like I said, I wasn't just doing it to be charitable after all."

Andrew nodded in understanding.

"Yeah, and that's why I want to talk with you. You obviously want or need something from me if you went out of your own pocket to pay for a potion that was really expensive. I'm more then willing to pay you back of course, but I'm curious about what it is you might need from me."

Michelle simply smiled for a moment before he decided to answer his question.

"Well… seeing as It no doubt will bother you, I'll go ahead and let you in on a little something… I kinda wanted to hire you and maybe one of your companions for a little… something."

Cocking his head curious, Andrew curiously asked.

"What kind of something? And who else?"

Michelle quickly glanced over in a certain direction, Andrew following her gaze to find himself looking at Serena as she had just bent down to pick up some firewood for dinner later on. His attention found itself on Serena's ass for a few moments longer then it should have, but Michelle speaking up caused him to divert his attention back to her.

"You and Serena. I wanted to hire you both for… well… a few things. One of which being training. I wanted to test myself against her and help you get some training in."

Andrew nodded, though only in some bare sense of understanding.

"Alright… I guess that makes sense… but there has to be more to it then that."

"Ha! Obviously… I actually also wanted to see if I could get you and your cute red headed friend in bed with me at the same time. And maybe do it enough to where I can get my 500 golds worth from the both of you."

Andrew blinked a few times at that, though he felt a mirth rise in his chest that caused him to chuckle.

"Huh… well, I'm sure you could have paid for cheaper male hookers in any town, but sure, I don't mind that. However, I should feel inclined to tell you that I don't know how Serena might feel about it. She does exhibit a lot of lesbian tendencies, but at the same time, not sure how she might feel about a threesome."

Andrew failed to notice that both Labareda and Unoma, who had been eavesdropping on the conversation, could only snicker at that before they themselves turned to look at the woman being mentioned. Serena, not sure why both Unoma and Lab where chuckling in her general direction, could only give the both of them a confused look before she went back to work. Andrew managed to miss all of this however, and had his attention on Michele as she nodded.

"I see… Though I am curious about that seeing as you group with two mamono. I figured she would have been alright with sexual relations like that, or am I just assuming you all like to do it together?"

"Well… I haven't actually had sex with Serena see. I'm trying to take it slow with her since she's kinda in a state right now with her body changing into a Mamono, and I don't want to take advantage of her."

Michele let out a low 'ahhhhhh' as she came to understand what he was talking about.

"Gotcha. Quite the gentleman though aren't you? I can wait a bit, we still have a few weeks to get to Dragonia after all. Though I would be lying if I said I wasn't eagerly anticipating what she thinks about it."

"He he… I'll see what I can find out at a later date. For the moment though, thanks for answering my question."

Michele simply smiled at him in answer before Andrew waved at her and walked away, his mind putting one of his current worries to rest. Making his way over to Unoma and Labareda, he saw that the dark mage was currently seated with Aruma's head in her lap. Labareda was currently sitting next to her with her eyes out and about on the area in the event of anymore goblins. He came to a halt and sat down in front of the two of them, Lab and Unoma turning to look at him.

"Alright, now that we finally have a moment to ourselves-"

Unoma smiled before she cut him off.

"Time to engage in a group orgy?"

"Tempting Unoma, but not right now. No, was Aruma hurt at all in that scuffle?"

"Not at all, she might have been rather scared, but I made sure to keep us protected. You all managed to deal with the goblins before I actually had to act."

Lab nodded her head along with Andrew, but she spoke up a moment later.

"Speaking of… that was a rather foolish thing for you to do, to charge an armed enemy without a weapon of your own in hand."

Andrew grimaced at Lab's words, the young man unable to refute anything about her statement.

"Very true, but I just kinda acted without thinking. I'm not used to actually using a weapon in actual combat, but I'll see about changing that in the future."

"I hope you do; it would be negligent of me as your first familiar to let you get hurt over something that should be well under your current power to deal with. We will see about training more in surprise situations in the near future. How is your leg by the way? I noticed you never got it healed. Does it still hurt?"

Surprisingly, when Andrew focused on it, he noticed that it didn't hurt at all. Looking down and pulling his leg out, Andrew pulled his pant leg up to see that the wound was already healed, the only indicator to the injury being the dried blood on his leg and pants.

"Huh… looks like it's already healed up… I take it that has something to do with my magical power?"

Unoma looked at his leg for a moment before she responded.

"You would be correct. That's probably due to your passive energy naturally healing you. Minor cuts like the one you sustained shouldn't be much of an issue anymore. Though do be careful in the future as we have no idea of the strength of your healing or what it might lead to if you should suffer a fatal wound dear Master."

Andrew nodded in understanding.

"Got it. I'll be careful… Anyway, I need to talk to you all about something… well, more like I want to bounce some ideas off of you to see if something I'm thinking of is plausible."

Lab cocked her head to the side curiously.

"Would you like for me to call Serena over?"

"No need, I'm already right here."

Everyone looked over to the side to see that Serena was already standing close by, the twintail taking a seat in the little circle they had going.

"So, what are you all sitting around talking about?"

Andrew looked to her for a moment before he looked beyond Serena. He had drawn his attention to the two Goblin girls for a moment as if to indicate where the topic was about to go.

"It's about Lissa and Alyssa. Mostly this is just going to be me piecing together some things I heard and major amounts of speculation, but I think it would be best to get some facts and theories going before we have our big powwow with the rest of the group."

Labareda looked at Andrew for a moment before she turned to looked at the goblin girls.

"I see… that makes sense. So, what exactly are you thinking about?"

Andrew breathed in a little bit, as if he was about to begin a presentation, before he let out a small sigh and began talking.

"Well, to start it off, I wanna get to the basic of what exactly has transpired here with these two. Given from what I could glen from the information presented and from what I gathered from Alyssa, the two of them managed to get away from what appears to be a large group of goblins. Considering they had sent eight of them after these two as a scouting party, we can assume that the main group or base has a much larger number at its disposal. If I was to hazard a guess on how big of a group… maybe somewhere in the upper forties or so? I don't know how goblins work though, so that could be a vast overestimation or a gross underestimation of what the actual numbers are. We can assume that they got to such numbers through Alyssa's sisters. I don't know how many she has… but I'm going to be honest here, I get the feeling they aren't alive anymore."

Serena cocked her head to the side curiously, though the look on her face was a bit grim in the face of such depressing news.

"What makes you say that?"

"Two things. Something Alyssa said that would indicate they aren't alive anymore, and the sheer condition of the two girls when they showed up. Lissa had her feet cut off so as not to run away, indicating this isn't the first time they did. I don't want to think about it, but even if they are precious for breeding purposes, I have a feeling that these goblins didn't care much for the lives of all the goblin sisters. If they had more goblin girls to brutally rape, they probably would have done more to kill these two rather then bring them back… and I think even at the end of it, they might have killed one of them to break the others spirit anyway. But that's just me speculating."

Unoma let out a low sigh, the Dark Mage speaking up.

"You wouldn't be far off the mark. Even back before the world wasn't as it was today, Goblins were notorious for killing and eating the women they used to breed."

Serena actually looked appalled by what she heard, the twin tail opening and closing her mouth a few times in an effort to get something out of it.

"I… that's… so terrible…"

Labareda let out a low sigh before she sadly looked to Serena.

"Even if the world has changed much in the fourteen hundred years I've been sealed up, some things don't change about these little bastards."

Nobody said anything for a moment, though Andrew opted to not let the heavy mood linger.

"Well… there isn't much we can do about it at this point. For now, I believe we need to stay vigilant in that we might come under attack by more goblins in the future. They sound stupid, but at the same time one should always be under the impression that someone smarter has the upper hand. Or at least that's the way I think."

"Agreed Dear Master. We have yet to get a full picture of everything presented, but we should remain cautious."

Andrew simply nodded in agreement before he looked around at everyone.

"Alright then… I don't have anything else to add to the discussion seeing as that's all I had managed to come up with for the moment. Anybody have anything else they wanted to say or add?"

Serena spoke up this time, something worming it way into her mind at one thing Andrew had said.

"I do. You think that the goblins have a large force right?"

Andrew nodded.

"That's what I think, I could very well be wrong though."

"Alright then… so, from the sounds of it, these green skinned goblins aren't that smart, os does that mean that they have a leader? Maybe not another goblin, but something else?"

Andrew thought about it for a moment before a look of concern came over his face.

"That… could very well be a thing to worry about. But we don't have a lot of information to answer that kind of question right now. Something to ask the sisters when they wake up later. Anything else?"

Serena shook her head.

"No. I don't have anything else to add."

"Alright then… Lab? Unoma? You have anything you want to say? Any thought or ideas of your own?"

Unoma shook her head at him while Lab answered.

"Nope. Nothing else."

"Alright then… well, if there isn't anything else. I think I'm going to go ahead and call the meeting to a close."

Everyone agreed with his idea, and the group set about getting ready for dinner, though Andrew honestly couldn't help but look in the direction of the two goblin sisters, the young man wondering if things where about it get more hectic.

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