Well here is another new story, this should be the last new story for a good while, barring a certain sequel. I recently got into My Hero Academia, and oh my god this anime is so good. Like I could probably write five paragraphs detailing just how much I love this anime, and how it's my new favorite. Anyways I want to thank pervertmonster (the author of Ordeals of A Frog.) for giving me this idea. I read his story and enjoyed it up to a certain point. Sadly later chapters had a few themes that broke my enjoyment of the story, however I do appreciate you creating your story so that I could get this idea.

With that out of the way, please enjoy. Also for those who don't know, when Tsuyu says Gero that means ribbit. I decided to use gero since I did watch the show subbed. And also another writer on this site, who's story What Lies Beneath kind of got me used to seeing it written like that. Thanks Nucleophile

Edit: Chapter has been adjusted due to feedback. Thank you MarsDragon3180 for pointing out my slight flaw in Izuku's characterization.

Childhood Frog

Chapter One

The moment the teacher walked in with an unfamiliar girl was when the room became quiet. Numerous eyes observed her curiously, this odd looking girl with long dark hair that had a shade of green to it.

Her rather unique appearance was obviously a result of her Quirk. Eyes the size of dinner plates and pupils dark as night, her expression conveyed little, but her mouth was wide. The new girl's hands were also a few sizes bigger than the other fifth grade girls.

From the back row, next to a crude-looking boy with unruly blond hair, a skittish looking child met her gaze. The nervous boy looked away upon seeing her eyes on him. Tsuyu mentally raised an eyebrow as he began muttering to himself. "Shut it, you damn Deku!" The blond discreetly hissed while socking the boy in the ribs, causing him to shut up.

"Class, this is Asui Tsuyu-chan." The teacher's introduction was enough to pull Tsuyu's eyes away from the two boys in the back. "She's going to be joining us for the rest of the year." Her new teacher's soft voice informed class. "I want you all to make her feel welcomed."

Tsuyu stepped forward before speaking. "My name is Asui Tsuyu, my Quirk is Frog-Form." The dark haired girl informed the room, not at all bashful of the traits her parents had passed down to her. "I hope to make a lot of friends. Gero." The girl said optimistically, wide smile and eyes taking in the class's wary expressions.

On the inside Tsuyu felt herself deflate slightly at the other children's response. She could hear the murmurs from her new classmates.

"Her hands are huge." One girl whispered.

"Those eyes..."

"Do you think she eats flies?" A boy with light blue hair asked loud enough to invoke the teacher's glare.

When the boy in question flinched the educator turned her attention back to Tsuyu, completely fooled by the frog-like girl's seemingly unaffected expression. "Tsuyu-chan, why don't you take that seat there." She suggested, indicating to the empty desk two rows in front of the dark haired boy who had met her gaze earlier. Tsuyu's mouth made a simple line as she nodded her head, walking past the quiet murmurs of her classmates she took her seat.

Class was a rather boring affair, the teacher explained the lesson to them and they took notes. During the small breaks throughout the day her classmates hesitated in talking to her. In fact no one dared to approach her, they were all content to give her weird looks and talk amongst their friends.

Interestingly enough the first person to work up the nerve to approach her was the skittish kid who sat two seats behind her. The green haired boy's ears burned hotly as he took slow hesitant steps towards the new girl. "U-u-um...Ah." He uttered too quietly for her to hear once he was in speaking distance. His face burned brighter as she didn't react to his false start.

The green haired boy took a deep breath before trying again. "E-Earlier y-you s-said your Qu-Quirk was ca-called Fr-Frog-Form?" Were the first words he managed. Tsuyu looked up from her meal to see the green haired boy looking at her. Tsuyu noted the redness in his cheeks, he seemed quite nervous. However this his eyes were wide with curiosity, and his smile while hesitant was honest.

The frog-like girl couldn't recall ever hearing his name, but she did remember what the crude-looking blond had referred to him as. Deku, to her it didn't seem like a term of endearment. In fact she was more than certain it was an insult. Considering his inability to look her in the eye, and stutter, she got the impression of a kicked puppy.

Tapping her pointer finger to her lip she looked up. "Yes, I did." The green haired girl eventually answered him.

Out of the corner of her eye she noticed the blond boy who sat next to Deku. The boy, whose name she had learned was Katsuki, was currently looking at the green haired boy. His eyes were sharp, and his body language agitated. Tsuyu had the impression that he was not a nice boy, and quick to anger.

At her answer some of Deku's nervousness faded and he looked excited. "Th-that's such a co-cool Quirk." He sounded positively impressed. "What does Frog-Form do?" He asked, his voice betraying his excitement.

Tsuyu was slightly taken aback by his eagerness to learn about her powers. "You want to know about my Quirk?" Recovering slightly, the dark haired girl asked with a raised eyebrow.

The skittish boy hesitated slightly before nodding, the redness in his cheeks making a small comeback. "Ye-Yeah. I've never seen that Quirk, it sounds really cool." He told her honestly.

The dark haired girl stared at his open expression for a moment before nodding to herself. Gesturing to the empty desk in front of her she silently conveyed for him to sit down. The nervous boy's facial features exuded happiness at her nonverbal agreement. Taking a seat from across from her he opened his notebook and held his pen at the ready.

Tsuyu raised an eyebrow at that but didn't comment on his desire to take notes. "My Quirk gives me frog-like abilities." She told him before looking up slightly and tapping her mouth with her index finger. "I can jump really high, stick to walls, and my tongue stretches really far." She listed off as the young boy quickly wrote down her words.

As the rest of their classmates ignored them the two children continued talking for a while longer. Tsuyu found the boy's receptiveness to be a breath of fresh air as she detailed her abilities. When she mentioned how she could take her stomach out to clean it and being able to secrete poison, she was quick to tell him to ignore those bits.

To Tsuyu's surprise even after she had finished telling him about her Quirk he remained seated across from her. The teal haired girl was also pleased to note that most of his initial nervousness had faded. Eventually the conversation turned to the subject of why she had transferred to this school. The frog-like girl explained that after the birth of her baby sister, her parents had wanted a change of scenery. "I also have a little brother whose about four." She added in.

The boy, who she now knew as Midoriya Izuku, nodded attentively. "Th-that's really cool, I-I don't have any brothers or sisters." Izuku admitted, his expression becoming slightly crestfallen before perking back up. "But I do ha-have my mom and dad, even if dad's usually away..."

Tsuyu could relate to her parents being away. Though as of late her mom had been around a lot, mostly due to her having a newborn child. The frog-like girl's eyes strayed down to the open notebook in front of Izuku. While she couldn't immediately see what it said, she knew that he had written notes about her abilities. "So...What's that about?" She asked, indicating to the book between them.

The green eyed boy looked back up with a confused expression. Realization dawned on him when she pointedly looked at the notebook he had been writing in. "O-oh." He said before turning around and pushing it towards her.

Taking the notebook she briefly read the short summary of her abilities. 'He even wrote down how long my tongue can go.' She mused to herself, surprised by the level of detail for a ten year old.

The longer she peered through his notes the more self-conscious he became. "I-I'm making a database on he-heroes." The green eyed boy explained.

That piqued the young girl's curiosity, looking up she met his green pupils. "Really?" She asked before flipping through some of the earlier pages.

Landing on a page near the beginning of the book observed a sketch that reminded her of the blond boy. 'Kaachan?' The girl thought to herself before reading the notes on the blond boy's explosive Quirk. Interestingly enough it was his nitroglycerin-like sweat that allowed him to create the explosions.

Tsuyu found it interesting that the notes, in addition to detailing Katsuki's Quirk, also contained some information on the blond boy's preferred fighting style. 'He even wrote down the way he throws his punches.' The girl thought to herself, growing more impressed with how thorough Izuku had been.

Looking up from her reading she noticed Izuku's nervous eyes. Seeing as she hadn't said anything in awhile Tsuyu opened her mouth to compliment the boy. "This is really amazing, Midoriya-kun." She said, admiring the boy's dedication.

The skittish child's expression became slightly cautious. "Y-you mean that?" He asked, unfamiliar with her type of response. No one had ever paid him a compliment like that, so he was a little unsure of how to act.

Tsuyu seemed confused by his reaction. "Of course, it's really cool. Gero." She told him with a little more conviction.

The young boy smiled in response as his eyes watered slightly. "Th-thanks Asui-san." He responded, genuinely moved by her assertion.

The dark haired girl stared at him for a moment before her lips formed a large smile. "Call me Tsuyu." She told him, her eyes becoming slightly brighter. "People who are my friends, or who I want to be my friends can call me that." She explained to his questioning face.

Izuku's eyes threatened to spill tears at hearing that this girl wanted to be friends with him. "Y-you want to be friends with m-me?" He asked, unfamiliar with the notion of someone wanting to be friends with him.

When Izuku had approached her he figured he would simply ask her about her Quirk to add to his notes. The Quirkless boy had assumed that would be it, that this new girl wouldn't want much to do with him, he hadn't expected this at all.

Tsuyu was slightly surprised by Izuku's reaction. In the back corner of her mind she had to wonder if he was like her. 'Its almost like he's not used to people wanting to be his friend.' While it didn't show in her expression, she was sadden by the notion of such a thing. Deciding to push such thoughts away she nodded.

"Of course. I wouldn't have told you to call me Tsuyu if I didn't want you to be." The frog-like girl wanted this kind boy to be her first real friend.

Izuku stared at her for a moment before his lips formed a large smile that reached his watery eyes. "Thanks, Tsuyu-san." The wide eyed girl felt a small bit of warmth at hearing him use her given name.

"Oi, what are you doing Deku?" The antagonistic voice of Bakugo Katsuki reached their ears.

The two children turned to face the unruly blond. He was flanked by three unremarkable kids, and had his hands shoved into his pockets.

Tsuyu felt the urge to narrow her eyes, as her new friend stiffened at being called out by his childhood friend/bully. "K-Kaachan." She heard the skittish boy all but squeak.

Katsuki turned away from the easily intimidated boy to look at the dark haired girl. "Asui." He addressed her while crossing his arms over his chest. "You should stay away from Deku, he's a Quirkless loser." The blond told her loudly.

Tsuyu's wide lips dipped into a frown at Katsuki's belittlement of Izuku. The dark haired girl decided that she didn't very much like Katsuki. Turning to the dark haired boy across from her she watched as he folded in on himself.

Having only met him moments ago Tsuyu hadn't realized he was Quirkless. They hadn't quite broached the subject of his Quirk yet. Of course him not having a Quirk did nothing to lower her opinion of the kind boy who had been overjoyed to become her friend. Tsuyu stared at Izuku for a moment longer, taken in his crestfallen expression. The frog-like girl decided she didn't like seeing that face on her new friend. "Gero..." She uttered before clenching her hand.

Standing up she turned to face the blond who was the cause of Izuku's torment. "I don't care if Midoriya-kun is Quirkless." To the casual onlooker her expression remained flat. However there were subtle tells on her face that revealed her true feelings.

She was genuinely appalled at the blond for trying to ridicule her new friend. The frog-like girl was very tempted to whack the crude boy over the head with her tongue. Sadly the ringing of the bell that signaled the end of the lunch break, ruined any such plans.

Katsuki glared at the two before scoffing and walking over to his seat. Izuku looked at Tsuyu briefly as the blond boy's lackeys filtered away. Tsuyu tried to smile at him but was saddened at seeing him walk away as well. Dark eyes followed his retreating form as he slowly sank into his seat next to Katsuki.

Tsuyu tapped her lip with her pointer finger before releasing a soft croak. "Gero..." Packing up the remains of her lunch she pulled out her school supplies and prepared to endure the rest of the day.

The rest of her first day was fairly uneventful, before she knew it the final bell was ringing and everyone was leaving. No one else had bothered to talk to her today, Izuku had been the only one. Tsuyu watched as he remained quietly seated while the rest of their classmates quickly vacated the room. Mouth set in a thin line she watched as he sluggishly filled his yellow backpack.

He stood up as the last of their classmates left and made for the door. His eyes didn't turn in her direction, she wondered if he even realized that she was still there. Large hands curling into fists she stood up and moved to stop his quiet escape. Her long tongue curled around his wrist as it landed on the door, the boy looked up in surprise as she lightly tugged him in her direction.

Izuku's wide eyes met her blank stare as her tongue returned to her mouth, he had no idea what she wanted. In fact he hadn't even realized that she was still there. "A-A-A-As-sui-san?" The nervous boy seemed to now be sweating, prompting the girl to frown inwardly.

"Tsuyu." She reminded him before addressing the point she wanted to make. "Midoriya-kun, there's nothing wrong with not having a Quirk. You're fine the way you are." The girl told him bluntly, prompting his eyes to widen even further.

"Wh-wh-why do y-you say th-that, A-Tsu-Tsuyu-san?" He asked in a shaky voice.

Tsuyu averted her eyes for a moment. "People think my Quirk is weird. You were the only one who approached me today, I want you to be my friend." She firmly reiterated to him, laying all of her cards on the table.

Izuku seemed to calm down slightly, even though her facial features weren't showing it he felt sadness radiating from her. His desire to comfort her overrode any embarrassment he felt. He found it appalling that their classmates had avoided her. "Y-Your Quirk isn't w-weird at all, it's really neat." He was fully facing her now. He paused for a second to take a second to gain his wits. "I-I want to be your friend too, A-Tsu-Tsuyu."

The dark haired girl's lips curved up into a wide smile as her own eyes started to water slightly. Hearing those words made her feel warm. "Thank you, Midoriya-kun." She told him, her voice holding a bit of emotion.

Izuku shook his head as a tiny smile adorned his face and the tips of his ears became red. "I-If you want me to ca-call you Tsu-Tsuyu, then you have t-to call me b-by my na-name too." His words made her really happy.

Tsuyu's large eyes blinked slowly before she nodded. "Okay, Izuku." The frog-themed girl responded as warmth fluttered from within. The dark haired boy's expression relaxed as he allowed himself to bask in the shared warmth of making a friend.

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