An apology and a replacement

I'd like to just say straight off the bat that this story, remnant of a gamer, is being put onto hiatus until further notice. HOWEVER, I haven't been dicking around the past few months doing nothing. I wrote out the plot for two new stories, one of which will hopefully be something I can fully commit to putting out about one a week or so. I'm planning on calling it grimm souls but it's subject to change. It's not a self insert this time. In fact, the Main character isn't even in the remnant we're all familiar with until the second arc.

To give a brief idea of it, out main character (who I need a name for. Any suggestions?) has his soul plucked out of the void and stuffed into a grimm by Salem in an attempt to make more efficient and smarter grimm. She becomes disappointed with the result and lets our main character loose onto the world. Now, our character doesn't remember much. Flashes, kind of. You'll see. And he wanders the world of remnant. There's a small problem, however. He was born about a hundred years too early to meet the cast. Whoops.

With the addition of volume 4 and 5 to table I have some really good ideas (in my opinion) as to what I want to do. Seriously, in Remnant shit went down hard before the age RWBY takes place in.

Now before I leave you off I want to apologize again for leaving you all hanging for so long without letting you know whether this was going to continue or not. I don't think writing a story without putting the whole thing on paper was a good idea in the first place and in addition the math was just too overwhelming for me. Luckily I learned an immense amount from my mistakes here and I hope to apply everything that was good here in my next fiction.

Thank you all for reading my story and I hope you all will try my next story when I release the first chapter of the next book (hopefully sometime this month but no promises)