Hey guys I am back with another story, but this time it's a Fairy Tail and a challenge fic by Draco711. So check him out.

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Ch 1:

Mangolia city:

It is a beautiful day at Mangolia city where there peace and quiet except the guild which located at the north Fairy Tail guild which is the loudest and liveliest guild in Fiore and has the title the strongest guild and now let's see what happens in thisguild. There is brawl happening between some men of the guild while you are wondering where is our favorite Dragon Slayer well he is sitting at one of the tables with his girlfriend the Titania feeding her strawberry cheesecake, but wait a minute Natsu the dense Slayer has a girlfriend and it is Erza that's a surprise itself. Anyway, let's go forward to Natsu and Erza are in his house, cuddling with each other on his bed enjoying each other company.

"Natsu, you are so warm." Erza said with happiness.

"And you too." Natsu said with a smile.

Lime start:

"Natsu, play with my body." Erza said in a sluty voice.

"I thought you would never ask." Natsu said with a smile.

Then he cupped her Breasts and played with it feeling the soft skin since she is naked, she enjoyed being touched by him and will never get tired of it. Then she played with his dick till they reached climax.

Lime end

The couple took a shower, then cuddled till they went to the domain of sandman. The days were rolling for Fairy Tail till one day the girls decided to have a girls day so the guild was loud, but not as loud when the girls were here then Jellal arrived.

"Hey Fairies." Jellal said with a smile.

"Hi Jellal." The guys replied in their own way.

He went and sat down at the table with Natsu, Gray and Gajeel.

"Jellal, how are you?" Natsu said with a grin.

"I am fine Natsu how are you and Erza?" Jellal replied with own grin.

"We are fine, don't worry." Natsu said with a laugh.

Then the master came and decided to take a SSS class job that could be done in a week and the reward is over 660 billion jewels and Akane resort getaway so they can build Fairy Mountains for the guys and rebuild Fairy Hills in the consent of theFirst Master Mavis and building Fairy Summit for Fairy couples with soundproof rooms (for you know) after the guys agreed they went to pack and meet at the train station in one hour so they can surprise the girls with the reward if they finish thejob quickly.

Done. This my first pure Fairy Tail story, and I hope you like it. The fic will be only two chapters since Draco711 said not add canon arcs. Fav, Follow and Review and see you again.