I had one thing common.I still used my ipad because my laptop got broke and even i completed the sentence,it turned to missing.I never had a chance to appreheaded me .Like i warned someone hates my story,don't ..if someone likes it despite grammar mistakes from my ipad,i had thing in common followed.p

In this story Heihachi and Kazuya send their guards to find managed to escape from their clutches but eventually,he took the exile instead. Yet he found out that Heihachi did something terrible experiments causing him to investigate. After tekken took the exile again.

Anyway here it is.

Chapter 1.

Jin fought with his grandfather Heihachi,his father Kazuya and mostly himself. They entered through a three brawl fight on the tournament that he hosted ,he faced Azazel but his curse never removed. He found himself on the desert of Egypt,but now instead of going back to the Mishima Compound,he took an knew that once Heihachi found him,they would lure Kazuya instead. Jin didn't want wanted to make peacebut his devil was still controlling him,he regret of making the war but nothing could be stopped.

Jin had stayed on his hotel for 5 days now. He had listened to the news,he heard that Heihachi is now controlling the Mishima Zaibatsu once more but to his Zaibatsu had wage and got into a lot of illegal stuff,that didn't want to be appreheaded. Jin had flied back to Japan all over again even he would blend in again. No one had heard of him since the last tournament ...except for hwoarang. After all he wasn't wanted.

Jin:screw...Hwoarang and his precious rematches.

Jin returned home back his own one had know,where he lived ,he just bought this house outside Tokyo's outskirts,he rather go back to Yakushima,but meant nothing to him. Jin didn't stopped training and traning filled with anger within him,yet he calmed down.

Jin:Time still impending towards. I cannot have it anymore.

No matter what he was gotten knew danger would find force will find him,Heihachi would find him,Kazuya want him dead. His devil was still active and he needed to control it. All he wanted to think,was to end the Mishima bloodline. Even he would go everywhere just to be safe. But alas he knew something is not right.

Jin knew something under Heihachi's underground labs(that no one had heard) but he knew based on Nina's opened his laptop and hacked into the knew some hacking because he studied mechanic engineered on Mishima Polytechnical School but,he dropped out because Heihachi had shot him on the saw files that was scattered on his laptop from the research but he gasped as he saw many list of Heihachi's unknown plan.


Each person that Heihachi had checked into the competitors had made some experiments but eventually,he shut down the program,He clench his fist full of anger yet he saw one of Heihachi's plan. Something that would construct the devil Gene.

The Angel Gene program.

Jin gasped yet he opened to each files and saw many victims and candidates of the Angel Gene program. They were many but some others died from the experiments. He never heard of this before but he search if they were survivors. He clicked the video and saw tekken force circling around the unknown lab.

He watched the doctors who was watching the whole incident. Until it was exploded by the one who had the Angel Gene,he looked closely even stopping the video,and zoomed it saw a figure trying to escaped from the guards. It was a girl. He watched her fight using her fighting saw the girl escaped but lastly,he stopped when he saw the girl's face on the camera.

Jin:You look familiar.

Jin did recognize this moves and the guessed it before,but where can he find girl who had mixed dance and gymnastics ? until he stopped,when he widen his eyes from taking the picture and the names of the survivor of the Angel Gene survivor.

Lili Rochefort.


Jin slammed his fist again but he realized why. Lili was kidnapped a hundred times but she managed to get home. He looked at it and begged to face him on that knew that she entered to save her father's company,when Jin handled the Mishima Zaibatsu on wars,it fell bankcruptcy before he could take managed to save the company,but now Heihachi is the one who handled the company,he would kill Lili and make wars again.


He cannot came out of public .He had to keep hidden his identity,no one had knew that he was .They said that he was missing and tekken force tried to find him. He had to warned her,he had to warned Lili. He type his email account and tried to find Lili about her whereabouts but alas,he looked on the newspaper.

Rochefort's wife killed on sabotage.

Jin never heard of this before yet he eventually type some messages before ,he would be trace. He sighed as he looked on the sky filled with Darkness but there was a moon who was shining ,so brightly.

Jin:Heihachi...you will try to kill her but i won't let you hurt anymore.

Jin stayed in his already had taken his passports and bags for hiding but he need to find Lili first and warned her about the incoming attacked.