I am thinking a lot of stories lately. Aside from making it. Anyway this is the last chapter of Angels and Devils:Stars and Mirrors. Wait until i make another story.


Years later.


Everything was back to normal. Peace was spreaded as Heihachi was declared dead allowing Jin to run the Zaibatsu once more.

Even then he didn't create wars no more.

The whole city was peace and enjoyable.

Steve and Xiaoyu had made their own relationship as well. Xiaoyu cheers Steve up no matter what problems with him. That day had changed an event. After that they married and had a child named Ayame.

Steve and Nina had began to re established as a mother and son. Nina knew she missed being a mother to Steve. However Nina enjoyed Xiaoyu 's company. She and Anna are now fine and apologized each other of what happened to their father's death.

Hwoarang and Julia had enjoyed their own moment. Julia thanked the heavens that there will no war coming. Julia and Hwoarang went traveling to Arizona.

Lars was still on the tekken force. Jin promoted him as the captain of the tekken forces allowing Lars to accept his nephew's offer. He and Alisa had managed to make the world peace. Since then Lars and Alisa have been a boss-worker-relationship.

Lee on the other hand was enjoying his life. Even he was handling Violet System. He was glad that Heihachi was gone. After office work. Anna was there on his doorstep leaning allowing Lee to smiled.

Lee shut the drawer and saw the picture him and Anna on Bahamas enjoying their moment.

Anna:Ready to go?"Anna asked

Lee:Since when did i waited."Lee asked

Anna:I am not."Anna retorted allowing Lee to laughed until he raised his hand allowing Anna and himself to left his office.

Kazuya glanced on the mirror seeing of what is happening. He and Jin were both fine now. As father and son. Kazuya smiled seeing his son happy of what happened. Jin had made a peace treaty with the G Corporation.

Even he and Jin had eaten lunch or Kazuya would visit Jin and Lili's home. He was glad that everything was back to normal.

Without Heihachi.

Even he enjoyed being a father to Jin. He gave Jin some advice about incoming or personal problems but seeing now. He smiled as he looked on the photo.

Stars and Mirrors become one of the best sellers on each book sales. People had enjoyed the story so well. Since Lili was busy,Asuka offered to take her place.

Asuka on the other hand was enjoying her moments. Even still she was a gang mediator of every street. She looked on the sky and smiled. Peace had indeed return.

Aside from the two.

Lili was writing on the porch of their backyard. She smiled as she was still writing a lot of stories as an author. She looked on the sky.

She stood from the porch and closed her eyes. Feeling the wind was embracing her until she opened them as she was called. She looked back and smiled. She saw Jin and a 4 year old girl was on his arms


Lili:(smiled) Kiara"said Lili seeing Jin carried Kiara.

Jin put Kiara down as she ran towards her mother's opened arm. They both embraced each other until Lili smiled.

Kiara:Hi Mommy."Kiara greeted her politely

Lili:Hi sweetie...how's school?"Lili asked

Kiara had black hair whom she inherit from Jin but her face and her eyes came from Lili. Jin was walking towards them. He was wearing his jeans and a sweater.

Kiara:Its fine Mommy. I enjoyed it."Kiara smiled

Lili:I know you do sweetie."said Lili

Jin:I took Kiara from school." Jin told her until they kissed.

Lili:Hmm i miss you too."

Jin:I miss you.

Lili:(stroke his bangs) A devil who met an angel.

Jin:(chuckle) And the devil fell in love with an angel.


Jin:...and Mirrors.

They kissed each other causing Kiara to snickkered seeing her parents. They both smiled each other.


Lili:Kiara...who's playing tag now?"Lili asked

Kiara:Mmhhhmmm...i'd say...Daddy?!."

Lili:Yep its your father's turn. Tag your it."Lili hit Jin as she and Kiara were running on the soft grass.

Jin: and now i am coming for you both."

They both chased each other. They were both laughing and most of enjoying their happy moments. Jin grabbed Lili and they both turned around,so was Kiara. After carried Kiara on his arms and Lili was on his side.

They saw the sun begins the sunset.

Jin looked on Lili.

Lili looked at Jin.

Kiara looked on her parents happily.

Lili:I love you Jin."

Jin:I love you too Lili.

Lili:My devil.

Jin:My angel."

They looked on the sunset smiling happily. Jin saw Lili and Kiara laughing on each other. Jin looked on the sky until he smiled as he remember their vows and their memories.

Lili smiled at him along with Kiara.

Jin smiled as he went towards his family.

The war was over but life can still continue. Whoever of who you are. Angel or devil or other ones. We learned to accept them,because part of them are still human.