Part 1/9

It was that time of the day again where the Kyurangers were listening to Commander Shou Ronpo as he laid out the plans for their next operation of liberating another sector of Planet Earth. But one thing was noticeable to almost everyone, though.

Hammie was distracted. In fact, it appeared that her mind was traveling somewhere if they would base it from her expression which made her appear to be at a loss.

There was a reason for that. And Hammie knew the others were starting to get worried for her. But no way in hell she was going to mention anything.

It was still a miracle as to how she was able to listen and absorb all the information that the Rebellion commander was mentioning with her mind in near complete haywire. The discussion continued until it was time to choose the five-person line up to do the mission. Hammie's Kyutama was already inside the Kyullette and she couldn't help feeling nervous as the commander started turning it.

Wait a minute! Why did she have to feel that way? There was no reason for that to happen.

Even so, she couldn't remain calm as she waited in bated breath for the commander to stop turning the Kyullette and finally reveal the line-up. Moments later, the Kyullette chose the five Kyurangers to do the mission. Red, orange, silver, yellow, and sky blue colored Kyutamas were chosen. Hammie was disappointed, she felt weird when she sighed feeling… relieved?

Okay… this was seriously getting frustrating for her.

The only thing she had to blame for that was… what happened last night.

With that in mind, she found herself looking at the Sasori Kyutama then to its owner Stinger who finally took it.

Stinger must have felt her staring at him, that was why she was startled when he turned his serious face to her. She even blinked a few times because of that.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Stinger asked with a frown.

At the moment, she couldn't discern if he did so sternly or annoyed. But it didn't faze her.

In fact, she even smiled, but it didn't even reach her eyes. "Nothing," she simply replied. She turned away and her smile soon faded, replaced with a worried look on her face. Or should I tell him?

But what could have made her act this way?

It was the question that everyone in that ship wanted to find answer. Something was definitely wrong.

Even Stinger thought of it, making him stare at Hammie for a few moments trying to figure out what was going on with her. She was just looking away. But even from there, he could tell that something was worrying her. No smile could ever hide that.