The team that liberated another area on Earth finally came back after their mission and Hammie was able to witness their battle with the Daikan ruling it. She should be happy and she should feel that way, too. But at the moment, she knew and could feel that it was a little hard thing for her to do.

Stinger hadn't returned yet. And though Hammie was aware of his skills as a warrior, she truly couldn't stop her heart from worrying for that guy. The images from that dream still plagued her. If this continued, it would surely put a toll on her.

"Shouldn't you be sleeping right now?"

Hammie turned to the source of that voice despite feeling startled, only to be surprised to see Lucky approaching. Though he had that usual smile on his face, something else clouded it. At the moment, she knew it was her fault. She made him worry for him again.

"I can't sleep," she answered truthfully and resumed to looking over the Voyagers docked within Orion. To be specific, she was looking at the blank hatch where the Sasori Voyager was supposed to be docked.

"Still worried about Stinger? That's unlikely of you."

Hammie couldn't help frowning at Lucky's words, making her face him who just stopped beside her. "What do you mean by that?"

"I'm talking about the level of worry that you have for Stinger. You may not be saying anything, but most of us can see it. I guess, even Stinger, knowing that guy."

No words came out of her mouth and eyed the empty docking area once more. Has she been really that obvious all this time? Perhaps her dream was to blame for it. It was really making things complicated for her at the moment.

"I don't know what makes you act like that towards Stinger. But at least realize that he's been doing his best to return to us alive and well. He may not show it, but I believe he's doing exactly that," Lucky said that hit a string in her heart.

Or at least, the word "believe" did it.

Nightmares aside, Hammie then guessed that perhaps it was something she lacked ー trust and believe that Stinger would return safe and sound. Worries had truly consumed her that it even buried that in her.

"Yeah... you're right." That nightmare won't happen... as long as I believe that Stinger will come back safe and sound... and alive.

Those short moments of contemplation, however, got interrupted when all of a sudden, the Orion shook terribly that Hammie had to hold tight to the railings.

"What was that?"

Not long after that, their Seiza Blasters beeped.

"Lucky, Hammie, we need you here at the bridge. Now!" Shou Ronpo ordered, making them realize that something did happen.

The two Kyurangers could only look at each other in confusion and worry at the same time. But as they had a job that they needed to do, they might as well comply to the call of their duty as saviors.


One thing led to another, and the next thing they knew, they went to Earth in the middle of the night to fight off the Daikan attacking Orion while the rest of the Kyurangers were asleep. This time, seven Kyurangers went sent off on a mission to defeat the Daikan. And Hammie was among those seven.

At first, she did show hesitation, for some reason. But a tap on her shoulder, courtesy of Lucky and Spada, immediately dissipated that. With a determined nod, she and the rest of the chosen Kyurangers (Lucky, Spada, Champ, Raptor, Balance and Garu) headed to Earth where the Daikan dared to destroy Orion from below.

The nerve of that monster!

Having less sleep time and the worry still consuming her, Hammie ended up venting her frustration to the Indavers and even some Tsuyoindavers trying to stop them from defeating the Daikan. Even while the rest of the team decided to deal with the main enemy at the moment, they couldn't help questioning Hammie's actions at the same time.

"Are you sure Hammie's alright?" Spada ended up asking Lucky since the red warrior was with the space ninja a while back.

Lucky did one heavy vertical sword strike to the Daikan before answering Spada's question. "She is. But she's still worried about something right now."

"And it seems she's venting that worry towards her enemies," Raptor commented as she continued shooting down more Indavers approaching them.

It didn't take long before Hammie used one of her special powered-up strikes to destroy the remaining Indavers and Tsuyoindavers. She did a peace sign soon after to her teammates who also finished destroying the Daikan ー at least for the meantime.

"I guess she really is okay. But something still feels off about her," Champ commented in a seemingly relieved tone, but only for a short time.

The relieved expression turned into a shocked one when all of a sudden, a beam flashed a few meters behind Hammie and was about to hit her.

"Hammie/Hammie-chan!" The other members shouted.

When Hammie turned, it was too late for her to avoid it. Next thing she knew, a blunt force hit her to her stomach and threw her off from her position. The pain, not to mention the force from the beam, made her shut her eyes tight. She was, in fact, expecting to land on something hard that would add more pain to what she was already feeling. But it didn't happen. In fact, she felt something warm caught her before that.

Slowly, she opened her eyes and an orange-colored suit greeted her sight. That was when she raised her head and gasped at the sight of the orange warrior she had been thinking (and worrying about) for days now ー carrying her.

"Stinger..." Hammie couldn't help uttering.

The said persob had no reaction to that, even when he slowly put her down. But as soon as she stepped on the ground, a surge of pain coming from her stomach invaded her senses, forcing her to kneel down and clutch the pained area of her body.

"Hammie-chan!" Raptor approached her as she endured the pain.

Even with that, Hammie looked up to face Stinger, only to gasp at the sight of the defeated Daikan growing to its giant form. But it wasn't for long. She tried her best to stand up with Raptor supporting her. "Let's go. We can't let that Daikan cause anymore trouble."

"You stay here," Stinger suddenly said that surprised the green warrior. "Raptor, stay with her and guard her. Make sure she doesn't force herself to fight even more. If you can, go back to Orion already. The rest of us will be the ones to deal with this coward."

All of them were left speechless at those words. But even Lucky acknowledged the fact that it was for the best for the injured Hammie to head back. Not to mention, the pain was already starting to take a toll on her.

Even though it frustrated her, Hammie was left with no choice but to heed the scorpion guy's words. She would deal with him later upon getting back.


Though Hammie was treated and bandaged up, it wasn't enough to dissipate her frustration over Stinger forbidding her to fight and defeat the Daikan. With a puffed face, she waited for the others to return. Specifically, she was waiting in a room near the Kyu Voyagers' docking area. She didn't have to wait long, though.

As soon as the Kyu Voyagers docked, Hammie went straight to where the Sasori Voyager was and waited for Stinger to come out of it. Not long after, she saw the person she intended to talk to. But it took her aback upon seeing a really weird expression on his face.

It was like a cross between nonchalant, relief, and worry.

But why would he have this kind of expression?

"Why did you have to stop me from fighting out there? You know I was doing my job quite well. What gave you the right to even do something like that?"

Hammie didn't hear any retort or even a single response from him at first. It only fueled her frustration, though. Moments later, Stinger walked away from her. But not without saying something that both irritated and confused her at the same time.

"You don't have to know."

Stinger, on the other hand, had his fist clenched tight while reprimanding himself for acting that way. Then again, he didn't have much of a choice. He had to do it, after all. It was his way of dissipating his greatest worries at the moment.

If I let you fight, that dream will surely happen.

He had to keep her safe. It was all that mattered to him.


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