Chapter 2: Fire and Ice (Frost and Ember)

Shards of ice rained from the sky as the moisture in the air froze over and crashed to floor below onto the Grineer soldiers. Their bodies slowed down before finally freezing completely. Frost swung his mighty Fraggor, shattering all of the ice sculptures with one swing each. He slammed his fist into the floor and shards of ice erupted from the floor. They quickly traveled up the stairs, tearing apart all Grineer in its path. He turned to see another platoon of Grineer running into the room but before he could do anything a fireball slammed into the group, turning them to dust in less then a few seconds. Ember landed on the ground next to Frost, once they made eye contact anger swelled between the two. They were always at odds with each other, if anything all they did was try to prove one of their elements were better than the other with neither side backing down. Whenever they received a mission together it was always became a competition of who could get the most kills, kill the target faster, sabotage the reactor the quickest. Usually it was Ember coming out on top in anything that involved killing but Frost would win with anything defensive. Whenever one beat the other at their own game would usually make sure to brag about it. They weren't they're normal selfs when together. They glared at each other for a moment before splitting back up to finish their exterminate mission.

Frost rushed into the next room while at the same time a bombard and a heavy gunner entered. The bombard reactionary fired on sight, the rocket traveled towards Frost and exploded which filled the room with dense black smoke. When it cleared Frost remained with a large bubble of ice between him and the Bombard. Frost froze a ball of ice in his hand before throwing it with great force. It crashed into the Bombard, freezing it completely. Before the heavy gunner could react its skull had been crushed by the swing of Frost's Fraggor. He swung his hammer to the floor, the resulting shock-wave shattered the bombard before it had a chance to unfreeze.

On the other side of the map, Ember had been swarmed by lower class Grineer. Every bullet they fired melted mid air before it could even reach her. Bored of the grunts, she unleashed a large pillar of flames. The grunts were reduced to burning corpses in a matter of seconds. The two rushed back into the main room, looking for another enemy to kill. They were tied, 110 kills to 110 kills. That's when they got the message. Every enemy had been eliminated and it was time to head to exaction. There gazes met once again neither of them wanting to go home on a tie. They never did. Checking the map, there was indeed no more enemies left in the facility to kill. Frost tightly gripped his hammer before walking towards extraction. Ember however was not gonna lose out on another chance to beat Frost. She rushed over to him, placing her hand on is his cold shoulder.

He turned to face her, waiting for the reason of why she had stopped him. In her rush to prove she was better she had forgotten to think of a compelling competition to get him to stay. She needed to stall to think of a challenge. Frost, obviously getting impatient, broke away from her grip and walked away. She thought quickly as he got farther and farther, she charged forward without thinking and slammed into his back. Both of the, fell to the floor with Frost landing directly on his face. She had her arms around his waist but was unable to pull them back from under Frost' weight.

She struggled a bit to pick herself up, her hands fumbled around to grab something to help push herself up and eventually grabbing the Fraggor handle. She had never held the hammer before so she didn't expect the handle to be so soft. The more she squeezed the harder it became, Maybe she was getting used to it? Frost began to struggle under her, trying to shake her off with a sudden burst of force. She knew he hated people touching his precious Fraggor but this was bit much. Before she got thrown off she noticed something... interesting, his Fraggor was hilted at his side. She began to slowly but surely connect the dots in what she grabbing before Frost threw her off. He picked himself up and dusted himself off. Looking back at her once before moving at an increased pace towards extraction. Ember was left alone with the memory of what she was grabbing as she opened and closed her hands. An idea came to her. Another challenge...

Frost ducked into a nearby control room to take a breather. His chest was heaving rather quickly. It was unexpected to have Ember not only roughly tackle him but grab his genitalia. His mind was extremely clogged with thoughts and ideas and theories. He couldn't think straight, he just needed to get to extraction and let his head clear. He opened the automatic door and behind it was something far more terrifying then the face of Vay Hek. Ember. Frost jumped backwards, nearly losing his balance at the sight. She stepped a bit closer and Frost matched that step with a step backwards. This continued until Frost had nowhere to go when his back bumped into the wall. Within seconds, Ember closed the gap. They stared at each other for a brief second before Ember made her decisive move.

She swung her hand forward, connecting with his crotch. She gave a few cautionary squeezes, Frost didn't respond but she could feel his bulge enlarging. Her hands began to heat up, eventually melting a hole in Frost's pants. She reached in and pulled out his dick which to nobody's surprise was cold to the touch. She began to stroke violently. Frost could tell she was inexperienced but her speed and her frictionless hands more then made up for it. The look in her eyes was quite familiar. He had seen the fiestyness before. Whenever they were in one of their competitions...was she challenging him? Her warm fingers brushed against the underside of his balls, sending a tingle down his spine. Frost decided to retaliate, he was already far behind in the challenge as it was. One of his large, cold hands traveled to Ember's meaty rear. His other hand traveled farther down, with two fingers spreading her southern lips with the third making penetration. Her stroking stopped for a brief second and was replaced with her shuddering, a few seconds later she began to stroke again with renewed vigor now realizing that Frost had accepted her pseudo-challenge.

Each time one sped up the other increased as well, either matching it or going above.. Ember's pussy had begun to drip profusely while Frost cock had begun to throb violently. Both were too close for comfort and Ember quickly took advantage of this situation. She let go of Frost's prick and begrudgingly pulled his fingers out of her. She flipped around and bent herself over before slowly brought Frost closer, she used her large ass to sandwich his cock in between her cheeks. She slid back and forth, each movement was a pleasurable stroke, the tenderness of her large backside was amazing, in response Frost began his counter attack. He leaned over to take a handful of Ember's large tit, the other his hand traveled back to her cave and hilted its fingers inside. Both of them rocked back and forth, eventually both going tense into their orgasms. Cum shot on top of Ember's big butt while Ember's snatch drenched Frost's hand. Frost fell backwards, his legs had given out from the intense orgasm. Another tie that neither of them were willing to accept.

Ember crouched down and hovered over Frost, the tip of his dick was rubbing against the outside of her entrance. This would be their final battle. She continued rocking side to side to tease him. Aggravated, Frost trusted upwards, his dick smashing itself against Ember's womb in one go much to Ember's surprise. She was stunned while Frost began to move, his hand immediately went to her large breast, fondling every inch of them without remorse. Her hand suddenly clutched his balls, she could feel them tightening in her hands as she slowly started to fondle them. The heat from Ember and the intense cold from Frost caused steam to surge from the two. Ember leaned over, rubbing her chest against Frost as her own orgasm closed in on her. She couldn't stall any longer and really didn't want to. Frost grabbed her ass and began to slam it harshly against his pelvis. He wanted to push Ember to her breaking point before his reached him. And it worked, Ember grip tightened as she rode out her orgasm. The intense clamping of her cunt and the heat of her insides brough his orgasm right after, he held her in position to ensure that not a drop of his seed was wasted.

Once he finished he pushed Ember of of him onto the floor. He had proven his stamina was greater, now he wanted a little more. Ember slowly spread her legs while she laid on her back, conceding defeat. Frost positioned his head at her entrance once again only this time he thrusted in slowly. Slowly he began to speed up in an attempt to get back to his original speed. Ember's hands began to pull and tug on her own nipples adding another bit of amazing pleasure to their little stress relieving. Once again, Ember came and her hot liquid gushed out. Frost violently pulled out causing Ember to arch her back from the shocking feeling. He placed himself over Ember and wrapped her tit around his cock. He quickly began to thrust at full power between the valley of her soft breast. Ember only looked on as she knew what was to come. Literally. His throbbing dick blew it's load all over Embers face, finally marking her with a symbol of his victory.

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