S2 Chapter 28: Friendly Bout (Male Operator X Mesa X Saryn)

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Before people start asking, don't expect too many personal chapters. They take very, very long so these will be a once in a while thing with one lucky person getting their operator in.

Dusk sat at the head of his orbiter in silence. His eyes ran down the list of available missions without a single one caught his eye. All of them were all low priority capture missions that would have no bearing on the war against the Grineer and Corpus. He let out a exhausted sigh and and crossed his arms. Sitting there wouldn't do him any good. It would be far better to occupy himself with something at least remotely interesting. He picked himself up and made his way to the ship's controls. His mind wandered to his clan's observatory room. It was actually quite nice there. A perfect place to hang out until something interesting came up. He punched in the coordinates and let the ship do the work. The engines roared to life and the surrounding stars became a blur.

"Now what should I do until I get there?" He placed his arms behind his head and chuckled to himself as a new problem similar to the original reared its ugly head. "Perhaps the foundry has finished a few projects for me." He picked himself up and walked towards the back of the ship. His hand slapped a button causing the floor to lower and reveal Saryn who was idly leaning on the glass door of the foundry. Her fat ass gently swayed side to side causing Dusk to smile. He silently snuck behind her and slowly reached out for her rear before violently grabbing it. His hands sunk into the soft fat and it's jello like makeup jiggled wildly. Saryn turned slightly yet her posture did not change.

"You could at least act like I snuck up on you." He smiled before giving her cheeks one last squeeze before backing away. "What were you looking at?" Saryn pointed at the long pole being formed inside of the foundry. "Lesion? I guess a weapon like that would fit well in your arsenal." She finally pushed herself off the foundry and turned to face him. She towered over him, forcing her to bend her knees to reach eye level with him. Her hand slid up his small legs and gave his flaccid member a little squeeze.

"Someone seems like someone is already in the mood for some fun." His hand slid up her wide hips, past her slim waist was before landing on her sizable tits. Her hand slipped inside of his suit and gently pulled out his cock. She gave it a few pumps before getting into rhythm while Dusk slid a finger underneath Saryn's miniskirt. Dusk's hand brushed against her already soaked snatch, causing him to chuckle. "Ready for me ready for me too Saryn?" He said though a throaty groan. First one finger slipped into to her damp cave, then another followed suit. His fingers pistoned in and out of her causing lewd noises to echo throughout the orbiter. He felt his balls tighten up as a powerful orgasm welled up. He grit his teeth and prepared for a blissful explosion when suddenly the ship lurched forward, causing both of them to stop.

The loud screech of the ship docking sequence pierced the air causing both of them to realize they had arrived. The two exchanged glances. "Do you have somewhere to be?" She nodded her head solemnly. Saryn's fingers released his member and Dusk slipped his fingers out of her quivering snatch. He slipped his precum covered member back into his suit and gave Saryn a nervous smile. He would have loved to finish with her hands but it seemed as if whatever she had to do was important. She quickly fixed he mini skirt so it covered her large, round ass and made her way upstairs. She waved to her operator before disappearing out of sight. His throbbing length rubbed against his suit causing him to groan. "I'll take care of you later." He said before making his way out of the ship.

The large door to the observatory opened revealing Mesa, who stood close to the window gazing at the stars. Dusk walked up slowly behind her. "Beautiful sight, isn't it?" The cow girl slowly turned around to face the much shorter operator. Sh tilted her falcon hat and nodded. "It's always a nice place to come when you need to get away from killing Grineer. You mind if I stay here?" Mesa nodded once more, but her head stopped when she noticed the bulge in Dusk's suit. She pointed causing him to look down. She placed a hand on her hip and waited for an explanation.

"Oh that? I had a little run in with Saryn but we had no time to...you know." He nervously said while rubbing the back of his head. "I'll take care of it later. For now I just want to relax." She cautiously took a step forward before taking another to close the distance. "Mesa?" He questioned. She pushed him backwards, causing him to stumble backwards before landing on his ass. Before he could recover, she straddled his lap and pulled out his already hard wang. "Oh...that's what you're doing." A mischievous smile formed on his face. "Well then think you can do better than Saryn?" Mesa angrily squeezed his member before furiously jerking it causing him to fall back.

Her free hand snaked down to his full balls and gently caressed them. He loudly grunted as her soft fingers rubbed against the blood engorged tip. Precum once again started to flow down the side of his cock like an erupting volcano. Mesa knew Dusk's limits, and more importantly how to push them to the brink. Her hand released his volatile cock, causing him to let out a sight of both relief and disappointment. He tried to say something between his heavy breaths but his words immediately got stuck in his throat when he saw the cowgirl hovering over is cock with her breast firmly in her hands.

She slowly slid his member in between the soft valley of flesh. She gave him only a moment to get used to the pleasure before rapidly stroking him again. "Alright you're going a bit too fast!" It didn't seem to stop her though as she continued her current pace. "At this rate I'm gonna..." That sentence only seemed to resonate with Mesa. She tightly squeezed her chest around his cock, causing him to squirm more. His hands balled into a fist before letting out a long moan much to Mesa's pleasure. "Cumming!"

The door to the observatory slowly creaked open and out stepped Saryn. She was shocked when she saw Dusk on the floor with his spasming cock in between Mesa's breast and firing his creamy load all over her chest. Spunk slowly dripped to the floor as Dusk bathed in the afterglow of his orgasm. A slight tinge of jealousy started to form in Saryn's chest and her body started move on own. Mesa stood up to meet her adversary and started walking towards her instead of walking away. You can't fight someone without getting closer.

The two stopped within inches of each other, their breasts meeting and mashing against each other. Both girls pushed against the other but neither were willing to back down. Dusk lifted his head slightly. "You two OK?" His voice caught their attention, drawing their gaze away from each other. Within a second, the two were upon him. Their hands both fought for dominance on his shaft. The two stared each to each other down intently once more.

"Don't I get a say in this?" He nervously said. The two shook their heads simultaneously while not breaking eye contact with each other. Saryn was the first one to make a move. She pushed Mesa onto her back and quickly moved to her feet. She lifted her mini skirt, revealing her still drenched snatch and lined it up with his cock before Mesa could stop her. She quickly engulfed Dusk's member within her wet cavern causing the two to shudder.

Mesa tipped her hat in frustration. She was slow. She could accept that. She spread her legs and lightly rubbed 2 fingers against her sopping wet cunt. She shivered as small bolts of pleasure made their way up her body. Saryn wasted no time in bouncing with all her might. She planned on showing exactly who was superior between the two warframes. Her large chest bounced wildly and her fat ass jiggled with every loud slap against his pelvis. She violently grabbed his wrists and forced them upwards. Saryn buried his hands in her titanic breasts, causing them to squish lightly.

Mesa quickly slammed her shoulder into Saryn causing her to fall of her operator. She had planned on waiting for Saryn to finish but her patience had already grown thin. His drenched cock bounced free, flinging remnants of Saryn's juices all over the floor. Dusk cautiously watched as Mesa maneuvered her way onto his dick. The tip pressed against her southern lips for a brief second before sliding all the way inside. She placed her hands on his chest and started to move her hips just as fast as Saryn had."Ok...gah...I guess we are doing this now!" He groaned out as he tried to contain his pleasure from exploding out. She swiveled her hips in such away that every part of his cock was simultaneously.

"I'm gonna..." He was cut off by Saryn returning the favor and knocking Mesa off of Dusk. Before Saryn could reclaim her ride, Mesa pulled her back to the floor. The two struggled against each other, leaving Dusk alone with his erection. "Yeah this isn't going anywhere." He stood to his feet and moved behind the two girls. Their wet pussies were pressed against each other, giving Dusk the perfect outlet of pleasure. He slid his cock in between the two and in that moment their struggling stopped. "Feeling better you two?" He chided as he started to thrust in between the two.

Their wet holes provided the perfect lubricant to slide in between with out resistance. The two writhed in each other's grasp as the mind numbing pleasure racked their bodies. Dusk grit his teeth and let out a guttural groan as his milky white spunk exploded onto the underside of the girls' tits and abdomens. Their bodies spasmed as they reached an orgasm as well. Their juices exploded backwards, coating Dusk's pelvis, the floor and each other.

Dusk let his member throb in between the pussy stack a bit longer before pulling out. "Well...that's that." He said as he tucked his oozing member back into his pants. "Well, I'm going to head back to the ship." He turned to walk away but the sounds of wet squelching filled his ears. He turned back around to the Saryn grinding against Mesa while the cowgirl played with Saryn's ass.

"Well... I can wait a bit longer."