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The two had come to a standstill, as they were merely about an inch or two away from one another. Everyone watched with much anticipation to see who had one. But upon closer inspection, it was clear just who the victor was.

Tears streamed down Ethan's face, as he stood still with his hand on the wooden that was currently plunged into his father's heart. In his head, he couldn't believe what he had just done. But in his heart, he also knew that it was the right thing to do and that it had to be done.

Christian, on the other hand, was proud of his son for doing what he believed he had to do. Even it was very hard for him to do it. He had the courage and the strength to do what most couldn't. If he was to die here now, then he was happy that it was by the hands of his own son.

Since he was an extremely old vampire, that meant that he didn't instantly turn to ash immediately after being staked in the heart. So, he had at least a couple of minutes left in him before finally meeting his end by turning to dust. When Christian took a step back, Ethan's hand finally let go of the stake. Christian then yanked the stake out of his chest, groaning painfully when doing so. He panted tiredly a couple of times, before finally giving a tired and proud smile at Ethan.

"Don't...cry, my son." said Christian reassuringly, as he reached up to cup Ethan's cheek in his hand. Wiping away the tears that fell on that side with his thumb.

Seeing his father smile at him like that, only made it more harder on him than it is, already. He didn't want to say goodbye to his birth father forever, so soon. Not when he only just found him! He also wanted to know more about his birth mother, Elizabeth, from him, as well! It wasn't fair! Why couldn't he of just accepted the peaceful co-existence with the Morgans like he wanted, for his sake?! Why?!

Ethan couldn't bear to look at him then, as tears continued to fall. Christian still kept his hand on Ethan's face, along with his supportive and loving smile that he had, as well.

"I'm...so...sorry, Father." said Ethan remorsefully, getting choked up in his words as he said it.

Christian slowly shook his head. "Don't be, Ethaniel." he said sincerely. "I didn't leave you much choice in the matter. You did what you thought had to be done in order to protect something so precious to you. And that...makes me extremely proud of you, my son."

Ethan didn't know why, but this time hearing him say how he was proud of him sparked a strange feeling inside him. As his eyes suddenly shot open in surprise. The strange feeling he was feeling at that moment from those words was...happiness and gratitude.

Christian chuckled a little at seeing his reaction, but then winced once he felt the pain from his wound flare up from the slight bit of laughter.

It was clear to Ethan that he was struggling to hold on to life in this world long enough to say what he wanted to say to him.

Christian then moved closer to him, placing his forehead on Ethan's. Never once removing his hand from Ethan's face. Neither one of them had their eyes open, as they just stood there savoring what time they had left. Feeling the bond that they shared as father and son, even though they may have never gotten the chance to know each other properly like a father and son should have. A connection like that can never truly be broken as long as love still remains between parent and child.

"I wish...it didn't have to be this way." sobbed Ethan sadly.

"I know, son. I know." replied Christian sullenly, as a few tears began to fall from his eyes, as well. "Just know that...even though you're a Morgan now, you'll still always be Ethaniel Amir to me. For Elizabeth Amir and I, Christian Amir, will always be your parents. That will never change because we share the same blood and DNA. You are us and we are you. Family." he said wholeheartedly with a smile. "I'll always be your father, Ethan. And you?... You'll always be my beautiful and strong son. Who I'll always love and cherish, no matter what. We both will, me and your mother." continued Christian fondly with pride and gratefulness in his voice.

Hearing him say that, made Ethan cry even harder, but he refused to breakdown in tears entirely, while saying goodbye to his father. That's when he felt Christian's touch on him suddenly fade away, as his body disintegrated into ash. But not before uttering two more simple words to him before he faded away completely.

"Thank you." was what Christian had said to him with his last dying breathe, before disappearing for good.

It was quiet and soft when he said it. Like a whisper in the wind, but Ethan heard it, nonetheless. That's when he finally broke down in tears.

Samantha ran over to him then, to engulf him in a big comforting hug, while Ross helped the others to take care of the few vampires that still remained. Gently stroking the back of his head, while letting him cry into her shoulder. "Shh! It's ok, Ethan. It's ok." was what she said to him soothingly to comfort him. She knew how hard this must've been for him and like any good mother who hates to see their child hurt, wanted to be there for him to help ease the pain.

At first, Ethan surprised when his father had said thank you to him. He didn't understand why he would ever thank him for killing him? But then it quickly made sense to him as to why he said it, in the first place. Cause he was free, now. Free from the pain and anguish that he couldn't escape from in this world, ever since losing Elizabeth. That was why Christian was so thankful for his death.

After a few more minutes of crying, Ethan then felt better, as he pulled away from Samantha's warm motherly embrace on him (but she still had her hands on the side of his arms) and smiled at her to show that he was ok now, wiping away the last remaining tear streaks on his face with his hand. Samantha smiled back at him and gave a slight nod to show that she understood. Then she kissed him on the forehead fondly.

It didn't take long for the others to kill off the remaining vampires there, since losing their evil leader. Without Christian there to lead them anymore, their confidence and morale had fallen. Which led them being more unorganized and sloppier with their fighting. Basically, they were starting to fall apart without him. So, as a result Ross, Erica, Benny, Rory, and Sarah were able to take care of them much more quickly and efficiently, then.

Once all of Christian's men were dead, they came up to where Ethan and Mrs. Morgan were. Jane, too. The little girl hugged her mommy tightly, happy to see her ok and that it was all finally over with.

Sarah had given Ethan a sympathetic and heartfelt hug, also. Happy to see that he was ok, but also very sorry that he had to kill own father, though. Sarah's hug had sorta thrown him for a loop at first, as he didn't know what to quite think about it. But he quickly got over that and hugged her back happily. With a small blush spread across his cheeks, as he enjoyed being this close to her.

"I'm sorry about your father, Ethan." Sarah said remorsefully, as she pulled back out of the hug.

"Yeah, dude. I know it couldn't have been easy for you to do what you just did." said Benny sympathetically to his best friend, as he agreed with Sarah. Benny knew Ethan far too well and knew that even though Ethan's birth dad might've been an evil, merciless, and psychotic vampire dude. He knew that his best friend still cared for the guy, though, because he was family. That was just how Ethan is. Someone with a big enough heart that could still love someone with a dark heart.

"If you ever need anything, we're here for you." said Sarah compassionately to him with a warm smile.

Ethan looked at the two and smiled. "Thanks, you guys!" he said to them gratefully, happy to know that they're there for me.

"But still, dude! That's pretty wicked that you're a vampire like us, now!" exclaimed Rory excitedly, all of a sudden. "Like...how is that even possible?!" he then asked before gasping dramatically in surprise. "Did you get bit and not tell us or something, E?! Was it your bio dad who bit you?! And why didn't you tell us?!" rambled Rory, as he bombarded the young seer with random questions.

That's when Erica suddenly elbowed him in the gut hard to get him to shut up since she had the unfortunate pleasure of being right next to him as he spoke. "Shut it, doofus! You're starting to get on my nerves with all your constant blabbering! Can't you see the dork's been through a lot, already?! He doesn't need you yammering on about his vampirism, you idiot!" shouted Erica irritatingly to Rory, as she glared at him.

Truth be told, yes, his he was getting on her nerves with all the rapid questions he kept asking Ethan, but the real reason why she did it was because Rory's questions might a bit too much for Ethan to handle at the moment. He did just kill his own birth father, after all! His only remaining blood relative! To Erica, Rory asking all these questions right now seemed a bit insensitive to the poor guy, right now. Even though, she would never admit it to anybody, Erica did see the three geeks as her friends. Even if they did tend to get on nerves at times with all their nerdiness and geek talk that they liked to do.

"It's ok, Erica! I'm sure you all are wondering the same thing." replied Ethan sincerely, as he smiled a little. Then his smile became a thoughtful frown, as a look of uncertainty came across him. "To be honest, though...I'm not really sure how I became a vampire, either. Not if I was born human or was bitten by one." stated Ethan glumly while looking down at his hands as if they held the answer. He too was curious about his sudden vampirism, as well.

"Maybe Grandma might have some idea about that?" thought Benny out loud, as he placed a hand up to his chin thoughtfully. Just then his eyes grew wide as he just realized something important. "Oh, my god! I should probably go and call Grandma, right now! To let her know that the battle is over with and that she can bring back us to the real world's dimension, now!" exclaimed Benny surprisingly, before reaching into his pocket quickly and darting off away from the group to make the phone call.

While Ethan fondly watched his friend run off, he was suddenly engulfed in a big hug again by Samantha. The hug had startled and surprised him at first, as he wasn't expecting it. "Uh...Mom? Why are you hugging me again?" he then asked in confusion.

Tears ran down her cheeks again. "Because! I'm just so happy that you decided to forgive us and that you still see us as your family, is why!" explained Mr. Morgan happily, as she hugged him tightly.

"Uh...Mom? You're kinda hurting me." stated Ethan uncomfortably, as her hug was starting to hurt from squeezing so tightly. He knew that she was just really happy about everything and had gotten cared away. And even though he might be part vampire now, it still sorta hurt a little bit. Even vampires aren't immune to pain, you know! They can still feel it, but just not as easy as a human can. They're more...durable when it comes to taking loads of pain, is all. But for Ethan, he wasn't even sure if he was entirely ALL vampire or not? There were still some questions surrounding his sudden vampirism. Like, him still having a complete reflection, for starters!

Mrs. Morgan instantly pulled back from the hug and released him from her tight hold on him. "Oh. Sorry, about that, sweetie." she apologized embarrassingly with a blush and a smile.

Ethan smiled warmly at her then. "It's fine, Mom." he said. "I guess I'm not as sturdy as I thought?! Must be another strange thing about my vampirism, then, huh?" thought Ethan perplexingly.

"Ethan, son...me and your mother really are sorry about all of this." apologized Ross then, as he looked over at his wife briefly with a sad and remorseful look.

"Everything that's happened here is all our fault. You should've never been put in the situation that you were put in, in the first place, sweetheart. No child should ever have to kill their own biological father or mother, even." stated Mrs. Morgan remorsefully, as she agreed with her husband.

"I know, Mom and Dad. And..it's ok. There's no need to blame yourselves for all this. I know that you guys killing Elizabeth and taking me away when I just a baby only happened because back then you guys were under different circumstances. Back then, you believed that all vampires were just evil creatures of the night who preyed upon innocent human lives with no remorse, whatsoever. Like the rest of the world does. It took you guys finding out that I was born a human and not a vampire to change your views on the subject. You two didn't have to take me in and raise me as your own, but you did, regardless. And from that decision, you began to be more open to the idea that maybe not everything that's typically classified as a bad or evil creature in this world, is. That maybe...some of those evil creatures just might turn out to be good, instead." replied Ethan wholeheartedly.

"It's true. If me and Sam had never decided to raise you, then...we'd probably would have still thought of all vampires as evil creatures, who needed to be eliminated, then." agreed Ross genuinely, with a smile.

"Meaning I'd probably be dead the moment I showed up on your guys' doorstep on that first night of babysitting, then!" joked Sarah lightheartedly.

Samantha laughed. "Maybe not on your first night of babysitting." she chuckled. "But, yeah! We probably would've tried to kill you, eventually, though!" she also joked, going along with it.

Ross laughed, too. "Yeah! The old us would've never let a vampire babysit our kids! That's for sure!"

"But this us, does now. And it's all because of you Ethan, sweetie. After finding out what Sarah was, you still trusted her enough to be around you and to be your friend." explained Mrs. Morgan compassionately with a smile.

"Which...caused us to have enough faith in her to be around you and Jane, once we did learn that she was a vampire." added Mr. Morgan in the same way. "Including, your two other vamp friends, as well. They proved to us that not all vampires are evil. Or any other supernatural creature that's typically deemed as evil or malevolent in human society, as well." he said genuinely. Then he placed both hands on Ethan's shoulders, as he looked at him with an earnest look of gratitude on his face. "Loving you had opened our eyes to that possibility, son. And we're very much thankful for that, too." he said respectfully out of love and compassion for his adopted son. Then he pulled the teen into a hug with a couple of hearty and loving pats on Ethan's back, as well.

"Thanks, Dad!" replied Ethan, smiling back happily at him once Ross pulled back out of the hug. He then looked back and forth between both of his adoptive parents. "And it's ok. I might be a little sad about having to kill my birth father, for now. But..." he said honestly in a sincere and sullen way before pausing in the middle of what he was going to say next while glancing downward briefly.

When he looked back up and looked over to the side a bit to see two ghostly like figures standing there. A man and a woman. Ethan knew these two people. They were his birth parents, Elizabeth and Christian Amir. Standing there looking at him with happy and loving smiles on their faces, as Christian had an arm wrapped around Elizabeth with her leaning into him. They both smiled at him, clearly happy to be together again and as if sending a message to their darling son before them. A message that Ethan quickly understood and got, as he smiled back at them and nodded. When he did, Christian nodded back at him and the two ghostly figures then faded away.

Of course, nobody else saw them but Ethan. So, everyone was a bit confused by Ethan's strange actions suddenly, as the looked at him with confused expressions on their faces.

Ethan then looked back at the two people who he's called his parents for seventeen years now (and looking to be a lot more now), never once letting that bright smile of his fade away from his facial features.

"I know what I did was the right thing to do. And that now, my birth father can truly be with the person he cared about most in this world, once again." continued Ethan, but now with a bit of happiness in his tone. "Besides, his son, of course." he then added jokingly, before continuing. "My birth mom, Elizabeth. Even if vampires don't go to Heaven or Hell when they die and are instead stuck forever in Limbo. At least, now they can be forever stuck in Limbo, together. Where their souls can now be happy together, just like they were before." he explained. "Now, I understand why Christian had thanked me just before departing this world. Because I had finally ended his long-lasting pain and suffering and was able to reunite him with his beloved wife in the afterlife." explained Ethan wholeheartedly with fondness in his voice.

"So, I'm ok with it. Because I know that wherever their spirits may be at in Limbo, that...they're still watching over me and loving me like any parent would do and that they're happy because I'm happy." he said thankfully in a kind and gracious manner to everyone. "Even if it means being a part of the family of the ones who did them wrong. If being with them makes me happy, then so are they. And I like to believe that...maybe...just maybe...they to have forgiven you, too, Mom and Dad." expressed Ethan genuinely then, as he turned to Ross and Samantha and smiled warmly at them.

"Oh, Ethan, sweetie! We love you, too!" replied Samantha emotionally, as tears began to well up in her eyes. She then pulled Ethan into another big hug, but this time with Ross and Jane joining in, too, for a family hug.

Knowing that his birth parents are finally happy again, also made Ethan feel extremely happy, too. As well, as knowing that his adopted family still loved him, regardless of his origins. Just as he still loved them, regardless of their past, too. He couldn't be anymore happier than he is at that very moment.

"Erica? Are you...crying?" asked Sarah to her best female friend, who was standing next to her. Sarah looked at Erica with a confused and disbelieving like expression.

Wiping a tear or two away, Erica quickly tried to play it off as if she wasn't just crying then. "No! I uh...just had some dirt or something in my eye was all!" quickly defended Erica in denial. Though, she would never admit it, she was a big sucker when it came to emotionally sappy things such as this. They always made her want to cry.

Sarah just stood there glaring at her with a knowing smirk on face, as she didn't believe her. Sarah knew how emotionally touching moments like this had always affected Erica. In fact, she even remembers the time they first watched the Titanic movie! Erica cried for like an hour straight, after watching it! She didn't think Erica would ever stop crying then! And she still cried off and on for the rest of that week whenever something reminded her of the movie, as well! Needless, to say...it was a long week, that week.

"Riiiight..." was all Sarah said to her, as she glared at her unbelievingly with her arms crossed.

"Oh, shut up, Sarah! What do you know, anyway?!" snapped Erica back at her, defensively. Knowing that Sarah didn't believe her. She knew that Sarah knew how teary-eyed emotionally charged scenes made her. But that didn't mean that everyone else needed to know, though!

Sarah only snickered and giggled at her, though.

That's when Benny finally walked back over to the group, placing his phone back into his pocket again. "Ok! I just now got a hold of Grandma. Finally!" he stated with that last part being said exasperatingly. "You know, she had fallen asleep on us?! I mean, like wow, Grandma! Let's just fall asleep on the job while your grandson and his friends are trapped in an empty alternate universe and are fighting for their lives against a group of deadly vampires!" ranted Benny furiously and over dramatically, as he complained about his grandma. "What if we needed a bit of magical backup for her! Hell! We actually did needed it, when they had all of us held down just a while ago!" he continued. Totally forgetting the point of the phone call he made earlier.

"Benny!" shouted Ethan pointedly, after saying his name over and over again to get his attention back on track.

Benny flinched a bit at the sound of his tone and blushed a little from embarrassment.

"What did she say?!" then asked Ethan, a bit impatiently.

"Oh, yeah! Grandma said that she'd have us out and back into the real world any minute now!" informed Benny.

Just then, like before, they all felt this strange ripple effect come over them suddenly. That's when they found themselves back in the real world, as a few far off nighttime noises could be heard now. As well, as a car just now driving by at that hour, down the street. Proof that they were now back in the real world, again.

"I guess, we're back now, huh?" pointed out Rory, as he looked around a bit.

"Looks like it." answered Sarah.

"It's probably a good thing that it's a bit late out already. There aren't typically very many people outside or on the streets at this hour." stated Mr. Morgan. "Which is good for us because then that means we were less likely to of been seen by anybody in the neighborhood when we just...miraculously happen to appear out of nowhere on our front lawn." he said in relief.

Suddenly, Jane let out a yawn, as she was feeling a bit tired from all the excitement that today's event had given her. Samantha noticed her daughter's tired yawn and deduced that it was probably either almost or a little past her bedtime. "Alright, little miss! I think it's about somebody's bedtime!" she deduced to Jane in a kind tone.

"But Mom! I'm not even tired, yet! Plus, it's a Friday night, too! So, there's no school tomorrow, anyway!" complained the little girl, as she tried to beg her mom into letting her stay up.

"That maybe so, but your bedtime is still nine o'clock, regardless. Even on a weekend. You know the rules, Jane." stated Mrs. Morgan condescendingly in a firm, but gentle tone.

Upset that begging had failed and didn't work, Jane crossed her arms bitterly with a pout. "Fine." she said unhappily, but her sour demeanor quickly deflated into more of a disappointed one when Mrs. Morgan placed a small loving kiss on her head to say 'I love you'. Then Jane's tummy grumbled at her. "But can I have a snack first? I'm hungry." she then asked, as she placed a hand over her growling stomach with a frown.

"That's right! We never were able to grab a bite to eat before the attack happened, huh?!" realized Samantha surprisingly.

"So, does that mean I can have a snack before bed, then?" asked Jane hopefully.

Mrs. Morgan smiled down at her. "Sure, sweetie." she said kindly to her, which made Jane smile back happily.

"I think it's best that we all call it a day and go home for some much-needed rest, after the day we all just had." suddenly suggested Mr. Morgan, who was also feeling a bit worn out from today's events, as well. It had been ages since he had done any vampire hunting. So, in his current state, he was out of shape to be doing it again. Not that he wanted to, anymore. He was happy with his life as it is now. Plus, those days were in his past and were over with now. He was getting too old to be doing any supernatural hunting, again. That and he also had a family now to think about, too. But he did have to admit, that it was nice getting back into the fray again for old time's sake, though!

"What about having Grandma taking a look into Ethan's freaky vampirism?" asked Benny curiously, then.

"It can wait till tomorrow, I'm sure." replied Mr. Morgan. "Besides, she's probably already gone back to bed herself, anyway, knowing her."

Benny gave that some thought for a minute, before ultimately deciding that he was probably right. She never did like staying up late if she could avoid it. And also, he was sure that a spell like transporting everybody into a separate parallel dimension with nobody else in it except for them had probably required a lot of energy to do and was a bit taxing on her. Especially, having to send so many people there, in the first place! So, she probably could use the rest for now.

"Yeah...You're probably right about that, Mr. M." agreed Benny.

"It's been a long day. So, you kids go on home and get some rest. Er um...or whatever you three do at night to pass the time, since vampires don't sleep." insisted Mr. Morgan then, before pausing awkwardly with an uncertain expression on his face when he looked at Erica, Rory, and Sarah.

"It's cool, Mr. Morgan. We get what you mean." giggled Sarah.

"Hey, E! Now, that everything is good with your parents, uh...I mean, adoptive parents, again. You gonna stay here or head back to my place for the night?" asked Benny.

Ethan thought about it for a minute and looked over at Ross and Samantha. He smiled. "I think I'll just stay the night here. With my parents." he said fondly to them. Putting emphasis on the 'parents' to make a point that no matter what, they'd always be parents and he'll always see them as such, too. Rather than them being his adoptive parents.

Ross and Samantha both smiled at that.

"Cool! In that case, I'll just bring your stuff by tomorrow then, when me and Grandma come by to see about your vampirism." chirped Benny happily, then.

Ethan then felt his own tummy rumble, as he remembered that he also hadn't gotten a chance to eat anything, either. "I think I'm with Jane on the bedtime snack thing. I'm hungry." he then said absently.

Everyone's eyes then went wide at this with somewhat nervous and unsure looks on their faces. They all were thinking the same thing when Ethan had mentioned he wanted a snack also and was hungry.

Ethan, on the other hand, looked at them with a clueless and confused expression on his. "What?! I meant as in a couple of cookies or something!" he clarified a bit suspiciously, as he looked at them curiously. That's when they all let out a sigh of relief, then. "Why? What did you all think I was..." replied Ethan then, before slowly trailing off and leaving the sentence unfinished the moment he realized what they all were thinking. His eyes then went wide, too with shock. "Oh, my god! You all thought I was talking about blood for a snack! Weren't you?!" he asked incredulously.

"Well, yeah! You are a vampire, now! Duh?! What else would a vampire have as a 'snack', dork!" replied Erica a bit harshly with an eye roll.

That made Ethan grimace then at the thought of drinking blood. "Ew! No way!" he said in disgust. "I was talking about a normal snack! Like a cookie, or an apple, or something like that! Not blood!" he explained strongly as if it was obvious, making a disgusted face afterward at the thought of drinking blood.

Now, they all had weird and questioning looks on their faces. "Well, that doesn't make any sense? Not if you're a vampire? The only thing that's able to quell a vampire's hunger is blood. Not regular human food?" pointed out Mrs. Morgan, a bit baffled like.

"I guess, it must be another weird thing about my vampirism?!" concluded Ethan nonchalantly with a shrug. "Along with..." he began, before letting out a small yawn first. "Needing some sleeping, too." he finished, a bit tiredly then.

Again, confused looks passed amongst everyone there, except for Ethan and maybe Jane (who still didn't quite yet know a whole lot about vampires and their habits).

"Perhaps." agreed Ross, thoughtfully, not sure about it at first but decided to just go with it for now until they're able to get actual confirmation about it from Mrs. Weir, tomorrow. "Guess, we'll just see tomorrow, then! Won't we?!" he then said in a more upbeat way.

"Well, I'm outta here, guys! Think I'll check on Grandma first before hitting the hay, myself! I'll see you tomorrow!" said Benny cheerfully, as he gave a quick wave bye first before leaving.

After he left, that's when Erica, Sarah, and Rory also said their goodbyes for now before heading home themselves. Leaving just the Morgan family behind alone in their yard.

"Well, let's head inside now and I'll fix you two a snack before bed, then!" beamed Samantha happily to her children.

Jane jumped up and down happily before darting off inside the house.

"How can that girl still have energy? I thought she said she was tired?" thought Ross out loud in astonishment, as he watched the little girl run off. Samathan just chuckled, while Ethan only smiled.

"Welcome, home sweetie! We've missed you so much!" then cooed Samantha lovingly to Ethan, as she hugged one last time that night.

"Yeah, champ! The place just didn't feel like home without you!" added Ross fondly in a grateful way, as he ruffled Ethan's hair.

"Thanks, Mom and Dad! And honestly...I kinda missed you guys, too." replied Ethan back happily, as he smiled at them. Now, knowing his place in the world and where he truly belongs. With the Morgans.

The happy family then went inside for the night, after that.

The next day, everyone was over at the Morgans house. Benny had already given his grandma the rundown about what had occurred last night with Ethan's birth father and his army of vamps. Including, what all they know so far about Ethan's strange vampirism, as well. Mrs. Weir was also became intrigued by Ethan weird vampirism, as well. In all her years, she's never heard of a vampire displaying such unique properties before. Like having a full-on reflection, still having an appetite for human food, and being able to actually get some sleep at night.

Everyone at the Morgan residence was very eager to find out the extent of Ethan's new vampire abilities and to hear Evelyn's theory about it, too. But no one was more eager than Ethan. After all, this was his body they were talking about!

So, Evelyn immediately got to work on running a few tests on Ethan first, to get a better idea about his condition. Test such as: seeing his reaction to silver when touched, his reaction to holy water when touched, how he reacts at the sight and smell of human blood, how strong he is, how fast he is, if he's able to fly or not, if he shows up in photos or on camera, how badly the sun bothers him after prolonged exposure to it, how well his hearing and sense of smell is now, and how fast he's able to heal and recover from injury. After that, she then did this body like scan spell with her magic for more answers that couldn't be answered through simple tests. Like, if he's a full-fledged vampire now or a fledgling, if he's able to still age and grow old, and whether or not if he can have kids or not.

Once everything was complete, Evelyn had devised her theory.

"So, Mrs. Weir...what's the verdict?" asked Ethan reluctantly, as he was scared what her reply would be.

Evelyn took one last look at her notes that she's been compiling during the tests she did on him, before looking back up at him with a serious face. "Well, according to the tests and my notes, silver and holy water have no effect on you, it seems. And yet, you still have a full reflection and is able to completely show up on camera and in photos. You can't fly, but you're still able to run really fast and have super strength. The sun doesn't seem to bother you in slightest and your sense of smell and hearing appear to have improved greatly." she said, recapping what all she's learned so far. She then let out a small sigh. "I'm sorry to say this, Ethan, dear. But...it appears you're a vampire, now." she said finally in a remorseful tone.

"Sweet! A new vamp buddy! Now I won't be the only dude vampire in the group, anymore!" cheered Rory happily.

"Rory! Show a little compassion! Will yah?!" scolded Sarah harshly to the blonde, as she slapped him on the arm.

"Oh. Right. Sorry dude." apologized Rory then, calming down now with a more sympathetic look on his face. He didn't think how Ethan might feel about being a vampire now.

Ethan wasn't sure how to feel about the news of him being a vampire now. Hearing Mrs. Weir saying it, kinda makes the whole thing official now. He's a vampire.

Mrs. Morgan could tell that the news bothered him. She could see it in his eyes. Feeling bad for him, she placed a hand over Ethan's and gave it a small squeeze to comfort him. Ethan looked up at her in confusion at first, but then smiled once he saw her warm and kind smile towards him.

"So...am I fledgling or a full vampire, now?" asked Ethan.

Evelyn shook her head. "Neither." she answered.

This drew confused looks all around from everybody. "Grandma, that doesn't make any sense! If he's not human and not a full or fledgling vampire, then...what is he?!" wondered Benny anxiously out of confusion.

A strange expression appeared on the old woman's face then at her grandson's question, as if she was thinking for the right words to explain it. To be honest, even she wasn't quite so sure about it, either.

"It's hard to explain, but...I'll try my best." she said honestly. "Ethan is a...very unique vampire it seems. You see, it's almost like he's still human and yet not, at the same time. Like a...half vampire, if you will." she said, as she started her explanation/theory into Ethan's odd vampirism.

"So, he's a...fledgling then, right?" implied Ross questionably in a skeptical like tone.

"No. Well, actually...sorta. He's more like a...unique kind of fledgling, if you will." replied Mrs. Weir, as she tried her best to explain it. "You see, it's like he's a human still but just with vampire powers. Along with the yellow eyes and fangs that come with it, of course. Vampire powers such as super speed, super strength, heightened senses, and the ability to heal fast. All while, still keeping the things that make us human. Such as having a full reflection, being able to show up on film or in pictures, an appetite for regular food, the need to still want to sleep, being able to grow old, and being able to have children. Without the aid of a vampire fertility potion to do so, I might add."

"So, it's like...I'm stuck between being a vampire and human." thought Ethan out loud, as he looked down at his hands.

"Exactly." nodded Mrs. Weir.

"But how is it possible that he's a vampire now when obviously he was born human, Evelyn?" asked Mr. Morgan curiously.

"Well, I'm not a hundred percent sure on this, but..." began Evelyn thoughtfully, as she trailed off her sentence a bit to think. "My theory is that even though Ethan was born a human, he still probably had some vampire DNA in him, as a result of both his biological parents being vampires. But it was a very small percentage of vampire DNA, though. So, it wasn't enough for him to be born totally a vampire. Or even show any signs of being one, as he does now." she explained.

"Ok...if that's the case, then...what caused him to somewhat turn, now?" wondered Sarah.

"From what Benny had told me about what happened during the fight with those vampires. I believe it was when he saw all of you in danger after you were captured. More specifically, his family. The people he cares and loves so much in this world." answered Evelyn, as she looked over at Samantha, Ross, Ethan, and Jane (who was insistent in being there when they discussed Ethan's current situation) with a warm and kind smile. "When he saw them captured, he already knew what his birth father was going to do to them. And even though they were just only his adopted family, he still cared enough to want to save them from their gruesome fate."

"It's true." spoke Ethan earnestly, to confirm what she was saying. "I knew that my father wanted you all dead for what had happened back when I was a baby and I just couldn't let that happen to you all because you were still my family. And when I saw that he was going to start with Jane first, I lost it. She wasn't even born yet when all that crap happened between you and birth parents! I had so desperately wanted to reach and save her before he could do anything, but also...at the same time I knew that I wouldn't make it in time even I was able to get free from that vampire's grip on me. I had never felt so helpless in my entire life before, until then. I had started to think that...maybe. Just maybe, if I was a vampire then...I might have a chance to save her time." confessed Ethan honestly in a wholehearted manner.

Evelyn nodded along with his statement, agreeing with him. "And that's when it happened. His tiny bit of vampirism in him, awakening." she said in a confirmation like tone. "Now, generally a human child born to two vampire parents would never be able to become a vampire, without being bitten and turned by one, like Ethan here did. Mainly because that small percentage of vampire DNA that resides deep within them wouldn't be strong enough to allow them to turn, typically. So, they would just go about the rest of their lives being human. But in Ethan's case, his desire to save his family was so strong and powerful that it was as if the heavens or rather his body had answered his prayers of being a vampire to have the power to save Jane in time." explained Mrs. Weir some more, as dove deeper into her theory.

"So, he...willed himself into becoming one, just to save me?" asked Jane scrupulously.

"Yes, dear. It appears so." answered Mrs. Weir.

Jane smiled happily as she leaned over to give Ethan a big hug. "Wow! Who knew I have the best big brother in the world!" she said genuinely with gratitude in her voice, as she hugged him.

This made Ethan happy. "Does this mean you'll stop blackmailing me every chance you get, now?" he then asked her hopefully with a friendly/hopeful smile to match.

Jane looked back him with a straight and serious face, then. "Not a chance." she said flatly to him.

Ethan sighed. "I should've known you wouldn't." he said disappointedly to himself, as Jane just smiled proudly. He then rolled his eyes at her. Then he turned his parents. "You guys are probably disappointed that I'm actually a vampire now, huh? Or at least, half a vampire, that is." he said to them sullenly.

"Of course, not, sweetie!" exclaimed Samantha suddenly out of love and reassurance. "You're still our little boy, regardless if you're a vampire or a human or even something in-between! And we'll always love you, no matter what!" she said sweetly to him.

"Your mother is right, Ethan. We could care less about what you are. All that matters is that you're still you. The boy we raised and cared for with all our hearts and will always love and support." added Ross wholeheartedly, as he agreed with his wife's words. Clapping a firm, but reassuring hand down on the teen's shoulder as he smiled down at him with a warm and kind smile.

Ethan smiled hearing that, knowing they were telling the truth. And he'll always love them, too.

"Now, then!" exclaimed Samantha abruptly, as she faced Evelyn. "About grandchildren!" she said confidently.

"Mom! Don't you think it's a bit early to be talking about grandkids?" blushed Ethan embarrassingly.

Mrs. Morgan gave her son this stern/serious like look, then. "Not if I want to know whether or not if they'll wind up being born either vampires or humans, it's not!" she said to him defensively. "Besides, it's best we find out now, so we'll know what to expect later on in the future when you get to that point in your life, Ethan." she then added, but more softly this time.

Ethan knew she was right. Mrs. Weir did say that he still had the abilities to have kids the normal (and human) way, after all. So, should the time come when he'll become a father, it'd be best to already know what to expect now rather than later on. Whether or not if his own kids will either be vampires, humans, or maybe even like him. Half and half.

So, with that, he gave Mrs. Weir this look that said 'go ahead and tell us'.

Mrs. Weir nodded to show she got the message and continued. "I believe that if Ethan should ever decide to have kids of his own someday, that they'll wind up being completely human with no traces of vampirism in them, whatsoever." predicted Mrs. Weir confidently.

"Really? How so?" wondered Mr. Morgan perplexingly.

"Ethan has more human in him than vampire. And whoever his future spouse will be, will have to be human, too, if he wants to have kids someday. Meaning that the woman's entire body of human DNA plus the large amount of human DNA in Ethan will simply just add up to the child being a hundred percent human, themselves. Due to the large quantity of human DNA coming from both parents, thus completely drowning out whatever small portion of vampirism in Ethan's DNA out of the child's. Leaving them with nothing but human DNA to inherit." explained Mrs. Weir.

"So, Ethan will be the only one in his future family to have vampire powers, then?" questioned Benny skeptically, wanting to make sure he got it right.

"Exactly." she answered. "While the rest of his family will all be human."

"Well, I guess that's good to hear, then. Huh, honey?" commented Mrs. Morgan in relief, as she looked at her husband. Ross simply nodded to agree with her. Now they wouldn't have to worry about having to find a doctor and medical staff that knows all about the supernatural already, just to deliver their grandkids safely without the human world finding out that the supernatural is actually real.

"What about my seer powers? Do I still have them now that I'm a vampire?" asked Ethan.

"Of course, you do, dear!" lightly chuckled Evelyn. "Seers can become vampires, while still keeping their seer powers, as well. Just like your birth mother did." she explained kindly to him. "In fact, that'll probably be only the supernatural thing that your future kids might inherit from you, dear." she added sweetly to him in a 'matter-of-factly' kinda way.

Ethan was relieved to hear that he still had his seer powers. In a way, he felt like his seer powers made him feel a bit closer to his birth mom, Elizabeth, in some way, since that's who he inherited them from. Like it was the only link he had to her, since he never really got to know her very well, now that he's old enough to remember things.

Then things got serious for a moment, as Evelyn had something else important to say about Ethan's vampirism.

"Now, listen closely to me, Ethan. This strange vampirism you have may have many upsides to it, but there is also one major downside to it, though." she said in a steady and stern like tone, as she looked him in the eye.

Now, Ethan was worried. Along with everyone else in the room, too. "Like what?" he asked uneasily, afraid to know the answer.

"The moment you do happen to drink human blood for the first time, it'll be just like what happens when a fledgling vampire drinks it for the first time. Meaning you'll become a full-fledged vampire, then." she said seriously.

"Well, that doesn't sound so bad! He'll be able to fly, then!" said Rory cheerfully.

"It is, if Ethan wants to continue growing up and live a full human life to the end." clarified Evelyn in a sympathetic like tone.

Rory deflated into a more sympathetic look then, at her response.

"What do you mean, Grandma?" asked Benny, who was confused by her answer.

"I mean, that he'll no longer be able to age or have kids or any of the other things that still make him human, Benny. He'll be forever the age he was the moment he drank human blood and his immortality began. He'll completely be a vampire for the rest of his immortal life, just like your friends here." explained Evelyn solemnly, while she made a small casual like gesture towards Sarah, Rory, and Erica's way at the end.

Ethan gulped nervously then, as he really didn't like the sound of that. "That means...I'll have to...live off of nothing but blood then, huh?" he said reluctantly in fear.

Mrs. Weir simply nodded a 'yes' at him. "I'm afraid so, dear." she said sullenly. "But as long as you don't drink it and just stick with human food to satisfy the hunger then you should be alright and able to live a normal human life, then." she then said reassuringly with a kind smile. "Or at least, as normal as it can get with you kids constantly fighting supernatural bad guys, that is." she then added jokingly, bringing a smile to Ethan's face.

"Now, that doesn't mean you won't be tested at times, though, Ethan. There'll be times where you might feel your temptation for blood more strongly if you go too long without eating anything. The longer you go hungry, the stronger your bloodlust will become until you finally can't take it anymore and give in to temptation. So, be sure to eat something the moment you feel hungry. Whether it be regular food or blood substitute." warned Mrs. Weir to Ethan.

"Blood substitute? But I thought you said that if he ate normal food then that'll still be enough to completely satisfy his hunger for blood, then?" said Ross concernedly to the old lady.

Mrs. Weir smiled reassuringly then. "It is! But so will the blood substitute, since it's not technically real blood. The same with animal blood. It won't be able to turn him fully since it's not human blood." she explained simply.

"Just like fledglings!" exclaimed Sarah realizingly. "When I was still a fledgling, I drank animal blood and the substitute to stay alive! All while still remaining a fledgling! I didn't become a full vampire until I had drunk human blood for the first time! Thus completing my transition of becoming a vampire!" she said, catching on to what Mrs. Weir was saying.

"Indeed!" confirmed Mrs. Weir agreeingly. "The same rule applies to Ethan's situation, as well. He's free to drink animal blood or blood substitute, all he wants without the worry of completing his transition into becoming a full vampire. As long as it's not human blood. The only difference between the two cases is that Ethan is also able to sustain his hunger for blood by eating regular human food, as well. Unlike, your average fledgling vampire, that is. Who can eat regular food still, but it'll do little next to nothing to completely satisfy the hunger, though." she explained.

Sarah knew exactly what she had meant by that. Remembering that time the blood drive stopped by the school and how strong her craving for blood was, then. All those bags of potato chips were hardly doing a thing to curve her craving, then! But she was glad though that with Ethan at least, just eating something like that would be enough to completely satisfy his, though. Something she now finds herself envying about, but is still happy for Ethan, nonetheless. At least, his fledgling troubles won't be as hard as hers was, since he's a bit different than your average fledgling. So, that was good, as she smiled happily for him.

"In that case...I think I'll just stick with eating regular food to get by on, then." cringed Ethan, at the thought of having to drink blood. ANY kind of blood. Fake or real.

"Good choice!" agreed Benny gratefully to him then, as he clamped his shoulder firmly with his hand. He didn't want to have to give up his usual late nights with his best friend, just pigging out on junk food all night while playing video games! Or playing their favorite junk food game, the Chubby Bunny!

"Well, in any case, if you do need any blood substitute, don't be afraid to stop by. I'll be sure to keep some in stock, just in case, dear." stated Mrs. Weir sincerely to him. "Now, I think that just about covers everything!" she then said in a pleasantly kind of manner, as she stood up with her bag of items that she had brought with her for Ethan's vampire testing. "I believe it's best time that my grandson and I take our leave now. I'm sure you all probably want some time to yourselves to talk." declared Mrs. Weir to the Morgan family.

So, she and Benny left. Sarah, Erica, and Rory also left, as well. Deciding that the old Weir was probably right.

Now the place was quiet.

Reading the room, Jane decided that it was probably best that she'd go upstairs to her room for a while as she could clearly see that they needed to have a serious discussion with each other. But right before heading upstairs, she stopped and turned to face Ethan.

"Hey, Ethan? I'm glad you decided to stay. Here. With us." she said fondly to her brother with a smile.

Ethan smiled back at her, thinking the same thing. Then Jane turned around and ran up the stairs to her room. Leaving only the two adults and teenager in alone in the room.

"So...are you guys really ok with me being...like this?" asked Ethan again, as he made his eyes yellow and his fangs appear. He knew what they had said earlier, but he just wanted to make sure one last time.

"Ethan, dear. We already told you. We don't care if you have vampire powers, now. As long as you're the same boy that we raised and loved after all these years, then...we could care less what you are." reassured Mrs. Morgan tenderly in a sweet and caring way.

"Then...why were you so adamant about keeping me away from Mr. Amir then?" wondered Ethan.

Samantha sighed. "Because...we knew that if you had gone with him that he would no doubt try and mold you into somebody you're not. Into...someone like him. Who's cold and calculating, and cruel." she answered sincerely.

"We didn't want you becoming the one thing that you and your friends fight so very hard against. Evil. He'd want you to become the chip-off-the-old-block, just like him. And we just couldn't let that happen to you. Me and Sam both know that that's just not who you are at the core. That you're a good and honest person at heart, who always tries to the right thing." spoke Ross wholeheartedly.

Samantha then placed a gentle hand on Ethan's face, as she stared at him with a kind and loving look on her face. "There was no way Ross and I were gonna let all the hard work we put into raising you as loving parents teaching and guiding their children down the proper path, just...go to waste to easily like that. We love you, Ethan. And all we want for you is to live a happy life by being a good and kind-hearted person, as well." she said lovingly, with all her heart.

Now, Ethan was a hundred percent convinced that his parents were cool with him being the way he is. A vampire/human hybrid of sorts. He couldn't help but smile at that.

"And don't you worry, either. I'll never stop being who I am. No matter what." he said reassuringly to her. "And I promise I won't drink any human blood, either, to complete the transition. I wanna live a full and happy human, just like any other human in this world. I want to make you both proud of me." swore Ethan wholeheartedly.

"Oh, Ethan!" gushed Mrs. Morgan fondly. "We're already proud of you!" she said hugging him, as she tried not to cry.

Ross smiled at the two, as his wife was basically crushing their poor son in her arms, while Ethan looked ready for the hug to end, now. Eventually, she finally let go of him, though.

"I'm just happy that we can finally be a family again." said Ross gratefully, smiling.

"Me, too Dad." smiled Ethan happily, as he swung his arms around both his parents and pulled them for a hug.

"Hey! Don't forget about me! I want in on that hug, too!" shouted Jane from atop the stairs, as she was no doubt probably listening in on them. She came rushing down the stairs in a hurry and joined in on the hug between her brother and parents. Making it a family hug, now.

There was so much family love in that room, that day. And Ethan could feel every bit of it, too. He was glad he made the right decision in forgiving them and for deciding to stay. The Morgans were his family and will always be his family, too. No matter what blood may say, because a family isn't just made up of blood relatives. It's can also be made up of the ones who love and look out for you. People who will do anything to protect you from danger.

Ethan did find himself wondering though what his life would've been like if he actually was raised by his birth parents, Christian and Elizabeth Amir. But upon reflection, he was glad how his life turned out in the end and would never want to change it, either. Though, now that he knows who his real parents are, he'll also never forget about them, as well. And will always love them, too. Even if his biological dad was a bit...crazy and sadistic in the end. He still loved him and knew the reason why he had become the way he was, when they had met. But Ethan also knew that Christian had loved him very much, as well as his bio mom. So, he was happy to know that even though he didn't get to spend much time with them that they had loved him very much, regardless of his species status. Just like the Morgans do, now.

Ethan was grateful to have such loving family and friends in his life. He didn't know what he would do without them. So, he swore to himself that he'd too would do anything to keep them safe from harm and that they're happy, as well. Just like they do for him.

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