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When Ross and Samantha heard their son come through the front door they greeted him with a warm smile.

"Hey, there sweetie! How was your day at school, today?" greeted Samantha sweetly to her son.

Ethan took his hoodie off and hung it up in it's proper place. "Pretty good, I guess. I got a B+ on that chem test in Mr. Hudson's class, today." he replied simply enough, with a shoulder shrug as he then plopped down onto the couch.

"Well, that's good, dear! I know how hard you've been studying for that test just to pass it. I'm so proud of you." praised Mrs. Morgan fondly to her son.

"Yeah, son! You might not play any sports like most teenage boys your age, but at least I can be proud of you in the academic department, though! Am I right?" joked Mr. Morgan with his son.

Of course, Ethan didn't find it funny one bit. "Gee, Dad. Thanks." retorted Ethan, rolling his eyes.

Seeing her son's discomfort about the subject, Samantha quickly scolded her husband for the small joke. "Ross!" she hissed, smacking him in the shoulder as she walked by the armchair he was sitting in.

"It was just a joke dear! I mean it!" defended Ross innocently. He then looked away from his wife's scolding glare and back at his son. "Look, Ethan. I really am proud of you, regardless of what you do or your interests may be. You're my son and I love you very much. Ok?" he said in a sincere and loving tone, earning a small nod and smile from the teen.

Ross smiled too and then held his arms wide open. "Now come here and give your old man a big ole hug!" he said expectantly in a teasing like manner, grinning widely.

"Dad! I'm not a little kid anymore!" declared Ethan sharply in an annoyed tone.

Ross let out a hardy laugh. "I know, son! I know!" he laughed.

Ethan just shook his head at him before a curious thought crossed his mind. "Speaking of little kids...where's Jane?" he wondered curiously, noticing how quiet it is around the place.

"Oh! She went over to her friend's, Misty, house after school for awhile." answered Mrs. Morgan simply.

"Sweet! That means I get a break from the annoying little pain in the butt, for awhile then! Yes!" cheered Ethan gleefully, as he did that little inwardly celebratory single fist pump thing that you do when your excited about receiving some good news.

"Ethan! Be nice! That's your little sister, you're talking about." scolded Mrs. Morgan harshly to him.

"I know, Mom." he sighed. "She just drives me crazy sometimes, is all." he replied tiredly. "BUT I still love her, nonetheless. She is my little sister after all." smiled Ethan happily.

"And that's a very brotherly thing for you to do, too, sweetheart." cooed Samantha, coming over to her son and playfully pinching his cheek before planting a sweet little kiss on his head.

Ethan's face went red from embarrassment. "Mom! Stop that!" he complained bashfully. "I already told you! I'm not a little kid anymore! So, enough with all the lovey-dovey stuff! Will ya?!"

"Actually, honey. You told your father that. Not me." giggled Mrs. Morgan amusingly in a snarky manner.

"Yeah, well...the same thing applies to you, too, Mom." retorted Ethan back grumpily with his arms crossed. He then smiled fondly at his parents and their need to smother him in love and affection.

Which sort a confused him a bit most of the time. Sure he got that they loved him very much because he was their only son, but why the need for all the over exertion of it? He knew they loved Jane just as much, but now that he thinks about it...growing up it had seemed as if they were more overbearing with him than they were with Jane. Which strikes it as odd for the young seer to comprehend, but he always just chalked it up to him being their first born as the reason why for their constant strange parental behavior and need to embarrass him all the time.

In fact, Ethan was pretty sure that he learned from somewhere that first time parents usually tend to be more overbearing and protective of their first child (if not a little scatter brained about what to do at times, as well). Its not until their second one that they mellow out a bit more and begin to act less over protective and overbearing than they were with their first child. Usually, do to the fact that by now they've finally gotten a hang of this parenting thing after the first child as come of age more.

So, in a way the first child is like a test run when it comes to parenting. Sort a like when you learn how to do something for the first time. At first, you totally suck at it, but the longer you keep at it you'll eventually get more and more better at it until just becomes natural to you. So, he guess parenting was something like that. The more you raise kids, then the easier the parenting thing will become for you.

Walking by, behind him, Mrs. Morgan simply placed a small kiss on his temple and ruffled his hair a bit, afterwards with her hand. "Oh, Ethan, sweetie! When will you ever learn? You'll always be our little boy to us. No matter what." she said lovingly with a smile, before finally disappearing around the corner and into the kitchen.

Ethan blushed for a minute, but quickly shook it off. He stood up and stretched a bit before turning towards his father.

"I'll be in my room if you guys need me. I've some homework that needs tending too, unfortunately." informed Ethan, saying that last part relucantly. He hated doing homework after school, when all he wants to do is just chill out at home quietly with nothing else better to do. But sadly, that'll never happen. Not until either summer, winter, or spring break happens. Then he'll be homework free for a week or two! A couple of months even if it was summer vacation! But those days, were still quite a ways from now.

He made his way on over to the stairs. "Let me know when dinner's ready. Ok, Dad?" he said casually, as he began his ascent up the stairs.

"Sure, son!" replied Mr. Morgan with a smile, as he watched his son go upstairs to his room.

The next day at school, everything was as normal as normal could get in Whitechapel for the seer. He met up with Benny after breakfast and walked to school, like usual. He grabbed the usual books that he always needed for his morning classes from his locker. He chatted with Sarah for a bit about if she was still needed to babysit this Friday, as usual, for when Mr. and Mrs. Morgan would have their date nights together. As well, as chatted about other stuff, too. He went to his first and second classes for the day, Advanced Geometery and English Literature. All in all, just your typical day for the seer.

Until History class came, that is.

When he entered the classroom he noticed a peculiar and odd looking man sitting at the teacher's desk that had long black hair and these intense grey looking eyes. The man gave off this...aura that was just hard to explain and yet he couldn't help, but get this strange feeling of familiarity from the guy, as well.

Deciding to not let it bother him, he quickly took up his seat next to Benny (who also had the same class with him) that was in near the back of the classroom.

"Sweet! It looks like we got a subsitute teacher for the day! You know what this means, don't you, E?" cheered Benny happily, giving his bestie a small nudge in the side. "Plenty of goofing off time with no homework for later! Yes!" he replied quietly, answering his own question with a small celebratory fist pump.

Ethan shook his head at his best friend, but smiled nonetheless at his friend's enthusiasm. "Of course, you'd say that, B." he replied shamefully, but with a hint of amusement behind it.

When Ethan looked over he could've swore that he saw their subsitute teacher smirking at them, as if he had heard them, before the guy looked away. He couldn't of possibly heard what they were saying, right? The guy was a good distance away from them in the classroom when he and Benny where only whispering to each other.

Benny notice the weird look that Ethan was giving the teacher. "Hey, what's with you?" he discreetly whispered over to his friend.

Snapping out of it, Ethan turned to face Benny with an uncertain expression on his face. "Uh..." was all he could get out before the tardy bell had rang. Taking it as a sign, Ethan decided to just drop the subject for now as class now started to begin.

The stranger took his place up front by the whiteboard, where he began to write his name up on the board. After he was done, he then turned back around to face the class and to begin introducing himself.

"Hello, class! My name is Mr. Amir and as you all may have noticed by now, I'll be your subsitute teacher for the next few days while Mrs. Caymen is...on leave, at the moment." he greeted warmly to the class, while taking a brief moment to pause while explaining his reason for being there, as if he was trying to come up with the right choice of words to say as to their usual teacher's sudden absence.

Ethan found his short pause sort a suspicious, but like everyone else he just brushed it off as the guy just being weird, is all.

"Now some of you may think that since there's going to be a subsitute teacher for the next few days in class that there isn't going to be any homework and that you'll have it easy for the rest of the week." grinned Mr. Amir, his gaze slightly lingering more towards were Ethan and Benny sat. "But!" he suddenly exclaimed, clapping his hands together. "That won't be the case in this classroom with me around as your temporary teacher, I'm afraid." he announced in an upbeat manner, making the students all groan and moan in disappointment.

"Now with that said. I plan on getting to know each and everyone of you, during my time here at Whitechapel High." he declared, as he took a long look around the room at his students. His gaze though had lingered a bit longer on one in particular. Ethan.

Ethan shrunk down a bit in his seat from the creepy glare and odd smile he was getting from Mr. Amir. The guy was really starting to give him the heebie-jeebies. He could only hope that their subsitute teacher wouldn't be their current teacher for too long, while Mrs. Caymen was away.

"Now, on to today's lesson! Or rather...project, instead." announced Mr. Amir, getting back to the subject at hand. "This project will be simple and very easy to do. The project you will all be working on is tracking your family tree." he informed the class.

"But...how is learning about our family tree have anything to do with history?" asked one student, raising his hand.

"Good question. You see, learning all about your family tree is like studying and learning the history of one's family. You'll be suprised to learn what amazing and shocking things about one's past you can find. We can learn so much from our past ancestors. Like where we come from and who we are in the world." explained Mr. Amir. "For example, I know for a fact that one of my ancestors was Hebrew. In which, I'm sure some of you might've figured out by now judging by my last name." he added informatively.

Another student had raised her hand, to which Mr. Amir simply acknowledge by point at her for to speak. "What does your last mean, anyways?" she asked curiously with a cheerful attitude.

"Well, it can mean different things judging by which country it hails from, but since I am from Hebrew descent then I much rather perfer it's meaning more. Which is 'powerful' or 'proclaimed'. But then again, I suppose it doesn't really matter which country meaning you go with, as they all typically mean the same thing or close to it in some way." he explained nonchalantly, shrugging at the end and giving the girl a kind smile that brought a small blush to her face.

Even though the guy was older and was their teacher, he still looked fairly young for his age. And attractive too, as some of the female students in class where slightly crushing on him.

"You all will be working on this assignment for the next few days and it will be the only thing that I'll be giving you to work on inside and outside of this class, as well. I'll even be happy to write library passes during class time for those who may need to go to the school's library to do some research online." he explained. "But I suggest that you also check out the local town's library, as well, as I'm sure they'll have much more information on one's family history in the records section than the school's little library will have. Also, it wouldn't hurt to ask grandparents or any other elderly relatives that you might have, as well. Even your parents might know a bit about your family's past, too. So, it wouldn't hurt to also ask any of your loved ones too, see what they know about it." he added suggestively.

"I am very eager to see what all you find during your research into your family's past. I'm sure some of what you may find something that just may...surprise you." he said with a hint of knowing in his tone. It was as if he was hinting at something, but what?

"Now!" he exclaimed gleefully, clasping his hands together. "Since this is my first day teaching you all and I have just now handed out my first assignment to you all, I'll let the rest of the day slide as a free period. Seeing as you won't be able to start on your projects until after class, today. So, feel free to talk quietly amongst yourselves." said Mr. Amir, ending his lecture on today's (and the next few days, after that) assignment.

The class did just that, as Mr. Amir walked back over to his desk and took a seat, as he brought out a book, that laid on it, to read. They all chatted with each other or was either on their phones texting someone or scrolling through Facebook.

Ethan, on the other hand, couldn't tear his eyes away from the teacher, as he sat there staring at Mr. Amir while studying the guy's features a bit. He noticed when he moved that he moved with such air and sophistication, as if he was better than everyone else.

Benny, who was busy laughing and making funny comments to Ethan while watching some funny videos on his phone, had noticed that Ethan hadn't heard a word he was saying. When he looked up at the seer he saw him too transfixed on staring at their subsitute teacher.

"Ok, E. I get why all the ladies in class keep staring at our sub like that, but you?" teased Benny playfully with a light nudge to Ethan's side and a small chuckle. "I didn't know you swung that way, buddy." he chuckled.

"Huh?" said Ethan, snapping out of his trance, to look over at Benny. He rolled his eyes at his best friend's silly comment. "It's not that!" he hissed defensively to the spellmaster. "It's just...he gives me this really weird vibe is all." explained Ethan hesitantly, not too sure about it. He slowly glanced back over at Mr. Amir, who looked up from the book he was reading and smiled at the seer.

Ethan kindly returned the smile, but with more awkwardness behind, before quickly turning back to Benny. Who just looked at him confusedly.

"I'll tell you later, after class. Ok?" replied Ethan simply, as Benny just shrugged 'ok' to him and smiled. "Now, what was it you were trying to show me earlier?" said Ethan genuinely, smiling back wanting to see what his best friend was trying tell him about earlier, on his phone. He decided it was best to just leave the subject alone for now. Besides, he didn't want the guy to think that he was creep, too. So, for the rest of class Ethan casually chatted and watched funny videos with Benny on his phone.

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