Summary: Marshall Lee becomes enarmored by Fionna's physical change and now he wants a mate.

Volume I

Uneasy Hearts Weight The Most

She was a bird. One free by her naivety of the world and of all dark things. A bird he had planned to lull and make settle. A bird of yellow alighted to his whim.

He knew better than to capture a bird. With capturing a bird, he would take their freedom, limit that bird's options. But she would understand eventually the cage he had for her offered her more security than the world around them did.

There were many a theories of birds and bird cages. For instance, Chen Yun's "birdcage" theory, though econimcally, could apply to his specific bird. Chen Yun had said, "the bird should be allowed to fly, but only in the cage. If there is no cage, the bird will escape". Marshell Lee had no plans to let his bird escape.

He had met her when she were 13. She was a young teenage girl who was still very much a child. When his eyes had met her he had immediately become attracted to her humanity. He hadn't seen humans in many years. Her being the last being made it fairly easy for him to make his decision to befriend the girl.

Appearance wise, he had been a good little Vampire King befriending the adventuress girl. However, in the warped persepective, his mind, he had other plans. Plans more sinister than the land of Aaa thought him capable of. Or maybe they had already thought him a monster. He kind of was.

The night was dark, blanketed by stars and a cool summer breeze wafting through his undead flesh as he carried the adventuress in his arms, bridal style. He had found himself in Fionna and Cake's tree home after helping the adventuress girl defeat ghouls causing mayhem in Hotdog Prince's territory. They were all such weiners, literally. He placed the girl gently down on her hard wood floor, she had nodded in his direction and immediately snatched the white hat from her head. Blonde tendrals of hair fell over her shoulders and laid gently and yet wildly on her back. His red eyes seemed to have darkened a shade due to the intoxicating smell coming from her. A smell of sweat, summer grass, pomergranate, and inonnocence. She had said she would be taking a shower and to make himself comfortable.

He didn't want to get comfortable. It was a time for him to be awake and float through the dark skies causing his own chaos. He had a thing for mischeif. How rude of his host to abandon him to clean herself off. Four years ago she would wrestle him and get her stink on him, now she cared to shower. He couldn't help the smirk come across his lips. His little Fionna were growing into a woman. At least she were wanting to do woman things. Dark thoughts ran across his mind of the things he could show her. But with a harsh laugh he plopped on her and Cake's couch.

He could hear the shower going and briefly let an image of Fionna's naked form, wet and shivering, cross his mind. Damn. His dead flesh pricked with an electric sensation. It was nearing 1 in the morning and his nocturnal instincts wanted him to do something, anything. He should be getting physical but how could he sitting on her couch. Suddenly thoughts of Fionna pinned against the shower wall, her wrists in his hands above her head, and his own naked body pressed against her came to mind. He groaned in irritability. It was still too early.

He had a few months until her eighteenth for him to continue his plan. But who said he couldn't start his plans early?

Marshall Lee had preferred to fly rather than walk. Call him lazy but if given the option wouldn't you? He floated through the spiral stairs of his female companions home and secretly thanked the dark for Cake's departure to her boyfriend's, Monounicorn, home. The shower had stopped, he noted, and the urge to prank Fionna came into his head. So floating leasurely above the door to her bathroom he waited until she got out.

A pale green towel was the first thing he saw, it had covered the most important parts of Fionna's body. He cursed silently. She was soaked, her tan skin having droplets of water fall off her shoulders. From this angle he could make out her cleavage to those hefty breasts hidden from the towel and when his eyes traveled the rest of her form, he thanked the dark again for her plump ass, that rose the towel just a bit to expose the back of her thighs. She was so busy adjusting the pink towel around her head she hadn't even noticed Marshell Lee above her. And with a sickening scream from the 19 year old form Vampire, Fionna had got into defensive mode after a startled jump, looking up to see her childish friend laughing till his stomach ached.

Her face scrunched up in that way Marshall Lee lived for. He liked getting his rises out of her. Then easily her face softened and she pressed a hand to her beating heart. He was a bit envious she had the ability to feel a beating heart. His was completely dead inside.

"I nearly peed myself." She laughed.

"That would be disgusting, little exorcist." He smirked at her.

"Your pranks are losing their touch." She stated smugly and walked to her room.

The prideful male in him felt offended and wanted to defend his honor of being a terrific prankster but then again there was a curvacious girl walking around in nothing but a towel. He choose to ignore her slight and followed her into her room.

She sat on her chair and pulled the brush from her dresser but Marshall Lee was quicker and snatched the wooden brush from her hands.

"Hey!" She scoffed.

He gave her a soft smirk before landed perfectly on his feet behind her. She gave him a strange look before she felt brush tendrils go through her scalp. A soft sigh escaped her lips and Marshall Lee bit his lower lip trying hard not to chuckle at her. She stiffened but shortly afterward relaxed completely in his hold. Girls did tend to love getting their hair brushed.

A few minutes passed by and he could hear a distinct yawn from the girls lips. It was a quarter to two. His fingers laced through her blonde locks and felt a great understanding to why Fionna often sported a hat. If he had to brush such long hair he would grow tired but playing in Fionna's hair was a priveledge to him. How soft and silky her hair felt in between his fingers and how her voice changed soft pitches of contentment to certain spots he brushed over with his thumb and brush. It was an intimate experience, possibly her first intimate experience. His red eyes glowed with mischeif. He brushed hair away from her neck and heard an audible question leave her lips,

"What are you doing?" It was a soft question. A question he ignored.

The tip of his nose rubbed against her neck gently. The contact of skin against skin seemed to have stiffened the girl straight but she made no objections to move and he had no plans of moving anytime soon. She uttered the same question from her lips but fell short when she felt Marshall Lee's lips graze the same spot his nose just nuzzled. Fangs soon grazed her neck and a sense of fear came to the girl but another sensation came, one bubbling in her stomach. She had felt butterflies before but this was something that almost wanted to...burst.

Marshall Lee's eyes were shut but he felt them role in the back of his head at the smell of her. How he missed the taste of human blood. And he could practically feel her blood pulsing through her. He wanted to sink his fangs into her, mark her but this would ruin the plan. A plan he had set up the moment his eyes had found hers at her sweet age of thriteen. With a sigh through his nostrils the tips of his fangs stopped before piercing soft skin. He hummed pleasantly.

"I was bitten right here a thousand years ago on a night just like this."

The girl hadn't moved and part of him believed she was scared to shock but another part could smell a scent of arousal from the girl and he knew she was conflicted from body and mind. Her heart had steadied a bit and she had begun to breathe again before saying a soft yeah.

"Yeah." He replied.

And just as he had spoken those words, her hair was back to covering her shoulder and him at her doorway. She turned around quickly, not noticing her towel had fallen a bit and a sweet amount of cleavage was shown.

"Deathly dreams, kiddo." He smirked before taking off out her window in the hall and out into the night air.

Ragged breaths came from the teenage built male and soon he shrieked into the air rippling his more human looking form into a mostorous one. Bat wings broke through his dead flesh in a firery fury and his fangs had grown bigger and come out from his gums painfully, fur covered his once attractive body and within seconds he was the hugest, ugliest bat in the land of Aaa.

He only transformed when he was threatened, by complete choice or his emotions were intense. Right now, he was feeling very emotional. He wanted to sink his fangs into his dearest friend. He wanted to ravage her body mercilessly until she had withered in his hold and had given her last few breaths for death had taken her and she would then be changed.

Marshell Lee had a plan. A plan for four years now on how he would mate Fionna. And by her 18th birthday, he was sure, she would be his for eternity.

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