Summary: Marshall Lee becomes enarmored by Fionna's physical change and now he wants a mate.

You're A Wolf

A week had passed. One might have considered the experience to be a slow one when not accompanied by a friend but to Marshall Lee it was meaningless. Living for centuries, undead, had made time a tedious thing. The leaves would fall and regrow, people would die and be reborn and he would go unchanging like he had for centuries now. So the absence of not seeing Fionna did little to him, Though he was positive the girl had some major thinking going on.

Thoughts of his fingers weaving through her scalp, of his nose nuzzling against her neck, and of the hickey he left on her neck.

A smrik came across the pale male's face and then followed a devious laugh. That was until his front door bursted open with a furious Fionna glaring at him.

Honestly, he were more surprised at the fact he waited a week to come by. But nonetheless here she was, blue/green eyes turning a jungle like green. She shut the door behind her with incredible force and he stopped his mindless strumming of hi electric guitar to wave his hand at her.

"Sup, Fionna?" A genuine smile gracing his lips.

Her eyes narrowed at him in that way when she had punched him in the face. It was for messing with her head. He couldn't help himself, she shouldn't be such an easy target. Such an attractive target.

"Put the guitar down or two things will get hurt in this room."

He liked where this was going already. His own eyes became rather predatorial while he removed the strap from his body placing the guitar down gently. All the while his eyes hadn't left hers. He could see the calculation in her eyes, and he felt the determination wave off of her in an annoying heat but she was no match for a King. Especially a Vampire King.

She had somersaulted toward his legs, catching him off gaurd and went to wrap her arms around them to pull him into the ground but Marshall Lee were faster. Floating into the air up against hi ceiling, Fionna had held on to him shaking her body weight down so they would both fall but Marshall Lee would ensure it was only one of them falling. With a swift kick into the air, Fionna flung from his jeans and fell up against his chair, her weight knocing it over. His pants had sagged past his boxers a bit making him sigh annoyingly as he pulled them up.

"Are you done being stupid?" He called after her.

But there was no response. A look of concern flashed his eyes for only a moment. She were just pranking him, he was sure. He couldn't have flung her that harshly. Plus she was Fionna, Adventuress, savior of princes.

"Fionna, get up you dork." But she hadn't moved.

Shit. He floated toward her since the chair had hidden her lying form well. She were as still as the dead. He leaned closer to her, still floating. Wildly, arms wrapped around him in a death grip and flung him to the cave ground. His shoulder collided harshly to the floor and he let out a little hiss as he reopened his eyes to find Fionna straddling him. Her thighs holding his legs in place, her hands pressing into his shoulders and her face in his, breathing heavily. Bits of blonde escaped her hat and touched his cheek teasingly.

For a few moments Marshall Lee had gone blank, not a single thought came across his mind, all his thinming had gone to his body. A heat had went through him and an increasing need to collide his lips with hers came about him but he hadn't acted.

"Cake asked me what this thing was on my neck. I told her I didn't know what she was talking about. And you know what she said?"

Was he suppose to answer her, she looked furious enough with him. He decided with her silence, she did expect him to answer.

"No but you plan on informing me, huh?" He spoke with clear sarcasm.

He immediately regretted his actions for she pressed more weight on his shoulders which pressed her groin against his own. Curse her naivety for not realizing how intimate this situation was.

"She laughed and said it was a hickey. And when I asked her what a hickey was, I tasted barf."

Well, he wouldn't have to worry about an errection. She clearly disdained his gift to her.

"Marshall, why did you do it? I had to pretend it was a bruise and ended up wearing my hair down all week!"

He could see the clear confusion on her face and he felt sort of bad for his little prank but Marshall Lee rarely felt bad and with a tickle of his fingers against the back of her thighs, she let her gaurd down and he flipped them over to where she were under him, her wrists in his hands above her head, and his knees holding her to the ground. She squermed and moved but it was futile. With small protests he had laughed at her.

"Quit messin' with my head!" Her blue/green eyes piercing into his red ones.

A sudden urge took over him, and holding her wrists into one hand, he used the other to trace his finger tips across her houlders and down her body to her stomach. She gasped, eyes in horror at what he were doing. He was sure she didn't know exactly what he was doing but he knew by how her body was responding she felt there was something off about this.

"Oh Fionna, how could I be messing with your head when I'm messing with your body." His classic smirk holding her gaze.

His fingertips touching a bit of exposed stomach for her shirt was raised a tad bit. She arched into him, involuntary of course and purred to this foreign touch. He loved the quiet sound and wondered what other sounds she could make but he had to get himself under control, the monster in him wanted to mate her now now now now. But the human part of him, the friend in him decided he could blame this on some epic prank. And so he pushed their noses together and saw the look of pure shock in her eyes as he closed his and whispered at her lips, "boo".

He had floated away and laughed heartily at this joke all as she still laid on his floor. She stood up finally and grabbed him by the collar of his plaid shirt and he now stood on the ground. She didn't look angry, she didn't hold much of any emotion on her face. Part of him wanted her to be angry, feel something. That's why he had done it in the first place.

"This is about when I said your pranks are losing their touch?"

Poor sweet naive Fionna. He raised an eyebrow and took the opportunity she gave.

"Exactly. Hurt my man pride."

He looked down to her hand that still held his collar and moved up a step to where he was towering her in height. She gulped and her hand slid away from his collar and fell in place beside her body. She looked up at him, her eyes now as blue as ice. A smile graced her lips, ones he had seen many of times.

"Man, you're good."

He chuckled good naturedly and her eyes squinted as she seemed to smile even more.

He walked over to his chair and kicked it, in which it shook upward and was back in its rightful place. He then grabbed his guitar and sat on his couch, motioning for Fionna to sit as well. Though it were rather late the girl did sit with him. All had seemed to go forgotten. Which secretly he was conflicted about. Partly happy, she was okay now and the othe rpart seethed that he was a step back now.

"Isn't it past your bedtime, kid?" He strummed a few chords, playing a familiar song to them both.

She had seemed to ignore his question and a sweet smile pulled at her lips.

"Bad little boy that's what you're acting like. I really don't buy that you're that kind of guy. And if you are, why do you want to hang out with me?"

She had remembered the song he had sung for her years ago. A strange feeling bubbled within in his stomach and momentarily he felt a bit annoyed that this feeling could be butterflies. How unmanly.

"I mean my other plans were a bit boring. Sleeping, you know." She had smirked at him and relaxed on his couch a bit more. Legs tucked under her and a content smile on her lips.

He allowed a smile to grace his lips, as he continued to play their song and soon sing along to the tune.

Simply put they had fallen back into their friendship with ease and though this might have set Marshall Lee back a step, the gears in his mind were already moving. He might have to be more careful in his approach with Fionna but what he had already done proven to get her body to react. And he was sure she would crave those little touches, and better yet she would crave them from him. Maybe he hadn't fallen back a step but had skipped two.

"You know that I'm bad. Yet you're spending the night with me. What do you want from my world, you're a good little girl."

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