1st Year [pt1]

So you've decided to change the future. Welcome, Harry Potter, to Harry Potter's diary. Remember what I said in the letter. Someday, this will be useless to you because of changes in the timeline. Oh kid, I feel so nostalgic reliving these memories. I was so innocent. Anyway, down to business. First, we're going to send you some place you'll escape the Dursleys. Take hold of the shoestring and say Activate.

Harry looked at the thing stuck between the diary's pages, decidedly skeptical. But nevertheless, obeyed. He felt a tug on his navel and by the time he gasped, he was outside a rather small tent.

That is called a portkey. Never did quite get the hang of that. Or floo travel. Apparation isn't too bad. Don't be fooled by what you see. Remember Dr. Who? It's bigger on the inside. The land is outside the Village of Hogsmeade. It's an acre of land owned by you. Well, technically me as I brought money back in time. Go on in.

No more words were on the page. Harry had the feeling it wasn't a request, it was an order. He shrugged, flung open the flap, and entered. It was huge compared to the outside. "Bloody hell!" was all he could say. The tent had a sitting room with a table and two benches, enough to sit 5 on a side. Next was a small but, fully equipped kitchen. On each side of these common areas were two bedrooms that shared a loo with shower. Everything he tested worked. The diary glowed again.

How does everything work without utility connections? Haha! Magic! The first time I walked into one of these I said I love magic. I cast spells to make the whole acre invisible to anyone but you and anyone you give permission to see it. We'll cover them by Third Year, I think. For now, just take my word for it. On the shelves, you'll find books, lots of books. They're separated by Hogwarts school year. First thru Seventh. Sure, jump to the end if you like, but it'll drive you nuts. Your body isn't ready for those spells yet. But, seriously, look ahead from time to time. Give an older year spell a try.

Harry wondered why and how this diary knew exactly what he was thinking exactly when he was thinking it. Then he remembered it was written by older him.

Having fun so far, Harry? Here's the stuff you won't like me for. You're a scrawny kid, I said so in the letter. This isn't your fault. It's Vernon and Petunia. No, I don't consider them family, I haven't since I wasn't much older than you. Dudley is a maybe, don't write him off. EXERCISE! Three simple ones to start out, situps, pushups and running. You can count easily enough, for running—your first spell pedo-locomoto. It will allow you to know exactly how far you've run. Cast Finite Incantatum to end it. From now until September 1 you'll need to push yourself. Tomorrow, you'll start cycle through them until you're exhausted. Then spend time studying. Go back to exercising. More studying. Repeat. All day long and as far into the night as you can. As soon as you wake up, out of bed and back to it. Now, you'll burn lots of calories, so you'll need to eat more. There is an initial stockpile of proper food, good until September 1, for you to eat in the cabinets. Eat the amounts instructed. There are also potions to repair the damage done by Vernon and Petunia's treatment over the years. Take them once a day, first thing in the morning.

"Bloody HELL!" complained Harry "He's trying to murder me, he is!"

Hahahahlolololol I'm sure you just cursed me a new one! Don't worry, you can have a day off…..August 31….that'll be when we go over the people you'll meet. Now, just being here will be the first major change to the timeline. The shoelace will take you to the Dursleys and back here again. Get everything you want to keep. Don't go back. Ever!

"Kewl!" Harry said, with a big smile "That alone is worth all that sweat." He was sure the book knew he said that.

You liked that? Right? Here's another good one. The goblins will, when you ask, tell you that you're rich! That vault Hagrid took you to? Pocket change! Ask about the Potter vault. And you're even richer than you the goblins think. I brought the dressers in all the rooms back from the future and they're all full of Galleons. One is full of 20 pound notes for Muggle shopping. Don't worry, they were all printed in the 1980s. No more Dudley hand-me-downs. EVER!

"I'm bloody rich!" exclaimed Harry "Thanks Old Harry! Really!"

You're welcome

Harry rolled his eyes "I'm talking to a bloody book!"

But all the money in the world doesn't buy happiness. You've heard the phrase No Regrets; Well I'm full of them. I'm not miserable per se, I even had a good and successful marriage, but too many people died. The last people I saw before coming back were great-great grandchildren of people I fought with. One looked just like my Godson. My Godson never met his parents, they were murdered weeks after he was born. I've spent my whole life planning to change that. And here we are. I arrived a week before I gave you the package, set up this tent, purchased the land and protected it. You have a place to train and learn. Get to it. And thank you for fulfilling an old man's dream.

Harry felt liberated in his new home. It wasn't as big as Privet Dr. but it was all his, and he was free of the Dursleys. He leafed through the book with a 1 on it, then started reading. He eventually drifted off to sleep…to be woken by a loud and quite obnoxious buzzing. "5AM! Bloody hell!" he complained. When he found the cause, he snapped "Gonna be a lonnnnng month."

An alarm clock had woken Harry. It had a single piece of paper taped to it that read. Time to get started!

"Smartarse!" the boy growled, but got up, added water to a package that magically turned into a quite delicious looking and smelling meal. He wolfed it down while reading from the book. The diary wasn't glowing so he got started exercising. His first time, he only managed 6 situps and 4 pushups. He felt pathetic. Running, he was better with and managed a half mile in 5 minutes. But he knew he was only short-distance sprinter, he outran Dudley and mob fairly easily. Winded, he returned to the tent and began actual studying, of the kind he hadn't done since he got a better report card than his cousin "He was right here. Makes sense to start with An Introduction to Magic."

Harry's muscles began to ache a bit. The diary glowed. Muscle aches, Harry? The only treatment for that is to get back to it. There are potions to treat pain from injuries, but this comes from using muscles that you don't move much. Stretch a bit, the diagrams below will show you how. The only way to benefit from exercise is to push yourself through the pain. Sorry, mate.

"Notice he's not showing me how to brew pain potions." Commented Harry "Git!" The young boy managed to do six cycles of exercises during the course of his first day and he had a Muggleborn pre-Hogwarts level understanding of magic as his eyelids sagged.

By the end of the first week, Harry's muscles were screaming. Waking up on the morning of the eighth day he was pleased with his progress, he could do 10 pushups and situps in a set without strain, he'd try more later. Harry was most pleased with his progress in running, he was a little faster, but had doubled his distance. Another page glowed.

Welcome to week 2, Harry. By now I would guess you'd've killed me if I wasn't already dead. Those sore muscles will give you incentive to get this magic down. Besides stretching, a massage is also good for sore muscles. You will be rubbing yourself obviously, but adding a magical component. While rubbing, focus on your magic, imagine it as a ball in you. Heat and cold relieve muscle soreness, so imagine one hand hot, one hand cold. It might be easier to picture one glowing red and the other glowing blue. Push that ball into your hands to change their temperature. Once you get it down, study while rubbing. It'll take practice, but keep at it until you can do both at once.

"Bloody old man! Why didn't he show me this first?" Harry cursed his older self. The diary didn't glow again until the morning of August 31. But Harry did not mind. He just achieved doing 20 pushups and situps in a set, running flat out for 2 miles in 17 minutes. Soon he'd increase to 3 miles, then work to reduce the time again.

I have been watching and you're doing amazing. At your age I never dreamed of working like this. To business. Tomorrow you go to Hogwarts. You won't have the time to exercise as you have been, obviously. But keep up the intensity and keep doing more. You can go back to the schedule here during weekends and holidays, but feel free to take Christmas off.

Harry rolled his eyes "Thanks bits buster, thanks a lot." But truthfully he was now used to getting about five hours of sleep a night.

Arriving at King's Cross well before 11am I trust. You can do your workouts waiting. The first magicals you will meet, between Platforms 9 & 10, will be the Weasleys. Sure I know you can walk through, but this has to come out exactly the same. The Weasleys in order are Molly, the mother, Percival-he wants to be called that- a prefect obsessed with rules, Fred and George-class clowns and mostly harmless pranksters. They think they're identical like bookends, but not quite. . Fred's chin is pointed, George's is rounded. Just look close, but avoid telling them how you can tell, it'll drive them crazy. Up next, Ron, he'll sit with you on the train. Becomes your best friend.

"Gee a best friend? Really?" asked Harry in amazement "Never had one of those." He did go back and reread how to tell the twins apart, that sounded funny.

Last is Ginny. Too young for Hogwarts this year, but maybe a penpal. Say hi, shake hands. Give Hedwig something to do. Listen carefully to what Molly says and put it together with what was in the Magical Society Introduction. We'll talk later.

Harry thought he would be best friends with the Weasleys forever. He was looking forward to meeting them. And he wouldn't foul up that meeting by skipping ahead.

The Hogwarts Express is hidden from Muggles. You'll get there by early evening and Sorted in time for dinner. Back to the train, Ron joins you almost immediately. First thing he wants to see is the scar. Looking back … well, never mind … Up next is all hair and teeth, 4'2", and 75lbs of Hermione Jane Granger. Wants to run the world, or at least read everything about it. She'll come off abrasive, but once you get through the bossiness and know-it-allness, she's going to be a lifelong companion. Accompanying her will be shy, quiet, Neville Longbottom. Heir to a fortune bigger than yours, never spent a day in a cupboard, but just as abused as you. Needs a friend to crack his shell, but be gradual, or you'll scare him off.

Harry sniffled a bit for anyone who went through anything like his life at the Dursleys and pledged to help Neville as best he could.

Hermione and Neville leave in search of Trevor the Toad. Let them go, or you'll miss the next visitor. One Draco Lucius Malfoy. Heir to a fortune not quite so big. Especially with the pile I brought back. What Vernon and Petunia feel for magic, he feels for non-magicals. Treat him accordingly. Last thought, take careful note of Ron's pet rat. It'll become important later.

This, Harry realized, was a manipulation moment. Old Harry was keeping something from him. Why is a rat important? But the diary was finished for the time being. He used a modified Winguardium Leviosa to keep an Introduction to Charms book right in front of his eyes while he stretched and rubbed his muscles with his hot & cold hands. He drank his last potion of the day and turned in.

Next morning, the diary was silent. Harry stretched, went through his exercise routine and rubbed his muscles. Then showered and dressed, keeping his robes in a separate bag to change on the train. By about 8am he was ready to go. He picked up the marble labeled KING'S CROSS and sighed. It was now 8:02. Nothing to do but practice. He had First Year spells complete. He started on Second Year Potions. FINALLY! IT WAS 10:30! Hedwig's cage looped in his arm and his trunk likewise, his free hand got the marble and said "Activate!"

PLATFORM 5-6 the sign said.

"Not bad." Said Harry and he slowly strolled, looking in stores and pushing his luggage cart. By the time he reached the sign PLATFORM 9-10 there were redheads in the distance, running. He couldn't help giggling. Like he was told, Harry made his face a frown of concentration.

Mrs. Weasley called out "What is the platform number, Ginny?" as she tugged the small girl along.

"Nine and Three Quarters!" Ginny called out just as loudly.

Mrs. Weasley nudged one twin "Go on Fred!"

"I'm not Fred!" he cried "I'm George!"

Mrs. Weasley looked distraught "Oh, sorry George. Go on. And you too Fred."

"I'm not Fred! He is!" the other twin cried. Then both ran through the barrier.

Even with the advanced knowledge of the diary, Harry was stunned to actually SEE it happen. He giggled at the twins antics, then pushed forward "Excuse me, can you tell me how to-"

"Get to the platform?" asked Mrs. Weasley, kindly. Then patted his shoulder "Don't worry, it's Ron's first time too. All you do is close your eyes and go. Best do it at a bit of a run, in case you're nervous.

The last of the redhead boys smiled and ran through. The redheaded girl came around her mother and said "Good luck!"

"Thanks!" replied Harry brightly. He followed the Diary's advice, grabbed her hand and shook it. He smiled at her then ran through the post.


From behind, Harry received a slap on the back "Ordinarily we would" began Fred.

"tease an ickle" continued George


"about waving byebye"

"to his ickle girlfriend."

"But, since said girl"

"is our ickle sister,"

"we insist on"

"knowing your"

The back and forth tennis match ended with both saying "Intentions!"

"My intentions?" asked Harry, glaring coolly at one twin "I need a penpal so my owl gets out of the owlery sometimes. How's that ….. George?"

The twins blinked at him, and George identified himself "I'm not George. I'm Fred."

"No you're not." Said Harry authoritatively. He pointed and declared "YOU'RE Fred."

In stereo, they demanded "How can you tell?"

"What's it worth to you?" asked Harry, quite offhandedly. He went off whistling an idle tune.


A small redhead peaked in, asked "Err…can I join you?"

"Sure, Ron." Replied Harry politely as he finished a situp.

The boy looked puzzled queried "How did you know my name? What're you doing? How can you tell Fred from George?"

"In reverse" Harry answered with a smirk "Same thing I asked them; What's it worth to ya? Exercising and your Mum told me on the platform. I know all of you now?"

Just then, in bounced hair and teeth "Have either of you seen a toad? A boy named Neville's lost one."

Harry almost burst out laughing, Old Harry's description nailed it, he said "Hello there. I'm Harry Potter, this is Ron Weasley. And you are?"

"It is rude to answer a question with a question." She retorted, looked at Ron unpleasantly "Pleasure."

Harry calmly countered "It's ruder not to introduce yourself after we've introduced ourselves." He ignored Ron's snort of amusement.

"Oh very well." The girl grumbled "Hermione Granger. I'm a muggleborn, but even I've read about you."

This, Old Harry said, would be the perfect time to start altering her views, and asked "That's interesting, did you read where I grew up beaten and starved by the magic hating sister of my mother?"

"Nooooo, buttttt." She drawled out "The one I read has you saving a little girl from a dragon."

Harry laughed "That belongs in the Fiction Section. Maybe Fanstasy!"

"Ginny loves that book." Offered Ron with a giggle "She'll be crushed. She colored Mandy's hair red and changed her name to Ginny." *hahahah*

Harry rolled his eyes but refrained from commenting. Besides, seconds later, the door burst open. A blonde haired boy with two hulking boys right behind him stepped in "I heard Harry Potter was on the train!" he snapped "You him?"

"Yes." The scarred boy answered lazily, he buffed his nails and looked at them.

"The name is Malfoy, Draco Malfoy." Came arrogant answer "You need direction to associate with the right type. I can help you there."

Harry shrugged "If I need help from double o seven, I'll be in touch."

Ron didn't get it, but Hermione did. She burst out laughing.

"Blood traitors and mudbloods." Sneered Draco "Crabbe, Goyle, let's go!"

Harry looked seriously at the other two and explained "Mudblood, Hermione, means dirty blood. It's the Wizarding equivalent of nigger or kaffir. A nasty way of referring to someone like you, or my Mum. You'll never hear a friend call you that."

"Thanks Harry." She replied in a small voice "I'll go help Neville, I think. You two better get into your robes, we should be arriving soon."

"Bossy isn't she?" observed Ron.

Harry brushed it off without insulting who the diary said would be his best friend "I think she's got spunk. Who knows? In a few years?" He let his left eyebrow finish the thought.

"You're mental, mate." Said Ron while tieing his tie.

In response, Harry shot him an eye roll, and laughed.


"That's amazing!" exclaimed Susan Bones, as she looked up at the Great Hall's ceiling "It looks just like the outside."

Hermione, next to her replied "It's in Hogwarts: A History. It's a spell."

"Gather round, gather round" Professor McGonagall ordered the First Years "Now, before you can join your classmates, you must be sorted into your Houses. When I call your name, step forward, sit on this stool and the Sorting Hat will place you into your House."

Ron complained "Fred and George told me we'd have to fight a troll!"

All the firsties laughed. Harry did not, he was busily pushing up and down on his toes trying to get in a small bit of exercise. Plus his Diary was glowing. "Talk about bad timing!" he complained.

"Hannah Abbot!"


"Susan Bones!"


The Sorting Hat will want to put you in Slytherin. You can, if you want to spend until 1997 in the same dorm with Draco Malfoy. Tell it you want Gryffindor. It's where Ron and Hermione will be sorted.

"You actually write in a diary, Potter?" said Draco, derisively, and snatched it from his hands. It had no writing he could see. He tried to rip the book, but he couldn't. Then, he suddenly screamed and dropped it.

Harry smirked at the blonde, as yet unsorted, boy, bent over and picked it up then said "That'll teach you to touch what's not yours. And just think, that's only level one. Heheh! It goes to thirty."

The old man at the center of the Head Table frowned in concern, briefly locked eyes with the boy. Blinked in some surprise, then said "As you've not been Sorted Misters Malfoy and Potter, no punishment will accrue. Consider this a warning. Professor McGonagall, please resume."

Harry knew this was Headmaster Dumbledore from the description in his Diary. And he remembered, with surprise, that Old Harry described himself as even older than this man. Finding out how old Dumbledore was went from 'I'll find out eventually' straight to 'Need to Know!'

"Vincent Crabbe!"


Harry held a pen to his book, to cover the fact he was reading it rather than writing in it.

Malfoy doesn't get much better, unless something…..or someone….. changes him. Remember, Gryffindor, and ask it to sort Luna Lovegood into Gryffindor next year. VERY IMPORTANT! She'll be in Ravenclaw and treated like you were at the Dursleys.

"Padma Patil!"


"Parvati Patil!"


"Harry Potter!"

As soon as the Hat touched his head, Harry felt something else with him "Gryffindor! Gryffindor!" he concentrated on over and over again.

"Really? Are you sure?" a voice questioned in Harry's head "Slytherin will help you on the way to greatness. There's no doubt about that. No? Well, then better be GRYFFINDOR!"

Harry added "Wait! One more thing. Thank you. And next year, please Sort Luna Lovegood into Gryffindor."

"Oh? Someone tampering with Time." The Hat noted "And why should I assist with that?"

Harry shook his head "It wasn't me. Well it will be me. Anyway, Luna is going to be treated very bad in Ravenclaw. She doesn't deserve that. Let me help her."

"So be it on your head." The Hat agreed, and allowed Professor McGonagall to remove it from Harry's head. The Deputy Headmistress barely noticed the argument as it occurred mentally within a fraction of a second.

Harry joined his House Table and was welcomed warmly. In the back of his mind he wondered about this girl the Diary was so dead set on linking him to. He wished he could actually have a conversation and ask questions of Old Harry. Percy shook his hand, rather pompously. The twins overacted their older brother's welcome. And Harry laughed.

"Before we eat, just a few announcements." The Headmaster said "The Forbidden Forest is just that. Forbidden. And the third floor corridor on the left hand side is off limits to anyone who does not wish to experience a most horrible death. Meanwhile let's eat. A few last word Oddment! Blubber! Tweak!"

While food appeared on all the plates, Harry placed his hand over his and closed his eyes. A quite different meal from all the others appeared less than a minute later. It didn't look especially appealing to many of his classmates, but Harry attacked the plate with a relish.

"Harry! How did you do that?" demanded Hermione. Her voiced curiosity was matched by the shocked expressions all the older students wore.

He, paused in his eating, looked around with a smile and asked "Honestly! Isn't this a school of witchcraft and wizardry? Aren't you all wizards and wizards?" And resumed eating.


"Welcome to Gryffindor House." Prefect Percy Weasley announced as the First Years gathered in the Common Room. "Girls rooms are upstairs and to the right, boys to the left. First Years climb to the top. Each year you get the privilege of climbing one less fight."

Ron complained "Oh that's bloody unfair!"

"Warning Ronald!" the prefect snapped "Do not expect favoritism from me. Next time I will deduct points!"

Ron gave his brother a rebellious look and began stomping up the tower.

Harry, warned by the Diary of proper etiquette approached Percy and asked "Mr. Weasley, I began a fairly intense physical fitness routine recently. I there someplace I can continue that, without running afoul of curfew rules?"

"Yes, Mr. Potter, the second sub-basement in fact." Replied Percy "Although I happen to know that it has not been utilized in some time."

Harry followed the prefect's directions. He found an exercise room not well equipped with weights and a half dozen old manual treadmills. That would do, until the Diary's prediction of tag-alongs became involved. Harry ran full out on the treadmill as customary, until exhaustion, massaged his legs with hot and cold hands during rest periods, and repeated that several times. He could save pushups and situps for in his room.

"Mr. Potter, please explain why you are out of bed." his new Head of House wanted to know.

Harry slowed to a jog and answered "Curfew requires students to be in their Houses by 9pm. There is not a bed time, per se."

"And please stop that. It is most distracting. What exactly are you doing?" she wanted to know.

Panting and sweating heavily, he replied "Exercising. It's helping me recover from my stay with the Dursleys and it's good for Magical development." He started rubbing his leg muscles and his hands glowed.

Which led to her next question "Precisely what are you doing now?"

"Alternating heat and cold is good for muscles." He explained.

She blinked "Yes, I am somewhat aware of that. However, the gist of my question is how are you doing that with your hands?"

"Oh, magic." He explained simply "I'm sure lots of people can do it."

McGonagall filed that one away and asked the other question that one interrupted "You did not eat the meal everyone else did this evening. How did you do that?"

"Oh, that's easy, Professor." He started, now rubbing his arms. He switched temperatures and therefore colors, of his hands, all without losing his train of thought "Hogwarts elves send up the meals whenever Headmaster Dumbledore sends them a signal with his wand. If a student wants something different than the menu meal, all they have to do is put their hand over their plate and think what they want. For my special health diet."

How? She wondered did a boy all but muggleborn know such things and so casually. Was it possible the Dursleys had something of Lily's? That was her only theory "That option has not been available for meals for many years, however, since you are ordering special I would like you to coordinate with Madam Pomfrey and have her monitor your exercising. Don't overdo it."

"Yes ma'am." Answered Harry, knowing he was going to do less per day than he had during August.

Ending the conversation, she said "Goodnight, Mr. Potter."


"Uhh! Wahhhh!" several of Harry's roommates groaned when he started doing pushups and situps. He stopped fight for that one more rep, so he did not groan. Still not ready for sleep, he'd keep his promise to write to the little redhead who the diary suggested.


"Minerva, are your First Years all settled in?" asked Headmaster Dumbledore.

She grinned at him "Why don't you answer what is really on your mind?"

"Feel free to answer that then." He retorted, tiredly.

No one would dare accuse the Head of Gryffindor of giggling, she answered "Very well, Harry Potter is a polite and quiet boy. He somehow knows more than any other First Year does. Even a Wizard raised Pureblood. I somehow think we have not seen the extent of his knowledge. He knows EXACTLY what curfew rules mean and how to order a special meal. It bothers me he needs it and he is awfully small."

Albus wanted to know "What did he say about his chat with the Hat?"

"Would you have me disclosing our conversation, Albus?" asked the Hat, scornfully "Now THAT would cause a scandal."

Minerva's eyebrows went up, but her curiosity was not satisfied.

"Well, keep me posted." Ordered Albus "Without making it obvious Harry is under surveillance."

Recognizing a dismissal, she went to turn in.