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6th Year Conclusion

Many witches and wizards have criticized Harry Potter over the years for what he did during his school years. Whether be it for his unorthodox handling of the TriWizard tasks or the duel with Delores Umbridge. This chronicler notes that none is more disputed than what has gone down in history as the Hogsmeade Turkey Shoot. It was not a thing of great heroics or magnificent triumphs. No individual witch or wizard did a single deed to turn the tide. To his supporters, Mr. Potter's accolades are merely adequate. His detractors complain, most notably, about the destruction that was not prevented. The Fiendfyre attack in Hogwarts and the werewolf slaughter of the Owlpost employees and owls are most often sighted. Conspiracy theories about the collapse of Zonko's Joke Shop allowing Weasleys' Wizarding Wheezes to get its start abound.

In his autobiography Albus Dumbledore criticized the whole day as "…wasted slaughter…" and "…cold-blooded…" most scathingly "…oaths exchanged…I might have informed Tom of the plan… to save lives, of course."

Regardless of those, Harry, the Weasley brothers and Alastor Moody are credited with ensuring as few innocents, particularly children, lives as possible were put at risk that bloody day.

"You're her aren't you?" an awestruck little voice asked.

Susan Bones turned and looked down to see a little black girl tugging on her robe. She exchanged looks with apologetic parents then smiled at her "And who is it you think I might be?"

"Harry Potter's girlfriend." She answered, more awed than at first.

Red hair flopped about a bit "Well, take ten points to Hogwarts with you. I am Susan. What's your name?"

"Erin Johnson. My sister was a Gryffindor Chaser for six years." The girl answered with pride.

Susan nodded "Well, I'm in Hufflepuff, so I didn't know her much…except when watching Quidditch."

"Quidditch is the best!" enthused Erin.

Susan grinned at her "Well we'll see about getting you a meeting. Sir, ma'am, I wonder if you would mind donating a few strands of Erin's hair for Polyjuice Potion. Erin will be taken to a specially warded site nearby, and if you'd be willing to assume some risk - continue to walk around town with a standin."

"Why? What's going on?" demanded Mr. Johnson, both parents went for their wands.

Susan held up a steadying hand "While I'm not authorized to discuss details, let's just say we want those unable to fight just in case trouble happens...safe and out of the way."

"You're not just providing security. Someone is expecting trouble." Mrs. Johnson commented.

Susan shrugged noncommittally "Did you happen to be a Slytherin?"

"Class of 71." The older witch acknowledged with a curt nod "And not one of the bigots that dominate it. Cunning, guile, sneakiness. In my case using my feminine wiles to bag the best Chaser of our age. Now what is going on?"

The teen repeated her shrug "To quote Auntie You cannot keep a secret by telling people. We have a couple alternatives if you'll follow me. Erin expressed a desire to meet Harry, a rather easy thing for Harry's girlfriend to make happen." She escorted the little family to Honeydukes and the backroom where a tunnel previously known only to the Marauders' Map was quietly accepting the bulk of Wizarding Britain's children.


"Well well well …Minerva Hatstall." A derisive voice called across the Post Office.

Hogwarts' Deputy Headmistress blinked. That less than complimentary nickname dated back to her student days, hung on her before her first night in Gryffindor Tower "You must know me, but…forgive me—"

"I vuld not haf known you, but da numero two at Hogvarts iz famuz. Mine fazzer vaz zee Czech Ambassador, Boris Huzak. His term ended in 1952. I vas Slytherin."

Young Minerva had few pleasant relations from her student years among the House of the cunning. Many of whom had become the first generation of Death Eaters "I've not heard that in decades. I trust you will not be offended if I admit to not remembering you."

"Not at all." The Czech waved dismissively "Zis zeemed to be zee plaz for thrill. Mine vife Ekaterina."

Nodding at the other woman, she also noted the children "We can ensure their safety, but we could used as many competent wands out among the crowd as we can get. Follow me?"

"Ahh…Minnie…three new victims for the Wheezes!" cheered Fred [or was it George] The pair were assigned to what was essentially babysitting duty. This much to the delight of Mrs. Weasley who had already lost two children to this war, though she repeatedly scolded them for corrupting young witches and wizards. They'd come back from the brink of Cruciatus-induced insanity and were their old selves…mostly.

In the center square the Tonks family was reporting for duty, Ted Tonks was telling the boss of the whole operation "…and Remus is none too happy being left out of this night, let me tell you."

"One day, when we are all old and grey…my favorite cousin-in-law…we will tell you a story about how my fellow Marauder took care of a most dirty job. I assure you, he has nothing to be ashamed of." Sirius gave a conspiratorial nod to his godson.

Harry gave them each a large stack of flyers and explained "Had the Quibbler presses running these all day. Neville's gran was glad to make the contribution. There should be enough for the entire Magical population of Britain."



You must read this to qualify for the free hotdog [or hamburger] and Coke. Under 6 exempt.

The self-proclaimed Dark Lord, who is he? Born on New Year's Eve 1926 to Merope Gaunt and Tom Riddle Sr. His mother a near-squib but a Potions prodigy on a par with contemporary Horace Slughorn. Why do I mention this? Put any positive lights on an evil wizard? Simple, you don't ignore your enemy's real abilities. And while she was truly gifted in the art, she used that talent for wicked purpose. Evil? Perhaps. You see she used it to potion the man she loved, but who did not reciprocate. In other words, stole his free will.

Now, pay attention avid Purebloodists. This is not a crime as recognized by the Ministry of Magic. Merlin! Whyever not? Tom Riddle Sr. was a MUGGLE, not a Halfblood, or even a Squib. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT NONMAGICAL. ZERO. NADA! Now, some time during her pregnancy, Merope slipped up and forgot to dose her potioned husband. The moment he was potion-free, he left her. Merope died in childbirth and Tom Jr. grew up…well halfway up… in a Muggle orphanage.

That's right folks, your mighty Dark Lord Pureblood champion came from the mating of a near-squib and a Muggle. He didn't even know…as a society…about magic. Tom Jr. was initially bullied at the orphanage, but there were incidents of accidental magic; he became THE bully of the place. Then came New Year's 1937 and Albus Dumbledore came a-calling.

At Hogwarts, he learned and learned well. He went on to become Head Boy. Framed Rubeus Hagrid for his murder of Myrtle Henderson. His second murder, that of his own father. A quote filthy muggle unquote.

So there you have it, Tom Marvolo Riddle Jr., only a lord because he calls himself one. No real claim to a noble title. Just a lowly bullied orphan who graduated to top bully of the Wizarding World. Is he powerful? Yes. I don't deny that. Amazing that; by the Purebloods' own definition he's barely a Halfblood. But then, my Mum and Hermione Granger share the title Brightest Witch of her age, Muggleborns both.

I'm writing a full biography of Tom's life that will come out as a series. Sorry there, just a small ad. NOW you can enjoy your meal! The Carnival! And all the other festivities!

The flier utterly infuriated Lord Voldemort. The nameless Death Eater who presented it was Crucioed to insanity. Fenrir Greyback lumbered up to the Dark Lord's side, grinning maliciously. He contemptuously kicked the gurgling fool aside and gave Lucius Malfoy a hate filled glare "My packs are ready. Just keep the weak ones well back."

"My Lord!" the blonde Pureblood's fortunes had fallen drastically "I do not have to be insulted by this thing."

Voldemort cackled with dark amusement "I'll not have two of my top followers battle each other BEFORE the battle of the millennium. Of course, if you feel your differences are irreconcilable, then in twelve hours or so I will be glad to entertain this… from atop the bodies of my enemies. Fenrir, I encourage your pack to convert any you might wish. Double and triple your numbers."

"I shall share your good wishes, ally." Said the chief werewolf before making his way to the front.

The Dark Lord offered a salute, while hissing "Once the battle is won, Lucius, it would please me to see those animals …ahh… put down. The giants will follow the werewolves, then we ourselves can go in and clean up the detritus."

"I take great pleasure in issuing those commands on your behalf, Lord." Malfoy bowed and took his leave.


Dominic Maestro's Music Shop was the loudest of all places at Hogsmeade Village. It attracted so many customers no one would think of it as a place to conduct secret meetings. Which, unsurprisingly, made it the PERFECT place. There were several layers of the plan and this was the most active, and violent. Being led by Madam Bones, Alastor Moody and Kingsley Shacklebolt, although Arthur and Ron were in charge of the meeting. "We have here for each of you 2,000 Galleons, a Muggle peastool" the senior Weasley was saying "and a couple hundred rounds of Sickles melted into bullets."

"Gun, is another term" explained Ron, holding up one of an identical collection of mass-produced weapons. Separately he held a rectangular piece of metal "Each of these is loaded with twenty bullets, made from a melted down Sickle coin. You push it in the empty slot … so … pull once on the top … like this … now you can shoot. One, maybe two, of these will kill a werewolf. They'll kill a DE just as easily. We're assuming You-Know-Who will have Trolls, Giants, Acromantulas and other Dark Creatures, we don't know how many it'll take."

One of the troop of bounty hunters put in "I was promised a lot more than 2,000 Galleons."

"I have RARELY seen 2,000 Galleons at one time." Arthur snapped "The pile on this table offends my sensibilities. Regardless, you all agreed to the same amount, you also agreed to most of it after the battle."

Ron interrupted with a smirk "Or, your heirs."

"Enough, son." Arthur scolded him "Amelia?"

She announced "I am, for non-Brits, Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. OFFICIALLY, this is not a sanctioned affair. HOWEVER I can UNofficially assure you that no Auror will make any effort to impede your movements tonight … on my orders. You may be assured of immunity from any charges and I have OFFICIALLY seen none of your faces. Even if you're being WELL paid, we thank you for risking life and limb this night."

Relishing his bad-cop moment, Ron announced "You'll all come up, take your Muggle peastool, bullets and first installment. And … no… we can't stop you from just disappearing, but the rest of your Galleons will be a bounty on your head if you take off."

"Some of us are loyal enough to Potter to do it for fun." Mad-Eye offered with a malicious smile "And I DO remember faces. UNofficially, of course."

Not all the assembled bounty hunters were especially intimidated, but there was a baited silence for a time. Finally broken by a man with a Texas Rangers badge who nudged his partner and said "Well, we don't need the money now, just weighs you down." The pair came up, took weapons and began checking them with professional coolness.

"Right, then. The plan is –" began Ron.

An Indian witch interrupted "Are we to seriously follow orders of a mere boy?"

"My son is slightly older than the boy who's paying the bills tonight." Arthur's voice was terse "Have you a problem taking a boy's gold?"

There was a round of uncomfortable laughter, but Ron took command of the situation "We expect the attack straight down Main St. They'll start with a wave of werewolves and that's where the silver bullets come in. The plan is for you lot to get on the rooves starting at 10th st. down to 7th. All the carnival activity is limited to 5th down to City Hall in Founders' Square….here… Now we don't want anyone firing too soon. What we want is the element of surprise. Let them get to Rowena Rd. the street before 7th, so anyone at the edge of town, hold your fire. Auror Shacklebolt here, will fire off an orange firework bright enough for all to see. When you do, cut loose, guns and wands."

"I don't especially like it." Amelia put in "But I understand the necessity. The DMLE is authorizing the use of the Killing Curse. ONLY! British Aurors may use Imperio, if justified, and it will be investigated. Anyone found to have used the Cruciatus will be thrown through the Veil faster than you can say Quidditch."

Half a dozen refused to participate and were promptly stunned. Mad-Eye chuckled grimly and declared "Operational security. They'll be released, unharmed, but quite unpaid… about the day after tomorrow. Those stunners… you'll note … didn't come from any of us. We do have a couple Invisibility Cloaks in the Department. We'll be out there…helping and watching."


Ian and Michelle Granger were absolutely enthralled by the sights of Hogsmeade Village. The center wasn't anything like the center of London, but the fact everything existed and functioned without a hint of electricity excited their antipollution passions. "There's a sameness to some of the buildings around City Hall." Commented Ian as he squeezed his daughter's hand "But I suppose that's part of the human condition. Let's explore the outskirts."

"Assuredly guv'nor." Michelle gave the right tone of pomposity as she curtsied.

Hermione, noting the disappearance of the Sun and gathering darkness, pulled them into an alley and growled "Oh why have I allowed myself to get distracted?! I was supposed to do this hours ago, but now it's too late! Mum, Dad, this whole evening is a trap…a setup. The people who killed all those students at school! Who murdered Harry's parents, Ron's brother and sister! They are -"


"Why I've never heard such a sound before." Her mother was not at all frightened, fascinated was the proper adjective.

Hermione paled, only a little better than most of the other Magicals "Mum! Dad! THAT is a werewolf howl! How could I be so stupid? I doubt there is time to get to the tunnel. Come! Follow me!"

"Young lady, you should know better than that." Ian chided her "You clearly forgot about my time in the Army. I was… for example… training to recognize when someone is armed. And I mean in the Muggle sense. Beside your wand, I felt the piece in the small of your back. I don't imagine anyone here is professional enough to notice the one in your hat. Only a real pro could tell there's snipers on the roof."

Michelle was shocked "It's the fault of that Potter boy! I knew it!"

"Never say that again!" Hermione barely refrained from slapping her "Now! Yes, Much of this is being led by Harry. He's the bankroll you might say. If you want a single mastermind, you might look at my boyfriend. Everyone here will be safe."

"And you're armed because?" demanded Michelle in a harsh parental whisper.

Hermione recoiled some then "Because, Mother, to those people out there I am a Mudblood. Not worthy to do magic, actually stole my magic from some noble Pureblood if you can believe that tripe! Now! Let's get somewhere safe!"

"I think it's too late." Hissed Ian as a caricature of Humanity raced down the cobblestone street "Now pass me one of those weapons." The Muggle had only seen the last of three to escape the killing zone.

Hermione panicked "NO! It wasn't supposed to turn down Godric Way!" she rushed off in pursuit, her parents close behind. What the reckless family came upon a couple minutes later was…simply… carnage. The Hogsmeade Owl Post was on a side street, a block west. The window display was torn apart, the window itself shattered, the door hanging from its hinges.

"Ohh!" Michelle groaned in revulsion. She recognized vaguely human features combined with vaguely K9 features, but what turned her stomach were the jagged bits of gory flesh hanging from its jaws. Horrifying was a smaller creature holding a child, teeth on the youngster's neck.

Ian yanked off his daughter's robe, seized the gun fastened to her belt, glanced at it for half-a-second, flicked the safety and fired. Nine bullets left the muzzle before the first werewolf hit the floor. Only one of the five survived his initial volley. Hermione recovered from her shock in time to kill the last. Then the pair of doctors did what they could for the survivors.


The larger battle went off without a hitch. If you discount the fact that Ron, instead of Kingsley, fired off the attack blast. The main wave of werewolves entered the 7th & Main intersection, giants, trolls and Acromantulas charging down right behind them … the aerial assault of Dementors right over them … backed up by human Death Eaters and lastly Voldemort himself "CHARGE! MY LOYAL FOLLOWERS! KILL EVERYTHING THAT STANDS IN YOUR WAY!"

As fast as triggers could be humanly pulled, former Sickles rained down on the invading army. One or two were usually enough to kill a werewolf, some were hit by ten. The creatures took more. Two giants and a troll hammered at one of the buildings, destroying it and killing two of the mercenaries. They were quickly slain in retaliation, however it spelled the end of Zonko's.

Death Eater ranks were rapidly decimated, but it seemed fear of magicless slaughter overrode fear of their Lord's Cruciatus Curse. More than a few slipped through defenses NOT setup for this unexpected occurrence. No one doubted Voldemort's knowledge of magic, or power, but not even he could absorb a salvo of bullets coupled with an array of powerful spells.

The first story is usually believed and such is the case here. The Daily Prophet offered a sensational headline with 2" tall letters POTTER KILLS DARK LORD. In fact, and as The Quibbler reported a day later, Harry Potter only used two weaponized spells that day. Both defensive: A shield and a Patronus. Both under the watchful eye of his Godfather, who was maintaining a shield on the teen. Well, more than one witness claimed they saw a Dementor destroyed.

Final analysis of the battle scored it eleven carnival attendees, including two children, dead. Twenty wounded, mostly panic trampled. Six including the children died in the Post Office massacre. A nine-year-old girl and six-year-old boy, as well as two visiting adult Muggles, were infected with Lycanthropy. Seven bounty hunters and an Auror also died.

The invaders took massive losses. Although their exact starting numbers are unknown, 129 werewolves, 42 giants, 85 acromantulas, 19 trolls and 67 marked Death Eaters died. 51 Death Eaters, all wounded to some degree, were captured.



Q: First, Lord Potter, thank you for taking the time to talk with me.

H: Evanna, it's my pleasure. Sitting with you can make me almost not miss Luna.

Q: Your friend, Luna Lovegood? Yes, I've been compared to her by others. Though -

H: *laughs* Her personality? Well, no one was like her. She had a way of looking at the world, and expressing it. I can't say with certainty she would've married Neville, but even if she didn't, I'd always want her in my close circle.

Q: Romantically?

H: Had I not fallen for Susan, I could see it. Anyway, I hope you take it as a compliment.

Q: *nods* Moving on, I assume you've heard the rumors.

H: *scowls* I know you won't print bull***t. Pyjammas the Terror was strictly to mock He-Who-Is-Now-Dead. Tom Riddle chose to become Voldemort. Yes print the word! Nothing to fear! There are many similarities between young Tom and me. We were both bullied by those supposed to protect and help us. He *grins enigmatically* well I won't tell much, but my future plans include authoring a biography on our unlamented terrorist.

Q: That begs the question, exactly what would someone born in 1980 know about events that happened as early as 1935?

H: *taps his forehead* Remember the scar that's mostly gone? You might almost call it an AUTObiography.

Q: And about your scheme to take over the Wizarding World? *asked with irony*

H: *laughs* Evanna, I suggest you look toward one Percival Weasley. He has a book entitled Prefects Who Achieved Power. Check on the author I say. *chuckles* I'm 17, my number one interest is girls or rather one girl and she's sitting beside me. She's the political one. OW WITCH!"

Susan Bones: Let that be a lesson to you Harry!

Q: Potential Dark Lord beat by girlfriend.

H: No comments from the peanut gallery. AS I was saying, now that the funerals are over, I think I'll focus on my NEWTs. Then career-wise…well…maybe I shouldn't say I'll NEVER be in politics. I do have my Family seat in the Wizengamot. For the time being, I've assigned Remus Lupin as my proxy. I'm training up to tryout for Seeker on a pro team. Besides that, I've formed a business partnership with my good friend Hermione Gr—Weasley *shrugs* sorry still getting used to it. See I was never excited about studying, so it'll be her job to keep me on track, as it'll take a long time to dictate all the books I have planned.

Q: Two followups, Mr. Potter, first you're responsible for the deaths of dozens of werewolves. Why would you appoint one to the Wizengamot? Thus offending many of your peers?

H:Remus is a family friend. Notice he didn't die in the Battle of Hogsmeade. Why? He wasn't there. He keeps himself in a place where he can't harm people EVEN BY ACCIDENT during his Little Furry Problem *grins* as my Dad called it. Those werewolves who charged the village were just out for human blood.

Q: The other part of your plans? Good luck with Seeker tryouts. And tell us more about your plans for your future. You mentioned books?

H:Oh yes! I have a deal, with Quibbler Publishing, for three different series. In no particular order you understand, my own story, one for pre-Hoggies and one for each Year. The same for Tom Riddle aka Voldemort, plus his terror years. My first couple can be for kids. I'd give adult ratings even for early Tom. And then, there's all of Salazar Slytherin's parseltongue writings. Some about magic, his diary, a biography of Merlin one of Helga Hufflepuff.

Q:Great Merlin! Surely that isn't all!

H:Nah, that's just a tease. I haven't even read all the book titles. I have no idea what's in MOST of the collection. What I promise is to put out whatever is in them, whatever they say. And as fast as I can while not -that is still having a life. I won't eat and sleep in a library.

S:I can guarantee THAT! We have certain …ummm… dynastic responsibilities *bats eyes flirtatiously*

Q:You have offered some promises that indicate you won't take over, but what would you say to your critics? After all, you imported foreign mercenaries who killed British citizens. And rumor has it many of them are still here on our soil.

H: *nods* And I heard two of them were picked up for a bar brawl in Diagon Alley. They were paid … and quite well … to do a job. That job is done. I never told them it was a lifetime job and I didn't pay that much. The prophecy said The Power He Knows Not. Well I used Salazar Slytherin's money, which Voldemort didn't know existed. Why? Because he treated Sally … the basilisk … as a creature to use. She was my friend and told me about the room hidden in the Chamber of Secrets. But the mercenaries, we have parted ways, quite satisfied on both sides.

Q:Well, Susan thank you for your insight into The-Boy-Who-Lived. And Harry, I hope you and The Quibbler have a profitable future together.

And that, loyal readers, was my sitdown with what many people are calling the First Couple of the Future.

November 7 1999

"I now pronounce you witch and wizard. What magic has bound let none unbound." Albus Dumbledore held up his arms and announced "I have the honor to present, for the first time, Harry and Susan Bones-Potter." After the ceremonial kiss he shook hands with the couple, kissed the bride's cheeks.

Neville, the best man, gave the groom a slap on the back that rattled his teeth. Ron laughingly caught him as he stumbled. Hermione tearily hugged both. Fred and George fired off celebratory fireworks combining Gryffindor and Hufflepuff colors. Assorted guests congratulated the couple. Some weren't exactly sincere. By custom, the closest by blood were the last.

"Don't you listen to those snobs." Said Amelia with a dismissive snort "We know, despite the legal need for a marriage treaty, you to genuinely love each other. Though, just between us Bones, your Mother would have pushed for more concessions."

Sirius Black was mock-scolding his Godson "Now perhaps your parents would approve of this. As your Godfather, however, I am most disappointed. Boy your age should be out galivanting, casting your seed about the forest. Tying yourself down to one woman for the next century and more? Tsk-tsk! But seriously…haha…sorry. You've done more in your short life than most wizards even read about. If anyone deserves a life of love with a good woman, it's you."

"Harry, I have been deeply honored by my inclusion in your union today." Said Dumbledore, interjecting himself into the moment "Hopefully a reconciliation, a new understanding between us."

Susan was instantly wary and approached, Harry extended his hand and grasped hers replying flatly "Not outside the realm of possibility Albus."

"Ah! Hagrid, this is a special day and use of my first name is not disrespectful. I hear it all too rarely." The old wizard held up a hand halting the giant. "In the spirit of this festive day, I would like to honor one of our oldest customs. You've perhaps heard of the tradition that a groom, or his family, cannot refuse a request made on this day?"

Harry exchanged a look with his Godfather then answered "No Hogwarts doesn't cover customs, but then as Headmaster you would know that. Me and Sirius have had other priorities the last few years. What's on your mind?"

"I am having a great deal of difficulty with highly important Wizengamot matters." Said Dumbledore with a benign smile "A powerful bloc has aligned against moving forward, healing our society. You must Harry … must … help me in pulling them into the future."

Amelia gave an annoyed sigh "Cut through the bullshit, Headmaster, these two have Houses to set about restarting."

"In short, then, the Crabbes Goyles and Malfoys need to resume their proper places." He proclaimed looking distressed "Unfortunately emotions are rather high in the sad affair."

Harry's brain was a bit clouded by the upcoming honeymoon, but just as he had worked out what was being asked of him and formulating an answer, Sirius stepped in "I'll make you a deal, Albus, old boy, all you have to do is convince the Weasleys and Greengrasses to support their release and I'll put the full weight of the Blacks behind it."

"I see." Visibly disappointed, Dumbledore donned his hat and stroked his beard "What about it, Harry? The-Boy-Who-Lived could turn the tide, help lead us into an era of reconciliation?"

Having a tough time with his desires, the new husband was quite blunt "You saw my interview, Headmaster? Remus has my proxy. Sue? Wanna leave yet?"

"Harry, this really should not be put off. People waste and die in Azkaban." Argued Dumbledore in his grandfatherly tone.

The voice of the MoC chose that moment to intervene "And now, ladies and gentlemen, I call the bride and groom to the floor for their first dance!"

"Later, Hagrid … Sirius … Amelia." Said Harry, eyes on his new wife.

March 25 2017

A room. In it was a heavy wood desk. There were two chairs, not identical, but each singularly suited to its customary occupant. On the walls were shelves full of books. The majority of this unique library could not be read as they were in no human language

A redheaded teenage girl looked in her father's study. She knocked on the dark oak door, called out "Dad? Mum? Auntie Mione?" Hearing no response she bent the rules and entered. And what to her young eyes did appear … a glowing book! She plucked it from the shelf and opened it.

Hello my child

Perhaps not exactly true, but that is a much longer story. I set numerous wards on my Diary. It has been too long since Harry Potter has touched me, which is a worry that he might not be alive. DON'T PANIC! Harry just could have succeeded and packed me away. Who are you? Well, the magic on me recognizes you as a wizard or witch definitely related to Harry within four generations. Preferably a son or daughter. Who am I? Harry James Potter. But not the same one you know.

I overheard a very wise man tell my firstborn quote Never trust something intelligent if you can't see where it keeps its brain unquote. So I encourage you to show me to someone you trust. A Weasley Longbottom or Lovegood would be my first choice. I am not Dark Magic. I have no evil intentions. Trust but verify should be your motto.

"Lily Luna Potter! You know the rules about this room. Your father and Aunt use it for their work." An exasperated male voice complained.

Caught where she wasn't really supposed to be, she spun in the chair "But Uncle Ron! This book! It talks about Dad, says he might be in danger!"

"What! What book?" demanded the suddenly tense man. On seeing what the young witch had, he relaxed some. After pulling her from the chair and sitting her in his lap he assured "We'll floo your Mum and Dad, but first let me tell you what little I know. Merlin, I haven't seen this Diary since before you were born."