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Chapter 23:

Kate's P.O.V (7:46am the next day):

I woke up with my head on a familiar broad shoulder. I smiled and stretched my arms out but I felt an ear scrape passed my hand as I did and looked to my left seeing Shakey. He groaned and went back to sucking his thumb. I saw Keith's parents and remembered where I was and what happened the night before.. All of us fell asleep at the hospital waiting for news on Keith that never came. I stood up to go get everyone some food for when they wake up and it felt like my ass was in a different dimension! They should really make those hospital waiting chairs more comfortable because there are A LOT of people that spend the night in them… Anyways the right as my ass woke up the doctor came out of the surgery room drying his hands on a towel and my eyes widened waiting for some news.

"Good morning." The doctor stated to me. Salty and Humphrey shot out of their chairs quicker than most girls seeing a mouse. Everyone else opened their eyes at the sound of the Russian doctors voice. Humphrey appeared next to me and asked what was on everyone's mind,

"How is he doc?"

"Well, the bullet missed all the life threatening points of contact. It just about hit an artery but thankfully it missed." He stated, everyone let out a sigh of relief.

"So can we see him?" Salty asked.

"Not quite yet.. soon.. but I should tell you. He is in a minor coma from the blood loss."

"Coma!?" Mooch asked. Humphrey put his hands on the top of his head and closed his eyes.

"This is all my fault." Humphrey said and I put my hand on his shoulder about to say something but Keith's mom said it before me.

"Honey, it's not your fault that a deranged boy shot our son." She said covering her mouth and tearing up.

"Hold on." I said, "what does it mean if a coma is 'minor'?"

"It means, with our proper care, he will only be out for no more than a week. For all we know he could wake up today." After the doctor said that all of us let out a sigh of relief.

"Thank you Doctor Wojtek." Keith's dad said with a nod.

"Come on you guys we'll take you all out for breakfast." His mom stated with a single clap of her hands.

"Awe hell yeah I'm starving." Mooch said

"What else is new?" Salty said and there were a few chuckles.

"God.. every FUCKING TIME with you Salty!" Mooch said.

"I could say the same thing about you and being hungry." He said back. We all shared a laugh and it was really nice to laugh after everything that's happened.

Humphreys P.O.V (9:23am):

All of us were down in the hospital cafeteria where Keith's parents bought all of us some breakfast. Everyone had finished eating.. except me but I couldn't even think about eating anything.

Salty walked up to me looking down… well I mean he's 6'3 so he does that a lot, but I mean he looked sad.

"Hey Humphrey, were gonna head out." He said, referring to him, Mooch and Shakey.

"Alright man, I'll let Keith know you guys were here." I said. He put a hand on my shoulder gave a quick smile and then walked off with Shakey and Mooch who said goodbye. Allen and Troy left shortly after because they had work today so it was just me, Kate and Aleu in the waiting room, as well as Keith's parents, but they were asleep in the chairs across from us. They had a long night, I feel so bad for them. Both Kate and Aleu were resting their heads on each of my shoulders and I was just sitting with my arms crossed. After everything that's happened I haven't had a real chance to just take it all in until now.. it really IS my fault that Keith's in here. If I didn't accept Garth's offer of going out after school this never would have happened.

Aleus phone started ringing and she quickly answered it.

"Hello? … yes.. oh.. don't worry I'm coming." She hung up and then stood up.

"I have to go but I'll try to come back later, hopefully he'll be up by then." Kate and I hugged her and said our goodbyes then I sat down, but Kate stayed standing and took out her phone.

"What's wrong?" I asked

"Other than Keith being in the hospital?" she asked with a sad smile. I nodded with the same expression. "I just have to call my cheer coach to tell her I can't make practice today because I need to be here for you." She finished, I stood up.

"No Kate.. don't worry about me. I know Keith will not want you to miss anything just for him, trust me" I cupped her face with my hands. "I'll call you when he's up."

She gave a soft smile and a quick nod. I brought my lips to hers and kissed her softly.

"Bye" was all she said. I said goodbye and then sat down again.

About ten minutes passed when I heard boots on the hospital floor just outside where the waiting room was. I didn't really take any real notice of it until I heard the light door to the waiting room open and I instantly stood up, dumbfounded.

"Jack?" I said as I admired the way he looked at this moment. He was wearing a black Carhartt hoodie that had specks of blood all over it. He was wearing blue jeans and some black Harley boots that made him look much taller than he was. He's about 5'9 and a half but with those boots he looks almost 6 feet.

"How's Keith?" he asked, his raspy voice even raspier than usual.

"Well.. he'll live" I said, not asking if he gutted Garth just yet. I'll find time for that question.. After I said that I visually saw his body slightly relax.

"But…" I continued seeing him tense up again. "Doc said he's in a minor coma.."

"Shit…" Was all he could get out. And just in time the doctor came up to us. I stood up quickly.

"You may come into the room and see Keith now. He is not yet awake. Room 16-B" Dr. Wojtek stated with a small smile and then he walked over to some other wolves waiting for news from him.

Jack and I walked through the long hallway of the hospital rooms. Even though we were walking side by side, the walk still felt so lonely.. The white floors with black speckles, the baby blue walls, and the endless rooms where people have lost their loved ones. We finally made it to room 16-B. We both exchanged a quick glance to each other before Jack opened the door slowly. We walked in to see Keith hooked up to machines.. His life lines.. Speaking of which his literal life lines were visual on a monitor. It was definitely calming to see the rise and fall of his pulse and hear the quiet 'beep' as the line rose and fell. Jack walked over to the side of the bed and pulled a chair from behind him without looking at the chair. He sat next to the bed and looked over Keiths body. A clear, now red because of his blood flowing through it, IV tube coming out of his left arm. Jack rested his elbows on the bed and put his forehead to his palms. I walked over and pulled another chair up next to Jack, putting my hand on his back.

"Keith.." I started, "if you can hear us.."

"We're sorry." Jack finished, his head still in his palms.

"Yeah.." I said looking down. "But we also know that you are strong man.. So fucking strong. We know you're going to get through this."

"Strongest guy I know. Inside and out." Jack finished. He sat up and fished in his pocket before pulling out an Air-Pods case and opening it offering me one. I happily took it and we listened to 'Circles' by Post Malone.

Keith WILL make it out of this… He better.

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