Miraculous Jedi 2: RISE OF THE PHOENIX


In a galaxy far, far away…..

A young woman with lime green skin and dark tattoos splattered across her nose stood on the bridge of an Imperial Star Destroyer. Deep in thought, she stared out into space, as if she could see all the way past the Outer Rim. Her apprentice's personal Starfighter appeared on Christophsis without him. Cole Branusz had been ordered there by her Master to put down an uprising that swiftly turned into a rebellion. When an Imperial Officer contacted her and informed her that her young apprentice wasn't there, she arrived and swiftly put the uprising down. There wasn't a single survivor.

But something still bothered her. Cole had gone to a primitive planet deep within the Outer Rim to investigate rumors of Jedi. So that was one place that she could look. It wasn't like the Mirialan Inquisitor didn't have anything to do. Besides, it had been too long since she had a real challenge.

"Commander!" She shouted. Hurried footsteps sounded behind her as well as a sharp intake of breath. The female Sith smiled darkly when she sensed the fear coming off the middle aged human.

"You called Ma'am?" The male asked.

"There has been a change of plans." The Mirialan slowly explained. "Change our course."

"Anywhere specific ma'am?"

There was a moment of silence before she spoke again, "Yes. The planet Earth." With smoothed movements, she turned towards the briefing room. "I will inform Lord Vader of our course. Do not disturb me."

The commander fearfully stepped out of her way as he stuttered, "Of course."

Once in the briefing room, the image of her Master appeared almost instantly. The Inquisitor slid to her knees and bowed her head as low as it could go. She kept her eyes on the floor, a chill unintentionally snaking up her spine. The Inquisitor had known the black-clad cyborg long before he became the Emperor's weapon. Of course, Anakin Skywalker had been the Emperor's weapon the moment he arrived at the Jedi Temple all those years ago.

But that was in the past.

She had to focus on the here and now.

"Master," The Mirialan drawled as her way of greeting.

"What news do you have to report?" The betrayer of the Jedi questioned smoothly.

"The uprising on Christophsis has been dealt with, Master."

"The was the boy's mission," The slow rise in the Sith's voice was the only indication of anger. "Explain."

"Branusz's Starfighter arrived on the planet vacant my Lord. There was no sign of a struggle." The Mirialan tensed as she hurriedly rushed, "I am on my way to investigate it now my lord."

Right on cue, the engines below her thrummed powerfully as the ship's course were altered and entered hyperspace. She waited tensely for the reply of her master. Lord Vader didn't really like it when someone commandeered his plans and altered them. In fact, that was the one of the many things that remained of Anakin Skywalker. The Mirialan clenched her fists; the memories of her past life as a Jedi were pushed farther down then they usually were.

Focus not on the past, but the present, she chanted to herself.

"Very well," The Sith Lord finally spoke. "But proceed with caution. Keep me updated on any developments."

"As you wish Master." With that, the transmission ended, leaving the female deep in thought. Why would her master, who pushed her in her training to become the matron of the Inquisitorial Sisters, warn her to be cautious? Strange….

"What do you want Commander?" The Inquisitor asked the quiet male behind her as she stood. She turned to face him, enjoying the cowering he was doing to keep his head on his shoulders.

"Our course has been set."

"Good." The Inquisitor muttered. She walked forward, watching the stars stretch around her. Her sickly yellow eyes narrowed as she mentally prepared herself for the battle ahead. The Jedi had no idea the holy hell she was about to release upon them….