Epilogue: Several Years after the Battle of Endor

Forty-five-year-old Madeline Moraes stood watch over the City of Paris on the balcony of her private apartments. Her greying coffee brown hair was pulled tightly back into a tight, low bun, her wrinkled, yet serene face a mask of calm. She clutched the hems of her robed dress as she examined the bustling city below her. Small hovercrafts zoomed here and there, like buzzing bees, but some walked, enjoying the sun. The city was basking in its continuing freedom and prosperity.

Many things had changed since the Invasion. Paris was a small, but bustling space hub for those seeking refuge from the Empire. How they managed to stay hidden from the tyrannical government with all those species coming and going, Madeline had no clue. But they never had another problem with the Empire, despite the Grand Master's paranoia and fear. The brunette woman had petitioned the mayor to have an army of volunteers on standby, using the latest weapons and fighting tactics. Thankfully, the blonde mayor complied, and as a result, there was a pretty decent sized army ready to fight for its city.

When news reached the other cities and governments of the world of an alien invasion in Paris, they had called a meeting, summoning Madeline Moraes to New York City. While there, she spoke at the United Nations, saying that she and her kind were not a threat. It had taken three months to convince them that all she wanted to do was rebuild the Jedi Order of Earth. So, after that meeting got out, she was pulled all over the world, answering the summons of many families who believed their children were Force-Sensitive. With their permission, Madeline had taken the children back to Paris, where their training started. At first, the first few graduating classes were small, since Madeline was the only seasoned Jedi. But after a while, when more and more returned to be mentors, the graduating classes grew.

After the sixth official class had graduated, Madeline announced the first ever Grand Council, consisting of Twelve members, including herself. She had rewritten the Code of the Jedi, figuring the old one was too out of date and the reason for the old Order's downfall.

The thought had Madeline's good mood plummeting as she turned away from the warm sun and into her apartment. She strode over to a medium wooden night stand, where several pictures sat. A few were of her and her brother when they first arrived in Paris and Master Selma, while only one was of her brother only. He was wearing a brilliant orange flight suit, a helmet tucked underneath his arms, and leg propped up on the wing of his Y-wing. The young man had a smirk on his face, stubble just barely noticeable in the lighting.

From the holo-messages she received, Michael enjoyed his time in the Rebellion. He was the best pilot there, quickly rising through the ranks. Unfortunately, he never lived long enough to see the victory they fought so hard for. Michael had perished in the Battle of Yavin IV. Reports said that his Y-wing was damaged, but he continued fighting, ultimately crashing his ship into the first Death Star. His sacrifice helped the Rebellion win, a victory and revenge for the twin's home planet of Alderaan.

Next to Michael's photo were several of Adrien, Marinette, Nino and Ayla. Since Madeline couldn't really leave Paris because of her duties to the ever-growing Jedi Temple, the four friends had kept her up to date with what was happening in their lives. Adrien and Marinette had happily married and had started their own successful company with inexpensive, good quality clothing. They were also expecting their third child. Madeline had a feeling that, just like the other two, this one would be a powerful Force-Sensitive. Ayla and Nino were a different story all together. They, too had gotten married, only they travelled the world, with Ayla having the worldwide famous travel blog, while Nino was a freelance DJ.

The five of them would get together whenever the two couples were visiting.

A knock at the door tore the Grand Master out of her thoughts.

"Enter," she ordered stiffly. The large oaken door creaked open, revealing a short girl with blue-black hair and startling green eyes. "Ah, Adeline. What can I do for you."

The oldest daughter of Marinette and Adrien Agreste pushed her way into her room, righted herself before bowing deeply to the Grand Master. Out of all her Padawans, Adeline was the most formal. "Grand Master Madeline, there is a man here to see you. His name is Luke Skywalker."

Ah, yes. The supposed Chosen One, and the son of the man who massacred the Jedi. Madeline was shocked to say the least when she heard from General Leia Organa that her (apparent) brother had destroyed the Sith and brought Order to the galaxy. But to her, there was no order without the darkness. That was a new part of the code that Madeline had rewritten. So, basically, Madeline had trained an Order of Grey Jedi.

"Send him in." Madeline ordered as she drifted back to the window. The New Eiffel Tower glinted, along with the memorial that was dedicated to those lost in the insurgence during the Invasion.

A powerful Force Presence entered the room, much like Anakin Skywalker's but with a lighter breeze and much, much more powerful. Apparently, the tales were underexaggerated. Madeline twirled around again, and was unable to hide the shock of a tanned boy, no more than twenty standing in front of her. He had pale blond hair, bright blue eyes and sun kissed skin that spoke of his years on the dust bowl of Tatooine.

Madeline, when she heard the stories and tales, had believed that Luke Skywalker was as elderly Jedi, someone who had managed to fly under the radar when she was a Padawan herself. Or maybe an unknown sibling of Anakin Skywalker. Not a mere boy who was born out of Naboo Senator and Queen Amidala and Jedi Master Anakin Skywalker.

Luke Skywalker bowed deeply, removing his hood. "Grand Master Moraes, it is a pleasure to finally meet you."

"And you as well, Master Skywalker." Master Moraes bowed her head slightly. "I must say, the first time I heard tales of your valor and bravery I assumed they were nothing short of stories from the Old Republic. You took down the entire Hutt Clan? Very interesting indeed."

The young man chuckled. "I wouldn't have believed it myself either if I wasn't there."

"The Lady Organa has informed me that the creation of the New Republic is coming along swimmingly." Madeline poured a glass of water, taking a sip before continuing, "It must be difficult getting a new government up and trying to get the Jedi Temple back."

"Which is exactly the reason I came here." Luke announced. "I came here to ask if you will be willing to return to the Jedi Order."

Madeline was about to answer, when music from the streets drew her attention. The anniversary celebration of the time when the Empire was booted out of the system.

"There will be time for talk about rebuilding the Order." Madeline gestured to the door. "For now, come, celebrate with me. I want you to witness a primitive celebration. This should be a pleasant experience for you."

Luke smiled hesitantly before he followed. For the first time in a long time, Madeline felt like this was truly a new day.

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