Chapter 1

On a blue and green planet deep in the Outer Rim, in a country known as France, in a city called Paris, a young seventeen year old girl sat in a little apartment that sat above a martial arts dojo. Her long coffee brown hair was down, falling all around her face, stopping right above her shoulders. She sat in the middle of her room, her eyes closed and her breathing deep. Her hands were cupped in front of her in an o-shape. Though the girl wore a grey tank top and black sweats, a nice looking silver brooch was pinned to one of the straps of the tank top. The brooch was in the vague shape of a peacock.

But it wasn't just any normal brooch. It was special. The brooch was a magical artifact from China, with the ability to turn the wearer into a powerful hero/heroine with special abilities. The girl, only known as Jedi Knight Madeline Moraes, was one of four Miraculous heroes in Paris. She wielded the Peacock Miraculous, which, when she says a certain phrase, transformed her into Lady Peacock, a heroine known for true beauty and aim.

Madeline was deep in her mediation when she heard a tiny munching sound. Her brow scrunched up as she pushed the sound out and kept her focus on breathing. But when the munching sound continued, Madeline deflated with a sigh. The seventeen year old opened her coffee brown eyes a crack to find a little blue and green creature on her desk, munching very loudly on a piece of caramel candy. The creature had a tail that held some resemblance to a peacock. Its eyes were closed in satisfaction, though they popped open, two startling blue orbs, when it probably sensed her master staring at her. A slow smile appeared on the face of the Chinese fairy in embarrassment. Madeline didn't have the ability to stay mad as she burst out laughing. Apparently it was contagious as the kwami burst out laughing too.

"Sorry I messed up your meditation Madeline," the little fairy apologized, its voice like a little bell.

"It's fine Yin," Madeline assured her. The brunette held out her hand, an invitation for the fairy. Yin floated off the desk and landed in the Jedi Knight's palm. Madeline placed Yin on her shoulder before standing and making her way to the kitchen for a bite to eat. The apartment was pretty simple with a martial arts dojo on the bottom floor as well as a kitchen. It was an oddly set up apartment but it did its job.

Madeline's twin brother, Michael, was there munching on his bag of chips. He wasn't fazed that there was a small creature on his sister's shoulder. In fact, he barely registered it. He was too busy eating his chips and playing on his phone to notice that his sister walked in. Madeline chuckled at her brother's obliviousness. She paused for a moment before turning suddenly, throwing an unexpected punch. Almost robotically, Michael let his phone go and moved his hand to block. He smirked as the two continued to throw punches, slowly moving out of the kitchen so they wouldn't break anything. They moved out to the dojo, where they unleashed their full strength. Punches, sweeps, and kicks were exchanged before Michael ended up the loser while Madeline ended up the victor.

Both turned their attention to the entrance of the stairwell, where their Master and surrogate mother was watching. On her shoulders, Yin and another kwami sat. The other kwami was black and yellow, with resemblances to a bee, with pink eyes. Madeline and Michael's master, a blonde haired woman named Selma Turon, smiled and slowly clapped. Though she was blonde, it was slowly becoming more silver with each year. Wisdom was etched on her face in the form of small wrinkles, which were hidden underneath the long scars that marred her ethereal face. The former councilwoman wore a tight fitting, crème shirt that showed off her startling fit frame, a pair of black leggings and brown, knee high boots.

"Very good," Selma complemented, stepping forward out of the shadows. Both twins snapped to attention. "Relax. Michael, you are getting better. However, you need to keep your feet planted firm on the ground. That way, your opponent can't push you back easily."

"Of course," Michael relaxed.

"Madeline, you need to work on your form just a little bit." Selma explained to the female twin. The older woman demonstrated what she meant, while the brunette closely watched and nodded. "Don't be so tense. Relax your form, so you can move easily and adjust as needed. You do that, the battle is yours. But, despite that, you two have progressed rather nicely."

"I could've totally kicked your butt." Michael muttered under his breath as the twins returned to what they were doing.

"Sure you could've," Madeline agreed sarcastically. Patting her brother's stomach she added, "If you lay off the chips, then maybe you might have a chance at beating me."

The older twin mocked laughter before grabbing his younger twin in a headlock and gave her a noogie. Selma gave a short huff for a laugh as she watched them walk into the kitchen together. They had truly grown and matured since they were knighted during the summer. Selma sighed as she examined her dojo…. her home.

Everything was going great for the Jedi. The three of them were living in peace and happiness, and as far as she knew, the Rebellion was slowly budding into a growing resistance. Perhaps fate was giving them a reprieve, after all the heartbreak and sadness and depression that they had been put through. The Jedi can finally begin to focus on cementing their lives on this planet.

Michael exited the kitchen hastily. Selma's eyes followed him with question, but she didn't follow herself. She had placed the young boy in charge of contacting Bail Organa to make sure everything is going fine with the rebellion. The bell out front tore her mind from the resistance that took place above the stars. Selma smiled brightly at the new customer that walked in. She knew it was a new customer seeing as the young man walked in hesitantly. Selma intercepted him when he was studying an old wooden staff.

"Can I help you, young man?" Selma asked. The young man, who looked barely out of his teens, glanced up and gave a halfhearted smile.

"Uh are you the owner?" At Selma's nod, the man continued, "I was wondering if you take on new customers."

"Of course. Everyone is welcomed." She gestured to the small desk that was tucked into the corner. It acted as her temporary office until she could get the renovators in. There was also an extra chair that people sat in when she was conducting business. Selma sat down and pulled out two things, a planner and an organized notebook. "First, there are some things we need to discuss before putting you down for a time."

"Okay cool." The man nodded.

"Do have a preference?" Selma asked.

"Well, I like blondes but I really prefer brunettes."

Selma's cheeks caught fire as she attempted to remain professional. "I don't mean girls. I mean, uh, do you have a preference on what type of martial arts you want to learn?"

"Um the kind with the kicking and the spinning."

Selma took a deep breath as she attempted to remain calm. "Could you be any more specific?"

"The one from Japan."

Finally, we're getting somewhere! "Okay. So Ninjutsu. I am going to assume that you are a beginner."


"Okay. I'm going to put you in my beginner class that meets every Thursday at six thirty."

The boy groaned. "In the morning?"

"Yes..." Selma slowly answered. Her answer incited more groaning from the boy. Selma chuckled while shaking her head. She had many reactions like that since she had had to push many of her appointments and classes back to the morning. Over the course of the year and a half, business for Selma really boomed. There was hardly time to train the twins which was why she moved many of her professional training sessions toward the morning. But in doing so, she had been able to weed out of the weaker ones, which would help her have a strong, focused class.

"All right," the boy relented. "So, when do I pay and how much?"

"The first payment is due after the first class and it is three hundred and sixty dollars." Selma handed him the notebook, gesturing to the blank space. "Put your name here. If you choose to continue taking the class, you will pay the same amount every four classes. If you do not pay the money, then you will be kicked out."

Selma watched the boy carefully consider the offer. Finally, the boy signed his name, relenting. After another twenty-five minutes of discussing business, Selma Turon welcomed Jamie Burkson to her business. She waved the boy off, not eager to see how he performs in class. As the Jedi master walked back inside, Michael suddenly appeared, with his sister in tow. His face was pale as he silently grabbed her hand and pulled both into the secret room. Michael pulled the armor drawer to the left, revealing a secret room built by them to house their smaller communications.

"Michael what's going on?" Madeline finally asked.

"Bail requested an audience." The twin answered breathlessly. He gave an extra tug on their wrists before turning around and pulling the cabinet back into the place. The room went dark for a moment before a blue glow from the middle of the room illumined it a little bit. The three Jedi turned to see the blue, holographic forms of the main rebel leaders. Bail Organa, senator of Alderaan and long- time ally of the Jedi and Republic, Commander Sato, a by-the-books commander of the very understaffed main fleet, and Hera Syndulla, an upcoming pilot and daughter of Ryloth freedom fighter Cham Syndulla. The only one that was missing was Ahsoka Tano, also known as Fulcrum. That wasn't really a surprise. The former Padawan of the Chosen One, Anakin Skywalker, was probably busy with tracking down useful informants and people that could possibly aid the rebellion with men, information or equipment.

"Master Jedi," Bail greeted Selma with a bob of his head.

"Senator," The blonde master parroted his actions. "You summoned us?"

"Yes, we did." Sato spoke up. The Mykapo native looked rather disturbed. "We have been getting reports that independent rebel cells across the Outer Rim territories have been…. having trouble."

"Such as?" Madeline asked. The two male leaders hesitated but it was Hera who spoke up.

"Someone has been ratting them out," the lime green Twi'lek explained. She pressed something on her side of the hologram and the main planets of Christophsis, Lason and even Palpatine's home planet of Naboo appeared above the center console. The three Jedi glanced at each other, the three of them worried about where this was going.

"These are the planets that had their own resistance and refused the help of the Rebellion. Over the course of a year and a half, each planet's resistance has been crushed. We checked the backgrounds of many of the spies and so far at least one has popped up as being a double crosser, ratting the resistances out for the sake of money." The young pilot explained.

"I remember hearing about something on Lason," Madeline spoke up. She looked…disturbed. "The Empire used T-7s on the planet Lason. It was nothing short of a massacre."

"There was a vote in the Imperial Senate the other day, and the majority vote took the T-7s off the market." Bail cut in. "But, there is a slight fear amongst the Senate that the Emperor is going to secretly distribute them on the black market in a couple of years."

"How about the planet of Naboo?" Michael asked.

The three were silent before Bail spoke out. "Queen Apailanna has been assassinated and an Imperial puppet has replaced her. Several reports have said that the former 501st had been dispatched to deal with the Royal Naboo Security Force."

"She refused our help and our advice." Sato argued. Selma sighed sadly. The successor to Senator Amidala was one of the few that were still loyal to the Old Republic and the Jedi. When they were on the run, the blond master considered heading to Naboo, seeing how when the Jedi were massacred the Queen opened her planet up to Jedi refugees and cut off ties with the new order. It was plain to see early on that the young queen would be a thorn in the Emperor's side. Now that the thorn was taken care of, there would be no telling what Palpatine had in store for his homeworld. Whether he was going to tighten his grip on the planet like Coruscant or just leave it in the hands of the new Imperial Queen, any action he will take will ultimately lead to more uprisings and resistance.

"What about Christophsis?" Selma felt Madeline tense up at the question. After they had killed Cole Branusz, the three Jedi had gone through his starfighter, to erase all their files and to draw attention away from them. They had discovered that his next destination was Christophsis to put down a slowly growing uprising. And they had sent the starfighter to the world of crystals, empty.

The next planet on the list.

"How can the uprising on Christophsis have been destroyed?" Michael asked. "Last time I heard, they had almost driven off the Imperial presence, and now you say their dead?"

All three rebel leaders looked down in sadness and disappointment. "They sent us a message, saying that the Empire was bringing in reinforcements and requested back up. We were too late."

Selma felt the bottom drop from underneath her. The Christophsis Uprising was so closely tied to the rebellion that it would be easy to circle it back to the three people, four if counting Ahsoka, standing here. Everything they had worked so hard to achieve from the moment the Republic and Jedi fell would be for nothing.

"Were there any survivors?" Madeline asked with a slight hope in her voice.

"There was one." Sato answered slowly. "Unfortunately, he was wounded so bad that we could not save him. But before he passed, he told us who, or rather what, attacked him."

There was a moment of silence before the three figures disappeared. On the center console, an image popped up of a Christophsis native on a medical bed, hooked up to all kinds of machines. Ahsoka and Sato stood by his side, looking on him sadly. The three Jedi winced at the sight of him badly burned and scarred.

"What happened to your unit?" Ahsoka asked. The man gave a cough as he tried to speak.

"A Mirialan, there was a Mirialan. She…. she came out of nowhere." The man gave another wince worthy cough before continuing. "Sword. She had a red sword."

"What do you mean?" Ahsoka asked calmly.

"Black clad…. yellow eyes… skin….." The man turned his attention to Ahsoka, who no doubt told the man her name was Fulcrum. "She said she was searching for someone."


"A former friend and a murderer of her apprentice." The man couldn't seem to get enough air in as he struggled to breath. "She asked…. where she was…. I didn't know. She *gasp* killed my unit looking for her location." The man's eyes drifted shut, but Sato shook him awake.

"Stay with us solider," The commander ordered gently. "Her name. Who was she looking for?"

"Madeline Moraes." Those were the last words the man spoke before his spirit left him.

The video ended, leaving the three Jedi stranded on Earth shocked. Selma's heart thundered in her chest as her startling green eyes shot over to her young charge. Madeline was pale, her eyes glistening with fear. The young knight had the right to be afraid. If what the dying man said was true…. then they could be looking at an invasion. A full-scale invasion brought on by the Empire, an invasion brought on by rage of a fully-trained Inquisitor.

And an old friend apparently.

"I would suggest that you prepare a contingency plan," Sato's voice cut through Selma's thoughts. "For the safety of both you, planet Earth and the Rebellion, I suggest that you get out of there."

Madeline didn't say a word as she stormed out of the room. Anger swirled around her like a hurricane, as well as fear and sadness. Selma's heart broke as she realized that she had to pack up her kids and leave. It had been about two and a half years since she decided to uproot her former Padawans. Despite what Madeline had believed when they had first moved here, Selma hated moving the kids around. This was the longest they had stayed in one place. They had only stayed six months in Berlin before moving to Paris. Before fear of an unsuspecting attack drove her to move.

"We will consider your proposal Commander Sato. Please keep us updated Senator of any developments," Selma nodded before ending the transmission. Michael looked at her as silence and darkness permeated the room. She sensed the knight's worry through the force. "We aren't leaving."

"But you heard Commander Sato-"

"I will not run with my tail between my legs," Selma interrupted the boy. "Besides all three of us outrank him. We have enough supplies stored up to easily combat the invasion."

"Master please see reason." Michael begged. "Think of the natives. We cannot put them in danger."

Selma sighed knowing her surrogate son was correct. She couldn't be brash in her decisions. She was living on a planet of natives that had no idea of the war about to break out in the stars above. Their defenses would be wiped out in a mere second if the Empire came, looking for the three Jedi. The Planet Earth would be under the iron grip of the Empire. And they would be merciless in their rule. All because of Selma, Michael and Madeline.

She needed to consider a tactical retreat. And she was going to have to break it to the young knight.

With a sigh, the Jedi Master turned the brunet knight. "Go to the Underground Temple and inform Master Cammi of the developments. Make sure that no one follows you."

"What about you?" Michael's question rang through the silent room.

"I'm going to tell your sister our plan." Was Selma's soft reply.

-Line break-

Madeline stood on the rooftop and stared at the late afternoon sun. Tears fell from her coffee brown eyes as she hugged herself to beat back the growing chill. Her mind went back to the meeting between the three leaders of the rebellion. They said that the Naboo, Christophsis and Lason rebels were massacred…. All because of the growing rebellion happening in secret.

And that Christophsis rebel... he had said that an Inquisitor, a female Mirialan with black clothing, yellow eyes and a red sword, was after her. Was it because she had killed Cole? Or was it because she was a Sith, having an instinctual urge to go after Jedi like a predator with prey?

Whatever the answer, Madeline only one thing: She was not going to run from this fight.

Her mind went back to the meeting a year and a half ago, when the rebellion was still in the phases of planning. She and Ahsoka stood on this ledge, watching the sun set. At the time, the rebellion was still small, but the consequences of even planning a rebellion would be severe. There would be no going back. If they were caught, they would be executed.

Deep down in her gut, Madeline knew the risks were worth it. She was a traitor just because of the power she held and the threat she posed to the Emperor with that power. The reason he took the Jedi down was so that he could have revenge on the ancient Order. That or it was because he was a Sith, and the Sith and Jedi had been rivals since the dawn of time. They had always been battling, even when the Sith had been declared extinct, the Jedi were always wary of the ever-growing threat that could strike. But they…. they weren't wary enough.

"Are you here to ask me to go and pack my things and say goodbye to my friends?" Madeline asked in response to the presence that appeared on the roof.

"No," Selma answered. Madeline turned around, to face her master with tear-stained eyes that showed her pain and sadness. Selma's hard expression softened. The Master's hand went up and carefully wiped away the tears that fell. "I just came up here to see if you were alright."

"You heard Commander Sato." Madeline jerked away and returned her gaze to Paris, her city. "If there is any hope to spare this place from the horrible war that took so many lives already, we need to leave."

"We don't even know if the Inquisitor has caught our scent." Selma reminded the girl. There was a moment of silence before the young brunette spoke again.

"Forgive me for walking out on the meeting Master. My emotions got the better of me."

"You are forgiven Madeline," Selma formally spoke. She relaxed and placed a hand on the young girl's shoulder. "But you do not have to explain yourself to me. I know you have friends. They are like family to you. But you must understand, you are a Jedi first and a native second."

"I know." Madeline turned to the older Jedi, uncertainty clear. "What are we going to do about the Inquisitor?"

For the first time in a long time, Madeline saw uncertainty and slight fear flash in the blonde's bright green eyes for a millisecond. "I don't know." She answered slowly. Then her expression hardened in resolve, "But I do know that we are not running from this threat. We are Jedi and superheroes of Paris. If we work hard, then we can prepare our defenses. We have been given ample warning which is a good thing. Besides, a Jedi never runs from a fight."

"Maybe you're right." Madeline relented. The knight took a deep breath, and suddenly she felt a little better. The sun was nearly gone by this point, which meant it was almost time for patrol with Ladybug and Chat Noir.

"That's my girl," Selma smiled. She glanced towards the setting sun like a warrior queen observing the battlefield. "Come on. It's almost time for patrol."

"Yes ma'am." Madeline complied. She glanced back over the ledge, and at the sky, almost as if she could see all the way back to Alderaan, all the way back to Coruscant. There was that 'calm before the storm' feeling, something that happened right before the Invasion of Naboo. It kept her up the night before, causing her to have an uneasy feeling, unsure of where it was coming from. She was just a youngling then, unsure of how to open herself up to the Force or know when the Force was trying to tell her something. It was only when she was a little older, when she graduated from youngling to young Padawan that she realized what the feeling was.

And now she was having that same, unsettling feeling down in her gut. It scared her to no end, to think that something worse than the start of the bloodiest civil war in the Galactic Republic's history was about to come.

But now wasn't a time for those feelings. Now, it was time to enjoy the evening air, wrapped in powerful ancient magic. More powerful then ancient Jedi artifacts. A tiny mass falling on her shoulder jerked her out of her thoughts. She turned her head to the side, a little blue and green blur smiling up at her with pure innocence. Madeline remembered being that way. Unaware of the trouble, of the conflict that was about to destroy her home and flip her life upside down. But it was so long ago. It was hard to believe how far she came. She left her home as a Padawan, hardened by grief and unsure of the future. And now she was possibly going home as a Knight of the Republic, one of the very few left, to fight for those that couldn't fight for themselves, the ones that were afraid to speak up for fear of their families.

And to avenge her family.

"Whatca thinking Madeline?" Yin's bell-like voice cut through the silence.

Madeline smiled sadly. She turned to the kwami. "Nothing Yin. You ready for tonight?"

"You know I am!" the little creature replied with enthusiasm.

"Then Yin," The little kwami flew in front of her, ready for the order. Madeline paused for dramatic effect before yelling, "TRANSFORM ME!"

The brooch attached to her strap glowed blue and green, as well as Yin. A moment later, the kwami was gone and blue and green sparkles engulfed the brunette. Her sweats and tank top vanished, leaving behind a dark blue and green outfit with white gloves, belt, collar and boots. A half skirt with designs of peacock feathers stopped just above her knee cap. A blue and green mask covered her face, while a veil of invisible magic was draped over her. Her loose hair was magically done up in a perfect bun. Attached to her hip on her left side were five throwing knives, each with the designs of an individual peacock feather. On her left hip sat a magical lasso that had the ability to stretch without limitations. Her light saber usually rested on the back of her belt, though it only appears on her belt when Yin thought she would need it.

Apparently, she didn't need it tonight.

When the transformation was finished, instead of the Jedi Knight Madeline Moraes of Alderaan, stood Lady Peacock, defender of Paris. The magic that powered her miraculous allowed her to become more connected to the Force. The young heroine took in a sharp breath as the Force swirled around her in response to the magic. Peacock still couldn't believe the power that the magic and Force held when combined. It felt almost like a rush of adrenaline that she couldn't get enough of and yet it was dangerous for her to have. Queen Bee appeared on the roof next to her. The older holder of the Miraculous's outfit was black and yellow striped. Her hair was done up in a bun that held her miraculous, a black and yellow bee shaped comb. The woman's lips were painted pitch black like the slowly encroaching night. Her startling green eyes popped out from underneath the black mask that covered her face. Though Peacock knew who it was, there was still a distortion that blurred her face and her voice to unrecognizability, one of the many powers of the miraculous that kept the holders' safe.

"Are you ready, my dear?" the woman asked. Lady Peacock broke out in a large grin that went from ear-to-ear.

"I'll never be more ready." The two nodded to each other as they leapt over the rooftops into the night.

-Line break-

On the planet Alderaan, the sun was just rising over the mountain ranges. While the people in the city were slowly waking up, Bail Organa was already awake, exhausted from the lack of sleep he got that night. Ever since he started the rebellion, he had been restless, unsure if starting a rebellion was the right decision. He was worried about those involved with his operation. To every person closely involved in this operation, the senator warned them multiple times, asking them if they were sure this was the path they wanted to take. Even knowing about the rebellion could equal death for those involved. They chose to be a part of the Rebellion at their own risk. And every time he closes his eyes, Bail worried about the news he would receive in the morning.

His talk with those closely involved with the Rebellion went rather well, other than the fact that he had to break the news about the massacre on Christophsis to them. Madeline's reaction wasn't very surprising seeing how a possible Sith was after them. Again. There was a knock on his office door that pulled him out of his thoughts.

"Enter," The dark-haired senator ordered gently. He turned to see his wife, Breha with his four-year-old daughter Leia walk in. His precious little princess wore a white dress, her already thick dark hair done up in a small braid. Bail smiled one of his pure smiles as he bent down with open arms as his little girl ran towards him happily.

"Ah there's my little princess." Bail greeted happily. He kissed her on the cheek, dissolving her into a fit of giggles. "And where are you off to today?"

"Me and Momma are goin' to da market dadda!" the little girl babbled.

"Momma and me, sweetie," Breha corrected gently. Turning to her husband she asked, "do you need anything, my love?"

"Not that I can think of at the moment." Bail answered. A thought came to mind. "Why don't we all go to the market?"

Leia's face lit up. "Really dadda?"

"Of course my little gem. I'm going to be taking a long trip in a couple of days so I want to spend as much time with my family."

Breha's face scrunched up in confusion. "Where are you going? You can't possibly be going back to Coruscant. You just got back."

Bail placed his young daughter down as something else caught her attention. "I have to. The Senate's voting on what to do about the massacre on Lason. I have to be there for the vote."

"Okay. Just be careful." Breha placed a kiss on her husband's cheek. Bail returned the kiss as his promise to come back to his wife and daughter. His daughter attacked his legs. He bent down, picked her up, and the three of them left, heading towards the market as a family, not worried about the war that was about to break out.

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