Chapter 2: Explanations and the Starting Line

Author's Note Part 1: Well guys, here's chapter two. I'm gonna do my best to write out the explanation as well as I can, but if I do run out of ideas for how to write it out, and there's still more to explain, I'll probably have it happen "off screen" unfortunately. As for the second part of the title… Yes, I took it from My Hero Academia. It works here I believe, so I figured I'd make a slight reference to it.

Anyways, I don't really have much to say in this first Author's Note since I'm not entirely sure what this chapter will entitle throughout it. So with that being said, I'm gonna get to writing the chapter. Hope you enjoy!

3rd Person POV:

"Have either of you two heard of the multiverse theory?"

After asking that, Roy waited for a response from either of them, though more so from Batman than Alfred. And the man with the mask didn't disappoint. "The multiverse theory states that there is an infinite number of possible universes, including our own, that comprise of everything in existence." Batman states, making Roy pause, and point at him.

"Yeah. I would've taken "it states there's an infinite number of universes" but the more detailed version works too, I guess." The teen states, before he starts pacing. "Back on topic though, imagine that out of all these infinite universes, there was one where a normal, everyday teenager met his end, and was given the opportunity to go to any universe of his choosing." Roy continues, making the two raise an eyebrow at him. Starting to sound crazy here… Need to get to the proof or I risk being thrown in with the other loonies. The teen thinks to himself, before taking a deep breath as he continues talking.

"And let's say that the phrase "What's fiction in one universe, is reality in another" applied to that choice." Roy continues, making Batman narrow his eyes at the teen. "Yeah, it probably sounds pretty crazy, huh Bats?" Roy asks, before smiling wide. "Oooor, should I call you Bruce?" The reaction he received was a choked cough from Alfred at his words, while he received no outward reaction from Batman as he removed the mask to show the face of Bruce Wayne underneath.

"You're telling me that you're from another universe?" Bruce asks him with a raised eyebrow, getting a shrug from Roy in response.

"Hey, you think I'm crazy just from me telling you about it. Try living it. If you want, I can give you other information to prove it that I rightfully shouldn't know. Just… Don't ask for future knowledge. I can give hints and tips about most things, but when it comes to others… The only information you'll get from me is a pretty vague sentence or two that shouldn't give you any info. One of the stipulations to being reborn is that I can't change the "major events" that are supposed to happen…" He states, getting a raised eyebrow in response from Bruce. At the same time, Alfred recovered and looked at the billionaire.

"If you'll excuse me, sir. I think I'll go get us some snacks and refreshments. I feel that we may need them…" The butler states, turning and walking to the elevator that would lead up to the mansion. After Alfred left, Bruce turned back to face Roy with a raised eyebrow, indicating him to continue his explanation.

"Er, for example. If I was thrown into this world as a kid… I wouldn't have been allowed to make your childhood a happy one." Roy states with a sad frown, making Bruce frown as well, before he nods as he realizes what he's saying. "Unfortunately, that means that in the future… There are certain villains that I'm not even going to be allowed to stop from becoming villains…" He says with the frown still in place as he lowers his head to look at the ground while he lets that sink in. After a few seconds, he looks back up at Bruce to see him raising an eyebrow once again. Getting really used to that look… Not sure how I feel about that. Roy thinks to himself, before clearing his throat.

"So… More proof that I'm from a different world? That way I'm not thrown into the loony bin?" He asks, making Bruce stare at him for a few more seconds, before he turns around and heads towards the Batcomputer. "…So, is that a no?" He asks as Bruce sits down, and starts typing away at the keyboard.

"You're going to need everything that everyone else has. Birth certificate, social security card, everything." Bruce states, making Roy blink in confusion and a bit of shock.

"…You know, I figured it'd take longer to convince you. More proof and all that." He states in surprise, making Batman respond, even as he continues to type away at the computer.

"There are no records of you anywhere, and I do mean anywhere. That already makes your story believable. Add the random fluctuation of power that was detected on one of the many streets in Gotham last night, which I picked up on your body when I first saw you, along with your knowledge of my secret identity, and my reason for becoming The Batman, and it would be harder not to believe you. That, and you didn't give any of the signs of lying." Bruce states, finally looking over his shoulder at the teen, who's staring at him.

Guess that explains the tracker… The teen thinks to himself. And a few seconds later, Roy shakes the surprise out of his system, and nods as he walks closer. "Right… Guess that makes sense… Well, I guess we should get started on my personal info then. I'm guess you'll want to know my actual birthday to start…"

It took a while, but eventually, Roy had everything that he would need to be viewed as a "resident" of Earth. After that however, came the question of what happened now? In this situation, there were two options. The first being that Roy joined Batman as a sidekick. However, with that came the question of living arrangements, as well as how he would help Batman. The other option was that he was sent on his merry way to find something in the city. However, that wasn't very appealing to Roy, and he made it known.

"Look, for one thing, I can help you out with future problems. Especially with these powers of mine." He states, letting electricity spark in his hand. "Not only that, but I'd rather not have the Joker easily find me the second after he breaks out of Arkham again." Roy says to Bruce as the man types away at his computer. "Sure, it's gonna be difficult at first, but I'm willing to try." He tells the man. "And this isn't just me hoping to fulfill the role of a "hero" to make myself feel better about myself, or for the thrill of it." Roy states, making Bruce pause.

"I might not have a real "origin" for wanting to be a hero, other than the fact that it will allow me to help people. But, with the knowledge that I have, along with these powers… I can make it so that things in this world end up being better than how they were before, even if I can't make this world perfect. Just… I know that I'll be a burden at first, since I'll need training… But I'm willing to work hard to get this to work." Roy states with a determined face.

Bruce was silent for a few seconds after Roy's little speech, before he finally turned around to face the teen, a serious look on his face. "You're going to need training. Especially with those powers of yours." He states, getting a wide grin from Roy when he realizes that the man was at least giving him a chance to be a hero.

"Well, I was a bit into parkour before I was thrown here… Though when it comes to fighting, that I'll have to learn from scratch… As for my powers? Well, give me an hour on a computer or laptop, and I'll have at least a few ideas." He says, getting a small smile from Bruce in response to his words, before the man nods.

"Then we'll get started right away." He states, getting a determined nod from Roy as Bruce walks past him towards a different part of the cave, the teen following close behind him.

"…My everything hurts." Roy mutters a few hours later as he lies on one of the gurneys that were present in the Batcave. He wasn't actually hurt enough to need the gurney, but it made for a good substitute seeing as there wasn't a bed in the cave. A few yards away, Bruce was typing away at the Batcomputer, looking no worse for wear.

"You need to learn how to fight sooner rather than later. And the villains aren't going to go easy on you. Especially the Joker after what you did to him." He tells the teen, getting a groan as Roy sits up to look over at the man who had only pulled his punches enough during their first spar so that he wouldn't break any of the teen's bones.

"I know that. But that doesn't mean I can't complain about the pain a bit, right? After all, are you trying to tell me that you've never had complaints about being injured?" He asks with a slight smirk, making Bruce look over his shoulder at the teen for a few seconds.

"…No comment." The man states as he turns his attention back to the screen in front of him, making Roy laugh in response, only to flinch and bring a hand to his chest at the pain that appears there a few seconds later, Alfred walking over towards the two of them with a serving tray in one hand, and another item under his other arm as he does so.

"I would suggest that young Master Roy refrain from laughing, lest he want to remain on that gurney for longer than necessary." He states in a voice that said he wasn't really suggesting, so much as telling that to Roy. In response, the teen gives the butler a smirk.

"Aw, come on Alfred. After all, they say laughter's the best medicine after all." He says, before thinking. "…Unless it's forced laughter. Like laughing gas… Or Joker gas. Then it's just harmful." He states, before thinking about something. "Come to think of it…" He starts, turning to face Bruce. "Is a key component of Joker's gas actually laughing gas? Cause if it is, wouldn't water have at least some kind of effect on those who've breathed it in?" He asks with a raised eyebrow, making Bruce pause his typing, and turn to face the teen.

"A good question. Yes, the base for most of his strains of "Joker Gas" is Laughing Gas. However, because of the other elements he adds, water doesn't do anything to lessen its affects." Bruce tells him, making Roy frown in response.

"Damn… Well, there goes the easy solution." He mutters, making Alfred raise an eyebrow at the teen.

"Language, Master Roy." He says, getting an eyeroll from the teen in response.

"Alfred, you're a great person, and a great butler. But I've been swearing for a while now, and it's not gonna stop. I'm already censoring myself as it is by limiting myself here. Be glad I'm not acting like the sailor I was before I ended up here." He says with a smirk. The response he gets from the butler is a sigh, while Bruce turns back around to face the computer, though a small smirk could be seen tugging at the corner of his mouth.

"As it is, I have brought a laptop for you. I do hope that you have a reason for wanting one other than playing video games." The butler states, handing Roy the laptop in question, the teen taking it and opening it a second later.

"Close, Alfred… I'm searching up ideas for my powers." He states, getting a raised eyebrow from the butler, while Bruce closes out of a page he was on a few seconds ago to turn around and face the teen. "In my previous world, there were plenty of games, shows and such where people had superpowers. In this world, they're a dime a dozen… Or at least, they're starting to become a dime a dozen." He says, opening up a web browser as he says this.

"Which means, that up until now, there were probably people who thought of these superpowers, and gave them to fictional characters just because they didn't believe that they would ever have them." He states, opening a few different tabs. "So, with that in mind… I'm going to look for some familiar faces." Roy states with a smile, finding that Google was indeed a thing here, and immediately typing in a few titles that he remembered from his previous life. A few seconds later, he gave a wide smile at the results that appeared.

"And lo and behold, here they are." He states, turning the laptop around to show them to the two men in the cave with him. "Laxus from Fairy Tail, Cole MacGrath from inFAMOUS, Jack from Bioshock and many more. These guys were all fictional in my universe as well, with no one having even a sliver of a chance of having anything close to the powers they possess." He continues, turning the laptop back around to face him. "But here… I can draw inspiration from them. Gain ideas for what to do." He says, before looking over the screen to look at the two men.

"Of course, I'm not going to outright copy them, what kind of hero would I be if I essentially plagiarized moves from other people. However, that doesn't mean I can't take the way they use their powers, and build off of them for ideas on how to use my own." He states, opening up a few pages with lists of the abilities the characters used, and reading through the different descriptions.

As he does this, Alfred raises an eyebrow, before turning to face Bruce. In response, the man continues to stare at Roy for a few seconds, before turning around and focusing on his own computer a few seconds later. Seeing that the two were now doing their own things, the butler simply nods. "Very good then. I shall go back up to the Manor, should either of you need me." He says, before turning around and heading towards the elevator that would lead back to the mansion above ground. As he did this, the two left in the Batcave continued their own work, Roy jotting down ideas he thought of into a small notes folder on the laptop as he worked.

1 Week Later:

If Roy was to describe his current state. It would be… Disappointed. For more than one reason. The first would probably have to be the fact that his training wasn't going as he'd hoped it would. He could barely land a few blows against Bruce in their spars, and even when he did, it hardly did anything. Not only that, but during those training sessions, Bruce would only wear the Batman costume. He didn't use any of the gadgets, which meant that Roy was being schooled by Bruce's basic abilities.

Not only that, but he'd failed to help Bruce twice in the past week due to his lack of training. The Ragdoll, and Spellbinder incidents had passed by over the past seven days, and Roy had hardly done anything to change the events even slightly, which did not help his confidence. With Ragdoll, because everything involved in that incident happened outside of the cave, so he couldn't help Batman or Bruce when the contortionist was present, and the only information that he was able to give the man that he'd essentially asked to take him in was to make an addition to his outfit. A removable cape.

Sure, it helped Batman get out of the turning gears in the clock tower a bit quicker, but that's about it. As for Spellbinder, the teen suggested that Bruce make sure to stay focused on his mediation as much as he could, and at the same time, he'd changed things just slightly by calling Batman over the Batwave right after the clock struck eight, breaking him out of his trance earlier. However, that didn't do much, as Batman decided to follow "canon" in a way, and instead of falling under the trance and going to Spellbinder, he acted like he was under the trance to get close to Spellbinder, just like the villain thought he'd done in canon.

The only two good things that had happened so far was that Roy had gotten a bit further along in his powers, and what he could do with them, and the fact that at the moment, he had his own little "room" in the Batcave. Basically, until something more permanent was done, Roy was essentially living inside of one of the "cells" in the Batcave, except that they'd brought him a Twin sized bed instead of the cot inside of it, as well as some lighting, the laptop from before, and some small "decorations" so that he wouldn't feel like he was actually a prisoner.

At the moment however, the teen was standing in a different area of the Batcave, with three targets positioned a set distance away from him. Currently, he was wearing a white T-shirt, blue jeans, and his black shoes. Bruce had been nice enough to offer him some clothes from his older drawers that he'd used as a kid. Luckily, he'd made sure Alfred washed them first. As Roy stands there, he breathes in, and then out to calm himself, before his eyes snap open.

A split second later, his right hand flies up, electricity dancing over the entirety of it, before a bolt is shot out of his arm, and connects with the target straight across from him. As the target was blasted to pieces, Roy was quick to raise his other arm, his hand held in a way as if he was holding a baseball, before a sphere of electricity formed, and he tossed it to the ground in front of the second target. A few seconds later, the electricity condensed in the sphere exploded outwards, knocking the stand the target was on backwards, while blasting the target itself apart.

For the last target, the teen tossed a battery at the floor beneath it, before using his powers on the battery, and surround the target in a cage of pure electricity drawn out from inside the charged battery. He concentrated on the cage for about two minutes, before releasing it, and sighing as he stepped back, wiping some sweat from his forehead as he did so. While he did this, Alfred walked over with a glass of water on a serving tray. "Glass of water, Master Roy?" He asks, getting a smile from the teen as he turns around and takes the offered drink.

"Thanks Alfred." He thanks the butler in front of him, taking a few gulps of the water, before lowering his hand as he turns around and walks over to the last target, bending down and picking up the battery, staring at it with a frown on his face as he stands up. Alfred notices the teen's silence, and raises an eyebrow.

"Am I right in assuming you are still bothered by the lack of progress, Master Roy?" He asks the teen, getting a sigh from the teen in response.

"Alfred, it's been a week already, and I've hardly done anything. I can hardly keep up with Bruce, meaning that fighting is a no go right now, the information I have at the moment is hardly helpful, and my powers are borderline basics at best… I knew it was going to take some work, but I figured I'd at least be able to do more by now." Roy states with a frown. Alfred continues to stare at the teen for a few seconds, before thinking of something.

"Master Roy." Alfred states, making the teen bring his attention away from the battery to face the butler. And just in time, as well, seeing as said butler had just thrown his serving tray at him. At the sight, Roy's eyes widened, before he was quick to dodge to the side and roll along the ground to get out of the way, making it impact the target behind him instead.

"Alfred… What the hell?" Roy asks the butler with a raised eyebrow from his crouched position on the ground. However, Alfred simply continues to stare at him, though a small smile could be seen on his face.

"Jolly good. It seems I was right." Alfred states, making Roy continue to stare at the butler in confusion. "I've seen a few of your spars with Master Bruce. And while you always, as you would say, "take a thrashing", each spar lasts much longer than the last. And the reason, from what I've seen, seems to be that you've been subconsciously learning how to fight." Alfred states, making Roy continue to stare at him in confusion as he rises from the ground.

"Alright, first, I wouldn't say I "take a thrashing", I say outright I get my ass beat. And second… Go on…" Roy states, getting a sigh from Alfred as the butler walks over to his serving tray, and picks it up.

"What I mean, is that over this past week, during your spars with Master Bruce, your subconscious has been slowly adapting to fighting. From what you've said, you never got into a fight before you arrived in Gotham, is that correct?" Alfred asks, getting a nod from Roy in response. "Well then, I suppose that we can chalk it up to your powers over electricity affecting your brain as well, and making it so that you are learning at a more basic level within your mind." Alfred explains, getting wide eyes from Roy in response.

"So what you're trying to say, is that it's likely that I'm learning how to fight… Without realizing that I'm learning how to fight?" Roy asks the butler, getting a smile in response.

"Precisely. Now, you just need to focus on bringing those lessons to the front of your mind, so that you may use those lessons in the coming future." Alfred states. In response, Roy is silent for a few seconds, before smiling at the butler.

"Thanks Alfred, I think that I needed to hear that. Both to know what to do… And as reassurance that I'm not failing right now. So again, thanks." He thanks the butler, getting a soft smile from the man in response.

"It's no problem at all, Master Roy. And if I might ask, what do you plan on doing now?" Alfred asks, getting a grin from the teen as he responds.


The type of practice that Roy had in mind was a lot harder than what he'd been doing up to this point. Whereas before he was physically doing something, whether it was putting the abilities for his powers into practice on targets, or sparring with Bruce in an attempt to get better at fighting, now his practicing was entirely mental. Because at the moment, Roy was sitting in a quiet area of the cave, legs crossed and his arms resting on said legs, as he attempted to meditate.

Sure, it might not have been the best way to make it so that he could use his possible knowledge of how to fight whenever he needed to by making it so that he knew how to fight, instead of only having his body know. But with Bruce currently doing something as Bruce Wayne, and not The Batman, this was the best alternative Roy could come up with at the moment… That, and the fact that even if it was harder, at the moment it was preferable to getting his ass kicked constantly until he had the knowledge at the front of his mind… However, there was one major problem.

Honestly, meditation was not as easy as they made it appear on TV… And the fact that Roy had ADD sure didn't help with trying to maintain his focus either. After just a few minutes, he was already up and pacing around, random thoughts going through the back of his mind, while the front remained focused on trying to think of a way to bring his apparent fighting knowledge forwards. It took a while, but as a random thought went through his mind, his eyes widened, and he turned and immediately started to head towards a different area in the cave.

Alright... If meditation isn't helping, and getting my ass beat in a spar takes too long, let's try something I have no problem doing, and work with that. Roy thinks to himself as he stares at a cluttered part of the cave filled with random bits of what could only be the cave, and extra metal pieces that would have been used when building the cave.

He gives a small smile as he cracks his neck, before bending his knees, and then rushing towards the random clutter spread around the area. What followed over the next few hours was Roy constantly running around the small area, combining something he was good at, and something he needed work with. Moving the clutter around at times to attempt to make it so he didn't get used to certain movements too much.

In other words, he was combining his parkour abilities, and attempting to incorporate fighting moves into them. He'd seen Batman do so on screen plenty of times, but only if the situations required him to. Roy figured that as long as he wasn't stuck in an open area, he could use the element of surprise on any villains he was facing by using the environment to his advantage.

It's not much, and until I can fight regularly, I'll have to rely on my powers and dodging when I'm fighting in open spaces, but I can work my way up from here. He thinks to himself as he leaps onto the cave wall and adds a spinning kick to his decent, grabbing onto another piece of clutter as he's falling and spinning around it as if he was kicking someone else away, before landing on the ground, and heading over to a different piece of clutter to continue his impromptu training.

I suppose that in a way, this is where I start. And I'll continue to train so that I can get better over time… Though, hopefully not too much time. Roy thinks to himself with a small smile as he mantles yet another piece of clutter.

Author's Note Part 2: Alright, definitely not as long as the last one, and at the same time, probably a helluva lot less detailed, and just barely put together in a way that makes this chapter "realistic"… Honestly, even though it only took me about a day to write, it was still harder than I thought it was going to be.

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At the same time, having my character go through problems in this series is going to be… Well, I wouldn't say it's a major change from my stories, but it's definitely different. Most of my stories have my character have horrible backstories that they need to "get over"… Having it so my character had a normal backstory, and instead has to go through problems in their present is a change in pace for me…

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