A rhymed four-lined stanza of iambic heptameter verse for each of various Harry Potter characters.

Disclaimer: J. K. Rowling owns all. And, seeing various riddles and Sorting Hat songs, I can't even claim to write better poetry than she does! Ah well. I guess that's why she's paid, and I'm not...

Neville Longbottom

How can one stand, I ask, beneath the shadow of the great?
How does one measure might or wisdom, choose a worthy fate?
I can but work to overcome my weakness, stand to fight,
And when the test shall come I can but hope to choose the right.

Kingsley Shacklebolt

Great evil fills the glowering skies—I must the darkness fight;
The crumbling Ministry collapsed, for blinkered was its sight;
The Order's work I carry on, for hope is not yet gone,
And while hope lives I'll stand my ground and, steadfast, soldier on.

Lavender Brown

A flirt I was, a jealous flirt, a shallow, giggling girl;
The world was come to war, but what cared I? I could yet curl
My hair, and stain my lips, oh! what a foolish thing I was!
Yet in this year, and in this fight, I've served a higher cause.

Cedric Diggory

What is this place? Another task? Why wouldn't they tell us so?
There ought be only three—though, true, we did not always know
What we would face; yet here seems different, evil, tainted, harmed:
Come, Harry, draw your wand! We ought not face this place unarmed.

Ron Weasley

The extra friend: I know I am, what can I offer them?
The Chosen One, the Brightest Witch, what could they need of him
Who is but selfish, useless; yet I now no more will flee
But will return, and hope I still can prove my loyalty.

Sirius Black

I fought a past I swore to leave that came and claimed me still;
My chosen family was slain by my mistaken will;
Though thirteen years I needless paid I yet must make amends:
I want not my own safety; let me help you, dearest friends!

Remus Lupin

I look back on the lonely years and clench my weary soul:
The friends I've lost, the pain I monthly face—I am not whole.
But as life takes it also gives; though damaged, I yet fight,
And mayhap, twixt the battles, I have found a life, a light.

Percy Weasley

I've been a fool, I know it well, when I see what I've scorned;
A git, a prat, my brothers say, and was I not forewarned?
My stubborn pride that blinded me and slapped the welcoming hand—
My family, can you take me back? With you I'll make my stand!

Sybill Trelawney

A fraud, a fake, a charlatan: I know the names they say;
I grasp at tendrils lost to me, a Sight that passed away.
Cassandra's heir, I shrilly claim: don't cast me from my home!
But in the dark, blind, watchless night I see my reckoning come.

Severus Snape

I've walked a lonely road, a path of hatred, path of spite;
I've sneered at humble good, embraced great wrong, adored its might;
I've served analogous, disparate men: gave one life, honor, all,
And all for love, for bitter grief, regret beyond recall.

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