Story #1 - Kindergarten

Ligerous and Arrow were in line to go outside. They were short and young.

"Hey!" Ligerous yelled towards the front of the line where Leopard was leading the line. "You're going so slow that I could have mistaken you for a turtle."

Leopard did a faceplant and sighed. The other young cats and dogs laughed with Ligerous and Arrow.

"Nice one Ligerous!" Arrow cheered quitey only for her to go quiet when Leopard walked over.

"You can't get me!" Ligerous started running with her hands up around the playground. Arrow giggled and went to walk over to the swing's only to be pushed down by Steve and she started to cry.

"Leave her alone!" Knockout said picking up Arrow and holding her close like she was a doll.

"Breakdown, dispose of this STEREOTYPICAL STEVE." Knockout said swinging himself and Arrow around walking her over to the swing. Breakdown nodded and turned back to the Steve and slapped him. As a result Steve started crying.

Ligerous ran into Starscream. "Hey! Watch it, buckethead!" she said.

"What did I do to you?" he asked her. "Nothing, so leave me alone," he said when she didn't answer.

"Well, my daddy says that you're a fat squirrel and you should go live in the tree you were born in," Ligerous said. Starscream blinked and then turned and tried to run off, but instead ran into a pole on the playground.

Ligerous turned and climbed up the stairs to the tallest part of the playground. Then, just like every other day she climbed the metal bars that kept her from falling and jumped off.

"Catch me, Leopard!" she yelled and he ran over and caught Ligerous, but by the time he put her on the ground Bee had jumped. Ligerous ran back up to the top and waited in line. The only ones that didn't jump off the side were KO and Arrow.

"Arrow! Come and try!" Ligerous called before leaping off again, but this time Leopard held onto her. "Hey! Let go!" she screamed as she kicked at the older cat. He put her down.

"It's time to come inside," he explained, then all of the young bots ran over to line up. As Starscream was running Ligerous put her tail down and tripped him causing him to fall on his face.

When they got inside the young ones sat down in their spots. Ligerous was in the very front next to Arrow and Cheetah. Someone tapped her from behind and she turned around to see Bee.

"What?" she asked.

"Read this!" he told her giving her an origami heart.

Arrow looked over and got close to Ligerous's face. "AWE!" she said.

Ligerous read it.

Deer Ligerous,

Wile u be mi frend? Eye rely lik u and eye wont 2 be ur frend forevr.

Luv, Bee

"What is this?! It looks like a bug wrote this!" Ligerous said, unable to contain herself.

"Be nice!" Arrow said slapping Ligerous on the head.

"What is going on here?" Leopard asked holding out his hand for the note.

"Ligerous is being a butt." Arrow said pointing to Ligerous

"Okay…" Leopard said. "It's obvious that you are all hungry-"

"Actually I'm not," Starscream said.

"No one cares about you, Butt-cream!" Ligerous yelled.

"Yeah, whatever," Leopard said. "Line up everyone," he said grabbing Ligerous hand. "You're walking with me today because you need to learn how to be nice."

"But Mr. Spotty, Starscream started it" Arrow said grabbing his other hand

"And how is that?" Leopard asked.

"He pushed me down on the playground ask KO!"

"And he looked at me!" Ligerous yelled.

"Okay, we'll settle this after lunch!" Leopard said losing his temper and his mind.

The class screamed and yelled all the way to lunch just to annoy Leopard. Ligerous kept licking his leg and asking him what it felt like. When he finally told her to stop she started kicking his foot and asking if it hurt.

When they got there, Leopard let them go and get in line to get lunch. Ligerous pushed and shoved to get to the front of the line and dragged Arrow with her.

"Hi Mr. Singer!" Ligerous said. "Can I have some of the red stuff?" she asked.

"Ligerous, I tell you this every day, you can't have red energon, you're already energetic enough," Singer told her.

"It was worth a try!" Ligerous said taking a little jug of energon. "Can I have the green stuff then?"

"No! It'll kill you!" Cheetah told her from behind in the line. "The rest of us want some so hurry up!"

"What's up his tailpipe?" Ligerous asked Arrow.

Arrow did not answer only shook her head. Ligerous grabbed her by the arm and ran to a table. KO, Breakdown, Bee, and Cheetah joined them shortly later.

Knockout slowly looked over at Arrow and poked her hair. Arrow smiled and poked Ligerous. Ligerous did the same and poked Cheetah, who poked Bee, then Breakdown and back to KO and they did this for the whole lunch period.

Leopard took them back to the room and they sat down. Ligerous shook Arrow, who ignored her. "Arrow? Arrow?! Arrow! ARROW! ARRRRROOOOWWWW!" she said, shaking Arrow.

"Ligerous! Stop Yelling!" Leopard yelled. "Okay, we are going to paint something pretty!" he told the class.

"Yay!" one of the Steves said. The class started drawing and painting. When they were all done they stood at the front of the room.

"Okay, we are going to show everyone what we painted," Leopard explained.

One of the Steves walks up to the front of the classroom. "I drew Lord Megatron!" Another Steve walked up and said the same thing and then another.

"Okay someone else," Leopard said and Arrow walks up.

Arrow held up a picture of a white flower with blue tips on the petals. "I drew a rose." Ligerous clapped for her. Then walked up to the front.

"I drew a Zombie-Con!" she held up her picture for everyone to see. They all just stared at her. "Oh! Starscream! This is you! You're so pretty!"

KO got up and showed them his drawing of Arrow. Then Bee and Cheetah went up. They poked and smacked each other the whole way. "I drew Ligerous!" Bee said.

"My Ligerous is better!" Cheetah said.

"They're both equally pretty," Leopard told them.

"Yeah, that means that they're both bad!" Ligerous shouted.

Leopard frowned and the intercom buzzed on.

"Okay, you may release sparklings out to their caretakers," a muffled voice said.

"Just go," Leopard said and the young bots ran out into the halls and to their caretakers.

"What did you learn today?" Lion asked Ligerous.

"We learned that art is hard!" Ligerous answered. "Oh, and that Starscream is stupid!"

"Wow, we really need to put you in a new school," Tiger said.

"Yup, too bad you can't afford one!"

The End!