Story #5 - Horror House

"Optimus!" Ligerous yelled.

"What?!" Optimus asked.

"I'm bored!" she answered.

"Then do something with your life!" Knock Out said from across the clearing. Ligerous stared at him for a second, wondering if she should make a remark about his luster, but she decided not to (Ligerous's fear #1: being told what to do).

"Fine! But it's all your fault for what is about to happen to you."

"Yes, it is- WHAT?!" he said, but Ligerous was already gone.

He looks all around, but he doesn't see the little cat. He decides it's nothing and walks to where Arrow is.

"Hey, Arrow, do you know where your cat friend is?" he asks her.

"What?" Arrow asks looking up from what she was doing.

"What is that?" he asks her, pointing to what she was looking at a second before.

"Cybertronian," she answers.

Ligerous looks down at Knock Out's head and aims her pounce. She waits a second and leaps landing squarely on his shoulders and knocking him to the ground, then she runs off, disappearing once again.

"What was that?!" Knock Out wailed, getting up and looking over his paintjob (Knock Out's fear #1: having his finish ruined).

Arrow looked up and answered with one word, "Ligerous."

"Why?!" he said.

"What did you do to her?" Arrow asked.

"I don't know!" Knock Out answered frantically.

"You should probably get back to work, but keep an eye out for her, she's no fool. She knows when and where to strike," Arrow advised.

Knock Out got back to work, but every few seconds he would look back and see nothing. He knew that if Ligerous wanted something, then she wasn't nearly close to done yet.

While Knock Out was working, though, Ligerous was setting a trap for the unsuspecting Mech. She knew how much he loved his paint job, and she knew where to strike. She had buckets of paint on a tripwire system, so that when he tried to come down the hallway, then he would get a bucket of paint in the face (Knock Out's fear #2: having his paint job get ruined), but little did she know that he was planning something too.

He had set up a trap to catch Ligerous, as Arrow had suggested, and went out to look for her. They were both looking for eachother, when Ligerous heard a scream and rushed back toward her trap, only to get caught in a net.

She screamed for help, but no one came (Ligerous's fear #2: being restrained without contact with others). She called for food, but no one fed her (Ligerous's fear #3: being restrained without something to eat). She yelled for Arrow, but her friend didn't hear her (Ligerous's fear #4: being separated from her friend). She was trapped in a dark crevice, with nothing to do but try and get out. No one could help her here.

"You win Knock Out!" she said (Ligerous's fear #5: admitting failure). "And this is certainly the worst Horror House ever."

Someone cut her down and she crawled out of the dark, damp space to see Knock Out.

"How about we make a deal that we never do that again."

"Yeah, I don't like my worst fears. And all in one day!"

The End!