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The sky danced with colors of the sun, yellows, oranges, pinks, blues and purples all swirling and fading to create the image Hiccup saw now.

As the new cheif he didnt get much down time, so the time he spent alone was greatly appreciated, He laughed as he felt somthing scaly nudge his hand, well not completely alone.

His Dragon conpanion Toothless sat next to him, his large head looking up in the sky, it was obvious he wanted to fly.

The young cheif smiled and moved so that he could get on the dragons specialy made saddle.

The veiw only seemed to get better the higher they flew, rising just above the clouds watching as the colors faded to darker tones.

Hiccup was about to tell Toothless to start heading for home when the dragon made a worried croon.

The dragon darted off starteling Hiccup who just managed to keep himself up right.

"Toothless? buddy? HEY!"

The dragon didnt stop, its body continued to cut through the air on a direct path twords a large clump of trees.

As the trees got closer and closer Hiccup prepared for a harsh landing, only it never came.

He opened his eyes not relizeing he had closed them, infront of him was a small and beautiful dragon, she had a mainly green body fading into shades of blue, her tail resembleing a birds, it was as if her body had mainly consisted of feathers.

(you know who it is)

Hiccup looked down to toothless who crooned again causing the other Dragon to spook.

When she looked up he noticed a black scrape going across her right shoulder, it didnt seem to be bleeding but it was spreading?

Before he could get a word out the Dragon took off her wings moving faster then anything hes ever seen before.

Toothless of course took off without hesitation though the Green dragon eaisily out flew him, Hiccup did his best to watch the Dragon almost loosing her in the thick clouds.

The chase had continued, Hiccup only now realizing he didnt reconise the area, but the female dragon was flying to an island.

To his suprise it was snowing, how? It was the middle of summer.

They followed her to the island loosing her in the heavy snow and thicker clouds, having no sence of direction Hiccup was in need of a landing.

Luckily he spotted a large pile of jagged rocks that should shield them from the heavy winds and cold front.

Toothless's home made tail struggled to balance in the rough winds, Hiccup doing his best to adjust it as they flew.

As they readied to land Toothless's tail gave out under the pressure causing them to have a rough and semi painful landing.

The two crashed on the ground Hiccup feeling a sharp pain in his head as it made contact with rock, Tothless managed to wrap his wings around his body a second after, sheltering him from the cold.

Hiccup could barely see, his vision swimming.

he heard His dragon growl as a blurry grey figure aproched accompanied by a bluish white one.

Then it faded to black.


This is probably crap but oh well, i havent seen any where the other Gaurdians are dragons and i was like 'has any one done this?'I dont know if any one has or not but here.