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' thinking '


Hiccup was in pain, his head was pounding and his body felt soar and stiff.

He remebered flying with Tothless when that strange dragon apeared, they followed it and then..then what..theyyy...crashed.

Oh crap they crashed!

Hiccup sat up faster then his body wanted him to causing a major headache, and a sore body.

When his vision cleared he looked at his surroundings finding himself in a cave, the entrance was dark meaning it was mostlikely night time, the only light was a small torch so that ment other people had to be here.

looking around in the dull light was hard but not impossable, he managed to spot a sleeping toothless next to the slab of rock and dry grass and straw he layed on, it resembled a nest of sorts.

on the other side there seemed to be somthing huddled in a pile, possably the other people or person?

Taking a closer look at toothless he noticed the makeshift badages and salves on his dark scales, so obviously this person had no problems with dragons...

A huff of cold air caught his attention.

He turned slowly spotting a semi-large figure staring at him with golden eyes, slight flecks of gold shimmering in the light of the torch.

He screamed.

He couldnt help it really, he'd never seen a dragon like it before, he also couldnt have known how it would react to him.

Toothless woke up almost emedietly while the golden flecked dragon jumped in suprise retreating into the shadows with a worried trill.

on the other side of the cave he heard a tiered yawn, definitely human.

He watched as a thin huminoid figure streached before noticing them.

"oh! you woke up"

A young male walked forward the flames illuminated his odly while hair and pale skin, his blue eyes seemed worried slightly as he walked over concentrated scaning over the bandaged areas.

"atleast your bleeding seems to have stopped, ill have to change the bandages later though"

Hiccup couldn't help but blush, the boy looked inhumanly pretty, his white hair and pale skin glowed in the dull light while his eyes didnt look like they belonged on a human.

He had never seen someone like him before, nor had he seen the dragons that he was now able to see.

Three dragons, one grey, the other gold and the last one a light blue and white.

he looked around a bit.

Where was he?

"you have a bit of a concussion so i dont sudjest you getting up and running around, oh sorry my names Jack, some used to call me Frost"

Jack smiled his teeth as white as snow, Hiccup at this point was 90% he was hallucinating.

Toothless at this point made his presence aparent walking around Jack and placing his head on the nest Hiccup rested on.

Jack smiled softly now, yup definitely hallucinating.

"your friend was really worried, it was difficult to get him to relax"

Hiccup nodded still not exactly sure if this was real or not.

"he does have a stubborn streak"

Jack laughed before standing up hands on his hips, "well its almost morning and i have some work to do, Sandy will help you with anything you need" he motioned to the golden colored dragon that was now hiding behind his legs.

"if you need anything Sandy cant do he'll come get me, if you feel up to it later I'll show you around and we can figure out what to do with your situation"

Hiccup nodded petting his dragon conpanions head, he wasnt exactly sure what to do in this situation but he knew concussions could strain him if he tried to be to active.

Jack once again smiled, something Hiccup noticed he did alot, and walked out the door yelling what must have been the other two dragons names as they left almost as soon as they were called.

The blueish white one was Breeze, and the grey one that seemed to glare at him suspiciously was Aster, though when he didnt leave immediately Jack called out 'Bunny' and the grey one left.

Hiccup sighed looking to his partner, "well buddy, looks like we're stuck here for a little"

Toothless made a trill sound before licking hiccups hand reassuringly, Sandy the golden looking dragon squeked quietly blowing out a puff of golden sand.

The sand made the shape of a heart, for a minute huccup was confused but then he saw a small arrow made of sand strike the heart.

Hiccup tried to defend himself, flustered when he saw the smirking face of the small Dragon, even Toothless seemed to find it funny.


A frustrated Hiccup fell back, hands dragging down his face, ' you find one person oddly pretty and all of a sudden your dragon and his new buddy stsrt teasing you '...


Jack walked out side of the cave his face slightly red, the person he had helped was quite handsome, Jack didnt know any other humans as he was stranded here when he was young, there was a village that taught him many things but they were wiped out by a snow storm that he had despite the odds survived.

He shook his head grabbing the staff he used to test the ice and depth of snow and any suplies he may need.

He placed the bag containing the medical suplies back onto breeze and an empty bag onto Aster.

He contemplated bringing North but due to the recent Pitch incounter it would be best if he remained here.

Besides it was just to gather herbs food, breeze was incharge of hunting, and Aster was better for collecting herbs.

Jack on the other hand helped with herbs but preffered to wander.

With the sun just peaking over the horizon Jack got onto breezesback and they set off.


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