Summary: Time Travel. Some people might consider it as a gift. But our favorite Team have a completely different opinion about it. Keep repeating the same thing for an eternity, does that sound like a gift to you. Follow Team RWBY when they finally had enough fighting for others and start fighting for their own happiness. Even if they have to become the very monster they detest so.

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The Cursed RWBY

Episode 0: Done Playing as Heroes

Sunday, January 24th, 2208, 07:15 A.M, Remnant, Sanus, Vale, Patch Island, Rose-Xiao Long Resident

The chirping of birds and the soft rustling of the wind is what a six years old girl with black, neck-length hair that gradates to dark red at the tips cut in an asymmetrical style, awoke to. Her beautiful silver eyes squinted as the sun beamed down her face from the window. Groggily she sat up and blocked her eyes as her vision was becoming focused and out of its blurry state observing the familiar surroundings.

Walls made of woods and painted in blue: check.

A medium sized bed where she lied down now: check.

A medium sized wardrobe and with a small table beside it, along with a lamp, an alarm clock and a picture of a certain family: check.

It's official, she was in her family house at Patch...again.

The girl let out a very tired sigh, which made her sounds much older than she is now, as she sat on her bed. "How many time again has it been since we got this 'curse'?" She asked to no one in particular, her tone sounds broken and apathetic for a girl at her age.

The girl lazily hop off her bed and strolled in the bathroom. She climbed up a small chair that was conveniently in the bathroom, turning on the sink to let the water flows down and began to wash her face. She then proceed to look at herself in the mirror while seemingly lost in thought.

If one was looking deep enough, they will see the eyes of a warrior that had been faced countless battle and has taken countless life in the process.

And doing it without remorse.

"How many time we should be doing this?" She mumbled again, with even more broken tone than before as she looked down at the sink. The bathroom was in silence without a sound, sans for the water that was still flowing out from the sink and flushed down through the pipe.

Her small hands gripped the edge of the sink tightly, so tight that her hands would leave some cracks on it if weren't for her current body. She stared back at her reflection in the mirror. Her beautiful silver eyes, which previously devoid of hopes, were now filled with fiery determinations.

"No more. I won't let this curse to continue. I vow in my Teammates name that I will make them all happy...for eternity."

The girl declared such bold statement, there is no trace of doubt in her voice. Majestic and elegant. The voice of a mighty veteran that had been lived through war and come out on the top.

The little girl turned off the sink, grabbing a towel that was hanging on the hanger and climbed down the chair before waltzed out the bathroom. She wiped her faced with the towel, hanged in over her shoulder after doing so and opened the door of her room and walked out her room.

The little girl, still clad in her pajamas, stroll down the stairs and headed towards the dinning room where the rest of family were already waiting for breakfast. The table was already full of foods and drinks, ready to be devoured by the family in the house.

The veteran in child body could see a woman, who can also be said as the older version of herself, was pouring some coffee in a cup before gave them to a man with short messy blonde hair while giving the man a kiss on his cheek. The girl could also see a child, two years older than her with shoulder lenght blonde hair was silently eating her pancake with her eyes closed.

The girl in PJ silently walked towards the table and sat on one of the chair that is available before announcing her presence to the rest of her family.

"Good morning everyone." The girl spoke in a very convincing happy manner as her hands reached for a glass of milk that was already served for her.

The older version of the girl turned her attention to the newcomer and smiled at her. " little rose has finally move her lazy head off the bed. How is your night, Ruby? Having a sweet dream I see." She spoke in equally cheerful manner while the blonde man just gave her a grunt of acknowledge of her presence.

Ruby Rose, the daughter of Summer Rose and Taiyang Xiao Long, the leader of Team RWBY, the savior of the world, and one of the cursed four, smiled back at her mother, albeith fakely.

"Oh, it was pleasant mom. I had a dream of me and Yang becomes Huntress, having our own team with me as the leader and save the entire world from evil." Ruby answered in a very convincing childish manner before she slowly drank her milk.

Funny thing is that was actually the truth, unless it was a memory, not a dream.

The two adults in the house were smiling at this, clearly oblivious of their daughter predicament. But this couldn't be said the same with the other 'children' in the room.

Yang Xiao Long, the daughter of Taiyang Xiao Long and Raven Branwen, the step-daughter of Summer Rose, the older half-sister of Ruby Rose, and the member of Team RWBY, saw through the mask her little half-sister put on.

How? Because she was in the same predicament as her sister. A cursed girl who just want a happy ending for her and ones she dear the most. But ever since 'that day', her eyes were open and she realized that not every story will have a happy ending.

Ruby and Yang made an eye contact. A pair of silver eyes met with the lilac ones. Neither of them were blinking nor they made any form of signs. But countless years of bonding caused them developed some sort of ability to understand each other without anyone noticing. The half-sibling saw the hidden, unspoken message on each other face

'We need to talk.'

"By the way..." Their father, Taiyang Xiao Long, snapped them out of their hidden conversation as he globbed down the toasted bread like a hungry Beowulf. "...Summer and I are gonna have some shopping today. Would you be a dear and look after your sister while we're leaving, Yang?"

Yang stared at her father and gave him a sweet, yet fake smile that looks so convincing for everyone sans her little sister. "Sure thing, dad." Yang answered as she reached for her orange juice.

But while doing so, she caught a glimpse of Ruby and saw the hidden message on her face. "Oh yeah, can you leave your scroll behind? I need to beat that extremely hard final boss." Yang quickly added, gaining a 'hum' and nodded from her father.

"Normally, I would have against it since you've been neglecting study for that game, but since our shopping would probably take long, I will let it slide this time." Summer spoke to her step-daughter in motherly manner as she was eating her breakfast.

After that conversation, the breakfast was rather quite. Scratch that, it was utterly silent. Neither of the parents nor the sisters said a word at all. Although Yang and Ruby shared knowing glances when their parents weren't looking.

After the breakfast, Summer was finishing the dish with the help of her daughters, which was pleased her greatly. Although she had no idea that the two were only doing it so that she can leave the house faster. After the trio finished washing the dish, Summer made a brief preparation before joined her husband at the door.

"Bye kids, we will return before dinner." Taiyang called out before he opened the door and walked out, leaving Ruby and Yang alone in the house.

The very second the door was closed, Ruby and Yang let their masks dropped, revealing their true color. The sibling were having an eye contact for a moment before the two strolled towards the living room where their father had leaved his scroll behind.

They sat on the couch, a couch that was normally so comfy whenever they were having family bonding, is now feel as solid as the sturdiest diamond on remnant. Ruby reached her father scroll that was lay on the table, punching some number that was implanted in her memory all the time, before put the scroll over her right ear.

After waited for a few seconds, she could heard that she was already connected to one of few people she dear the most.

"Ruby..." Came an elegant voice from the other line that soothed her mind for a little bit.

"Weiss...we need to talk." Despite wanting to express her depression to the other girl so badly, Ruby knew very well that it would be better to get on the business immediately.

"...Same place, same time. I'll call Blake as usual." Weiss replied and was about to hang up before Ruby quickly added.

"Also bring the best wine you could afford this time." Ruby added, there was silence for a moment before the girl in the other line responded.

"What for?" Weiss inquired after a moment.

"I might have a plan that will make all our suffering feel worth it. See you next week." As soon as Ruby said that, she ended the call before put the scroll back onto the table.

The younger veteran rose to her feet and waltzed towards the drawer, pulled it open and began to look for something. Yang watched this and just gave her a look, although her little sister didn't pay attention to her, Ruby knew what she's going to ask.

"Not now Yang. I'm not in the mood arguing with you. I'll tell you when Weiss and Blake are around. Less troublesome this way." Ruby spoke monotonously as she pulled out a large paper and a drawing set.

Yang just shrugged her shoulder, didn't mind waiting as she had done that before numerous times with much longer times to wait. Another week wouldn't kill her after all.

And even if it did kill her, which she hopefully wished it did, she wouldn't stay dead anyway.

The veteran within eight years old body stood to her feet and walked for the door. "I'll be at forest to smash some unfortunate Grimms if you need something. Those suckers wouldn't kill themselves after all." Yang spoke without looking at the younger girl. She put a hand on the door handle, opened it before walked out the house and closed the door.

Ruby didn't answer her nor she tell her to be careful because she was fully aware that her older sister would be fine. Instead, she put the things she brought from the cabinet and lay it down on the table. Spread the large paper and began drawing her plan.

Sunday, January 31th, 2208, 10:05 A.M, Remnant, Sanus, Vale, Patch Island, Patch Town, Plaza

A week later since they woke up in their old house. The Rose-Xiao Long sibling managed to convince their parents to take them to Plaza in town. The plaza was a little too small to be properly called a plaza. But with some various clothing store, department store, cafe, restaurant, saloon, arcade, and many more, it was a pretty decent shopping center.

Ruby, clad in a small red hoodie, black knee-length skirt and red scarf around her neck, walked beside her sister. Yang herself was dressed in plain yellow shirt, a cream colored short while wearing a cap on her head.

The family has been shopping for a good hour and the sibling still doesn't have a very good opportunity to ditch their parents without being suspicious.


Well, until now.

"Why don't you and Yang play some games at arcade for a while?" Summer looked down to Ruby while pointing at the arcade ahead them. "Mommy need to have haircut at salon and I don't want you to get bored while mommy there."

For the first time in a week, Ruby and Yang let out a genuine smile. "Sure mom." She replied as Taiyang crouched down to her level and handed her a Lien Card.

"Here the card to play at arcade and buy some ice cream. Just don't spend it too much okay?" Taiyang spoke to his girl who nodded before he stood back to his feet and confronted his wife. Summer just gave him a look. "What? I also need a haircut of my own. Also my beard has become too long for my taste." The Xiao Long commented as he walked off with his wife.

The sibling looked at their parents for a while, making sure that they were out of sight before they headed towards a different location in the plaza. Luckily for the two, the place wasn't really that far from the arcade.

The place was a rather modern theme cafe with some pretty classy interior complete with a high quality furniture. The place, well, the place was quite dark from the outside. There were two grown men in suit guarding the entrance, standing next to a sign that said 'reserved for a private appointment'.

Ruby and Yang confidently walked towards the cafe while the younger girl reached into her hoodie and pulled out a white envelope. The two guards noticed the sibling coming, and was about to "ask" them to leave until they noticed the envelope in Ruby's hand.

"Ruby Rose and Yang Xiao Long. We have an appointment with Weiss Schnee." Ruby, despite having the voice of six years old girl, spoke with huge confident as if she own the place.

One of the guards took the envelope from Ruby's hand and opened the content. He could see his "mistress" handwriting alongside with Schnee family crest on it, signifying that this was a real formal invitation from his "mistress".

The guard, being a professional that he is, bowed to the girls slightly at the apparently a VVIP guest for miss Schnee. "Of course, please come in. Miss Schnee and Miss Belladonna has been waiting for your arrival." The guard professionally welcomed the girl while opened the door for them.

Though the two veteran in child body raised an eyebrow in expectancy at the mention of their other friends.

The Rose-Xiao Long sibling walked in the cafe, only to see it's empty which was expected since Weiss had rent this place for today and didn't want anyone else to be here. The two them mover towards the corner where a table with four chairs lied beneath the only light that illuminated the cafe.

And two of the seats were already occupied by someones they knew well.

The first one was an elegant eight years old girl with hair as white as the purest snow on Remnant that was tied into a ponytail. She also has a pair of icy blue eyes that froze the very core people who's staring at her. The elegant girl wore a white-bluish dress and a pink scarf around her neck.

The other one was a mysterious girl around Yang's age with hair as dark as the deepest deep on Remnant. She also has a soul-piercing golden eye and a black bow atop of her head. She wore a rather more casual clothes than the girl in white. The mysterious girl wore a white sleeveless coat with a black shirt underneath. She also wore a black jeans and a pair of boots.

The elegant girl in white is Weiss Schnee, the Heiress of Schnee Dust Company, a member of Team RWBY as well as the Ruby Rose's partner.

The mysterious girl in black is Blake Belladonna, the former White Fang member, a member of Team RWBY as well as Yang Xiao Long's partner.

Ruby and Yang waltzed towards the table without a word and was about to announce their presence. But it seems after what they have been through for years, the two girls noticed their arrival the moment the sisters walked in the front door.

"You're late." Weiss said in neutral tone, there is neither hint of irritation in her voice nor was she expecting for an apology. The other three knew that Weiss just like pointed out the obvious.

But the sisters was apologizing anyway.

"Sorry for that...we need for the right time to ditch our parents without being suspicious." Yang pointed out as she sat beside her life time partner.

"And we have only an hours at tops, so why don't we get started." Ruby suggested as she sat beside Weiss who handed her her food that has already been ordered before hand.

"Good idea." Blake spoke for the first time as she handed Yang her order.

The two began eating as Weiss was the first one to open up the conversation. "So, you said you have a plan Ruby? Mind to filling us in?" Weiss asked plainly as she cut her steak with a knife before put the pieces into her mouth and began munching it.

Ruby helped herself with the steak of her own and putting down the utensils beside her plate. "Before I began...there is one thing I would like to share ever since I lost hope because of this curse..." Ruby muttered, her eyes were shadowed beneath her hair.

Her teammates knew what's coming next. Their leader was the one who made their team feels lively all the time, her cheerful manner and her innocence was the things that made Team RWBY memorable to everyone. She always thinks positive, even at the hopeless situations.

But they also fully aware that Ruby was, in fact, still a human being.

A human being has a breaking point.

And this was hers.

"I'm done!" Ruby declared as she balled her fist tightly that it might drawn bloods from her hands. "I'm done fighting for others. There is no point doing it anymore. Every time we died, we will be sent back to this time around. What's the point saving the world when someone who has a twisted sense of humor up there would reverse it back to what it was?"

Ruby's small body shook in pure anger while the others didn't even attempt to calm her down, fully aware that their leader need to let her frustration out.

"We were just puny mortal back then when we failed saving the world. We were just a bunch of naïve teenagers who always thought that heroes will always win in the end. And now, WE ARE NOTHING MORE THAN GOD'S PERSONAL CHEW-TOY!"

That was her breaking point. Ruby violently sweep off the table, sending everything that were on the table to the floor loudly. The others, surprisingly, didn't even flinched at their leader outburst. No, they were expecting it. They knew Ruby will lost the last bit of her patience sooner or later.

Luckily that Weiss had instructed the guards she brought along not to interfere no matter what.

Ruby couldn't hold it any longer, she rushed to Weiss, buried herself onto her shoulder and cried with all her might. Weiss didn't mind, she doesn't care if her dress was ruined. She can always replace it by buying a new one.

Because she knew Ruby's innocence were lost forever and couldn't possibly be replaced.

After few minutes of emotional outburst, the leader of Team RWBY finally settle down and regain her composure. Ruby wiped her tears away and looked at her teammates.

"Thanks guys...I really need that." Ruby smiled at them gratefully.

Blake gave her a reassuring smile. "No problem Ruby. That's what friends for after all." The cat faunus replied as she let loose the bow in her head, revealing her cat ears.

Ruby nodded before looked at the now, empty table and blushed in embarrassment. "Sorry for the food guys." She muttered in apology.

Her older sister just waved it off. "It's alright sis. The food tasted bland anyways." Yang commented, earning a nod of agreement from Weiss.

The girl in white crossed her arms in front of her while looking at her partner. "Now you've finally calm down, mind telling us what you have in mind this time?" The Heiress inquired curiously while leaning at her seat.

The girl in red had a look of realization on her face. "Right...almost forgot that..." She mumbled under her breath before pulled out a scroll, that Weiss kindly enough to provide for her and Yang, and began searching for some files.

After finding them, Ruby sent the files to her teammates via emails. "Alright, I have sent them to your scroll. Please open a file project: Happiness." Ruby spoke as she already opened the said file in her scroll.

The other three pulled out their respective scrolls and opened the mentioned file. Only for them to raise an eyebrow in curiousity when they looked at the file which contains the profiles of four females.

Amber Christine: The Fall Maiden. Tan skin, chocolate brown hair.

Elsa Elizabeth: The Winter Maiden. Pale skin, platinum blonde hair.

Celica A Mercury: The Spring Maiden. Creamy skin, dark red hair.

Rachel Alucard: The Summer Maiden. Pale skin, blonde hair.

The WBY of Team RWBY stared at the file for a moment before they looked at their leader with a look that beg for answer.

"I'm sure you wonder what do these girl have anything to do with our happiness?" Ruby spoke without looking at them. "Well, I'm sure you have heard about the tale of the season, so I'm not gonna bother telling you the whole story." This earn some snickers from Yang. "While the Maidens have some incredible powers that will surely help us in the future, but the is actually one aspect that make me think we will require the most."

"And what is it, Ruby?" Blake asked while putting down her scroll onto the table.


As soon as she announced that word, her teammates gasped while their eyes widened.

"Yes. A gift, and also a curse. With it, we don't have to be fear over dying of natural causes anymore." Ruby revealed as she waited for their reaction.

Which she didn't need to wait long.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on sis..." Yang raised her arm as before pointed out her opinion. "...while we may not be dying from old age if we have the Maidens power, we will still vulnurable to death by unatural causes. And you know when we die, everything we have done will be moot."

"I'm fully aware sis. I would be naïve if I honesty believe that no one would want to end us..." Ruby replied as she browser her scroll and opened the second file. "...that's what the file project: Home Sweet Home is for."

The others proceed to open the said file and widened their eyes in pure shock at what they saw.

It was the map of Remnant. Nothing seems out of ordinary. Except for the four certain emblem that was located at the spot where the great four kingdoms of Remnant were located.

There was Ruby's emblem in Vale, Weiss's in Atlas, Blake's in Vacuo, and Yang's in Mistral. They finally realized what their leaders is planning now.

And it's one hell of a project.

Of all the three teammates of Ruby, Weiss was the one who recover first. "Ruby...this is..." The normal regal tone from Weiss was disappeared, still shocked at what her partner has in her mind.

"Yes. With Project: Happiness. We will be able to live without the fear of dying by old age. And with Project: Home Sweet Home, we will be able to cease the major conflicts that might endanger our life in the future." Ruby elaborated her plan to her teammates.

"You're planning to steal the Maiden power and conquers Remnant with it." Blake summarized the plan in few words, earning a nod of confirmation from her team leader.

The was silence for a moment. None of them said a word. As they tried to come out with appropriate words to respond.

That was until Yang broke the unbearable silence in her style.

"If it was me from before Ruby, then I would have throw you into the asylum immediately for having such distorted thought..." Yang paused for a moment before she let out an eat-shitting grin on her face. "...but considered of the hell we have been through together, I'm gonna say 'fuck it, I'm in'."

Ruby responded her with her own grin before turned towards her Faunus companion.

"Sure, why not. Just like you said, I'm also done fighting for Faunus equality long ago after all that have happened." The girl in black replied while giving a grin of her own.

Ruby nodded pleasantly at this before she turned towards her partner. They made an eye contact for a moment and Ruby began to fear that Weiss might not gonna support her plan until the girl answered.

"What? Do I need to say it? I'm in. We all have made an oath to look each other back, remember?" The heiress spoke in annoyance, earning a sigh of relief from the other three.

Ruby let out a giggle at this. Oh how she really missed this side of Weiss. Ruby then browser her scroll again, finding her desired file before she sent them to her teammates who turned their attention back to their respective scrolls.

"That's the details of our project, I have separated it into four stages. Please have a look into them." Ruby spoke as she put her scroll back onto the table.

Her teammates opened the file and looked into it.

Stage 1: Gears up. Details: Builds a funding source, a global-scale intel network, and some military powers as well as appoint someone who will act as Second-in-Command.

Stage 2: Snatch the Maidens off their virginities (not in the way you're thinking Yang). Details: Makes moves to our primary targets and strips them off their powers. Beware of the possible third and fourth Party (Ozpin and Salem).

Stage 3: Show time. Details: Prepares to attack four great kingdoms of Remnant simultaneously while their attention are occupied to a certain event. Dethrones and Terminates the kings and the council.

Stage 4: Epilogue. Details: Terminates all the remains enemy without leaving a trace and have a happy eternal life afterwards.

The members of Team RWBY stared at their scroll in shock before turned their attention back to their leader, who was picking her nose with her pinky.

"You've really thought a lot about this." That more like a statement than a question but Ruby answered Yang anyways.

"Yup!" Ruby replied, while popping the 'p' in her word. There was silence again before Weiss broke it with laughter.

" I know why you told me to bring my best wine along." Weiss spoke as she reached for her shopping bag she brought with her and pulled out a bottle of a wine which Blake immediately recognized it.

"Is that Chateau Margaux?" Blake asked with no little surprise. "Rumor said that there are only four bottles in Remnant. And each bottle cost two limbs and two internal organs."

Weiss smiled proudly at this. "Yes, the dear father of mine wasted two millions Lien just to buy all four bottles for himself. This is actually the last bottle he has." The heiress replied nonchalantly as she uncorked the bottle, poured the safety amount of the drink in the glass she brought alongside with the wine.

"Aren't your father gonna mad when he found out you stole his precious alcohol?" Yang inquired curiously while taking a glass from Weiss who handed Ruby her glass.

"Nah...he will never found out. Not until he finally decide to drink the replica I made which is nothing more that a very spicy chili water. Oh, I'm looking forward to see his stupid face when he realized somebody has robbed his wine." Weiss spoke playfully, earning the laugh from her teammates.

There was another silence again before they began tossed up their wines.

"For happiness." Yang raised her glass.

"For freedom." Blake was next.

"For victory." Weiss joined in before all of the looked at their team leader who has finally revealed her true smile to the world.

"For Team RWBY."

To be Continued

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