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Episode 1: Rounding up the Animals

Saturday, Febuary 9th, 2208, 01:51 A.M, Remnant, Sanus, Vale, Unknown Forest, White Fang Vale's Branch

The White Fang.

Founded following the Faunus Rights Revolution, the White Fang was initially a peaceful activist organization created to improve relations between Humans and Faunus, and improve the civil rights of the latter.

However, in the face of continued discrimination and a change in leadership, the White Fang began to adopt more and more radical methods, eventually becoming a violent terrorist organization that has earned much notoriety in the world.

Enemies of the White Fang include the human governments, military, schools, Huntsmen, as well as the Schnee Dust Company, with whom they have been locked in a bloody war for years. Their goals are to destroy these institutions and cause the collapse of the pillars of society.

In what looks like a make-shift tent, a tan woman around thirty with short golden hair, eerie red eyes and a pair of cheetah ears, was sitting on a simple looking chair while reading through the paper on her desk. She was wearing a beautiful red kimono with white obi and a katana on her left waist.

This woman was none other than Sienna Khan. The current leader of the White Fang. After she succeeded the position from Ghira Belladonna, she changed the White Fang from a peaceful organization into a terrorist group by adopting more violent method and more aggressive behavior.

The activities of the new militant White Fang include disrupting and causing violence at peaceful protests, such as the Faunus Civil Rights Protest, firebombing stores that refused to serve Faunus, as well as theft or sabotage targeting organizations that used Faunus labor.

One example of such an organization is the Schnee Dust Company, notorious for its "controversial labor forces" and "questionable business partners". The White Fang and Schnee Dust Company have been locked in a bloody years-long conflict that has included theft, disappearances, murders of executives and sabotage.

But this will change in the matter of minutes.


A white fang goon, as she usually called him, barged in her personal tent rather rudely. The goon bend over slightly as his hands were on his knees while he tried to catch his breath.

Sienna frowned at the foot soldier, clearly wasn't pleased by his entrance. "It's better be good soldier, or I'll blow your head off." She commanded the goon who's immediately standing straight again and saluted at her.

"My apologize mam, but we have an intruder." The goon reported.

The cheetah Faunus just raised an eyebrow at this. "An intruder? Here? Who in the right mind would barge into our base?" Sienna spoke to no one in particular as she stormed off her tent, followed by the goon.

As Sienna walked through the base, she could hear the noise of violence and gun shoot from distance, followed by screams of agony from her soldiers before it were silenced by what it sounds like a slash from a sword.

When the cheetah Faunus arrive at the source, she couldn't hide her surprise when she saw who this intruder is.

The intruder was a little girl, probably around eight years old with short black hair and amber eyes. She was wearing a plain gray shirt, white shorts and black scarf arounf her neck.

From the animal ears above her head, Sienna could tell that this child was a Faunus. A cat Faunus to be exact. The girl was standing causally around her soldiers...dead soldiers. Around thirty of them. Some of them were decapitated while some others were butchered into pieces. Only few of them who were fortunate enough to be in one piece when they were killed by this girl.

"What is the meaning of this?" Sienna announced her presence, earning the attention from the intruder and her remains soldiers, much to their relief.

"Sienna Khan. Just the person I've been looking for." The girl spoke monotonously as she wiped off the bloods her bloodied katana before sheathed it back.

The leader of White Fang finally regain her cool as she looked at the younger Faunus in curiosity. "I see you know who I am. What is your business in here child?" Sienna asked casually, temporarily ignored the fact of this girl had murdered quite number of her soldiers.

The girl confidently walked towards the cheetah Faunus, earning the reaction from her soldiers who pointed their guns towards the little cat Faunus. Sienna motioned her men to put down their guns, telling them that she got this.

The cat and the cheetah was having staring contest for a moment. The tensions were skyrocketed through the roof when the terrorist's leader and the intruder were just about an inch from each other. The foot soldier watched this scene in nervous and awe at the sight of a little girl, fearlessly stands up against their leader.

The cat Faunus decided to break the unbearable silence and announced the what her business is.

"I challenge you into one on one fight."






The soldiers were laughing hysterically at the declaration. Presumptuous. A little girl, challenged an experience fighter like as skilled as Sienna Khan. They wondered if this insolent kid hit her head really hard, completely forgetting that she just slaughtered thirty of their comrades.

They however, stopped laughing when they heard a gunshot. The soldiers could see their boss raised her katana-shotgun above her head before secured it back to her left waist.

After the annoying laughter from her soldier cease, Sienna turned her attention back to the girl before her. The cheetah Faunus didn't laugh when this girl declared her intention here. She knew it very well that this girl wasn't an ordinary girl. No, not from her "display" beforehand. But from the cold amber eyes of her.

Sienna knew that eyes. The eyes of a warrior that had been lived through so many battle and come out on the top. She wonder if this girl was much older than she looks.

So out of curiosity, she considered her demand.

"What's the rule?" Sienna broke the silence, shocked her soldier greatly for the fact she considered the challenge.

"Just a classic one on one fight with no interruption from outsider. Each of us can choose only one weapon." The girl replied as she reached to her katana on her back and patted the weapon. "I chose this." The girl continued, earning a nod from the leader of the White Fang.

"Is there anything you want if you win?" The cheetah Faunus asked while preparing for any possible demand the girl could come out.

"Your death will be suffice."

Well, except for that. Sienna flattered a little bit but didn't even flinched when the girl declared her demand so casually. Who is this girl. Declaring someone's death so casually as if it's a the simplest this in the world.

"Very well." Sienna agreed, stepping back from the girl before she drew her shotgun-katana and pointed it at the little girl's neck before her. "I accept your challenge."

The little girl smiled mysteriously, pulled out her own katana, twirled it for a second before assumed a sword stance.

Sienna observed the stance she was using. She held the katana a little loosely within her right hand, her right foot was also at the front slightly and her body seems so relax.

The leader of the White Fang narrowed her eyes as she come out with one conclusion. 'It may seems sloppy, but there isn't a single opening in her stance at all. This girl really know how to use a sword.' The cheetah Faunus spoke within her mind as her brain worked hard to come out with a battle strategy.

'Let see if she's as fast as she look.'

Sienna Khan rushed at the little girl at incredible speed. Being a part cheetah, which is the fastest land animal on the planet, Sienna was much faster than any normal Faunus. Her speed was absurd to the point people gives a moniker "The Golden Flash" for her fast, unpredictable movement.

But unfortunately for her, her title may be thrown into question now.

Because the little cat Faunus was able to block Sienna's fast sword attack in the mid swing by catching the cheetah Faunus on the wrist by using her left hand. The leader of the White Fang, as well as the White Fang soldier who were watching the showdown, widened their eyes in pure shock when the girl effortlessly block Sienna's fast, deadly attack.

The cat Faunus used her moment of surprise as distraction to deliver a swing of her katana and aimed to Sienna's neck. However, Sienna wasn't the leader of such an organization as big as the White Fang for nothing. Years of experience allows her to instantly recover from such unexpected development like this. So, using her speed, the cheetah Faunus ducked her head to avoid a lethal slash attack from her opponent.

However, the little cat Faunus proved herself again to be a dangerous and unpredictable opponent. The moment Sienna ducked her head to avoid her initial attack, the cat Faunus delivered a high kick towards the incoming head and slammed onto the cheetah's left face...really hard.


The leader of the White Fang grunted in pain as she was sent sprawling over the dirt for few meters before she recover rather quickly. The cheetah Faunus looked ahead, only to see a sheath was thrown at her. Sienna instinctively shifted her katana into shotgun mode and shoot the incoming sheath to deflect it. But her momentary of blindness was used by the cat Faunus to charge at her and deliver another lethal swing of katana, this time was aimed towards Sienna's left shoulder with the intent to slice her into two diagonally.

Sienna fortunately, reacted just in time to block the incoming attack. The cheetah Faunus raised her shotgun-katana above and block the slash attack with some effort. After some struggle, the leader of the White Fang pushed her opponent away and began to take a shot towards her with her shotgun.

The cat Faunus, as expected, was quite agile. She easily danced around to avoid rounds after rounds from Sienna's shotgun-katana and gained some distance from her.

The cheetah Faunus straight up her stance again as she shotgun shifted back into its katana mode. Her blood red eyes narrowed calculatingly at her opponent.

'She's good. Whoever taught her, must be really a master of sword of their own. She's quite agile too, a proof of her being a cat Faunus. However, her strength doesn't make sense. No cat Faunus at her size can kick that hard, had my Aura didn't protect me back then, I would have had some brain damages. Better be careful this time.'

After her inner monologue, Sienna charged at her opponent again, shooting her shotgun to propel her even faster and attacked her opponent with the blunt side of her shotgun. The cat Faunus raised her katana to her left with the intent to block the attack, but the recoil from Sienna's shotgun have made the swing was more powerful that she previously predicted.

The little girl was slammed onto the ground really hard, causing her to let out a grunt of pain before she saw the White Fang's leader aimed her shotgun to her head with her finger on the trigger. The cat Faunus reacted quickly and swatted the tip of the shotgun away with her left palm.

Just in time before Sienna pulled the trigger. The nozzle was aimed at the crowd and Sienna has pulled the trigger, sending a round of shell towards her soldiers and killing three of them in one shot. Despite this, Sienna didn't care and never let herself distracted from her opponent. She was about to take aim again but the cat Faunus forcing her to block another lethal attack again. Sienna swatted the incoming sword with her shotgun, but this attack was only served as distraction, this allowed her opponent to gain some distance again.

"Not bad, to be able to reach the skills at your level at such young age, color me impressed..." Sienna sincerely complemented her opponent, but the cat faunus gave no reaction. "...may I know the name of the opponent who managed to push me this far?" The cheetah Faunus requested as her stance relaxed a little, but still on fully alert.

The girl was silent for a moment before she replied. "Blake." The cat Faunus, whose name was revealed as Blake, said monotonously as she retrieved the sheath of her katana and secure it on her back.

Sienna nodded her head in thought. While Blake's name was somehow familiar to her, the cheetah Faunus couldn't really put a finger on it, so she decided to put that thought aside and focused on her showdown with the cat Faunus.

"Well, Blake...I will say it again, I acknowledges your skills. But to be honest, letting go such a rare gem like you is truly a shame. You would be a perfect second-in-command for the White Fang." Sienna sighed while ignoring the gasp from her soldiers when they heard this. "But a fight is a fight after all. And I intents to honor it." Sienna reared her right hand and pointed her katana at Blake while her left hand touched the tip of the blade.

Blake didn't say anything as she mimicked her opponent's stance, earning a raised eyebrow from the cheetah Faunus. The two combatants were having staring connect for a moment before that dashed at each other with the intent to kill. As they were about few feet from each other...


...The two swordswomans thrusts their blade and cutting each other.

Sienna managed to inflict a rather deep wound onto Blake's left shoulder while the cat Faunus herself only managed to gash Sienna's left hips a little. Blake was staggering a little, winched slightly and removed her scarf from her neck before wrapped it tightly around her left shoulder to stop the bleeding.

Sienna meanwhile, hissed in pain as she checked her left hips. She was pleased that the girl failed to inflict a fatal wound onto her and it costed the cat Faunus her left shoulder. The White Fang's leader turned around to see her opponent and smiled victoriously at Blake.

But soon her smile was replaced by a frown when she saw Blake...was smirking at her, she doesn't seem to care about her more serious wound at all.

"What's so funny girl?" Sienna spoke, continued to frown at Blake who continued to smile at her.

"Just found your disillusion of victory is mildly...amusing." Blake replied cryptically as she sheathed her katana.

Sienna was frowning even more at that remark. But she still keep her composure in check. "I have no idea what you're talking about child. I'm not the one who have a piece of cloth wrapped around her shoulder after all." Sienna turned around to face Blake. "Don't talk as if you have won just because you managed to lay a scratch on me."

Blake, however, just shifted her smile into a grin as she sheathed back her katana. "On the contrary, a scratch is all I need to secure my victory." Blake responded as she raised her palm up and doing a hand motion with one clear message.

'Bring it on!'

Sienna's anger just skyrocketed through the roof but she didn't exploded, she's much level headed than Blake give her credits. "Such arrogance coming from a child like you. I take what I said, you would be a terrible second in command for the White Fang. I'll make you suffer for wasting my times...and for killing thirty of my brothers and sisters." Sienna declared as she went into a stance again. The almost forgotten crowd roared in anticipation as they cheered at her to finish off the insolent brat before them.

Sienna dashed towards Blake even faster than before...


...But suddenly, she coughed up a rather large amount of blood as she staggered before Sienna collapsed to her knee.

This, obviously, efficiently silenced the previous excited crowd as they watched they leader was suddenly brought to her knee.

The leader of the White Fang coughed up for a moment, bloods trailing off from her mouth before she glared at the grinning cat Faunus fiercely. "What did you do, girl!" It was a demand, not a question. Although the effect wasn't as threatening as she wanted it to be due her current predicament.

Blake didn't answer her, instead she simply walked forward as she pulled out her katana again, but this time she didn't twirled it. Sienna watched her coming closer before something caught her attention.

Some clear liquid was dropping from the edge of her blade.

The cheetah Faunus widened her eyes in horror as she lost her composure for the first time since she became the leader of the White Fang. "Poison!" Sienna cried out hysterically as she realized what just happened.

"Not just any poison...it's the Aura Killer."

Sienna, and practically everyone around trembled in fear at the mention of the poison's name.

The Aura Killer, the deadliest poison on Remnant. It was designed to slay those with tremendous amounts of Aura the more they used it. It caused light damage to a few organs at first at first, which the person's Aura naturally tries to heal. Except, Aura Killer absorbed the strength of the Aura and caused more damage, meaning more Aura was drawn to the injuries and the cycle continues until the person who was poisoned with it dies of the severe injuries done to all of their internal organs.

In short, Aura Killer was a nightmare among nightmares to all Aura users in the world.

And not to mention, there is no antidote for it.

"The Aura Killer! How in Remnant did a mere little girl like you could get your hands on that abomination?" Sienna yelled out in panic.

Which wasn't her fault since anyone would have been freaked out if they get poisoned by such dangerous poison.

"I would love to share, but a colleague of mine would get upset if I told you about her existence." Blake spoke monotonously as she raised her katana and swung it down.


And with a sweep of a sword that severed a head from a neck, Sienna Khan, the leader of White Fang, has fallen to her challenger. The cheetah Faunus's head rolled for a few moment before it stopped near the body. The said body finally collapsed to earth dues the lack of the head.

Blake twirled her katana to wiped off some bloods before put her weapon back to its sheath. She stared at the headless body without emotion before faced the still stunned crowd.

"Listen up!"

Blake barked out to get their attentions which she did. The cat Faunus was silent for a moment before she continued.

"Your leader...is dead. From this very moment, the White Fang will obey my command. Anyone have problem with it, I dare you to say that to my face right now!"

Blake looked around to find someone who objected her declaration. The White Fang soldiers looked at each other nervously before the kneel before the girl that killed their previous leader.

Acknowledging her superiority over them.

"Rise!" Blake commanded her new pawns to rise, which they obediently did. "From this now on. You will refer me as General Belladonna." This obviously earn a series of gasp and cried of shocks from her new pawns. They must have realized who she really is by now, but the newly General of the White Fang choose to ignore it.

"Now I know what you're thinking right now and believe me...I understand." Blake closed her eyes for a moment before she opened them again. But if you look closely, you will see fire burning within her cold ruthless amber eyes. "But since I'm on tight schedule, I'll keep it brief. On the Valentine day, at exactly 12 P.M, pay your attentions to your TV. Because I'll do the impossible and cease any doubt you have on me." Blake then turned around and started to leave the base.

"But for the time being, don't any of you dare to do anything funny while I'm gone."

Saturday, Febuary 9th, 2208, 02:00 A.M, Remnant, Sanus, Vale, Patch Island, Rose-Xiao Long Resident, Living Room


Ruby Rose, the one and only leader of Team RWBY, yawned over the coach tiredly.

The Living room was almost dark, sans for a desk lamp that illuminated over the desk. Everyone was asleep, not really susprising since it's two in the morning. But the 'young' leader had insisted to stay up this late.

Why you ask? Because she and her older sister, Yang Xiao Long, were struck in here while her other teammates, namely the Heiress, Weiss Schnee, and the ninja cat Faunus, Blake Belladonna, were out there executing their plan. Of course, that the fact they were also struck inside of a child body makes it even harder to act. Ruby and Yang cannot just go out there to help their teammates. They were, after all, still technically kids. They cannot move freely without being suspicious.

She hated it, she hated it when she felt useless.

So, being a responsible leader that she is, Ruby decided to exploit her 'free' times productively.

Lays over the table, was a pile of papers, consisted of so many weaponry projects. Ruby didn't always spend her eternal curse by fooling around or finding a way to break free from it. No, during that times, she learned. She learned as much as she can. And admittedly, her most favorite subject was weaponry. Guns, tanks, Bullheads, helicopters, airships, battleships, missiles, submarines and even orbital satellites, she had both invented and designed some of them during her life times.

Who knows that her rather crazy obsession towards weapons would be pay off like this.

"You're still up." A voice spoke from behind her, but Ruby pay no attention to it as she aware who it was.

Yang Xiao Long walked down the stairs and moved towards the couch before looked at her sister's unofficial work table.

"I got works to do." The warrior inside of six years old body spoke as she drank a cup of coffee on the table before she take a look onto one of her weaponry project as studied it.

Yang raised an eyebrow as she also take a look onto the paper. There was a complex image of a cylider-shaped machinery with four solar panel that formed as an 'X'.

"Isn't that Project Mljonir? The one that becomes the nightmare to all four kingdoms of Remnant in our thirty sixth restart?" Yang wondered as she looked at her little sister with a deadpanned look.

"The same." Ruby replied while still studying her project.

" And you intents to use it again?" Yang stared at her sister as if she was has gone nuts. "The last time that happens, the damn thing falls into the enemy's hands." Yang spoke flatly and from the tone alone, she seems to blame her little sister for it.

"Hey, I'd never know Weiss would pull out such stunt. I mean, giving the most dangerous weapon that ever created to Salem of all people, and asking her to fire one of the warhead towards us during out make out season. It took us forever to restrain Blake from driving Gambol Shroud through Weiss head on the next restart. And what more, I still wonder why I had stopped her back then. " Ruby snapped as quite as possible to her sister, finally pay attention to the blonde girl.

"You and me sis..." Yang nodded head head in agreement as she recalled the rather unpleasant memories. "...I mean, we got disintegrated without trace by that nuclear dust on our tenth restart, getting squashed like bugs by a fucking meteorite on eighteenth restart, and my personal favorite, get blasted off to the edge of universe on our twenty fifth restart, what was she trying to accomplice by firing off a mere country busting warhead over our head while all those things I mentioned had failed to kill us for good?"

Ruby didn't answered her and shifted back her attention to her project but Yang quickly snatched it. Ruby just gave her older sister a look that demand an explanation.

"No, you need to rest. You have been overworked for these past few days." Yang spoke as Ruby just raised her eyebrow with a hidden message.

'You noticed?'

"Of course I noticed silly. I'm your sister after all."

Ruby just gave her sister a fierce glare as her silver eyes narrowed dangerously at her. But Yang didn't back down a bit so Ruby decided to conceded for now.

"Fine...but at least help me clean this mess." Ruby spoke as she gestured to the pile of papers and sets of drawing tools on the table.

Yang nodded as she thought it was the best idea to comply. I mean, her parents would have a heart attack if they found out they innocent Ruby was practically planning a project for a weapon mass destruction.

But before they started cleaned up Ruby's mess, her scroll was going off. Ruby quickly picked up the device from the table and answered the call.


"It's done, Ruby. The White Fang is under my command." Blake reported from the other line.

Ruby let out a manical grin at this. "Excellent. Contacts Weiss so that she can fly you up to Atlas. You two have five days to be prepared for 'Operation: Bloody Valentine'." Ruby replied to her teammate.

"Will do...urgh."

Ruby frowned when she heard Blake grunted in pain from the other line. "Is it bad?" Ruby asked with concern.

"Sienna got me on my left shoulder, but I can still finish up my assignment on schedule." Blake responded.

"Just don't push yourself too hard okay." Ruby spoke before she hung up the call and looked at Yang. She knew what her older sister going to ask. "Don't worry, she will live."

Yang just nodded before she helped Ruby cleaned her project and headed towards bed to sleep.

To Be Continued