It was a hot day on Jade Mountain, but qibli didn't mind. After all, he was a Sandwing, and Sandwings live in the desert. He heard a talon step and suddenly moon was hugging him "don't creep up on me like that!" he said, twining his tail with hers. "Tsunami wants us in our cave"

"Then lets go!"

10 min later

After Tsunami was finished explaining that moon and qibli were going to a strange school for animus scavengers called Hogwarts to study scavengers, turtle transformed them into scavengers and sent them to this place called kings cross station with some scrolls on how to control their powers, transform into dragons and act like the scavengers (A/N am I being a bit to descriptive?)

Sorry its so short!i promise the next chapter will be a bit longer! Feel free to frostbreath and avada kadavra me!but please dont!