Dragons & Time Chapter 1 Discussion

If you didn't get it let me put you in the light!

Natsu has to go through a test to receive his dragon slaying magic but he doesn't remember going through that in his old life, why?

Well lets just say it has something to do with his E.N.D. Counterpart.

His magic, right now he old knows 1 magic and that is strengthening magic, its more of a sub-category of magic in the book he read from, there's force, crash, & gravity magic.

Stay tuned for crash magic Natsu!

I would see why some of you would get confused, on wattpad there is more of a transition to the next scene but it doesn't really have that loading feature on here.

All I can say is Natsu made a deal with the God of time, Chronos, which caused Gavern to play a part in this story & for Natsu to receive his god slaying magic, also Gavern will be Natsu's secret magic teacher in later chapters.

Btw Natsu will not be a dumbass in this Fanfic, be will be a thoughtful strategist who could rival even mavis's skill in strategy.

I'm also very sorry for the lack of descriptive text in this, I will try to expand my vocabulary and do some research on synonyms and antonyms & magic skills.

You guys really need to get wattpad, there is much more Author notes and updates, Also for my story Devil Dragon of DXD there are really good drawings of Igneel as a dragon gauntlet.

Sorry I got lost track.

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Sorry if the first chapter was a bit random, ill try to get inspiration from other writers and implement it in the second and the rest of the chapters.

One more thing, Do you want a Fairy Tail X Highschool of the dead Crossover or a new chapter of Devil Dragon Of DXD this week. I'll do a poll.