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I sighed as I pulled my wild hair through the elastic band I had been wearing around my wrist. It was cold in the campus library, but I didn't mind much.

"Miss Granger, just lock up when you are done." Barney, the librarian, said patting my shoulder.

Barney has always been sweet to me and regularly let me stay after closing. He said it was because was really smart, but I think he recognized that I got nervous around people. He lived in America for 42 years and even fought in the Vietnam War. War was something we had in common.

It's been 4 years since the Battle of Hogwarts. I spent that time to finish my Hogwarts education and then I decided to attend muggle University. It had been my parent's idea for me back before the war so I decided to honor their wishes. I went for a history major.

The work wasn't hard and my excellent memory made it even easier. The problem with it though is that I found it extremely hard to concentrate when I was surrounded by a lot of people and loud noises. I found myself breaking out in tears for no reason and panicking at events. There were many people who thought I was mad. Most people my age, however, haven't fought in a war. Most people my age haven't spent a year on the run and most people my age haven't been tortured. Needless to say, I didn't have many friends here. My friends were limited to my roommate, Kate, and my professors. Kate is sweet American girl who, though not especially bright, was very kind and loyal. She was very confused when I referred to her as a Hufflepuff once.

I didn't care too much about the whole friend thing. I had plenty of friends. Ginny, my best friend just got engaged to Harry. My good friend Luna was traveling in Asia with her boyfriend. Neville was teaching at Hogwarts, George was still working at his shop and Ron spent most of his days at the ministry, but would come see me on Saturday morning. We are the second most famous couple in the wizarding world at the moment. Most days Harry and Ginny populated the Daily Prophet gossip section, but every so often Ron and I were also featured.

My mind was mulling over the large reservoir of information about the black plague, the topic of my midterm paper, when the telephone on the front desk rang. The ringing sound made me nearly jump out of my skin. While swearing to myself, I went over and picked it up.

"Hello?" I said in to the receiver.

"Hey, Hermy!" Kate replied cheerfully on the other end. Kate knew she would be able to reach me here, "I just wanted to let you know that a gentle caller came to our room this evening."

"And you want me to not come home?" I finished.

"No, actually. Get this! The gentleman caller was actually looking for you. I told him where he could find you and he should be on his way there."

It wasn't normal for Ron to visit this late at night. "Alright. Young man with red hair?"

"No ma'am. He was an older gentleman. I didn't know you date. You always seemed like a gal who kept to herself."

"I have a boyfriend, Kate."

"Really? Since when?"

"Since before I met you, Kate. His name is Ron. You met him. He has red hair."

"Oh. Him? I thought he was just your friend. You didn't seem very close."

"Well, we are together. Anyway, what did the man say?" I was ready to be done with this conversation.

"He said he was looking for you. He called you a funny name at first. I guessed it was a pet name."

"What did he call me?"

"I think it was mudblood. Yeah, it was mudblood." She said slowly. My heart stopped.

Thanks to the aurors, most of the known death eaters had been caught and carted away to Azkaban, but there were a few elusive ones that had managed to slip through the cracks. When I had decided to come here Kingsley had warned me that I might become a target for them if I was not careful. Had that day come?

"What else did he say?" I choked out.

"When he had first called you the mudblood, I must have seemed confused because he called me a stupid muggle'. He wasn't very nice, but he seemed pleased as punch when I told him where to find you. He even thanked me."

"So, a mean stranger comes to the door and asks for me and you tell him exactly where to find me?" I asked,the panic leaking into my voice."

She seemed to sense it and grew worried, "Did I do the wrong thing? Should I call the police?"

The police wouldn't be able to do anything. I forced myself to say, "No, it's fine. See you later." And hang up the phone on her mid-sentence.

I took the next few moments to ready myself. I have survived many battles and this witch wasn't going down without a fight. I put out the lights and hid behind one of the many bookshelves. It was a good spot that had a clear shot at the area where I had been studying. I was hoping they would walk in and notice the only non-vacant table in the area and unknowingly step into my aim.

I only had to wait 10 minutes or so for the library door to creak open and a dark figure to step inside. I tried to see his face, but he was wearing a hooded jumper.

Just as expected, he immeadiatly noticed my work station and wandered over to it. After a moment or two of examination he called out, "Hello? Anyone here?"

I jumped from my hiding place and practically screamed, "incarcerous!"

The body bind spell was effective. The man was tied with magical robes and lying face down on the ground. "Granger?" he said in a familiar voice.

I wandered cautiously over to him and knelt to flip him over. Though he was thinner, I still recognized his memorable face and pale blond hair. "Malfoy, What are you doing here?"

I hadn't seen Draco Malfoy since his trial. Harry and I had fought to keep him free after the war. Our testimonies helped, but he was still sentenced to 3 years at Azkaban. It was a very small sentence compared to the rest of the death eaters. His father had received 15 years, but his mother only received house arrest because of Harry's testimony for her.

"I came to see you. Will you please untie me?" he asked.

"No, I am contacting Harry."

"Wait! I just want to talk not hurt you. Please, Hermione?"

It shocked me for a moment when he used my first name. I studied him for a moment.

"And, and you can take my wand. It's in my back pocket." He added as if reading my mind.

I flipped him back over and felt around for his wand. I offhandedly thought of how weird it was to be feeling around in pockets. I found it quickly and with a quick flick of my wand he was free. "What do you want, Malfoy, and don't tell me that you came here to call me a mudblood."

He almost chuckled. "No, that is behind me now." I rolled my eyes.

"So, you were released?"

"Just this morning. My mother was pleased to see me. She is actually the one who convinced me to come see you."

"Were you okay in there?" I asked.

"Yeah. It wasn't as bad in there now that they don't have dementors guarding the place. The even let me study so I could take my O.W.L.s. The worst part was having to see Umbridge daily and the food was terrible. McGonagall told it was idea to let me finish my O.W.L.s by the way. Thanks."

"I figured you should be given a chance to finish your education and McGonagall agreed."

"I also heard that you attempt to visit me several times, but the ministry denied it."

I had tried to see him. I figured he might want company from the outside. "They didn't think it fit for me. I even made headlines because of it. You should have seen the papers. Rita Skeeter claimed that we had a romance. It was good for a laugh." I said nervously.

He simply nodded. I figured he would make a nasty remark, but he looked almost thoughtful. "How are things?" He asked after a moment.

"Well, as you can see, I am attending muggle University." I seated myself at my work station.

He pulled up a chair to sit across from me. "I noticed. May I ask why?"

This was weird. He was being too comfortable. I was being too comfortable. This was the same Draco Malfoy who bullied me, who was a death eater, and who watched me be tortured. However, he was a product of a family that taught him the wrong thing. He didn't want to be a death eater, and I faintly remembered Narcissa telling Bellatrix to stop and think of Draco. Only faintly.

"My parents had asked me to before the war. I am honoring their wishes."

"You make it sound as if they aren't around." He pointed out.

"It's because they aren't."

He was shocked by that one. "What do you mean?"

"I erased their minds." I said hoping I sounded nonchalant.


"When I realized that there was going to be a war, I decided I wasn't going to let anyone use them as leverage. I took away all their memories of me and sent them to Australia." I said. I was impressed with my composure.

"Good thinking. It actually came up once at a meeting. I was lucky that they asked my opinion. I told them it wouldn't work because you weren't close to your parents."

"You lied? Why?"

His face turned red. "I think we established I am completely bad." He said.

"I guess you are right." I agreed. I hoped he would drop the subject.

"Did you not try to find them?"

"Harry and Ron helped me find them, but I couldn't reverse it." My nose started to burn the way it did before you started to cry. My eyes grew wet.

"Maybe if proved that you were their daughter, they would take you back in." He was trying to be optimistic. It was so unlike him.

"No, apparently my mother was pregnant when I erased their mind. They had a daughter." Tears were coming now, "She is a beautiful little girl."

"So you have a little sister? That's good."

"No, it is not." My voice was harsh, "I any other scenario, it would be great to finally have a sibling, but not this way."


"Because you know what my parents always wanted to call their daughter?" I yelled. I wasn't in control anymore.

His eyes suddenly became sad and full of pity. "Hermione. You feel replaced." It wasn't a question. It was a statement.

"Go away, Malfoy!" said sobbing.

"I didn't mean to make you cry, Hermione."

"Go away! You are not allowed to see me cry!" I screamed.


"Because when I was 12 a pointy faced little blonde prick called me a mud blood and endlessly bullied and tormented me because of something I couldn't control! That's to mention the fact that he sat through me being tortured by his aunt without saying anything!" I was verbal vomiting.

I stood up and leaned towards him. He squirmed as I yanked up my sleeve. He knew what I was doing and was trying to look away. I grabbed his chin with my other hand. I tried not to be too forceful, but I wasn't succeeding. "Look at it! You watched her carve this into my arm! Your little pet name for me, how fitting! This was worse than any unforgivable curse she used on me that night! How many times did she use the cruciatus curse on me that night? Did you count? I lost track after 15 but this, being forever branded with this, was worse than all of that!" I fell back into my seat my voice went quiet, " You know, when she held that knife to my throat and I was looking into the faces of my friends, I saw you. I saw your face and for a moment, just a moment, I wished she would have sliced my throat. She started to. I wished you could finally see what made my blood so different. 'We'll see exactly how filthy how filthy her blood is.'" I quoted.

There were tears in his eyes as well, but I couldn't read what they meant. "I wanted it more than anything for a moment. I was waiting to die. I was almost sure it was coming. There was no way Harry would have risked everything for silly me. Until he did just that and he reminded me that we were doing this together. Harry loves me. Ron loves me. I live everyday holding onto that fact. It keeps me sane for the most part." I laid my head against my open text book and closed my eyes, "I am sorry. I guess I just somethings on my mind that I had stored up too long. It's better if you just go."

There were several moments of silence before I heard his chair screech as he drug it across the hard would floor. I was waited to hear footsteps, but then something unexpected happened. A hand wrapped around my fingers. He tugged lightly till I was on my feet and wrapped in his arms. I should have shoved him away, but I found I couldn't.

My face was tucked against his chest. He was holding his breath, but his embrace was warm and pleasant. He smelled nice. He relaxed after he realized I was going to hex him. His hand started rubbing my back in a comforting way. I felt better. "I am sorry. I died inside when I saw you and your friends get dragged into the manor. I was a coward and I know I can never make up for my actions, but I want to try. I want to try to be there for you." His words meant something I just couldn't figure out what.

His head suddenly turned and kissed my forehead. I pulled back to look at him. The same face I had hated just a few years ago. There were tears in his eyes, but these were different than they were two minutes before. They weren't upset they were happy. He was smiling, but not the sneer I was used too, an actual smile.

"Are you alright?" I asked confused.

"I have dreamed of this moment. The moment when I could finally hold you." He explained, but it left butterflies fluttering in my stomach and my beat harder.

There was something in his eyes.

"I'm sorry." I said abruptly pulling away, "I can't."

He panicked, grabbing my hand and falling to his knees. "Please." The bright color in his cheeks was such a contrast to his normal pallor and his gray eyes had an adoring gaze fixed on me. It made heat rush to my own face. I had to look away. I wasn't sure about this.

He took my arm and slid my sleeve back up. "I am sorry for letting you get this." He placed his lips tenderly on my scar, "I am sorry help you." He started traveling further up my arm with his kisses in-between apologies. "I am sorry that I made fun of you." the crook of my elbow.

"I am sorry I let others make fun of you." He was at my shoulder now. I knew where he was headed, but something in me didn't want him to stop.

"I am so for calling that word." He was planting kisses on my exposed collar bone. My breathing was getting heavier.

"I am sorry for not telling you how clever you are." He was at my throat. His kisses were becoming hungrier and I liked it.

"I am sorry for not telling you how beautiful you are." He was kissing my jaw.

"I am sorry for not telling you how brilliant you are." He kissed my cheek gingerly.

"But most of all, I am sorry that I never told you how utterly in love I am with you." He cradled my face and gently brushed his lips against mine. Testing the waters. My heart was thrumming like a humming bird.

He kissed me then. It started sweet and small, but it was building. My fingers wove into his hair. His tongue lightly tapped my bottom lip as if asking for permission. I granted him access. The kiss grew deeper. He pushed me backward and lifted me onto the table. I wrapped my legs around his waist and bowed my body up against him. His fingers trailed up and down my spine sending chills through my body.

I was being snogged by Draco Malfoy. No, I was being snogged by Draco Malfoy and I liked it. Out of all the scenarios I had built in mind upon seeing him here, this had not even been one of them. When I had first met Draco I had thought him to be handsome, but spoiled. I had never thought of ever being with Draco before this moment, this amazing and beautiful moment.

His lips left a burning down deep within me. His caresses made me tingle. It was electric. I never have felt like this before. Not even with Ron. Ron. The name stuck with me.





My mind scrambled to find the significance of the name; meanwhile, his lips moved down to my throat. I bite my lip to conceal a moan. "I love you, Hermione." He purred against my skin. "Can you possibly ever love me back. You would make the happiest man in the world."




Ron, my boyfriend.

"Draco, stop." I said softly. He immediately pulled away. I didn't have to tell him twice.

"Is something wrong?" he asked.

"I love Ron." I admitted after a moment of deliberation, "We are a couple, Draco."

His whole body seemed to fall. "You mean I am too late?" he asked. It was as if I had stabbed him.

I nodded. "I am flattered and all, Draco, I really am."

"But you can't love me." He finished his eyes became wet.

"I am sorry, Draco. I would still like to be your friend." I said tears filling my own eyes.

"I better go, Hermione. You have studying to do, I think." He said walking to the front door, "I am sorry for bothering a taken woman." He was moving too fast. I didn't want him leave.


"Good bye, Hermione." He said looking at me on last time before leaving and shutting the door behind him.

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