Chapter 3:

My surprisingly pleasant nap was rudely disrupted by the flood of blinding light as one of the dumbasses slide open the door.

"Vell, isn't this adorable?" A new voice said. This one was heavily accented with what I was guessing was maybe Bulgarian or something like that.

The familiarity of his accent briefly made me think of my dear friend Viktor Krum. Krum and I were still exchanging letters between each other. Last week, he had told me about a girl he had met and how she was very smart like me. He had also invited me to another party at his family's manor; which I had told him I would think about.

The heavyset muscular man with wavy dark hair and blue eyes looked over Draco and me. Draco body was tensed up ready to spring. "Her lips are blue. He isn't going to be happy that you carried her all the vay here in a cold box. You vere supposed bring her comfortably."

"But she is a mudblood. She doesn't deserve comfortable." Ajax protested. His face was even uglier in the light.

"And you are squib. That is vorse."

Squib? Draco and I exchanged glances. "Who is this? "The Bulgarian asked gesturing towards Draco.

"The blood traitor, Malfoy. He was with the mudblood. Thought he might want him too."

"Stop calling her that. You have misunderstood his orders."

Frank came into view, "What could be misunderstood? He said go get her. I got my nephew to charm the trailer so they couldn't disapparate and we got fake wands so we could scare her. We were actually very lucky that that one was there. Used him as a hostage, we did."

The Bulgarian did the unexpected then. He stepped toward Frank and slapped him so hard that he fell to the ground. He then grabbed his Ajax by the front of his jumper. "She is our guest. You vill show her respect unless ordered otherwise."

Ajax was practically pissing himself, "Yes, Sir."

"That is right. He vill defiantly be hearing about this." He released him, "Get out of my sight."

"Yes, sir." Ajax bowed and started tugging on Frank, who was lying on in the snow clutching his cheek and staring as if he had been shot, "Frank, move your arse."

"You are lucky the master is sleeping." He muttered under his breath. It took a moment for Frank to get up and both of them walk out of our line of view. Then the Bulgarian turned his attention back towards us. "Ms. Granger, I must apologize for how you have been treated." He stuck his large hand out to me as if to help me up. He almost pretended that Draco wasn't there.

I was suddenly shoved backward by Draco who threw himself in between the two of us. He had his wand pointed at the Bulgarian's chest. "Don't you touch her!"

"I ensure you, Mr. Malfoy, no harm vill come to her. The boss just vants to speak with her and propose a bargain."

"No, where are we?"

"I can't answer that now. My name is Dragan Atanas. Please, come with me."

"No, we are leaving. Let us go."

"Mr. Malfoy, I cannot do that. Please come with me or I vill be forced to move you." He had a wand pointed at his chest yet he didn't even react to it. As if he knew Draco wouldn't actually do anything.

This situation was going nowhere very quickly. Neither was making any move to do anything to the other. Draco could have hexed him by now, but I could feel something holding him back. He was terrified.

"Draco, it's fine we will go him. We have find out why were brought here." Draco didn't move.

I maneuvered around him but he wrapped his spare arm around my waist. "Draco, let me go."

"No." He wasn't going to let me go.

I thought over several different scenarios quickly, trying to pick the one that would get us out of here alive and well.

Draco was surprised when I snatched his wand from his hand and pushed him out of the way. Dragan's eyes went wide, and his hand came up in defensive gesture. He was afraid of me. Good.

"I will go with you on two conditions."

"What are they?" He said nervously.

It was almost comical seeing a very large brute of a man flinching away from tiny woman in a cat jumper.

"First, I require my wand to be returned to me. It was taken from me earlier; I would like it back before I move an inch."

"Of course. Right away." He walked around and went in to the cab of the truck.

"Hermione, this is our chance. Let's go." Draco made a move for his wand, but I held it out of his reach.

"No, I want to find out why we were kidnapped and brought to wherever we are." I hopped out of the trailer and extended my hand out to him, "Trust me, Draco." We were in a forested area in the middle of nowhere.

"Hermione, give me back my wand." He ordered ignoring my open palm.

"I will, but you need to trust me."

"I do." He said, but his confirmation didn't meet his eyes. I made a quick adjustment to my plan. He was afraid. I understood why, but the fear showed in his eyes and that was dangerous.

I had to get him to safety before everything else.

Dragan shuffled back around to us. Draco got out of the trailer and stood beside me. I kept his wand at the ready. "This one is yours, yes?" Dragan asked holding out my wand to me.

I nodded and cautiously took it out of his hand. I gave it an experimental swish to make sure it really was mine. It felt comfortable in my hand. My arm was complete.

"Vhat vas your second condition?" Dragan asked still being extremely defensive. My reputation must proceed me.

"I want Draco Malfoy to be taken home safely." Originally I was for Draco and me not to be separated, but I wouldn't do that now. His safety was my top concern. I was going to get him out of harm's way.

Draco hissed, "No, Hermione. I am not leaving."

I ignored him, "This must be sworn to me before I go anywhere. No harm is to come to him."

Dragan nodded, "That can be arranged, yes."

"I must have your word."

"Anything for you, Miss Granger." He told me.

He then bowed. Like, he literally bent over to bow. This was the first time I noticed his clothing. He was dressed in an outdated Victorian outfit complete with a frock coat and vest. This was odd even for a wizard.

"Um, thank you. Please give me a moment to speak with him alone."

"Of course." Dragan said backing off out of earshot.

I took a deep breath and turned to face an upset Draco. "Granger, if you think that I am going to leave you here with-"

"They only want me, Draco. You just got free. If there is a way to keep you safe I am going to take it."

"But I just got you. I don't want to spend any amount of time away from."

"Draco," I sighed, "You didn't get me. I am not yours."

"But-" his eyes were filled with wetness, "But I came all this way for you. I apologized."

"You can't just- You can't just waltz back into my life and claim me. A few apologies doesn't erase years of emotional torment. Love doesn't work that way. It took Ron 7 years to win my affection, and he was one of my best friends."

"So did the kiss mean nothing to you?"

It had meant everything to me, but I had to get him to leave. It hurt to do this. "Draco, it was just a kiss. Nothing more."

He looked away. He certainly had grown since the battle, but now I could still see the subtle ghost of the boy I once knew. "I want you to go home and contact Harry and explain the situation. He will know what to do."

"I already told you that I wasn't leaving!" He yelled. Draco grabbed my hand, "I am not leaving your side. Not now. Not ever."

Dragan was back. This time he wasn't alone. The men with him were as big as he was and also clad in similar fashion. "Miss Granger, this is Marco and Selvin. They vill be escorting Mr. Malfoy."

Both men bowed at their introductions. Marco spoke first. He was bald with brown eyes and his skin was rich tan color. His voice had Spanish undertone to it. "Miss. Granger, this is a pleasure." He smiled a smile that showed that was missing one of his front teeth, "Selvin doesn't speak English, but he is pleased to meet you as well."

Selvin was taller than both Dragan and Marco. His skin was dark like chocolate and he kept his black hair extremely short. I had no idea of his nationality nor did he look pleased. He mostly looked bored.

I nodded at them both. I pulled my hand from Draco and kissed him lightly on the cheek. "Be safe." I whispered into his ear.

His eyes went wide when Selvin put his hand on his shoulder. "No!"

I handed Draco's wand to Marco. "Give it to him as soon as you're a safe distance away." He nodded and I walked towards the waiting Dragan. "I am ready."

"Very vell. Please follow me." He said.

As I turned my back on him and we started off down the snow covered forest road, Draco's cries became louder.

"Hermione! Hermione! I don't want to leave you!" he pleaded, "Please! I want to protect you! Granger!"

Each word was a shard of glass through my heart. There was desperation there that I knew if I looked back my resolve would crumble. I would sprint back to his arms and never leave them again.

I wouldn't look back. I was a strong warrior and I am going to find out who kidnapped me and why. Who was this "master" Dragan had mentioned before?

"Granger! Please! Do not leave me like this!" Draco begged. There was a moment of silence then he said, "Hermione Granger, I love you and I will not stop! I will find you and you will be-"

His words cut off suddenly. I glanced back for only a second to see a now empty wind road with only thing occupying it was the truck and its trailer.

"I am sorry, Draco." I said to myself and wiped away a single tear that had fallen down my cheek, "I love you too."

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