This is a rewrite of a story under the same name that I wrote when I was in 8th/9th grade like 10 or 11 years ago. Will kind of follow along the same lines but good god was that fic poorly written. Don't even get me started on some of the plot…

Chapter 1: Moving In

"We're here!"

Kagome lifted her head off the window as her mom slid their car into the driveway in front of a large brick house, but said nothing. As much as she hated the idea of being forced to move over 200 miles from everything she'd grown up with, she had to admit the house was gorgeous. Large, beautiful brick house with a wraparound porch and a huge front yard where two large oak trees cast shade over the entire yard. She knew from the initial tour that the backyard had a small pool, patio, and her favorite feature—the second floor rooms in the back had balconies.

Her mother had already laid claim to the one the master bedroom was connected to, but had already made the other off limits to Souta, who was only eleven, and their mother was afraid to even think of the shenanigans the young boy would get into. So that left the room open to Kagome.

"Look, Kagome," her mother began cheerily. "She looks like your age. You should go introduce yourself."

Kagome glanced at her mother incredulously before following her gaze to the house on the right. It was similar in style, the houses on the street were fairly large, but they were pretty close to one another. There was a dark haired girl sitting on the steps of the porch, tapping away on the phone in her hand, head bobbing to whatever was playing through her headphones.

Kagome let out a scoff and unbuckled herself. "Please, mom. Stop," Kagome mumbled. "She's clearly waiting for someone. It's a Friday night. The Friday night before school starts."

Her mom rolled her eyes at Souta in the rearview mirror and the boy laughed. "Fine."

"It's too hot out to just sit on the porch," Kagome harrumphed as she pushed the door open. Kagome's eyes flicked up to the girl next door as she shifted and their eyes met for a second. Kagome smiled shyly before heading to the back of the car.

"Both of you come get a box before you go inside."

Her mom was placing a box into Souta's arms and Kagome reached in to grab the box of her nice clothes so she could hang those in her new walk-in closet before she unpacked anything else. As hard of an effort as she made to avoid looking at the girl next door again, their eyes met again as Kagome waited for her mom to find the key and unlock the door.

Kagome let out a breath she didn't know she was holding as her mom got the door open with a triumphant 'Aha!' and she flattened herself against the door to let her two kids in.

"Souta, your room is at the top of the stairs, first door on the left," she called up the stairs.

"But I wanted the balcony," he whined, stomping the last few steps up.

Kagome sighed at the bottom of the stairs. It sucked how beautiful the house was. The foyer was large, the ceilings reaching the second floor. The stairs wound up on her right, glistening dark hardwood that had creaked under even her brothers weight. The dark wood in the foyer led down a hallway in front of her where she could see the kitchen and breakfast area, and stretched out to her left into a den or sorts.

"I'm sorry dear," her mother sighed, draping an arm over her shoulder. "I know this is going to be hard for you, going into your junior year. I wouldn't have dragged you all the way out here if I had any other choice."

"I know," Kagome murmured.

Her mother kissed her on the forehead and nudged her towards the stairs. "The furniture should all be moved in, you'll just have to rearrange it to your liking," she said over her shoulder and she headed for the car.

Kagome trudged up the steps, the creaking reminding her that the house had a history, just like her. That the house had a story and was a home. She pushed those feelings aside as she walked down the hall to the last door on the right and nudged it open with her foot.

Alright, it was a large room. She'd been in it during the tour, but memory had faded and it was definitely larger with her old furniture in it. She dropped her box in front of the closet door and immediately moved to adjust the layout of the furniture. While her bedroom door was in one corner with the closet doors along the same wall, the balcony doors were in the opposite corner and took up half of the wall. She pushed her bed into the back left corner, next to the balcony doors, and was pleased that it fit perfectly.

She didn't mind her dresser being at the foot of her bed against the wall next to her closet doors. It would work perfectly to hold up her TV.

"Okay," she breathed, hands on her hips. She suddenly remembered the box of clothes and turned around, throwing open the closet door, a grin sliding onto her face at the vastness. It was easily bigger than the closet in the master bedroom.

Kagome glanced around her new room for her desk. Peeling the plastic wrap away from one of the drawers, she managed to slide out a pair of scissors that she could use to cut the tape on her box.

"Kagome, can you go get the rest of your boxes out of the car?" her mom asked, poking her head into the room.

"I want to unpack this box first, I don't want my dresses to get wrinkled," she explained from the floor, flipping open the flaps so her mother could see her precious clothing folded neatly inside.

"Alright. Hurry," her mom conceded, heading back down the hall. "I don't want to leave the car unlocked in the driveway."

Despite her mother's wishes, Kagome took her time and hung up each dress and coat with care, making sure to smooth out the wrinkles in each one as she went. She was still upset they had to move at all. She pursed her lips at the last dress in the box. It had been the first one she packed, the last dress she wore.

Her boyfriend Kouga would be starting his senior year soon. He had taken her to his junior prom earlier that spring. She frowned at the thought. Well, he was her boyfriend. Her stupid ex-boyfriend that didn't believe long distance relationships could work.

Why had that not been an issue when they talked about colleges? They both knew he would have been leaving for college in a year anyways, would he have broken up with her then anyways?

Angrily she stuffed the dress behind everything else in her closet where she could forget about it, forget about him. That was one thing the new school would bring about, she guessed. New opportunities. She'd grown up with the guys around her since preschool. No one here knew her. They didn't know she ate glue that one time in first grade as a dare. Or the time she kissed the "weird kid" behind the score board during a football game their seventh grade year.

Maybe she'd be okay. But right now, she was not.

She walked down to the car as Souta was grabbing his last box. The girl on the porch was gone, she noticed, but the house to their left, an older boy was making out with a black haired girl. But that wasn't what caused her to stare. The boy. He was tall, thin. His hair was long and silvery, glinting strangely in the setting sun. She'd never seen such a shade before. But it was easily explained by the similarly colored hears standing up on the top of his head.

Demons weren't necessarily common where she came from, but they weren't rare enough to be surprised by one. Kouga was a demon. Was he her other neighbor? Or was the girl? She pressed her lips together and nearly jumped into the back of the car when they both looked up at her, catching her staring. She grabbed the closest box and all but ran back inside, face on fire.

"Slow down so you don't trip," he mother warned as she bounded up the stairs past her. She dropped the box carelessly next to her desk then padded across the room to the window next to her bed. The window was on the left side of the house, and she could just barely see the figures on the porch next door.

They didn't stand there long before entering the house. But she let out a sigh when she noticed the window across from hers on the house next door light up, the boy and girl entering the room there. She made a mental note to look for her curtains above all else before she went to bed that night. If she could see them clearly, whoever lived there could undoubtedly see her.

She scurried down the stairs to retrieve the last of her boxes. At least both her neighbors were around her age. Maybe they would all end up at the same high school. Having at least one friend would make the transition a lot easier, she guessed.

She would have to wait and see.

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