While the movie played, some weird animated thing Kagome had never heard of, she and Sango spent most of the night talking about the most random things. Miroku would contribute to the conversation occasionally, but he mostly let the girls talk.

Kagome's eyes widened when her phone started ringing and she immediately hushed it, turning it face down on the arm rest.

"Who was that?" Sango prodded with a suspicious look on her face. When Kagome didn't answer right away, Sango smirked, clearly putting something together in her head. "Is it Mr. Wolf Demon?" She dove for the still-vibrating phone and managed to swipe it off the chair before Kagome could. "Hello?"

"Sango," Miroku sighed.

Kagome felt her face heating up, but continued to try and retrieve her phone. "This is so crossing a line," she snapped.

"I'm Kagome's new friend, Sango," Sango said. "May I ask who is calling?" She waited a moment then raised her eyebrows at Kagome. "You clearly have a type, Kagome."

Kagome closed her eyes, even she could hear Kouga yelling "What the hell does that mean?" from her chair. "Please, just hang up," she begged.

"He really wants to talk to you, Kagome," Sango said, holding the phone out to her. Kagome took the chance and grabbed her phone, immediately tapping the button to end the call. Sango's jaw dropped. "Oh come on, Kagome! He wanted to talk to you!"

"You don't understand," she mumbled. "We broke up. He dumped me."

Sango frowned. "Then why is he calling you? I assumed you dumped him."

Kagome shook her head with a frown. "He didn't think we could keep up a long distance relationship."

Sango glanced at Miroku and did a double take. "Are you on Facebook while we are mid-crisis right now? Seriously?"

Miroku glanced up from his phone for a brief moment before he turned back to the screen. "No," he replied. "InuYasha is texting me."

Kagome rolled her eyes and Sango sighed. "He always throws a fit when Kikyou doesn't get her way," she explained.

"She says he's not allowed to hang out with us if Kagome is around," Miroku muttered, brows furrowed. "Kikyou went home, but I can't get InuYasha to come over."

"Whatever," Kagome proclaimed loudly. "Like I'd want to be friends with a guy so whipped he can't even hang out with his own friends on a Friday night. No thanks. Kikyou can get over herself." She crossed her arms across her chest.

Sango choked out a laugh. "That's the spirit," she encouraged. To Miroku, "just hang up. Don't let him ruin our night any further."

Miroku held the phone in front of his face. "I think he heard Kagome," he laughed. "InuYasha hung up on me."

"Shame," Kagome sighed in mock sadness, ready to continue enjoying her time with her new friends.

Kagome's mind lingered on InuYasha when she left Miroku's and up until she climbed into bed. There was no denying he was attractive. The way his jeans clung to his hips, low and enticing. The long, silver hair. The ears…

"Ugh," Kagome groaned, rolling over and burying her face in her comforter. He was with someone. She wasn't that type of girl, was she? Well, there was no shame in crushing on an unavailable guy, she conceded. The shame came when one acted upon those feelings.

So, whatever this feeling is, it'll stay a secret, she decided as she drifted to sleep. At least while he still had Kikyou…


Kagome didn't catch sight of Sango or Miroku for the remainder of the weekend. Not that she hadn't been hopeful, but her mom had whisked her off for a majority of the weekend to do some shopping. School supplies and clothing for her and Souta, and furniture shopping to fill in a room or two and replace some of the older pieces. Their old house may have been bigger than this one, but downsizing had come with a chunk of money left over from selling the larger one.

Kagome smoothed out her blouse over the top of her jeans as she stood by the car waiting for her mother to usher Souta out of the house. She watched as a sleek, white, 2-door little car zipped into InuYasha's driveway next door and blared the horn despite the relatively early hour.

She watched out of the corner of her eye, her face tilted down towards her phone screen, as InuYasha exited his house, hollering something back into the door before he shut it, and then got in the car. He, unlike her, made no efforts to hide his ogling. Did he notice her covertly watching him? Kikyou sure noticed him watching her, she noted as the girl gave InuYasha an angry whack across the chest as she backed down the driveway.


She turned at the sound of her name to see Miroku and Sango in the driveway behind her. She waved with a smile, Miroku waving back as he got into the passenger side of the little red car.

"Need a ride?" Sango asked, one foot in her car already.

Kagome shook her head. "Mom has to take me to enroll me in classes."

"Oh," she frowned. "Have fun with that. Text me your schedule when you get it!"

"Will do," she replied with a smile, waving as the two backed out and drove away.

Kagome sat silently all the way to school as her mom gushed about how grown up her babies were. Souta was starting his last year of middle school, and Kagome was on the tail end of high school. But she couldn't bring herself to be excited. All she could think about was her friends. And then, of course, Kouga.

He'd probably meet someone new this school year. And he'll be crazy about her.

"Alright, I'll see you after school, Kagome."

"Huh?" Kagome blinked and looked down at the schedule card in her hand. She'd been so lost in thought, she hadn't noticed they'd entered the school and her mom had completely signed her up for classes.

Her mom kissed her cheek. "I'll be out front after school."

"Alright," she managed. A quick glance at her phone told her she was already ten minutes late for her first period class, World History.

"Welcome, you're late…" the teacher trailed off expectantly.

"Higurashi," she muttered. "It's my first day, sorry."

"Theirs, too," she replied flatly, nodding to the class that were all staring at her. "They managed to make it on time. I'm not seeing your name on my attendance sheet, you're sure this is your class?"

Kagome pressed her lips together to keep from making a snide remark and held out her schedule to the teacher.

"Ah." She handed back the card. "You meant you're new new. You can take a seat next to Mr. Tashio."

"Of course," Kagome breathed locking eyes with InuYasha, cursing her luck. She took a syllabus from the teacher and made her way towards the back of the class.

She sat and avoided looking in InuYasha's direction. The teacher proceeded to explain the syllabus, and Kagome took the opportunity to quickly text Sango a picture of her schedule card.

This teacher was kind of mean when I walked in.

Kagome pretended to be looking over the syllabus, but kept her eyes on her phone hidden in her lap for Sango's reply.

A picture of herself from an odd, low angle to her right appeared. Girl, I saw.

Kagome jerked upright and discreetly looked over her shoulder to see Sango looking like she wanted to burst into laughter. She rolled her eyes and slipped her phone into her backpack, unwilling to look anywhere else until she was forced to at the end of the period when the teacher gave them some "free time until the bell rang."

"I'm not whipped, you know."

Kagome looked at InuYasha, and eyebrow raised. "Could have fooled me," she muttered, chin in her hand. She'd been staring at her next class wishing the office had given her a map of the school so she'd know how to get there.

InuYasha rolled his eyes and slouched down in his chair. "You don't even know me and you're making rude statements like that."

Kagome couldn't help the humorless laugh that left her mouth. "Oh, you're kidding me right?" she snapped. "You're clearly a demon, so you're hearing isn't that bad. I know you heard what Kikyou said to me. Or maybe you are just as dumb as I've heard."

"What did you just say?" he hissed, leaning towards her.

"Hm," she mused dramatically, finger to her lips in mock thought. "Maybe you're defective. You should get your hearing checked."

She tried her best not to flinch when he leaned across the aisle and grabbed onto her desk. "You should watch who you talk to like that," he growled lowly.

"Alright, enough," the teacher called. "InuYasha, back in your seat."

Kagome looked up to see a majority of the class' eyes on them and she felt her face heat up for a moment, but everything got lost as the bell rang and suddenly their squabble was forgotten.

"If you want Kikyou to leave you alone," a voice whispered in her ear as she reached down for her bag. "making her boyfriend your enemy is not the way to go about it."

Kagome glanced up at Sango. "Where is room 116?"

"Kagome," Sango sighed.

Kagome stood and swung her bag over her shoulder. "I would think making InuYasha hate me would get Kikyou off my back."

"You would think," Sango began as they left the classroom. "But they have kind of like this stupid hive-mind thing going on."

Kagome watched as InuYasha walked at a distance in front of them, clearly still rustled over their argument. No doubt on his way to whine to his girlfriend about it. "I don't actually care. They can do whatever they want. I've got too much going on in my life to care."

"That's the spirit," Sango mumbled unenthusiastically. She stopped by the stairs. "I have class upstairs, but 116 is down that hall on the left somewhere."

"Thanks," Kagome called after her. She made her way to her next class, her entrance a lot more low-key than her last. They must have added her name into the rosters now. No more embarrassing explanations. Her assigned seat, designated by the crudely drawn seating chart on the projector at the front of the class, was on the far side of the class, opposite the door. Alphabetical order.

So it didn't surprise her when InuYasha stormed in—because of course he'd be in multiple classes of hers—and didn't notice her one bit. His seat was closer to the door. He looked way more agitated than she'd made him at the end of the last period. He was hunched over his phone, blatantly texting on top of his desk.

Something must have happened between classes. And something in the pit of Kagome's stomach said something bad was getting ready to happen…