Just then a large shadow loomed over them. They heard the flapping of wings as a giant creature swooped down and grabbed Princess Nazz in its talons and took off. Everyone stood there petrified with fear. Finally, King Rolf yelled, "don't just stand there like a horse with one leg, go rescue my beautiful daughter!"

Eddy just stood there stammering when he heard a voice from behind him. "Here!". It was Jimmy. "Take Sir Kevalot's sword," he said as he tossed a sword at Eddy. "Also have his shield."

"Well isn't that convenient," Double D remarked to himself.

"Quickly now. Make haste! Make haste!" Rolf cried as he pushed Eddy out of the arena. Ed and Double D followed close behind him. Sarah wrote on her scroll:

Princess Nazz is going to be turned into a feast

For a big ferocious beast.

Hopefully Eddy can be brave

When there is a princess to save.

After marching for a long time, The Eds came to a cave in the side of a mountain. Just then they heard Nazz screaming from inside. Eddy puffed out his chest and ran inside yelling a battle cry at the top of his lungs.

When he got in the cave, he saw Princess Nazz being held in a giant green paw. The rest of the creature was obscured by the darkness. "Prepare to die, dragon!" he shouted triumphantly.

"Oh the only one around here is going to die is you," came a voice from the shadows.

"And the princess too," hissed a second voice.

"Yeah, you're both toast," laughed a third.

"Hey I know those voices," Eddy said to himself. The creature moved itself out of the shadows and it revealed itself as a three-headed dragon, with each head laughing manically. "Kankers!" Eddy hissed.

"We can't have girls more beautiful than us in the kingdom, so we have to destroy them," Marie's head said evilly.

"Hey, you're pretty cute. Why, don't you give me a thousand kisses, and we'll set the princess free," Lee's head said.

"Hey, look!" May's head shouted as she pointed at Ed and Double D with the paw that wasn't holding Nazz. "This knight has back up!"

"I want a thousand kisses from the one wearing the hat," said Marie's head.

"And I'll take the tall goofy one," May's head said. All three heads laughed menacingly.

"Just kiss them already!" Nazz screamed, still being held in the dragon's clutches.

"Uhhhh, I have a better idea," Eddy said, pretending to sound confident. He closed his eyes and threw his sword. He immediately heard a blood curdling scream. He peaked open his eyes, hoping to see a dead dragon, but he saw something else.

"MY HAIR!" Lee's head shrieked. Eddy's sword and grazed past the top of her head and gave her a buzz cut.

"Look May, Lee got a makeover," Marie's head taunted.

"Shut up Marie! Shut up May!" Lee's head shouted.

"I didn't even say anything!" May's head cried.

"You were laughing!" Lee's head scolded.

"Yeah, for good reason!" Marie's head joked.

"Shut up!" Lee's head said.

All three heads continued to yell and fight. In all of the commotion, they accidentally dropped Princess Nazz. As they fought, their serpentine necks started to get tangled. After a while, their necks were completely tied into a knot. "We're hideous!" they yelled in unison as they ran back into their cave.

Princess Nazz threw her arms around Eddy and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Let's go back to the castle!" she said excitedly. As the four of them arrived back in town, the whole castle was decorated for the wedding.

Jonny blew into his horn. "Hear ye! Here ye!" said in a regal voice. He threw his horn behind him. "It's time for Eddy and the princess to get hitched!" he yelled casually. Sarah wrote on her scroll:

The time for the wedding has come.

I wish she wasn't marrying someone so dumb.

I hope this wedding isn't dull.

I want something to write on this scroll.

Eddy saw Nazz come out of the castle. She was wearing a wedding dress and a vail that covered her face. "I love you Princess Nazz," said Eddy.

"Now it's time for a kiss," she replied. Eddy leaned forward and removed her veil. He let out a scream.