It was a typical day within Happy Tree town, Birds were singing, flowers were blooming in the summer daylight as a small group of friends were playing hade and seek, the group consisted of Cuddles, Toothy, Flippy and Flaky. Cuddles was Counting to 30 as the other began looking for a good place to hide.

Cuddles: 1... 2... 3... The others quickly scrambled into different directions, Toothy hid behind a tree, Flippy had plenty of experience so he hid inside a dumpster and covered him self using some of the black bags, Flaky however didn't have so much luck because wherever she ran, a trail of dandruff went behind her, she then thought of an idea, but she had to do it very quickly, she ran to multiple locations before hiding behind a brick wall. She quickly cuddled up into a small ball, looking almost like a ball of pure red spikes. She hoped that her plan would work perfectly, even though she never actually tested it before hand.

Cuddles: Ready or not, here I come! He removed his hands from his eyes as he began sprinting to find his friends, he turned to his right to see the great tree that had stood in that spot for at least 20 years, he saw toothy's tail from behind the tree, so he snuck right up to him, making sure his footsteps couldn't be heard, before giving his large tail a yank, surprising toothy as he fell down to the ground in shock at first before bursting out laughing. Cuddles: Found ya. Toothy: No duh, hahaha. He then heard a noise coming from the dumpster behind him indicating someone's presence was inside. He ran over to it, his slippers making contact several times over with the ground before he made it to the dumpster, he slowly peeped open the lid before getting suddenly jumpscared by Flippy, causing him to accidentally drop the dumpster lid on top of his head, luckily it didn't knock him out so he pushed it open seconds later. Flippy: I got you good there now didn't I? Cuddles: Yep, now I just need to find Flaky of which she's normally the one I find first mainly due to her trail of da-

He paused as he saw the multiple paths of dandruff that went to at least 6 different locations around the park. Cuddles: well well well, someone decided to use a disadvantage to their advantage. Flippy: She must've really thought this one out, she must've gotten tired of being found first so- Cuddles: Let's go find her! The trio followed the several paths of dandruff that went all around the park, they lead to the big tree, the pond, behind the fence, near the dumpster and near the park entrance. After 15 minutes of what seemed like endless searching, she was nowhere to be seen, at all, Cuddles was exhausted from all the running he did, they were all about to surrender to defeat when he saw a pair of red spikes poking out the brick wall sitting in the middle of the park, he pointed this out to his friends and they chuckled, Toothy and Cuddles then tip toed, slowly making their way towards the wall, Toothy then gave Cuddles a piggyback up the wall. Cuddles looked down to see Flaky sitting their chucking, waiting to be found. Wanting to have a laugh, he got out a fishing rod and attached a fake tarantula to it, he waited until she wasn't paying attention before he suddenly reeled it down right in front of her face, Flaky turned to see it directly in front of her.

Her face suddenly was struck with fear as she screamed and ran out of their as fast as she could, she ran that fast that within mere seconds she was behind Flippy, shaking violently, Flippy found it very hard keeping his balance as he petted Flaky's head, telling her he would protect her from the spider she saw. Cuddles bursted out laughing causing him to fall off the wall, luckily he fell onto the grass so nothing was broken, yet, he continued laughing uncontrollably. Flippy: That's not funny Cuddles, look at her, she's scared to death! Cuddles: I know I know but sometimes you gotta have a little fun in life don't ya think HAHAHA. Toothy: Yeah right. Flaky: I-I-I-IS IT G-G-GONE!? Flippy: It was just a decoy Flaky. Flaky's shaking seemed to go down quite a bit as she then got from behind Flippy. Flaky: Cuddles, t-t-t-that's n-n-not f-f-f-funny, you kn-know how easily s-s-sc-scared I am.

Cuddles: I know, so that's why I- RING RING huh? His phone began ringing as he slammed his arm down into his pocket to eventually pull it out, Sniffles was calling him, he answered the call and put his phone against his long rabbit ears.

Cuddles: Sup Sniffo's. Sniffles: Heya Cuddles, listen, you don't mind bringing a few people with you, I need some test subjects, at least four. Cuddles: Well ain't this a coincidence, I'm in a group of four right here. Sniffles: Welp, that's great, tell em all to come to my lab. Cuddles: Will do! *Hangs Up* Cuddles turned over to his friends with a smile on his face. Flaky: Y-Y-You didn't d-d-do what I th-think you did r-r-right? Cuddles just smiled before speaking. Cuddles: Yep, cmon, I've just been called by Sniffles and he said he needed something tested out, he said at least a minimum of four people and wouldn't ya know it, here we are! Flippy: Are you sure this is a good idea? Cuddles: Ah cmon Flips, have a little fun in your life besides, if we die, we'll come back just as new remember? Flippy: Ugh, fine... but I'm staying with Flaky throughout the entire time, understood. Cuddles: Sounds fine by me. Flaky blushed deeply as she held Flippy's hand. The group began making their way to Sniffles lab to test out his latest creation that according to Flaky... will most likely end in a horrific disaster.


The group of four friends arrived at Sniffles lab, Flaky starting shaking slightly in fear of what could happen, Flippy held her close. Flippy: Don't worry Flaky, I'll be here for you. Flaky: Th-Thanks Flippy. They both kissed each other, much to Cuddles disgust. Cuddles: Egh, get a room will ya, anyways we're now so let's get a knocking going. He launched his fist harshly several times at the door making a rather loud bang with each knock, after several seconds the door unlocked and opened to reveal Sniffles in his typical lab uniform. Sniffles: Ah, you've arrived, excellent, follow me. He made the way as everyone went inside, Flaky shut the door behind her before catching up with the others who were way ahead. After about a minute of walking, they were all eventually in his testing room where he wouldn't normally allow anyone inside aside from himself unless he had volunteers, and this was one of those times, as they all walked in Flaky felt small, like really, small, like a hamster in a cage.

The group eventually stopped as they stopped right in front of a machine covered in a large red cloth that was very similar to Flaky's skin colour. Sniffles: Alright, are you ready to see my creation? Cuddles: Hell yeah, Show us that baby! Sniffles looked at him confusingly before throwing off the cloth to reveal a machine. To cuddles it looked amazing, it was like something he never seen before. He looked at it in amazement, it was a giant rectangular machine with loads of large tubes hanging from it connected to some sort of system console, next to it were 4 canisters, each just about 6 and a half height in height meaning they could fit just about anyone inside aside from lumpy. Cuddles: Oh man, THIS LOOKS AMAZING... what do it do? Sniffles: This machine is capable of sending you anywhere in any universe at any point in time, but I control where you go by typing in the destinations via the keypad right here. He pointed to a small key board hooked up to the machine using all kinds of red, blue and green wires.

Thinking about what bad things could happen, Flaky slowly started to back away as she tried to sneak out without Cuddles noticing, what she forgot to consider however was that due to his large ears, Cuddles could potentially hear certain sounds much easier. She only realised that as soon as he grabbed her arm and pulled her back. Cuddles: Oh, cmon Flaky, besides, what's the worst that can happen? He shoved her into the left most canister followed by Flippy then toothy in their respective canisters before closing all the canister door before jumping into the right most canister and shutting the doors. Cuddles: Ok Sniffs were Ready where you are! Sniffles smiled as he made his way over to the key board, but before he could even begin typing, Lumpy bursted into the room rambling on about something as per usual. Lumpy: Heya, you don't mind helping me with so- OH A KEY BOARD! Lumpy ran over to the key board and punched 3 characters in before hitting the big red button next to it.

Sniffles: LUMPY STOP, DONT YOU DA- He was cut off as the machine exploded causing a huge puff of smoke to inhale the entire room for several seconds before clearing off, Sniffles looked over to see the four canisters now empty. He looked at Lumpy furiously before upper cutting him. Sniffles: LOOK AT WHAT YOU'VE DONE YOU DIM WITTED SHIT!? Now I have to try find where ever the fuck you've sent em, thanks a lot, dumbass. Lumpy silently walked out the lab feeling bad for his actions. Sniffles face palmed as he turned to see the key board had broken to pieces from how hard he 'typed' with it, he then looked up to see what Lumpy typed in.


He looked at it before sighing as he then began work on getting his newly transported friends back. Sniffles: ugh, this is going to be awhile... he sighed as he got to work...