Once more, the tree friends were sent through a blue like spiralling tunnel. Flaky held Flippy in her arms. Flippy: Wait... wh-what... happened? Flaky: W-W-We won the f-fight. He then felt his head, realising his burret wasn't there. Flippy: Wh-where's my- Flaky then blushed as she looked up, she was still wearing it on top of her head, she giggled as she blushed. Flippy chuckled as well, weakly though. Cuddles: Hey guys look, I think we're almost the- he was cut off as they suddenly arrived back in Sniffles lab, they all landed on the floor with a thud. Flaky got up and looked around, she was thankful they were back in happy tree town now. Flaky: Flippy, w-were back home. Flippy: Yes... finally... She completely forgot he was missing his legs at the moment, she then remembered and took him over to Sniffles room. She then knocked on the door

Flaky: S-Sniffles, Sniffles are you I-in there? The sounds of a bed sheet moving indicated he was indeed awake, barely. He opened the door. Sniffles: Yes..? Oh Flaky, your back... what the fuck happened to Flippy? Flaky: H-H-He got c-cut in half. Sniffles checked his digital clock, it read 23:57. Sniffles: Well then, you guys got back at a convenient time, 3 minutes until the curse does it toll, so I'm hoping you don't mind if I- Flaky handed Flippy over to him. Sniffles: Alright Flippy, you'll be dead for about 2 minutes alright? Flippy: O...k then... Sniffles then Snapped Flippy's neck and placed him on the operation table, Smiffles was known for having quite a lot of professions, one of his more popular ones was being tree towns best doctor.

His watch then began beeping as midnight stoke over, the towns curse then began taking effect as Flippy regenerated his legs. He stretched his arms as he let out a yawn. Flaky ran up to him and hugged him. He began stoking her quills when he noticed his burret on her head. Flippy: How long have you been wearing my burret Flakes? Flaky then noticed it on her head, she blushed. Flaky: Oh, s-sorry, here, you can h-have it b-ba- Flippy: Nah, it looks cute when it's on you baby cakes, he then noticed the stream of plushies, he picked them up. Flippy: Where, did you get these? He asked. Flaky: Stuffy gave them to me, so that we could remember them, also, we had a group picture. She pulled out the picture and showed it to Flippy. He blushed when he realised he had kissed her right as the picture had been taken.

Flippy: Well, that's gonna be one hell of an adventure I'm gonna remember. Flaky: Yeah, m-me too. Cuddles: Hey Sniffles, what does this big red button do? Sniffles: Cuddles you touch that, and this wrench will go 3 inches up your ass. Cuddles: pff, no it won't, you don't even have the guts to do that. Sniffles: You wanna bet. He grabs the wrench and slowly made his way towards the eager rabbit. Cuddles: Cmon then... I know you won't do it. Sniffles then made sure he got what he deserved by hitting Cuddles directly on the forehead, knocking him out cold. Flaky was actually shocked that Sniffles would do such a thing, although Cuddles was kinda asking for trouble.

Sniffles: Sorry, I just... didn't want to have a repeat of what happened 12 hours ago. Flaky: I-Its alright, I u-understand...

Toothy: Wait, so what does the button actually do, don't mind me asking? Sniffles: That... would actually have done nothing since all it's connected to is just some Christmas lights.

Flaky starting giggling before bursting out with laughter, not long afterwards she was then silenced by Flippy. Flippy: shhh, it's midnight, we don't wanna wake anyone up now do we? Flaky: I'm s-sorry, I j-j-just found it quite f-f-funny that's all. Cuddles: Really, I'll show you what's funny! He pulled out a small baby chick and began running towards Flaky with it. Flaky: No, NO AHHHH GET IT AWAY! Her instincts kicked in as she ran as fast as she could and climbed on top of a drawer within seconds, the chick peeped at her. Flaky: G-G-GET THAT THING A-AWAY FROM ME! She began crying in fear as Cuddles simply laughed out loud. Cuddles: Aw, cmon Flaky it's not that scary, see. He held the chick closer to Flaky, causing her to back up further and further, nearing the edge. Flaky: GET IT AWAY FROM ME! IT COULD KILL ME JUST GET IT AWAY, PLEASE! She begged him. Cuddles just simply chuckled as he continued to torture her.

Cuddles: Ah, it feels good to be back home.