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Synopsis: Young billionaire Li Syaoran met a mysterious beautiful woman in the middle of summer of 2012. After a whirlwind romance, she suddenly disappeared from his life. Even with his money, power, and connections, he couldn't find anything else about her. Who is Kinomoto Sakura and what organization is he up against to?

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August 2012

"Share a friend, win a seat."

or was it

"Share a seat, win a friend?"

She said softly as she stared at her soda can.

Well, they think it's soda. But she has poured a bit of whiskey in it a little while ago. Yea, go Jack!

Sakura chuckled at the thought of her recent best bud Mr. Jack Daniels.

"Er, miss, so can I sit here?"

Sakura looked up "Oh! Sure, sure! I am sorry I got distracted." she said with a genuine smile.

"Ok. Thanks. Everywhere else is full, I apologize if I somehow disturbed you." The brunette male adjusted his glasses as he took out a book and started reading.

"No worries." She wondered if he heard her as she placed her chin on top of the table again and stared at her soda. Her flask of whiskey is almost empty and she wished she had brought another. It's just 4 in the afternoon and she has nowhere to go. She has skipped work and by the looks of it, she'll probably skip her night class too.

She ate a fry and took a sip of her drink and softly sighed.

And now we're slightly weathered, we're slightly worn. Our hands grip together, eye to eye through the storm

"Damn Tomoyo I'm sorry I couldn't find my phone! What's up?"

"What's up? You're asking me 'What's up?!' ? WHERE ARE YOU SAKURA!"

She flinched as she placed her mobile a little further from her ear. The man beside her stifled his laughter as she bowed her head slightly as a silent apology.

"Geez Tomoyo-chan, I'm here at Koko's, you know his beachside branch. Yea I'm good. You don't have to worry. Yea, sure, I'll see you tonight at 8? No, I think I'd skip class. Couldn't concentrate anyway. Yea, let's meet up there. Bye love!"

Sakura smiled at the guy beside her sheepishly.

"Sorry about that. Would you believe that wasn't even her loudest voice?"

The other man laughed and waved his hand "No, it's okay. I was about to get a drink anyway. Would you like me to get you another soda?"

"No thank you. I'm good."

He got up and ordered some food. When he returned to their table, he stood up again and then faced Sakura.

"I'm Li Syaoran by the way. Nice to meet you." He offered his hand and she shook it. "Kinomoto Sakura. It's my pleasure to meet you. I am sorry for disturbing your reading and I promise, I'll be quiet from now on." She said with a soft laugh.

"No, it's okay. I need a little break from reading anyway. This is a good spot you got here, I really appreciate that you let me share this table with you. The staff seems to know you and they're the ones who showed me outside." Syaoran said while staring at the beach ahead of them. The table they're sharing has only one bench on one side, so that you can eat your meal while facing the sea. It is one of the 3 tables located outside the burger joint that has this special view and it seems like it's always occupied. He wondered how long Sakura has been here to get a table all by herself seeing it's popular with the students since they're out of school by 4pm.

Sakura laughed again. 'Huh. She has a beautiful laugh." he smiled at her.

"Well you can say that this is my special table here. If you come by again but I'm not here, just tell any of the staff that you are my friend, and they'll offer to seat you here even if it's occupied." She gave him a wink and laughed again.

That's when he noticed that their table is actually different from the other two. It is slightly smaller and the table and bench paint is both of a pinkish color although of different shade. 'Hm, maybe she is telling the truth' he thought.

"If that don't work, you know I'll hunt you down to get back at your silly prank." he tried to give her a glare but failed to do so as he laughed too at how silly their topic is.

"Hey Sak! Do you want some hot fudge sundae? I kinda messed up with a customer's order" A tall blonde man holding a tray with a huge sundae, was walking towards their table smiling at Sakura.

"Wow thank you Koko! Of course I would love that. Do I have to pay or would you take care of it for me?"

"Silly, of course it's on the house. Why don't you and your new friend share it? I brought two spoons. Ja! Enjoy!" Koko said as he returned inside.

"So, I guess you really are special to the staff here. That is a huge free sundae."

"I told you so. Here, let's share this. No need to be shy. Take this as my thank you for cheering me up even for a little while today. I've been kinda bummed you know."

"This is a thank you? But this was given to you for free. You know this shouldn't count." Syaoran said as he took a spoonful. Good thing it was chocolate, he thought. I needed one today.

"Hey, I shared my free stuff with you and that's great enough ok!" she slapped his arm.

Syaoran laughed at her reddening face. Was she mad or embarrassed? This girl is funny.

"Cheapskate." He said before getting a bigger spoonful with brownies this time.

Sakura took some whipped cream with her finger and wiped it on Syaoran's right cheek. She laughed so hard at Syaoran's surprised face that she was clutching her stomach.

Damn. This day is turning out well.