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Chapter 52: The Awakening (Part 2)

"Doctor Muye, our Lady would like you to wait for another half an hour if you don't mind. She is currently in the Old Master's study and is busy for the moment."

Jiang Muye stood up and gestured politely to the servant. "No, please tell Ziyao that it is not that important and I can just visit another day. Tell Uncle Guan that I apologize too for coming by so suddenly."

He patted his pants cleanly before turning towards the main door to leave. Anyway, he has already confirmed his initial doubts and there is no need for him to stay.

Ah, his heart.

He still feels a bit uncomfortable for snooping around his first love's things but he has already decided on placing Sakura-jie above all.

He has only one family left, and he would rather sacrifice unrequited love for the safety and well-being of his sweet older cousin.

*ring ring ring* An old-fashioned mobile alert sounded as he entered Koko's fiery red Ferrari.

"Hey. Sorry I am kinda busy with my Dad. What's with you? Why were you browsing through the photo albums in the seating area?"

Jiang Muye narrowed his eyes as he adjusted the bluetooth receiver in his ear.

Watching me on the security camera yet unwilling to meet up with me?

"I was looking for some of our photos in the US when we had the Thanksgiving party with your cousins. When was that, was it like 5 years ago? Can you send me a copy of it all?"

He said nonchalantly as he started the car engine.

"Oh, why do you suddenly need it?" Su Ziyao softened her voice after hearing Jiang Muye's reply. She did it subtle yet the keen doctor still noticed it.

Scoffing at the woman who is obviously suspicious of him, he chuckled. "I thought I saw one of your female cousins in the hospital last week when we had a short conference with doctors of the Alta Hospital. I wanted to confirm with you if it was her and then show her that photo if ever we'll bump into each other again in next week's symposium. Haha she just seem so familiar but I can't remember her name~~"

A little annoyed, Su Ziyao cut in "It must be Su Qing Qing. I heard she came back just a month ago. So that was the reason why you went to the Old Mansion? After not visiting for almost a year, you came by just like that? To ask me her name and look for the photos?"

"Why are you getting riled up?"

"Do you like her? She has a boyfriend. And he's an American too." Su Ziyao snorted and did not hesitate to add "He is very wealthy too, he owns some hospitals and small clinics both in America and in Beijing."

"So what does it have to do with you if I find her pleasing to the eye? Anyway, just send me the photos. I made a special trip for that and I want to show it to her next week just in case she doesn't remember me when I approach her."

"You little-"

"Got to hang up. Driving on the freeway."

Jiang Muye ended the call and threw his mobile on the co-pilot seat.

He let out a sigh of relief, mentally patting himself at the back for his quick-thinking.

Being friends with Su Ziyao for almost 12 years and coming and going to the Su Old Mansion anytime he wants, he had never known that they have security cameras all over.

He frowned as he thought things over as he drove back to the Amamiya Estate. Why would Su Ziyao place her people in Sakura-jie-s home? What does she plan to do with her? She hates her so much because of what? Is it simply just because of her obsession with Li Syaoran?

He can not understand it.

He for one knows how it feels to live years and years and years on unrequited love.

He has long accepted that Su Ziyao will never love him back. It did hurt before but honestly, he has long become numb to it. It does feel uncomfortable at times but that's it.

How could Su Ziyao do something harmful to somebody else just because the one she has fallen in love with doesn't love her back?

Is she crazy like those in the television dramas and whatnots?

Jiang Muye shook his head in displeasure, feeling great disappointment in himself for failing to see what kind of a person Su Ziyao was. Anyway, the important thing to do now is to get as far away from the Sus to erase their suspicion on him. Once they find him harmless, then there may be other opportunities for him to help his Jie Jie and brother-in-law.


A limited edition black Rolls Royce Sweptail swiftly stopped in front of the airport entrance at Haneda Airport in Japan. A tall slender man wearing well-pressed tan slacks and white long sleeved shirt with gold cufflinks quickly got off the co-pilot's side and walked towards the VIP doors. He raised a hand to greet a man who was currently looking intently at something on his tablet.

"Master." he bent his waist for a second and straightened up back again. "It's good that you had a safe flight. I have arranged everything for your stay here."


"I brought you a change of coat as you have instructed."

He handed the silent man a silver-gray coat that matches the tailored pants he was currently wearing. He took it from him and laid it on the armrest of the couch, never taking his eyes off the news he was reading.

He knew his master's habits and quietly stood aside to wait for him to stand up before reporting anything else.

After a few minutes of silence in the VIP area, clicking of high heels sounded and two ground attendants approached the silent man who was sitting on the couch unmoved while staring at the tablet's screen.

"Master Ji, would you like some coffee and snacks?" one of the women blushed fiercely as she neared the handsome man. Her friend nudged her on the side as they both tried to move closer and take a better look at the man's peerless face.

"Zhao Ming."

It wasn't loud, almost like a gentle call, yet the coldness in that beautiful low voice brought chills on the two attendants' backs. They willed their bodies to move back quickly and stay as far away as possible from the man yet they couldn't. It was like they were frozen in place by the man's frightening aura.

In a flash, Zhao Ming was in front of the two women. He grabbed each one's wrist and dragged them out of the room.

The attendants couldn't even complain at the rude and forceful treatment. Their thin wrists are red in pain and they even sprained their ankles yet they felt like it was the better outcome for them.

That man. He is most probably the most handsome man they have ever laid eyes on, one who has the dreamiest voice they have ever heard, and yet he is also at the same time the most dangerous man they have encountered in all their twenty five years of being alive.

"Master." Zhao Ming returned to his master's side after throwing the attendants outside the private room.

Ji Huang Lei narrowed his eyes in irritation as he handed the tablet to his assistant.

Oh how he hates being interrupted. Especially by annoying females who know nothing but try and kiss his …

He stood up and put on the coat his assistant brought him as he walked elegantly toward the exit. Zhao Ming pulled the small luggage beside the couch and walked right behind the majestic man that seemed to catch the attention of the few people at the airport that time.

Upon settling at the back seat of the Sweptail, Zhao Ming cleared his throat and nervously began his report to his boss.

"Emperor, it appears that we have arrived late. She got married to Li Xiao Lang just last night."


Ji Huang Lei stared outside and looked on quietly at the blurry images of the structures they have passed by.

"They were supposed to get married next month but I have been told that some problem occurred which made Li Xiao Lang hasten the wedding and thus explained last night."


Zhao Ming loosened his tie uncomfortably and pulled it down. He nervously ran his hand through his short hair before replying.

"It seemed that Miss Sakura was kidnapped last November 2013 when she stayed incognito in Beijing…"


Zhao Ming shuffled toward the car door, trying his best to move as far as he can from the frightening man in front of him.

He watched as the sturdy folding serving table of the luxurious car shattered into small pieces in his Boss' hand.

"Why did no one tell me this?"

Zhao Ming gulped and unbuttoned 3 buttons of his shirt consecutively.

"Boss, when she graduated from Wharton in 2012 and you and her got separated, she suddenly got off the grid a few months after. Even the secret guards that you have sent to watch her lost track of her just like that." he snapped his fingers in emphasis. "It was like she disappeared into thin air and although we have reported to you about this back then, we could not do anything about it. We did think that no news of her is at least good news after all but then this incident in Beijing was also covered up perfectly that no news has been leaked out about it."

Ji Huang Lei's cold eyes pierced through Zhao Ming's and he almost forgot to breathe.

Hell, this man is too scary that even after staying with him for more than fifteen years, Zhao Ming still can't take it when he is angry.

He took a bottle of water from the car's refrigerator and took a sip before continuing.

"Emperor, even the Lis did not know. Our people has confirmed that Li Xiao Lang has been looking for her for a year and yet he did not find out that she was hiding in Beijing under a different identity."

Ji Huang Lei narrowed his eyes.

"She was known as Han Ying Fa, holding a Chinese passport stating that she was twenty six years old that time. Her photo showed her sporting dark obsidian eyes and long black straight hair that falls to the middle of her back."

Zhao Ming handed a Ji Huang Lei a new ipad. After clearing the password, he browsed through a series of files, one of which is a copy of her fake passport and some other fake Chinese IDs like driver's license and residence permit.

Ji Huang Lei gently stroked the blown up photo of a dark-haired, dark-eyed, unsmiling beauty he used to know so well. The Sakura staring back at him emotionlessly seemed like the exact opposite of the bubbly, cheerful, and always smiling woman in Wharton.


Zhao Ming seemed to find the car's ceiling very interesting as he stared at it while continuing the rest of the report.

"Emperor Ji..Boss..Young Master...ano~~~"

The cold man furrowed his eyebrows in annoyance. "Say it."

He gulped nervously. "Emperor Ji, it seemed like the kidnappers operated on Miss Sakura~~ah BOSS CALM DOWN, CALM DOWN!"

Zhao Ming rushed forward to grab the ipad from his boss' hand to prevent him from crushing it and harming himself. He may not have hurt himself from the table before but hey, this one has glass in it. He can't afford the boss to be injured at this time.

"Boss calm down. This is where we can help Miss Sakura if you want. We must find the group who took her and another lady that time. By the way boss, you know who the other lady is too."

"Who?" Although uninterested on who the other woman is, he still asked after sensing Zhao Ming's excitement. Ji Huang tried to calm himself down and reminded himself that what Zhao Ming said is true. He need to stay calm and check this fck* incident with a clear mind. This is the only way he can lend a hand to Sakura.

Now that she has married, she can never be his.

But that does not mean that he and she must part ways.

Getting married to another man does not mean that he should stop lending her help when his powers can give her the help she needs.

"Shen Miao. The wife of Xie Jing Xing." Zhao Ming rubbed his palms together in glee.

"She knew Sakura?" Ji Huang took the ipad from his assistant's hand and browsed through the report and read it thoroughly this time.

When he got to the part where it was unknown what operation was done to Sakura and then finding out that his men find similarities in the facial features of the young child that suddenly appeared in the mansion with Sakura and Xiao Lang, Ji Huang Lei knew.

He knew this child is Sakura's and Xiao Lang.

He took consecutive deep breaths, as if he was feeling suffocated inside the car. He placed the ipad down beside him as he removed his patterned gray tie and unbuttoned the first few buttons of his shirt.

When he felt that he can breathe normally, he glanced again at the photo of the child and he massaged his brows.

It was one thing to know that the first person he has ever liked and almost proposed to is already married, without him even getting the chance to fight for her love ever once.

He never even get to confess to her back then.

It was another big blow to know that one day after getting married, the love of his life already have such a big child…and she had it with this stupid arrogant prick who thinks he owns Hong Kong and half of Japan.

Li Xiao Lang.

Ji Huang Lei threw his tie in front of him angrily.

I'll see you soon.



A man wearing inconspicuous black clothes appeared behind Xie Jing Xing as soon as he got off the black Range Rover that he drove over to Amamiya's house.

"Stay inside first. I'll talk with Tie Yi first." he instructed Shen Miao who was getting ready to get down too.

She nodded obediently and continued to pet the animal sleeping beside her at the back seat.

"What is it?" Xie Jing Xing closed the door and turned to face his right hand man, Tie Yi.

"We received a report just now that Emperor Ji arrived two hours ago in Haneda airport."

Xie Jing Xing frowned.

"He took his private plane and was picked up by Zhao Ming. It seems that Zhao Ming went to Japan one day before Emperor Ji to prepare a place for him to stay."

"Now that is strange. Is it a temporary residence?"

Tie Yi shook his head.

"Master, I think that he is not planning to stay here temporarily. According to our sources, Zhao Ming purchased a three-storey house in a residential area in Yokohama and even bought a few luxury cars."

"Why in Yokohama?"

"We are still looking into it."

Xie Jing Xing gave Tie Yi a quick nod. "Good work. Make sure to keep an eye on him. And also find out his situation in Beijing. Who is left in charge of his company and his group."

Tie Yi handed Xie Jing Xing a folder which can only be opened using his and Xie Jing Xing's thumbprint.

"Master, it was Zhou Ling that was left to handle his company's matters while Fang is left to take over the underground business."

Xie Jing Xing quickly scanned the report.

"Then this means that Ji Huang Lei plans to stay here longer. Be cautious with him. Never let him and Zhao Ming out of our radar. I do not know as of now what he is planning but keep your vigilance with him."

"Yes Master."

Tie Yi respectfully bowed before disappearing from the place as if he has never appeared before.

As the head of Xie Jing Xing's Mo Yu army, Tie Yi's qing gong is top tier. His martial arts is excellent and very few people can fight him head to head.

And two of these few people are Zhao Ming and Fang.

Zhao Ming is Ji Huang Lei's right hand man; twenty eight years old and is two years younger than his distant cousin, who is also known as Emperor Ji.

Huang means Emperor in Chinese and coincidentally, Ji Huang Lei did grow up as if he truly owns most of China.

If Xie Jing Xing is said to own half the businesses of the growing economy of China's capital, then Ji Huang Lei owned the other half.

If Xie Jing Xing's Mo Yu army is renowned in the whole China's underground world making him hold the title "King", then his counterpart is Huang Lei's Black Dragon or Hei Long, with Emperor Ji as their leader.

Emperor Ji's stronghold over the underground world is much greater than Xie Jing Xing. It is just that the two of them have arrived to a point that they respected each other and just let each other do what they want as long as no bottom line has been crossed.

They focused on competing more in the corporate world.

In the eight years that Xie Jing Xing struggled to survive and rise up in Beijing, he had countless encounters with Ji Huang Lei. He truly was a powerful opponent and if it wasn't for Li Xiao Lang lending him help from time to time, it might have taken him a few more years before reaching where he is right now.

Now, why would the bloodthirsty Emperor Ji come over and decide to stay in Japan where he and Li Xiao Lang has decided to stay for a while?

With Hyuuga Natsume in the picture, can four powerful dragons among dragons live peacefully when it is certain that their paths will surely cross, may it be in the business or dark world?

Shaking his head and letting his thoughts stay at the back of his mind first, Xie Jing Xing opened the door of the back seat and helped the dainty Shen Miao get off the high vehicle.

After setting her down carefully, he let out a whistle and suddenly, a rare snow white Bengal tiger agilely got off the Range Rover and slowly walked to where they are.

The servants waiting to receive them almost fainted in fear at the sight of the tiger who is just walking beside the tall man and petite lady as if it was a normal occurrence.

They held their breaths and tried to stop moving as if afraid to catch the beast's attention.

Although the tiger seemed to have not yet reached its full size, it is still big and must have probably be six feet high if it stood in its hind legs.

Xie Jing Xing did not pay attention to them and he just held his wife's hand as he walked directly towards the banquet hall.

The moment the three reached the entrance of the dining area, everyone stopped talking and doing whatever they were doing as they stared at the two human and one beast.

What the hell is going on?

Why is there a vicious-looking tiger that is not even in a cage here amongst them?

For heaven's sake, it doesn't even have any leash on!

Li Yelan grabbed her chest in shock as she felt fear creep in her heart.

Even the Old General's hand shook as he tried to grip his cane firmly as he tried to assess the situation they are currently in.

Before Syaoran could ask Jing Xing what the hell is he up to, a sudden blur of white passed by him and he almost had a heart attack when he realized that it was the tiger who had leaped to where he and Sakura is.

Almost everyone present in the hall, even the gentle Fujitaka, took out their hand guns and pointed it toward the tiger who had leaped towards Sakura and is now letting out a deafening growl.


Syaoran is about to shoot the tiger when Sakura's laughter echoed in the hall.

"Great White! You came! I missed you so much!"


Dumbfounded, everyone, including the stunned husband, stared with big eyes and open mouth at the fragile-looking lady in a yellow dress that reached the middle of her snowy white calves that is hugging a tiger that is almost three times her body's girth.

Sakura ruffled the tiger's fur that glistened under the light. Great White's aura and physique appeared different from the other tigers seen in the zoos. This specific tiger seem vicious and bloodthirsty and yet here it is, lying on the ground with its belly up and enjoying the rubbing that Sakura is doing.

If they were all stupid, they would have thought that this is just a huge domestic cat and not one of the most dangerous breed of tigers all over the world.

After letting his wife have fun with the beast for a few minutes, Syaoran couldn't hold it back anymore.

"Honey, what's happening here? What is with the tiger?"

Sakura, who is lying directly on the cool marble floor side by side the now playful-looking tiger finally remembered where she was. She sat up and gave the tiger one last hug before letting Syaoran help her stand up and fix her clothes.

"This is Great White, my friend pet back in Beijing."