AN: this is a prequel to the main story

The day was bright and clear at Animalian military FOB Roger Young as Major Nick Wilde went into the communication center to talk to his wife.

"Evening Sargent Frostchild."

As Nick opened the door a wolf greeted him from behind a desk off to the side.

"Good evening Major Wilde. Here to talk to the wife today?"

The young wolf asked his commander while fidgeting with his paws behind his back as he stood at attention.

"Yep, since it's slow right now why don't you go get me some coffee?"

The fox asked the wolf who looked like he would rather be anywhere else than sit and listen to a mushy talk between two mates.

"Yes sir, would you like any sugar or is it black like always?"

Frostchild decided to ask even though he knew the majors answer and as he thought as much, Wilde raised eyebrow at the him in disbelief.

Laughing the wolf went on, "alright black it is, sir."

As the uniformed comms wolf walked away the fox sat down at a computer and logged on.

He started up skype and began looking for a particular name and after a few moments he saw who he was looking for, she was online and he clicked the call icon.

After a few moments of waiting the screen showed a heavily pregnant bunny on the screen, "hey Nick. how are you feeling?"

"Hey Carrots i'm doing good. How's everything with our family?"

Nick asked while feeling glad to see his wife.

"We're doing ok. I just miss having my cuddly fox around."

She giggled out a rather cute laugh that had the fox smiling.

'God how I missed her laugh,' he thought.

"How's the farm doing?"

Nick was curious to know how their farm was doing seeing as her parents Stu and Bonnie had retired and left Judy to take over the farm.

Judy practically jumped for joy as she spoke, "the harvest just came in. I made sure to put a few baskets of blueberries in a care package for you. They should be there in a couple days, speaking of any word on when you might be coming home?"

Nick shook his head making his wife frown, something he didn't like to see and had wished he had good news to tell her instead.

"Can't they afford one Major while you come home for the birth of our kits at least?"

Her tone was frustrated and she puffed out her cheeks to show her disapproval.

"You know how it is Judy. I wish with every fiber of my being that I could be there, but these radicals are keeping us here and if we don't fig-"

"Fight them then! I swear you let one of them slip past and get over here, why i'll-," Judy sat back and took a breather.

"Nick I worry every time I turn on the news and see soldiers on the ground with missing body parts. I dread of seeing your dead body among them sweetie."

Her rant went on with worry in her voice as her mate just chuckled at her words which made her frown even more as she got even more upset with the vulpine.

"Judy what did I tell you when we were back in highschool as I told you I was joining up?"

Both mammals took a moment to reminisce on that moment in their lives and smiled at one another.

"That you're a smart cunning fox and you would never put yourself in danger, although recently you've been calling yourself a badass which I find deplorable."

Her words caused them both to start laughing making the sour mood dissipate.

Nick scratched his chin nervously as he pressed his bun for answers, "so! did they say how many are in there?"

The mention of 'in there' had Judy's paw instantly move towards her swollen tummy that held the inquisitive fox's kits, "the sonogram showed fours kits and two had very long tail bones so it's possible we are looking at two foxes and two bunnies based off bone structure," as she finished telling Nick some very good news Judy watched a cup being pawed over to her husband from a wolf uniform.

"Hey Mike! How's the family?"

Judy shouted happily at the wolf who nearly dumped the cup of coffee on Nick in his flustered state.

"Th- they're doing fine missus Wilde." Sargent Frostchild replied as best he could while Nick gave the wolf a raised eyebrow again as he set the cup down without spilling a drop.

"That's fantastic Mike! Make sure my husband comes home to me. We need him back in one piece," she patted her tummy at that making the wolf smile.

"I'll do my best missus Wilde, take care."

The wolf bowed his head toward the doe and left the room so the two could say their goodbyes in private.

Nick smiled at his wife, "I miss you Carrots, you know that right?"

Her eyes narrowed to loving slits as she leaned into the screen and whispered for no reason, "do I know that? Yes, yes I do. I miss you to, now hurry up and come home to us safe so I can show you how much I love you."

The fox's ears twitched at her words as a whimper escaped from him in longing for his wife.

"Love you to Carrots, bye!"

At the call ended the screen froze for a second before returning to the home screen.

"Well Joe what's going on today?"

Nick turned to the large Hare who was standing in the doorway waiting for the call to end.

"Not much Nick, just normal Ops an-. What the heck."A distant rumbling could be heard which was followed by loud blaring alarms that sounded during an attack.

"We're under attack! Joe, I need everyone on full alert and Frost don't you dare spill my coffee you shithead."

Nick yelled his soldiers as he made his way out of the comms doorway.

"How the hell did they get this far in?"

The fix rhetorically asked a question that went unanswered from his underlings as Joe followed Nick however as soon as they got outside both fox and hare heard a loud whistling from above which was followed by a heavy thunk that hit right next to them and after a split second everything went black.