At the carrot festival the wilde family were currently talking about the play when Nick spoke up, "so what kind of play you kids putting on this year?"

The question gain him looks from all of his kits all at once which put him on the spot more so than he intended. At least until his oldest piped up.

"It's a play about zootopia with a surprise ending for all the audience." Stephany informed her father.

"Yeah daddy it's gonna be awesome can't wait." Violet chipped in her two cents while Jr just rolled his eyes.

"Just so long as Violet doesn't try to start a rock concert again it should be fine." Hannah said causing Violet to scoff loudly at her sister.

"Please that was fun and you know it Hannah." Violet snapped back causing stephany to butt in to prevent another fight.

"The teachers didn't think so when you almost set the stage on fire Violet so calm down." After Stephany spoke they started to calm down more.

Violet scoffed but still replied "Fine so when is the play again?"

"Here in an hour kids so go play and meet back here at the barn in thirty minutes." Judy said resulting in a corius of 'yes mother'.

"Jr you go with Hannah and Violet you go with Stephany. Ok and keep each other safe!" Nick said in a commanding voice which caused all his kids to freeze including Judy.

"Nick sweetheart you ok?" Judy asked concerned for her husband.

"Huh oh sorry kids I forgot myself there for a moment go have fun while I talk to your mother alright." Nick quickly said in a softer tone after seeing what he did as the kits took off to go play games.

"Nick are you ok? This is our first time in crowds in over half a year and you're still on high alert and on constant guard more than normal." Judy said while feeling her husband was still suffering.

"Sorry hun just the training kicking in again, i'm still not used to being a civie yet." Nick said in a placating tone.

"Ok slick. So you're going to supervise the blueberry fields tomorrow, right?" Judy asked knowing her husband has been wanting to work around the farm.

"Yeah. Should I wake your brothers up like a drill sergeant just to mess with them or be nice this time around and let them sleep for a bit?"

"Let them sleep in for an hour they earned it for the work yesterday."

Nick leaned down and gave his wife a long smooch on her forehead while ruffling the fur on her cheeks with his paws then pulled away while giving into her demands, "alright honey buns but if they get to sleep in late you and me get some extra morning cuddle time." As Nick said that Judys ears snapped forward at full attention all while a deep blush crossed her muzzle. But then a mischievous grin formed on her mouth and Nick found her countering.

"How about an extra extra long cuddle after you do your work and bring in a few bales of carrots for dinner?"

The sly fox rubbed his chin meticulously as he thought that over only to have her add in one last cherry on top sort to speak.

"I'll also be wearing that lacy black number you love so much!" As Judy said that she stepped under his leaning face and gave the side of his muzzle a quick lick which sealed the deal.

"You drive a hard bargain Fluff. But I accept!"