Maybe, normal wasn't for Lance.

He was in space because of a giant blue mechanical cat and kept in a room with some purple Prince. He was tired, hungry, and really wanted his mom.

He had curled up as he sat against the wall, for once, not knowing what to say. He was scared.

He flinched when the door opened. His eyes locked on the individual. They... They didn't seem to have a face. That in and of itself was terrifying, but he felt a sense of calmness as he saw what looked like a dark furred cat in by their side. The cat stared at Lance with harsh curiousity.

"Narti, so glad you heeded my summons," Lotor said in a regal tone. The faceless one bowed towards Lotor, but the cat remained fixated on Lance. Lance stared back with a slightly fearful but mainly curious expression. The cat looked sleek and soft. He wondered if liked to be pet like other cats. The cat's eyes narrowed, but made its' way over to Lance, ready to run if need be. Lance held out his hand, equally curious and wary. Lotor watched in boredom as the cat approached. No doubt it would sniff Lance and return to Narti posthaste.

The cat did sniff Lance's hand, and Lance, feeling safe from the cat, lowered his hand and began scratching behind the cat's ears. The cat stiffened for the briefest of moments before giving a rich purr. Lotor looked over at Narti in confusion. Her tail remained still as she didn't interfere with the interaction.

A few moments passed before Narti approached Lance and her familiar. The cat returned to Narti when she grew close. Lance blinked and nearly jumped at seeing Narti.

Narti just stood, uncaring about his reaction, in favor of stroking the cat.

Lance swallowed nervously but asked, "What's its name?"

Lotor snorted.

"Narti's familiar is called Kova Paladin."

Lance's nose crinkled at the mention of Paladin, and turned to face Lotor.

"I have a name you know. It's Lance. Not Paladin."

"Paladin is not a name. It's a title. It shows you are a pilot of one of the lions of Voltron."

"What's a Voltron?"

"A powerful weapon. One said to be able to fight any battle."


With his exhale the door opened once more-

"Lotor! I heard the most disturbing rumor involving-"

"Nice to see you too Acxa," Lotor said calmly.

"My apologies Lotor. But I had heard whispers-"

"Involving the finding of the Blue Lion and its paladin?"

"How did you-?"

Lotor lazily pointed his finger towards Lance who was interacting with Kova and Narti. Acxa tutted with distaste.

"Not much is he?"

"He is still growing. I am just as surprised as you that a child was chosen. But it gives us time to train him."

Acxa pursed her lips.

"You think he'll be able to pull through our training?"

"He has to," Lotor said gravely.

"Aw!" A new voice came in from apparently out of nowhere. Lance squeaked as arms wrapped around his torso out of seemingly nowhere and he was lifted into the air. He felt something nuzzle his cheek.

"Ezor, please stop sneaking into my bedroom."

"Sorry. Just had to see this little guy for myself!" a bubbly voice giggled. Lance was turned around to see a bubbly and rather colorful girl. With her red face, purple eye ridges and yellow nose, she was certainly brighter than anyone else he had seen. Unlike anyone else he had seen in space so far.

"So what's your name cutie?"

"My name's Lance. What's yours beautiful?"

"Oh my god Lotor! I so want to keep him! Can I?"

"Ezor, you can't take the young Paladin."

"But he's cute. Like a little kitten," she said turning Lance around to face Lotor. Lance could feel his face heat up in embarrassment.

"I am not a kitten."

"You so are! Ah! I just want to eat you all up."

"Please don't."

"We're not going to eat you kid," Acxa dryly corrected, "We're not monsters. Ezor just happens to like cute things."

"It's true," she admitted pulling Lance to her chest, "And you're the cutest non Galra to come aboard. And I want to take full advantage."


"Yeah. Before I have to share you with others."

"Are you joking? No one wants to be near the kid."

"It's Lance!" Lance said stubbornly, "Not kid!"

"Right. Well, most Galrans don't care for non Galrans. And Lance here doesn't have a trace of Galra in him does he?"

"He's from a backwater planet far from the empire."

"Am not!"

"Have you ever travelled beyond your planet before?"


"Then backwater."

Lance grumbled while Ezor laughed. Acxa and Lotor shared a look and Narti stroked Kova.

I am losing it. Ezor likes little Lance. Acxa and Lotor are concerned and no one knows what Narti and Kova are thinking.

It's crazy. It's all crazy.