Summary-Harry has always had a talent with mimicking voices. He could make his voice sound like anyone he wanted it to be like, be it male or female; with just a little practice on his part. Then when he found out he could also shift his features to look like anyone he wanted to Harry knew that he had something that could save him from the hell that was his so-called family; he had something he could finally make a name for himself with. Now years later Tsuna, and his new guardians, are going to meet up with the now world-famous hitman and assassin only know as The Mimic.

Disclaimer- I do not own Harry Potter or Katekyo hitman reborn, nor do I make any money off of either one of them.

Chapter four

Harry, or as he went by when he was in a different form or really around anyone else, Mimic, was on the move. Currently she, was on her way towards where Reborn wanted to meet up at; which happened to be Tsuna's house.

Not that Harry had actually been told the address, as the information gatherer he was, he was supposed to already know just where it was. So, he had been just told to met him up there at a certain time and that was all.

Which Harry was able to easily do as he had already figured it out on right after he had first meet Tsuna to begin with. As upon meeting Tsuna Harry had been able to quickly figure out the teen in question was one of, if not the main reason, Reborn had wanted him there in the first place.

Which was why he had spent the next couple of says gather all the information he could about Tsuna, as well as the others whom had gathered around him. Now he was going to share that information with Reborn, both as a test, as well as to find out just what else the hitman in question wanted with him.

Something Harry really wasn't looking forward to as he had a growing sense of dread building up in his stomach the long he spent in this town, and his instincts continue to go wild with the need to get far from here as he continued to fear that this was all a way to trap him in some way; like he feared it was. Still at the same time he knew he was already here, he had already done part of his job, and he wasn't going to quite now.

So with that in mind, Harry checked over himself to make sure that everything was in place, that his form was dressed correctly, looked both professional as well a nice; as he had heard the things Reborn had done to those that weren't professional when meeting up with him. So, he wanted to be covered just in case that was true; besides he did like looking good anyway so doing so was a plus.

Not only that, but Harry was also making sure that, while he did look the way he wanted to, that he also had the weapons hidden on her body there. That none of the weapons where obviously there or easy to point out.

Not to mention also making sure that there wasn't anything that pointed to the fact that the form he was in wasn't real at the same time. A basic check over Harry like to do every time he went out on a mission; just to make sure.

Seeing that there wasn't anything wrong, and that everything was in place, Harry quickly walked to the door of the house he had been heading towards; the silver heels, that had hidden blades in them, clicking lightly on the sidewalk as he did so. With each step reminding Harry that he was just that much closer to both his goal; as well as the person who had been plaguing his thoughts in the what if.

Then once there Harry quickly knocked on the door in front of him, all the while feeling that as he was doing so that he had just invited utter chaos into his, rather quiet and peaceful life. This was because, as soon as said door was open Harry was greeted to the sight of Tsuna tripping down the stairs, as he attempted to run from something, several bombs being thrown at a way to happily grinning Tamamoto, while the Nana, Tsuna's mother seemed to be completely oblivious to it all as she happily beamed at Harry's female form. Who was now staring slightly wide eyed at what was gong on in the house in front of her.

Seeing this, Harry cleared her throat slightly before giving a slight bow to who he knew was Tsuna's mother. All the while introducing herself to the woman in front of her; wanting to make a polite first meeting with her. Because if anything Harry had learned the reason why there was saying about attracting more to you with Honey then with Vinegar.

"Hello, my name is Mimic, and I am an…acquaintance of Reborn. He has asked me to meet him here. I hope that is alright with you."

This got her and even brighter smile from the woman in front of her, while Tsuna who seemed to have heard what Harry had said seemed to be frozen in a scream of horror, as he looked at Harry. No doubt adding together Reborn inviting her, and her being her now of all times as something involving the Mafia; as he did have good instincts on him. Something Harry had been rather quick to notice. Not that his mother seemed to notice any of this as she answered Harry.

"Oh, it's no problem, Reborn seems to have so many different friends, that so nice. You know he's helping my little Tsuna study right now, so I'll lead you right to him."

This said she held to door open further, gesturing for Harry to follow her up the stairs; making Harry feel slightly disbelief at how trusting, and utterly naïve, the woman in question seemed to be. As she really didn't even know Harry all that well; but seem to just accept what he had just said.

Not to mention the fact that Mimic clearly was not a name a normal person would have but she seemed to be utterly fine with it; making Harry wonder about her slightly. Though even as he did so, this didn't stop him from follow her up the stairs, with Tsuna, Gokudera and Yamamoto quickly rushing head of Nana as they did this. Again, something that this Nana seemed to take no notice of.

In what now felt like an all too soon kind of moment, Harry found himself being led into what he figured was Tsuna's room. Where he could now see was where Reborn was waiting for him. Wearing a smirk that sent shutters down his…or currently her spine, as they got a glimpse of it. Because it just seemed to reaffirm all the fears that Harry had been having since he had arrived in Japan in the first place; hell since he got the letter from Reborn in the first place.

And yes, Harry could clearly tell that this being in front of him was Reborn; despite what others may think. There really wasn't many who could pull off the aura Reborn could. Even if he was in the shape of a toddler, the way he stood not to mention how comfortable he was in the suit he was wearing just screamed anything but normal. So, knowing this, Harry, clenched his fist slightly had gave a slight bow before beginning to speak.

"Hello Reborn, you said that you wanted to meet me here?" This seemed to cause Reborn's smirk to widen even further and Harry as this happened heard Tsuna let loose a high-pitched screech like sound. One he wished he hadn't heard as such a close distance considering just how loud it was but tried his best to ignore as Reborn began to speak. Knowing that he needed to hear what the hitman in question was saying, unless he wanted to either get tricked into something or miss something important, that is.

"Yes, I did want to see you Mimic, but first share the information you've gathered while you were here, why don't you?" Harry hearing this gave a very slight twitch as was about to begin when Gokudera interrupted him before he could do so.

"What, did you say Mimic! Do you mean the Mimic! The one who's supposed to be one of the best infiltrators and assassins around? The one no one know just what he…or she looks like? THAT MIMIC!? MIMICS A GIRL…AND SHE'S OUR AGE!?" Here, again before Harry could say anything, Reborn began to speak; taking great pleasure in answering Gokudera.

"Yes, that Mimic…oh she's a he." This said Harry felt his eye twitch, a twitch that got even worse when he saw everyone staring at him in disbelieve, as the form he had decided to take clearly wasn't male; not in the least bit and really never could be mistaken for male either. The curves and swells of the breast she had in this form proved that much.

Seeing this, Harry instead of answering the unasked question instead keep his focus on Reborn, and finally answered what he had been asked before he had been interrupted; adding a little more details to save himself some of the headaches he could feel where coming.

"Yes, I am Mimic, and yes I do have those skills. I am also an expert information gather as well. And yes, I was born male, and still am…. but honestly I can be either, neither, or whoever I want. Hence the name I took, and the fact no one knows who I am. Now, as for the information I had gotten since I had gotten here well…"

Here Harry, to the embarrassment of all the teens in the room, began to explain all the information he had gained. Though Reborn did stop him from mentioning several things, like the flames he thought they had, as well as more details on the just what skills he felt they may be good in; siting it wasn't the time for that.

But in the end, by the time Harry had finished speaking, all the boys were either slightly red in the face or completely red in the face with a look of utter wide eyed disbelieve clear on their face. While Reborn looked both smugly satisfied as well as a little impressed.

Or at least he did until his face suddenly went blank, and before he could blink Harry found a green gun being aimed right at him. Causing him to go slightly wide eyed and get ready to at least try to defend himself; as no matter what he wasn't going to go down without a hell of a fight. Or he was going to until he heard what Reborn had to say to him.

"You have certainly earned you name, haven't you? But do I need to remind you now of what will happen to you if you let any of the information you have gained goes to any outside source? If someone just happens to find out what you know? Not only from me but from others as well…" Harry hearing the trailed off threat felt like deadpan as he answered.

"I'm not suicidal, there is no way I will let anyone know just what is going on. I like living and not being either dead or living my life all ways on the run; looking over my shoulder all the time. So no, not a word to others will leave my lips."

This seemed to be the correct thing to say as Harry found the gun that had been pointed at him being put away and Reborn was once more giving everyone the smug, almost trolling, look that had been on his face earlier.

Making Harry wonder if honestly it was better to have that look directed at you, instead of the blank one that been directed at him when Reborn looked ready to shoot him. So far, he really wasn't sure just which one he preferred even if one of them most likely meant you death at the end of it.

A feeling that got stronger when Reborn's eyes got an even more amused gleam in them as he began to explain just why he had told Harry to come there in the first place. Clearly taking great delight in the faces, and reactions, of those around him as he did so.

"Well, I have decided that you Tsuna and you friends here need to know how to gather information, how to get out of tight situations, and how to best disguise yourself incase things take a turn for the worst, Skills that could be invaluable in your future. I also figure who best to teach you, besides me that is, then someone who is not only one of the best at those subjects, but also so close to your age as well."

Here Harry could feel a sense of utter doom going down his spine a feeling that got even worse and seemed to be shared by the other three in the room with him, as Reborn finished up what he as saying.

"That being said, because of his age Mimic here will be going to school when he isn't teaching you. Also, he is going to have a more permanent form others can address him as; one that could be male of female whatever he prefers. The choice of that is Mimics to make. But it will be a form with a more normal name, that wouldn't stand out too much here. Something like that would be good for this…" Here Reborn looked directly at Harry and let him know that just what he was saying next was aimed directly at him and not the others.

"Oh, and don't worry Mimic the Vongola is paying for all of this." Hearing this, Harry was about to protest everything that had been said. As he hadn't agreed in the least bit to any type of contract with Reborn, let alone with Vongola. But before he could do so, Reborn seemed to know just what he was about to say as he spoke up before Harry could get a word out.

"It isn't anything permanent, and it should only last a couple of months at most. Think of it this way, by going to the school you'll have a more permanent civilian character you could fall back on in an emergency and will have someone that will cover your back while still being freelance."

Harry hearing this, felt himself very reluctantly agree with what Reborn was saying, as he could really see how it would benefit him in doing something like that; at least in the long run. Not to mention, no matter how much he wanted to deny it, he knew that he did need some like that.

Not only for his job but because at the same time Harry knew that as he was right now he would have a difficult job connecting to those his age, something he would have to do in the future, and that doing what Reborn was planning that would help with that.

So, with that in mind Harry concentrated slightly and felt his form begin to change. The cloths he was wearing tightening and loosening in some place; and as the happened Harry couldn't help but he glade he decided on the more boot like designed shoe as it gave him more balance through the change he was undergoing.

All of this was all happening in a blink of an eye, as Harry began to make the new personality he was going to mainly be using here. This in mind Harry made himself just a bit taller than Tsuna, gave himself shoulder length slightly wave bright blood red hair, made his face real close to what his original face looked like, just without the lightening bold scar that identified him as the so called boy who lived, and gave himself bright purple eyes.

All and all he looked close to what he looked in his true form, but yet at the same time, different enough he knew it wouldn't be connected to the actual Harry Potter if for some reason someone decided to look in Japan of all places for him. When he was done Harry found himself feeling rather satisfied with his look and was going to add a name to it to complete it; when a certain bomber interrupted his thought process with.

"Why are you going as a girl? I mean nothing against girls as I know they can fight just as well as any guy can but…. wouldn't it be easier to spent time with us as a male? It wouldn't rise as many eyebrows, or get to much attention direct your way… right?" Harry hearing this had to fight to keep a reaction off his face as he turned to respond to what Gokudera had just said.

"I am male…and I will be going by the name Haru Imita. Haru because it means spring and simple enough, I can remember to answer to it, and Imita because it actually means Mimic." This said Harry began to make plans on how he was going to be doing for the next couple of days.

Taking no care to how the others reacted to what he said. In fact, now that he realized that he would be here longer than he had originally thought. And now that he had a form he was going to be taking in a more permanent fashion while he was here, all Harry, or rather Haru, could really think of was perhaps he would get to fight a certain perfect like he had been wanting to for a while.

That and he was wondering how said perfect would react to him going to his school the next day; that was bound to be a rather interesting meeting. As Harry was planning on 'mistakenly' breaking some of the rules the perfect had; starting with the length of his hair as a male.

AN- Also I am looking for two different stories and I seriously hope that someone can tell me where they are and if they are still up or not because I can't seem to find them. They are not Harry Potter or Katekyo hitman reborn stories. Instead they are My hero academia stories. Both of them feature a female Izuku but that is the only thing that is the same. In one of them Izuku has a very powerful quirk that she has to keep hidden and does so by hiding the quirk as one that can make anything she touches candy. The other is darker in this one Izuku does jump of the roof and she awakens a quirk. She wakes up with doctors and the have her in a room to test things out first they think it is a zombie quirk but later update it to a more vampire like quirk. She does not forgive or trust Kachann after this and they do a series of test on this she doesn't have stitches or scars on her face and I have fond one similar t it but not to one I am looking for…does anyone have any idea what these stories are I am pretty sure that I read them on A03 but cannot find them again.