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Chapter one

Harry couldn't help it, as he nearly grinded the palm of his hands through his eyes. Trying to do so in a futile attempt to rid himself of all of that was radiating through them at the moment However it seemed that his attempts to alive himself of at least some of that pain, only seemed to make it just that much worse.

Yet still, Harry could stop the near instinctual reaction he was having. He just had to find a way to get his eyes to stop burning like they were, or else he felt that they might very well melt right out of his head.

Nails now digging into the skin around his eyes, as even more pain tore through both his eyes and made him feel as if somehow his eyes where now actual gone and the fire had burnt its way through to his very brain. While at the same time acid was slowly being slowly dropped on his one skull just for the hell of it.

A feeling he was continuing to get from the sheer burning sensation he had suddenly gotten that had woken him from the dead sleep he had been in just moments before. Hell, Harry swore that he could literally feel the heat of the flames that he imagined were in place of his eyes on his hands. A fact that now made it feel like, along with his eyes and mind, his very hands were getting burnt from said heat as the clutched to his head.

Though in the back of his mind, as he desperately tried to not think about the torture his eyes were currently undergoing. Harry almost absentmindedly recalled that if he remembered correctly that all that day long there had been a faint burning in his eyes; steadily getting slightly worse as the day went on. Something he had previously ignored, and tired to even sleep off for that matter, believing it was either exhaustion or overuse that was causing the pain in his eyes.

Only for said belief to get utterly smashed as the pain increased past anything he had ever felt before. Honestly starting to do so just seconds ago, as it went from a rather mild irritation to raging inferno of pain in the blink of an eye.

And despite the fact Harry knew intelligently, that the pain had been going only mere seconds, to him it felt like it had been going on for what now seemed to be hours; dragging on and becoming a never-ending source of agony. Mainly because the current pain he was feeling was worse than anything he could remember feeling before and only seemed to be getting worse as more time passed. Enough so that his mind screamed for this torture to end in one way or another.

Because at the moment, despite the fact Harry knew he had a very large pain tolerance. A tolerance that had only gotten stronger the older he got, Harry found himself literally withering in pain on his bed in Private four drive. Biting right through his bottom lip in a despite attempt to keep himself from screaming aloud and alerting is so-called family as to what was currently happening to him.

Not wanting them to find him in such a weakened position, one he knew he wouldn't be able to defend himself in; even if he wanted to if they did end up finding him. Knowing without out it even having to happen that he would end up being attacked while he was in such a vulnerable state as a so-called punishment for whatever was currently happening to him.

Because whatever it was that was currently happening to him Harry knew from somewhere deep within himself that it wasn't something that anyone would deem normal. Least of all any of the Dursley family.

Who saw anything even slightly out of the ordinary as some sort of sin that deserved the worst sort of punishment. And whom would be even less considerate then they normally were, which is to say not at all, considering the fact if it did happen it would have been Harry's screaming would have woken them up; in the middle of the night. Which was why Harry was doing his best to stop any sounds did escape him at the moment.

And considering everything that had happened recently Harry couldn't see anything that would need to deal with him, or his magic, going over well with his family; not that it ever had honestly.

Seeing as his 'family' hated anything that wasn't what they deemed to be normal, and one thing Harry would never be was normal; at least in their eyes he wouldn't. Nor in many others either, now that he thought about it. After all the whole being a wizard as well as the boy-who-lived thing pretty much screamed not normal to anyone who knew about it.

But back to the fact Harry was just a hairs breath from screaming and waking up his family. Harry got the feeling that anything that brought his attention to his family now, would be worse than it had ever been in the past; even more so seeing how late at night it currently was. Because he knew instinctively that the pain he was feeling was happening for some reason be it good or bad, and not matter what reason it was anyone finding out about it really wouldn't end well for him; not now it wouldn't.

So, at the moment, despite his pain, and despite how badly he wanted to scream out, Harry decided to do his best to keep quiet. Even if now he had ended up biting clear through his bottom lip to stop himself from making a sound. If only to stop something even worse from happening to him due to his family. Which could even end up with him dying seeing as currently he really was in such a defenseless position; something Harry sadly wouldn't put passed his so-called family.

You see, Harry's second year had just ended, and much to his disgust Harry had found himself back at the hell hole he had been forced to call his home for the majority of his life. Harry couldn't honestly say who was more unhappy about this fact, himself or his supposed family. Neither one of them were overjoyed about seeing each other again; especially considering just how Harry had left the summer before Dursley's house.

Especially when the how he escaped was rather noticeable to all the neighbors, and most likely rather expensive to fix; especially if you didn't want questions asked about it. What considering the fact that last summer there had been bars on his window, as well as several new locks on the outside of his bedroom door, to keep from leaving the house; let alone going to Hogwarts. And the fact despite this, he had still escaped in a flying car, in the middle of the night, by ripping said bars out of the window hadn't endeared him anymore to his family; not in the least bit.

If anything, he had left them stewing in their rage over what had happened all year long; after they had repaid for all the damages done with their own money. Making his return to them even worse than the one from the year before.

Mainly because this summer they knew for sure he wasn't allowed in the least bit to do any magic unlike what they had feared last summer; at least until they found out the truth. Which is what led to his imprisonment the summer before in the first place.

Meaning he didn't even have the slightest protections against the loathing they felt for him; similarly to how it had been when he was younger. Only this time the had even more of a grudge against him, as well as even more reason to lash out at him. As apparently now they had even more prove he wasn't normal but truly a freak; like they had believed all along.

And this loathing, was something no one in his so-called family was hesitant in showing him; not in the least bit. Starting the very second, he had gotten back to their house and continuing on until now. As not sooner than the very second they met him after he got off the Hogwarts express, they had been trying to, in their own words, show Harry his place; which in their minds seemed to be beneath their feet.

In fact, Harry was still smarting from their newest 'welcome' home gift they had 'blessed' him with the first day he had been back with them. Which was one of the main reasons Harry was doing his best to not waking them. Despite, or perhaps especially, because of what was currently happening.

However, at the moment Harry wasn't worried about the locks on his door, or the bars that had once been on his windows. Hell, he couldn't even bring himself to honestly care about the fact that since he had been first shoved into this place that he hadn't even been allowed out of said room once. Which if he was keeping track of the time correctly had been a little over a week ago.

Something that was made just that much worse, as well as a bit humiliating, seeing as he had actually been left a bucket to relieve himself in, the first day he had been shoved into said room. A bucket that Harry took a small amount of satisfaction in emptying out his window, right in his so-called Aunt's prized roses. Even if he knew that doing so would only cause him to get even more punishments at a later date. At least it would once his aunt found out just what he was doing.

Not to mention for that week Harry found himself going back to his childhood treatment of only being able to eat maybe once a day. If that, and what food he did get was from whatever small amount of food that the Dursley's allowed to be pushed to him through a cat flap that had been inserted into his bedroom door.

Most of the time not caring if the food in question fell on the floor as the pushed it through the flap in question. If anything, they really attempted to get as much of it as the could on the floor as they did so. Nastily mentioning him eating of the floor like the beast he was or something similar to that as they did so.

No, at the moment all Harry could bring himself to care about was the pain he was currently in. As well as wonder just why, he was feeling such pain in the first place; as there had to be a reason.

After all pain, especially at the level he was feeling it at, didn't happen for no reason at all. Something Harry knew from experience, just like most of the time when you injured, and you do not feel some sort of pain immediately afterwards that was also bad.

But at the same time Harry couldn't think of anything that could be causing what he was currently feeling. Seeing as it was a burning like pain that was primarily taking place in his eyes but now had just recently started to melt into the rest of his body. And no time recently had Harry done anything that could have injured or even really involved his eyes in any sort of way.

But with the pain moving from just in his eyes to spreading out throughout the rest of his body, it was now making Harry wonder if the pain he was currently in was now worse or better now than it had been before. Or if it was actually worse of than it had been now that it all wasn't located in a single area but more spread out.

Though Harry noted with some relief, however small that it maybe, that the burning feeling was starting to be lessening little by little the further from his eyes as it moved down the body. Or at least it was lessening in his eyes as the pain moved through is body; as if just spreading the misery to the rest of his body.

But honestly, Harry couldn't be that reassurance because of the fact while that the pain in his body wasn't as bad as the one that was in his eyes; it was still a good deal of pain none the less. Something that was beginning to make him start to panic, seeing as he still kept wondering just why he was feeling said pain in the first place. Something that he couldn't find the answer to no matter what he thought about or how he tried to figure out why it was happening.

Because as far as he knew he hadn't done anything that could cause a burning pain mainly focused in his eyes of all places. Seeing as his uncle usually went out of his way to avoid his face when it came to where he had hit him; not wanting to leave a visible injury on him that couldn't easily be hidden.

Then after what seemed like hours of feeling as if his eyes were being burned, no melting right out of his sockets, followed by the rest of his body slowly being roasting from the inside out, Harry felt all the pain he was feeling, just suddenly stop.

Leaving Harry feeling completely and utterly exhausted as it did so. A bone deep tiredness, that left Harry feeling weaker than he could ever recall feeling; even when he had been on the very verge of death down in the chamber of secrets. And even then, it didn't seem to seep as bone deep, into his very being deep, as this more resent exhaustion was doing.

Feeling as if he had been drained of every last bit of energy he had, even what felt like ever last drop of his magic. Something which Harry had come to recognize as a warm almost ocean like well of energy around his very heart. And something he had never really felt like it wasn't actual there before. So, the feeling of like it being empty horrified Harry beyond believe.

However, the feeling of losing all of this energy, no matter how temporary it may have been or at least however temporary Harry hoped that it was, left Harry feeling utterly hollow. Not to mention vulnerable in a way he had never felt before; and at the same time hope to never feel like again.

Feeling this, and feeling the horror of the sheer emptiness he felt as he realized that every last bit of his energy magic or otherwise was gone, Harry wasn't able to stop himself from falling into the now terror filled darkness that was unconsciousness; unable to even move in the slightest bit as he did so. Which ended up making just that much more terrifying as Harry pictured what his life would be like if he was as completely parlayed as the current feeling were making him feel like he was; without even the slightest amount of magic available to protect him from the worse.

Slowly and feeling as if he had a hundred-pound weights strapped all over his body, a body that had previously been used as a chew toy for all three of Fluffy's head at that, Harry began to wake up; only to immediately regret it as he did so.

Feeling as if he was only able to just barely curl up on the bed he was in, Harry couldn't help but wonder just what had happened to him to make him feel as horrible as he currently was. Which was worse than Harry could actually recall every feeling before; or at least it seemed that was to him.

In fact, if he was honest with himself, he currently felt even worse than the near-death state he had been in during both his first year as well as after his little 'trip' in the chamber of secrets and that was saying something.

That's when the pain from last night, the agony in his eyes then the rest of his body had been in, not to mention the sheer emptiness of being drained of every last bit on energy he had, came rushing back to mind Harry. Overriding all the current exhaustion he was feeling as he remembered all of this, and as he recalled the utter terror he felt when he had forcefully lost all consciousness; along with the thoughts that plagued him as that had happened.

Because of this the very second he recalled all of this Harry, quite suddenly, found that he could do much more than just curl up in agony on his bed; despite not wanting to lose the small comfort said bed provided him. In fact, he found that despite what he had thought earlier he could certainly do more than he had originally thought with his thoroughly depleted body.

As he leaped up from said bed and headed to the nearest mirror. Even if it was a discarded broken one; that would have long since been discarded if it was in anyone else room. One his cousin had long since cracked down the middle; like most of the things he had in his room were. It still was a mirror, and therefor functioned like one; which was currently what Harry needed.

Instinctively knowing that whatever the pain had been last night, had been something that had changed him and that he would be able to see at least some of those changes himself in the mirror. How he knew this exactly Harry wasn't sure but at the same time he knew deep within his very soul that it was correct.

Not only that but Harry could also feel that he needed to find out just what had happened to him and that he needed to do so as soon as possible. That for a reason he couldn't explain he wouldn't be able to put it off for any reason; not even the terror of the unknown he was currently feeling. That doing so would make it matter of live or death; with death being more likely if he held back for too long.

So, knowing this, and knowing his gut feeling had never led him wrong before, having actually saved his life on several different occasions in fact, Harry listened to the feeling. Not to mention behind the worry he was feeling Harry could feel his ever-growing curiosity starting to perk up; because honestly, he did want to know what was going on after all.

Once he got to the mirror Harry couldn't help but stare in dread at what he saw, at what was now his reflection. At first Harry didn't want to believe that the person standing in the mirror was him; he wanted to believe that in all honestly it couldn't have been him.

In fact, he had almost been able to trick himself into believe it was a complete Stanger in the mirror, or that the twins had somehow curse the mirror the last time they had been here, due to the changes that had occurred.

Hell, when he was at his most desperate, he had even been tempted to look behind him as a way to check. Just anything that could prove that the person in the mirror wasn't actual him despite the clear similarities between his old reflection and the new one he was now facing.

But in the end the changes, though enough to make him look different, weren't enough to fool himself to believing it was a different person; despite how much he wished otherwise. Not when both his gut feeling screamed at him that that was him, and the reactions of the reflections were the exact same as the ones he knew he was doing. Both those together wouldn't let him deny what he oh so desperately wanted to.

What changes Harry had undergone due to the pain he had felt, or at least the changes that he could physically see, as he could feel that there were others he couldn't see, were. Well, the biggest, and in Harry's mind the most horrifying one, was the changes that his eyes had undergone; eye that Harry had repeatable been told were just like his mother's.

Which was something Harry had taken great comfort in. Seeing as those eyes were the only thing he could really say that he had gotten from his mother, and they couldn't easy bee taken from him either.

Not anymore, instead his eyes were something he had seen in his nightmares since he had first gotten out of the chamber of secrets. Because unlike what everyone else had thought, Harry had been able to see the Basilisk's eyes before Fawkes had been able to stab them out, and to his utter horror those where the eyes that were currently staring back at him from his reflection. Or at least for the most part they seemed to be

Not only that but every fiber in Harry's being told him that those eyes, that were now inside his head, were just like the Basilisk had been. Meaning Harry's eyes could and would kill anyone who got a clear glimpse of them and petrify anyone else who got an indirect look at them.

Something in him also told him that the only reason Harry wasn't affect by his eyes, or by the eyes of the Basilisk in the chamber was both because they were his own eyes and he was a Parsltounge; making him immune to the eyes of the Basilisk. Even more so now that the basilisk venom seemed to be a permanent part of him.

This of course did nothing to make Harry feel any better in the least bit about said changes. In fact, knowing this and knowing that without a doubt in his mind that his gut feeling was correct. Only caused him to panic even more then he already was, as he stared in to his now, in his mind, very disturbing eyes.

Which now were utterly different than they had been before, and even different from each other for that matter as well. As one of his eyes, the right one was now the same chilling eerie gold orange Iris, snake like silted pupil and worst of all in Harry's mind, blood red sclera that surrounding the golden Iris making it all look that much more menacing. Just as the Basilisk had been before Fawks.

While the other eye was a similar green that it had been before, but somehow seemed just that much colder while it floated in the same blood red background his now right golden eye held. Not to mention had the same snake like split in the middle making it seem more menacing then Harry's original emerald green eye could ever look; even when Harry had been at his angriest.

Harry as he looked at his new terrible eyes noticed something that soothed a bit of the pain of losing one of the very few things that tied him to his mother, and that was the fact the slight difference he noticed in his Irises. As well as the fact that while being utterly different then what he had before he could actually see a lot clearer than he had even been able to before; even with the glasses he had before. But honestly when faced with the why he could see better, it kind of came off as a rather cold sort of comfort when it all came down to it in the end. But one he tried to take comfort in none the less.

Another thing Harry noticed as he continued to stare at his reflection, and slowly move away from the chilling sight that was his new eyes; something he had reluctantly did after staring at them in horror for a while longer. And that something was something that left Harry wondering how the hell he had missed it at first glance; before realizing his actual eyes had caught his attention more.

As the first thing he noticed, after his eyes, still had to do with his eyes or really the upper lid of his eyes to be more specific. Which is where Harry could see had something, which he felt was very similar to the crest on the Basilisk's face, over both his eyes.

Though instead of the dark menacing purple that had been on the Basilisk's face above each of his eyes, was a crest a brilliant orange of some reason, twisted together with the chilling color of the killing curse Almost looking like he had painted the very curse itself above both his eyes in a curving fashion.

Ending in orange with the finale part of the crest ending rather far away from his eyes; actually, ended near the middle of his nose in fact. Almost making it look like he was crying brilliant orange tears or something similar to that.

Seeing this, Harry couldn't help but temporarily give into the more childish part of himself, the part that actually acted like the almost thirteen-year-old that he actually was, and almost pouted about the fact he looked like he a very bright, very eye catching, eyeshadow on his eyes.

He knew he already looked rather feminine and honestly felt that this didn't help with that in the least bit. Hell, he'd most likely have even more people misgendering him because of it; or even protesting when he told them he was actual male.

Harry wincing slightly and pushing back the childish thought he had just had, even if he did realize he was only twelve, almost thirteen, and was due to get them, before gathered himself back together. Knowing that he really needed to pull himself away from his eyes, despite how much he really didn't want to, and see what else has changes had occurred.

Because Harry knew there were more changes then the ones he had already seen. Both because the burning that had been in his eyes had moved throughout his whole body before it had disappeared, and the fact that has gut feeling.

Which was something that had never led him wrong before, and a feeling which was pretty much screaming this out at him. Knowing this and knowing that he really couldn't put it off until later, Harry forced himself to move away from his eyes and take noticed of the rest of his body.

As he did this, Harry found himself not in the least bit eager to see if there were any other major changes to his body, like there had been with his eyes. As honestly Harry was rather happy with the way he had looked before and the only complaint he had was how skinny he had been. Something that he really could help considering the fact he rarely got enough food, so he had accepted it about himself.

But at the same time, Harry really knew he didn't have a choice in the matter, and that he needed to find out just what else had changed about him. So, after licking his lips nervous, he slowly, as well as carefully, began looking at the rest of his reflection. Using all the skills he had picked up over the years in the care of his oh so loving family to take in every detail he could while doing so.

What Harry saw as he did this had him both pulling a slight face as well as give a small sigh of relief as yes there were some other physically changes that he could see, but at the same time they weren't nearly as major as the changes that had occurred to his eyes; at least not as far as Harry could see.

Still there were several different changes to his body and while he was relieved that they weren't as big a change as his eyes had been. Like merlin forbid actually having scales all over his body or even having wings or anything like that; as he had originally feared they may be when he realized it was a magical change of some sort. The basilisk eyes screamed that much to Harry at the very least.

Still there was still difference to his body that weren't there the night before. Not only that but these changes were obviously in a magical nature, and Harry wasn't in the least bit happy about them. Nor did he think they wouldn't be noticed anyone else who knew him before these changes had accord.

At least he wasn't happy with the majority of them, because some of the changes he found, Harry, despite attempting otherwise because what they could mean, found himself really liking them. If only because of one certain change that had occurred, made it so he was now able to picture himself being as if he had lived a family that had actually loved him instead of the Dursley's.

The changes that Harry had found were in his hair, in his nails, his lips, and something different in the very way his body was built. Even if the very last one was hard to tell, and the only reason Harry really noticed was because his senses screamed it at him. Causing him to actually spend the next ten minutes, at the least, looking as close as he could at his body to see just why his gut was telling him something about the way his body was now was different than it had been before. Other than being a lot healthier, as well as fitter than it had ever been before that is. Because he knew that wasn't what the change was.

Harry had to say the changes that happened to his nails, as well as his lips, really weren't something that he had expect, none of the changes were expected for that matter. But his nails, or his lips for that matter, weren't on his top of list of things he would expect to change if a magical change was going to happen to him; like it just had.

And despite what others might think Harry had at one-point thought of the different magical changes that could occur. How could he not when he found out about magical creature inheritances as well as having taken Polyjuice potion; and saw the effects of using a cat hair had had on Hermione.

However, at the same time, if the changes that had occurred were just cosmetic, they would probably be the easiest change he had undergone to explain away. Still Harry got the feeling that there was no way what had happened to his nails and his lips weren't just cosmetic but much more than that.

After all his eyes had in no way been a pure cosmetic change so why would his nails or his lips be any different? When was his luck that good? Which left Harry staring warily at his now pitch black, slightly pointed now one inch longer, nails that he ran a crossed his equally as dark lips; wondering just what else had happened to them.

Knowing this and after mentally promising himself that he would be testing them out soon to see what else was going on with them; as Harry was sure they did do something. After all he knew that the changes in his eyes hadn't been purely cosmetic, and he knew that neither were his nails and lips; he just had to find out what they did. Seeing as pure comatic changes wouldn't have caused as much pain as these did; or at lease Harry didn't think they would have.

One of the more annoying changes that had occurred, and one that worried Harry the least, was the changed his hair had undergone. Even as a more childish part of his mind began to pout about both the hair and what his inner child was now calling the eyeshadow over his eyes.

His hair had grown down to his shoulder and now had two streaks of the same eerie orange gold, almost like an orange flame, color one his eyes were; as well as the color he had on his face as well. With these eye-catching streaks being right in the very front of his face; almost like the color was outline or framing the sides of his face.

As he saw this and as he ran his now black nailed hands through his Harry could tell his hair was now a lot stronger, yet at the same time a lot softer, then in had been before; reminding Harry oddly of silk covered steel as he fingered his now longer hair.

Even as he absentmindedly noticed that with the longer length of his hair did weigh down the sheer wildness of his head to a degree. Making it less like a lion main, like he had thought it would be if it ever got longer, to a more wild wave; that screamed untamable in Harry's mind.

The biggest, yet least noticeable change, was the one in his body, and the one that took Harry a good while to notice. It was literally a change he most likely wouldn't have even noticed if his instincts hadn't warned him about it in the first place. As it was just that subtle and even though he knew it was there he couldn't tell just what exactly it was.

Harry knew this was the biggest change, even bigger than his eyes, because he could feel that it somehow involved his whole body, or at least the muscles and bone structure of it. How it did this Harry wasn't able to figure out but at the same time he could tell that this was his favorite change his body had undergone. Or at least the visible part of it, that he could now see after he removed his clothes were. At least at the moment, Harry found himself liking this change, though that may change once he found out what else had been done to his body.

If only because out of all the changes this one was the one that was hardly noticeable; especially with the clothes that he had been wearing and would be wearing until he could get some different clothes in his hands. Seeing the clothes were so baggy and large on him they'd would have hide any changes even if Harry had suddenly grown a foot and gained a good hundred pounds; or at least that was how it looked to Harry's eyes.

But now Harry could tell that his body was in a lot better health then it had ever been before. It no longer looking half-starved like it had before; and to Harry's joy he could no longer count his ribs like he had been able to before.

Seeing as after having close look, without his incredibly baggy clothes blocking his view, Harry could tell that he now had more of build he figured a young gymnastic might have. While still being lean enough to hid said changes with his cloths and make it look almost like what he had looked like before; again, one of the least notable but largest changes his body had undergone. With more of a feeling a lot healthier than actually visible looking it kind of thing.

Harry, knowing he only had the bare bones on the changes he had undergone now, and at the same time knowing that those were only on the ones he could physically see; meaning that there may be more. Seeing as he knew that there had to be some that it couldn't be seen as there always was. Harry swore to keep on eye on those changes as well as any others that there may be at a later date.

As Harry knew there was still a lot more for him to learn about what had just happened to him; there just had to be. Starting with just why it had happened in the first place, or why it had happened then of all times. Because his gut feeling wasn't exactly fool prove, nor did they tell him exactly how things would work; just a possible what they did. But at the same time, he had no idea just how he was going to learn it.

Except through experimentation, which Harry knew would take quite a while to figure anything about what had happened; seeing as once again he had no idea as to just where to start at. Not to mention there would be a lot of things that could go wrong if he wasn't careful about just how he experimented with whatever his new abilities may be.

Though there was one thing Harry was a hundred percent sure about when it came to everything that had just happened to him. And that was obviously, the changes that had occurred to him were of magical nature; they really couldn't be anything else.

But at the same time Harry realized that nothing he had read so far in Hogwarts could explain just what had happened to him; and Harry had read a lot more than anyone would have expected of him. Seeing as his inviable cloak came in handy when it came to getting a little peace in quiet and getting the forbidden section the Hogwarts's Library as well.

To make matters even worse, everything that Harry had read about Basilisk, both before and after the incident in the chamber of secrets, had left Harry with the feeling that the wizarding world didn't think much of the king of serpents; or any other creature they deemed dark for that matter.

In fact, if anything they out right loathed them and unlike things like dragons, which were classified as grey, and Phoenixes, which of course where classified as light. The only things in the majority of the books he read about any dark creature, including Basilisk, where all about how to kill them more than any else. Or how they could be used for potions, or anything else really as long as they ended up being dead in one way or another.

Harry after thinking this last bit froze, Harry knew from his eyes alone that he was somehow connected to a Basilisk, and there for connected to what the majority of the wizarding world considered a dark creature. And considering how wish-washy the wizarding world had already shown itself to be, even in the less the two years he had known it, Harry knew that was nothing good for him.

He knew from both what he had seen, unknown to the others in the wizarding world, and what he read about the wizarding world, at least the one in Britain, that they didn't think compassionately about those so-called dark creature that were in their world. Which Harry was now pretty sure he was a member of; even if he had no idea as to just how.

Which in turn also meant that unless he wanted to get prosecuted for something, he had no control over, that he needed to somehow leave said part of the wizarding world for safer waters. Somewhere he couldn't be tracked down easily at, nor could be linked back to the British wizarding world for that matter.

Though given all the changes he had undergone, just recently, and the fact he was only thirteen years old at the same time gave Harry a bit of hope in that regard. Seeing as his age, and the changes he had just undergone, meant that he was bond to grow even more different looking then they would expect him to. That is if they did decide to come looking from him for some reason. Which in turn meant that simply losing the name Harry Potter would go a long way into hiding him from them.

As his current appearance was too different then what they expected. Hell, even as he looked at himself know he noted with a good deal of joy his lightning bolt scar even seemed to be fading; looking as if it would disappeared altogether as it did so. Not to mention it seemed to have lost a good deal of its shape as well looking more like a simple line on his forehead then the actual lightning bolt shape scar it had clearly looked like before.

Knowing this and getting the feeling that even his closet friends wouldn't accept him as he was now, at least not without Harry having to change something serious about himself to satisfy them. Or, if not that, become so submissive to them that he would obey anything they ask of him just for their acceptance.

Which he knew deep within his heart would be just what he'd have to do if he didn't want them or the rest of the wizarding world to turn their backs on him. Hell, it seemed like that was what he had to do before when he hadn't had any type of creatures in him in the first place, what with having to surpass all his so called Slytherin characteristic for fear of being called dark.

Which would mean that if they did see him now or find out just what had happened to him that he would have to change even more to suit their 'needs'. And even then, he felt he would still have to deal with all the prejudices and slurs from anyone who wanted to attack him while he could do nothing but smile and take it.

That was something Harry found himself unwilling to do. Didn't even debate doing so for even a second as the very thought of doing so made every hair on Harry's body stand on edge as something at the very core of him buckled and rebelled at the very thought of doing so. Had been bulking and rebelling from the beginning even as he fought to do so during his first and second years of Hogwarts; at least in pretending to be what he felt the wizarding world wanted in their boy-who-lived.

Knowing this, Harry knew he really only one choice in the matter; something his now returning magic, as well as his gut feeling agreed with. And that was the flee, escape both from the hell hole that was his so-called home, and get away from the wizarding world altogether. Which was a place Harry got the feeling would become close to a prison for him if he didn't get away from it now; especially as he was now.

And while it had offered him his freedom from his so-called family he really wasn't willing to let it cage him as well because something in Harry told him if he did it would he a lot harder to ever escape from then his 'family' ever would have been; that is if was able to escape it in the first place. So, it would be better to get out of it before the cage that the magical world was could enclose around him, adding more chains then he would ever have to him as it did so.

Coming to terms with this, no matter how much his heart wanted to deny it, Harry knew he needed to get away. As fast as he could, as far away as he could, and he needed to do it in such a way that he couldn't be tracked down and dragged back to the wizarding world; most likely kick and screaming. But the big question was just how would he do that?

Harry not knowing the answer to his own question, gave slight shrug before grabbing a nearby shirt. One of the older ones he had and no longer wore that often, before quickly tearing a long strip from it to cover his eyes so as to block the Basilisk killing eyes. After all there was no time like the present to start his escape and what better way then to get away from the hell hole, he was going to be trapped in than getting out of the Dursley's house first.

Wasn't the saying the first step was the biggest, maybe after getting out of here he would figure out what to do next. That in mind Harry careful made it to his window. Grateful that there were no longer any bars on said window and that it was early enough that no one would be outside.

After all, once he did get out of here, he would have to put on his make shift blind fold at some point; but as long as there weren't any people around he really didn't have to worry about it now did he. After all, as long as there was no one about he didn't have to worry about his new eyes hurting anyone, now did he.

Besides, despite the fact Harry knew he would have to put on the blindfold eventually Harry really didn't want to run anywhere blind; he had done enough of that in his lifetime and just look what that had led to.

Hell, he was pretty sure it was running blind like he had been, at least in terms of actual knowledge and know how, had led Harry to being in the situation he currently found himself in, in the first place. So yeah, for the time being he really didn't want to run around blind, not while he had a choice in the matter; that was for sure.