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Chapter two

It had been almost two years since what Harry had taken to calling his transformation, where he had first gotten his Basilisk eyes to begin with, had happened. Leaving Harry being a fourteen almost fifteen years old on the run. A fourteen-year-old near fifteen-year-old that wasn't remotely near normal and had to really tried to hide that for that matter. Something he had gotten better at doing since he had first started out.

Seeing as soon as his transformation had occurred Harry had fled as quickly as he could from not only the prison that he had been forced to call his home, but at the same time from the wizarding world as well. So, he didn't have to face the backlash he knew would be waiting for him from said world, or even worse end up in another prison; one that he wouldn't be able to escape from as easily as he had his relatives house.

Over those last two years Harry had been on the run there had been a whole lot of different things that had occurred; both too, as well as, around Harry. Some of it rather expected, some of the rather helpful, and a number of them being rather embarrassing. Like most young teens had when growing up. With magic only making it that much more explosive than anything else; despite what most would believe whenever it was brought up.

None the less, it had been a rather eventful last two years for Harry; who had really mixed feelings about it all. What consider that one of the expected occurrences that had happened when Harry, unwilling and honestly not able to let go of the wizarding world, had, under the safety of his invisible cloak, as well as, the fact it was near the crack of dawn, had gone straight to Gringotts; after he had first escaped from the Dursley's.

It had been, after all, the only first step Harry could think of back then, seeing as he knew without some money, or at least some idea of what was going on, he really wouldn't get far in his escape plan.

Something Harry had learned rather quickly in the past when he had tried to run away from his so-called family when he was younger, before he had joined the wizarding world, only to find himself forcefully dragged back not long afterwards.

Mostly because of a certain lack of planning or money needed for said planning, but Harry also got the feeling that it was also due to a certain headmaster Harry had since learned not trust in the least bit; considering just what he had found out about said headmaster since then.

At the same time Harry had known, back when he had ran away at the latest time, and considering the consequences that would have awaited him if he had gotten caught back then, Harry felt that given his circumstances, as well as the age he had been really did show Harry was at least thinking more into the future then most his age would have back then.

At the same time, it was after doing this that his trip, both for freedom and the start of his last two years, had really truly begun. And it was where Harry had really learned that having a good deal of money, really does help move plans along as well. More so than doing without would ever do; even if he did have to be very careful when it came to getting said money to begin with.

Yet, at the same time he also quickly learned that money doesn't always work unless you have some brains to back it up at the same time. Not to mention the common sense to know not to flaunt the fact you had money in the first place. Which luckily Harry found he had a good deal of both the things; intelligence as well as money that is. Not to mention as a bonus , considering how rare it seemed to be, Harry also had a good deal of common sense as well; something Harry feared he might have lost if he had gone back to the wizarding word all things considering.

Harry, once he had gotten into the bank and had been able to prove he was who he truly said he was. Which thankfully his blood did say he was, even if there had been some changes compared to his first year; actually a lot of changes compared to then to be honest. With his blood only being able to tell he was speaking the truth about who he was due to the goblin magic that was being used. As despite all the changes he was still consider a Potter, the last Potter, even if in most places he wouldn't register as the Harry Potter the wizarding world was looking for.

Which meant it was unlikely that the wizarding magic was ever going find him or even link him to the name Harry Potter again. Especially given the dislike of those looking for him had of using blood magic; only doing it in what they felt was the most extreme cases. And even then, it was something to be hidden as if it was a dirty act. Something Harry was grateful for as it meant there was even a less chance of him being found by them.

Though back to the bank, and the fact he had been able to prove he was in fact Harry Potter in the first place. As it turned out, that because he had been able to identify himself as a Potter, the last Potter for that matter, he had been able to find out quite a lot of different things.

None of it being what he had expected, and a good deal of them being things that had been hidden from him in the first place. Meaning that he most likely wouldn't have been able to have found out about it if he hadn't undergone the transformation he had. Marking yet another good thing the transformation had been able to do for him.

But at the same time, as it turned out, these things were all information Harry quickly found he should have been informed about a while ago. With the reason why he hadn't been being because the goblins hadn't been able to get in contact with him in any way before then; even after his first year. A lot of this information being more than he had ever expected to get when he had first entered the bank in the first place.

One his full name wasn't even Harry James Potter, like he had been led to believe all his life. Instead the name Harry James Potter was more like a nickname that his parents had given out instead of his true name. Or if he wanted to get more specific a name that was given to hide behind if things got too bad or someone tried to unknowingly, or unwillingly, tie him into something he didn't want to be in.

Apparently, that was something most older families did to keep their children from being written into magical contracts without their says so; after all, only the true name of a person could seriously bond them to any contract. If his fake name was used, then it wouldn't be binding unless he decided to make it so by participating in said contract in any way.

Which brought two things to Harry's attention. One he needed to find out his full name, which had been easy to get seeing as the wizarding world did have a birth record; or at least the bank had a birth record that Harry could get into. Which his true name had been on; even if it was only available to him from within the bank.

And two, he found out just high up in society his family actually had been. Or to be more precise he had found out just what the Potter family name had actually meant before he had become the last of them with his parent's death. Not to mention found out why he had been given a false name to begin with; seeing as not everyone needed to protection a false name would give them.

Harry had been rather stunned to find out his true name was actually, Haraldr Leo James Potter-Black. Which he found out to be an older more ancient form of Harry, the name he had been going by his whole life. And the name Harry was sure he was going to continue to go by unless something important came up that would force him to use his actual name.

So honestly finding out he had a different name really didn't mean all that much besides letting him know that he couldn't easily be conned into a contract, and if he wanted to he had more names he could go by if he wanted to. Not to mention let him know a little more about his parents, as well as his family, than he had before.

Like the fact the first middle name, he had just found out about, being there to honor the Black part his family name. Which he apparent got both from his grandmother, and the fact his, unknown until then, godfather had managed to blood adopt him as his heir.

Something which had been done before his family had managed to go into hiding all those years ago. Not to mention apparently something that all parties involved made sure to keep secret so no one else knew about it. Or if anyone else did know about it, well Harry himself had certainly never been told about it; that much was certain.

On top of that Harry had been equally as surprised to find out that the Potter family was actually a highly noble family. One of the tope twelve noble families that made up the wizarding world; at least the British magical world. Though it was in the top fifty of the world's magical nobles; along with the Black family which he was also Heir of as well.

In fact, his family was actually called the utmost noble and utmost ancient house of Potter. Not to mention his family motto was, when not being shortened and after being translated from Latin that is, To show bravery even when faced with the greatest fear, to show honor even when no others do, and to always lend a hand in help even when things seem helpless.

A saying that struck something deep within Harry and stayed with him during the last two years he had been on his own. Though in the back of his mind Harry couldn't help but think he was rather surprised his family's motto wasn't something like, dare to tickle the dragon given how he heard most people talk about his father; and the rest of the Potters for that matter. And he was sure if he had ever brought it up around anyone who knew his family, he'd be told it was their unofficially motto; and the most commonly one associated with them to boot.

The next thing that he found out was that, he had been lied to more than just his name and his family's status for that matter. For one, despite what he had been led to believe, his parents had left a will in case of their deaths.

One that had mentioned, several times in fact, and he was never supposed to go to the twice damn Dursley's in the first place. It also had listed a good twenty different people that they wanted him to go to if something happened to them.

Funnily enough neither Dumbledore nor his aunt for that matter, were on that list. Making Harry fume for a while after reading said list and making Harry distrust the headmaster even more than he had already begun to. A distrust that only seemed to grow over time the more Harry found about what the Headmaster had done, or hadn't done in several cases.

This will also had a lot more things on it, for one Harry was supposed to hear said will at the age of five, which is when he was supposed to have begun all the training he needed as the heir, and eventual lord, of the house of Potters.

Not to mention the training he would need as one of the available and acceptable heirs for the Black family. With the other to his horror actually being Draco Malfoy; meaning he was actually related to that stuck up daddy's boy. Whose only goal seemed to be to either get him in trouble in one way or another; or to get some reaction out of Harry with his teasing.

For two it also mentioned something about the secret keepers which at the time Harry hadn't fully understood but let the Goblins deal with seeing as they informed him they had previously hadn't known anything about this and that it had been an important matter that they would look in for him; as a way to make up for the earlier mistakes they had made regarding him.

And since at the time Harry hadn't understood exactly what a secret keep was or why it was so important they had switched he had decided it would be best to let the goblins handle it; as they did seem to know just what was wrong.

Besides the eager grins on their faces when they saw the written prove, as well as the whispers between them about finally having something that they could use against the Ministry, had something in Harry alternating between screaming in inward defiance and purring in a darker sort of pleasure. Which was why, he had no problem handing all the paperwork dealing with the secret keepers to the waiting goblin's hands.

While they did this, Harry, who knew he would be no help with whatever in regards to whatever they had planned at the moment, got all the books, and other items he would need for the training he had been supposed to start at the age of five. Figuring starting late was better than never and that hopeful he would be able to learn it quickly considering he would have a lot of time on his hands to learn it all.

Not to mention he also got quite a few more books on top of the books he had been supposed to have gotten. So that he could do little bit extra training on top of what he had been supposed to have taught. As he felt the extra knowledge would only help him further along and that he would rather know it, while not needed it, than to need it and not have it.

Besides Harry figured knowing the laws, as well as the loopholes that were in said laws would be best for him. Considering the fact with his transformation, and what had caused it, he was now most likely now be on the wrong side of said laws. Not to mention the idea of being able to twist someone in knots, legally and with just words alone, was something that really tickled Harry's funny bone.

Though he had managed to overhear the fact he had a godfather, the one whom had adopted him a little after his birth, that had been wronged and should be free soon. Though it would take a while to get everything settled legally for Harry to see him; more so than ever to insure he wouldn't be followed if he did so.

And even then, Harry wasn't too sure that the man in question would want to see him given the wizarding worlds prejudices. Though at the same time since the exact same prejudice was most likely why the man in question had ended up in the prison he was in then that may mean he would be willing to see Harry when he did finally get free; despite the changes Harry had undergone since the last time Sirius had seen him.

However, as it had ended up turning out, this Freedom for Harry godfather was something that had had taken a good year and half, to finally happen; even with all the prove the goblins now had.

As the Ministry didn't want to make itself look any worse than it already did by letting it get out that they had put the head of a pureblood noble family behind bars without a single attempt at a trial. And this came so soon after apparently losing the boy-who-lived as well; seeing as the Headmaster had managed to dump the fact that Harry had gone missing on the Minister's feet shortly before Sirius's story had come out.

But after all that time had passed, and when Harry had finally been able to meet this, Sirius Black, it had to be in secret that it was done. Which had been after an oath to never mention to anyone he was meeting Harry in the first place or what had happened after Harry second year of Hogwarts, and after Harry had set up the meeting place so it fit his definition of safety.

As a way to insure Harry wouldn't be tracked down by anyone using said godfather, after all those years on the run and having to do everything he could to be not linked to Harry Potter, or found by anyone who wanted to use Harry, certainly taught Harry how to more protective of just who he allowed into his life; rather they be someone he could call family or not. After all Harry escaped the collar around his neck once and he wasn't going to let another be put on it once he got to really taste true freedom. Which was why he made sure to have several different precautions before he met anyone; including Sirius Black.

All of which had been done before the meeting in question, with the full knowledge that without all of that being done, there wouldn't be a meeting in the first place. But still after that had all been done, with Black happily agreeing to it all, Harry had met his godfather Sirius and had gotten along with him quite well.

Even if Harry did find himself seeming more like the adult in the godfather/godson relationship opposed to how it was supposed to be. Not that he minded all too much as the more childish nature of Sirius often reminded Harry to live a bit more than he was and to not always take things as serious as he often did.

Making life more enjoyable to Harry once he started to do so. While Harry managed to get his godfather to be a little more serious about things on the flip side; making it so he wasn't put in similar situations as he had been in the past. Or to be more precise Harry taught his Godfather the use of a real good alibi and how not to get caught; at least not as easily be caught.

Still he did get along good with his godfather after their first meeting; no matter how childish said man could be at times. Enough so that said Godfather often joined him during his travels and helped train him more in his magic.

And this was with both with light and dark magics, as it turned out Sirius was most certainly grey, just like his parents were, and felt they all felt that there nothing he wouldn't do to keep his family safe; even if it was classified as dark. Something Harry agree with and followed to a T. Because as far as he could see the so-called light magic could kill just as easily as the dark magic; just look at the levitation spell for crying out loud.

Though currently they weren't together, and Sirius had gone to a place a bit warmer, as to recover better from everything he had suffered under in Azkaban prison. Not to mention as a way to keep others way from Harry's trail. As both Sirius and Harry both knew that several different people were trying to use Sirius as a way to find Harry. One of which being a very determined, very manipulative Headmaster, that had done more than enough to prove he really didn't have Harry's best interest in mind.

Another thing Harry had found out, and something that had proven to be a huge help to him those two years ago; more so then a lot of the other information he had gotten that day. Was the fact that, on top of getting the will of his parents read he had also gotten the blood test.

As well as, a couple of other test or rituals the Goblins had available to their customers; several of which the goblins had made sure to suggest he take personally. Which was what had led him find out just what had happened to him in the first place that he ended up changed like he was; on top of quite a bit more.

After everything he had been told back then, Harry still couldn't have helped being rather stunned to find out, that the whole reason he had changed at all. Was mainly due to something called soul flames mixing with his magic, the Basilisk venom and even the Phoenix tears as a way to save his life.

Seeing as it seemed the Phoenix tears hadn't actually been enough to completely safe his life like he had originally believed. Mostly because the venom came from a much older creature then the tears did.

As apparently Fawks was actually rather young for a Phoenix and the Basilisk had been one of the oldest ones the Goblins had heard about. Meaning while the tears had been able to stop the venom from killing him it hadn't nearly been enough to and the venom was steady weakening Harry the longer it was in him; with the teats fighting constantly alongside them; keeping it from outright killing him.

And the transformation that had occurred was due to the awakening of his soul flames which only showed up when it did, changed him the way it did, as both his magic, as well as his soul flames, had seen the benefits of what the Basilisk venom and Phoenix tears had. So therefor they had made it part of him, so he couldn't be damaged by anything similar to it anymore.

A severe case of magical adaption, something that wasn't very common but at the same time rather well known because of past changes that had occurred. Harry had been told he was lucky the changes weren't even more sever than they had been, as in the past there had been wizards, or witches that had been literally transformed into half the creature their magic was trying to adapt them too; leading to several rather weird or well known tales after it had happened.

Hearing this, Harry had been grateful the changes he had undergone hadn't been that extreme and it also caused him to not really question much about the soul flames at least not then. Even though he had never heard of anything like them before. Nor had he question how or why for that matter, his magic had reacted the way it had. As he knew magical adaption was something that had only happened in the most extreme cases; where the magic in question was put under a tremendous amount of stress for long periods of time. Back then he had been too shocked about what he had just learned to do so.

Afterwards, when he wanted to get the answers to the question that had built up since he had gotten the information from the bank, he really couldn't find much information on soul flames. At least not anywhere he was able to search for that matter.

Only being able to find out he had a on mixture of bright orange, and purple flames; something the goblins had been rather amused at tell him where quite rare and much searched for in certain circles. But that seemed to be the only thing they were willing to tell him. Something Harry was sure was because they themselves really didn't have but the bare bones of knowledge when it came to Soul fire; and that was something the goblins really didn't want to get out.

At the same time, while only knowing the color of his flames, and apparently, they were highly sought after in certain circles, He didn't know what they were called exactly. But over time he had been able to figure out what they did and how to hide them for the most part.

As he wasn't too sure he wanted to find out what circles the goblins had been talking out. Seeing as the goblin in question had looked way to amused for Harry to get any comfort out of what they had said. And while he liked how helpful they were him in some regards he also knew that they were as a whole primarily a warrior nation, and that their sense of humor wasn't in any way similar to his own.

At the same time, just as he had been able to learn about these flames, he had also been able to figure out what the transformation had done to him alongside of that. And learned to control it for the most part alongside of learning to control those flames as well.

And when it came to these changes Harry had quickly found out they were from both the Basilisk venom, most of which were rather obvious. As well as the changes he eventually found where part of the Phoenix's tears magic.

Which had been a lot more hidden from Harry then the majority of the Basilisk Venom changes had been, and at the same time not nearly as powerful as he happened to have less Phoenix's magic in him then he had Basilisk magic. Considering the fact that the Venom in him was noticeably stronger than the Phoenix's tears had been.

But beyond his powers, both new and old, Harry after being rather stunned about the information he had gained from the bank, found he received something else he thought had to be some of the best, most useful new he had gotten so far. At least after the information about his Magical adaption, as well as the flames that had caused it to happen in the first place that is. And even now he found this information to be incredibly helpful news, as he was still using said news to this day. In fact, he'd most likely would continue using it as far as it was able to be used as well.

And this was the fact that due to changes he had undergone, not only had his body changed but his very blood, and magic, had changed as well. Not to mention, now that he had claimed his true name, and acknowledged Harry Potter as a 'nickname' meant that he couldn't be tracked by it; even if he did decide to go by it any time after claiming his true name. Which gave Harry some safety from the wizarding world getting their hands on him, at least until he wanted them to that is. Which wasn't likely to happen any time soon, or even at all.

Harry, after getting all this information, and after getting a bottomless bag that was attached to his family vaults, had decided to leave the bank. At least that was what he had decided to do two years ago when he had first gone to said bank.

And since doing so, and since he first really started his life on the run, Harry had returned to the bank in question several time. Even if it was different banks under the same name, and ran by similar creatures, in different countries.

It still remained to be the only banking system the Wizarding world as a whole had. One that unlike the majority of the wizarding world in certain parts had branched out into mundane side of things; which made it easier for Harry as he no longer had to go into a countries wizarding section to get into his bank.

A bank which each time he did enter it, it was for either getting information, or political help in some way. The latest of which being a way to set up a mailing box between his godfather and himself; seeing as they wouldn't be able to see each other in a while.

Not without the chance of someone following Sirius and outing Harry to any people from the magical world he was honestly doing his best to avoid; particularly those from Britain or allied with Britain's wizarding world in some way.

Though after he had left the bank that time, he had, and after getting several assurance that he still wasn't recognizable as Harry Potter, or that he did have a good deal of time before someone actual linked him to the name Potter, decide before he truly made off on his own once more he needed to once more get some much need supplies.

Supplies that Harry knew that he would have never really been able to get as Harry Potter, be it before his transformation had happened or not. Not to mention supplies that most likely would have gotten him more than a raised eyebrow if he had even mentioned wanting them before everything had gone down.

After all, even back then, Harry had recognized that the people of the wizarding world seemed to have expected something form him, that they wanted a specific image for their Boy-who-lived, for Harry. That they really wouldn't accept anything that wasn't in that image, and anything that did show something besides what they wanted him to be like would be meet with nothing but scorn.

Something Harry had seen almost right away, when he had first entered the wizarding world. And something that Harry had gone along with because he had believed that he had owed it to them for giving him freedom from his so-called family. But in the end after realizing how continuing to do so would entrap him threw aside their expectations and decided to be himself; even if it took a forceful transformation to make Harry realize this.

Which had started first with not staying in the wizarding world after his transformation and ended not only with him free but going into places that the wizarding world would never expect him to go into. Hell, going into places the wizarding world, and those that were trying to find him in it, never even suspected he knew about for that matter.

Places Harry had happy made his way into and now knew like the back of his hand. Seeing as in the begin Harry knew that he would need to first train in the changes he had undergone, along with training his magic, and everything else he felt like he needed to train up on. And it was in those places that Harry would have the best opportunity to get said training done, along with all the information he would need to do said training to begin with.

Or at least that was what Harry had felt like he needed to do to best help him survive whatever his future may hold. Seeing as he knew without a doubt it was going to be a lot more different then what his future may have held for him before the transformation. But still Harry had felt that to be ready for that he needed to do his best to train for what every may happen.

Otherwise he could very easily be surprised about something happening to him or make a mistake that would end up with him being captured before he could truly escape. Which now that Harry looked back on it, was most likely true.

After all there had been quite a few incidents that he had almost been found out or captured with only the training he had gone through being what had made it so he escaped uncaptured; or even alive in some cases. Hell, it was only due to that training, and the know how that he had now that Harry was sure he remained as free as he currently was, be it from the wizarding world or anyone else that may have been after him due to what he now was.

And something that had helped him survive as long as he had was the supplies, he had gotten at the beginning of the whole escaped. Supplies that Harry hadn't gotten in Diagon Alley, as he knew that what he wanted wouldn't be there, at least not without them being tracked in some way. So instead Harry had quickly headed to Knockturn alley to get everything he had wanted.

An alley that Harry had found out about before his first year when he had heard Hagrid muttering under his breath about it and had acted surprised about said alley after it; to make others think he would never go down there. Something that had fit with the golden boy image Harry had been trying to put up before the end of his second year.

It was an Alley that Harry knew from what he had been told, and what he had witnessed with his own eyes, that what he needed would be down there. Because while a lot of the things that were down that alley really wasn't quite legally in the British magical world, they still could prove to be more than useful if used correctly.

Luckily, even with the blindfold he had on, which when they found out just why he was wearing it in the first place, the goblins had spelled it to the max to insure not only their own safety but Harry own safety as well.

Something Harry had been charged for and something he had happily paid for after he found out what had been done. Seeing as the Goblins had made it so he could see through the wraps around his eyes, even if no one else could, making it so the effects of his new eyes wouldn't hit anyone he didn't want it to.

At the same time, as Harry walked down the Alley, he could instantly feel the difference from his first time down there. As unlike then no one even dared looked like they were going to attack or attempt to stop Harry from walking through said alley. Perhaps because of the now poisons feel his magic held, and deadly serpent like grace he now moved with prevented them from doing so.

Either way Harry found the way they avoided him to be something he didn't mind too much; not in the least bit. At the very least finding it a lot more pleasing then the crowding he had suffered through when he at first gone to the wizarding world. Not to mention it did help Harry control the newer instincts he had gained recently a lot easier than it would have been otherwise. As Harry felt if someone did crowd him, or worse try to attack him, back then he would have lashed out in a most likely lethal fashion; more so if his eyes ended up being exposed.

What Harry had gotten back then in Knockturn Alley, the first time he had gone down into it, had been a muti-compartment trunk. Which was more on the illegal side, not because of the trunk itself, but because of the amounts of locks and wards it had to keep others besides the owners out. All a lot of more deadlier than anything the current ministry wanted on the more legally sold trunks.

Not to mention unlike the Ministry approved trunks, his trunk didn't and never would have a tracking charm on it that allowed the Ministry to know where he was. That would kind of make his attempt to escape to be rather pointless if he did allow a tracking charm on it wouldn't it?

This trunk had six separate compartments in it. The first one was what one would expect a trunk to look like, and more like a front than anything else; or at least that is what Harry used it for at any rate. So, if anyone decided to check his trunk, by having him opening it, all he would have to do is open the first compartment; reveling what looked like just a normal trunk to anyone else's eyes.

In this compartment Harry stored, several different outfits, three pairs of shoes, undergarments, and some hygiene products; as a way to help further the illusion it was a normal trunk. And of course, as way to have a least several outfits in easy reach if he ever needed them at the same time.

Then for his eyes only there were the other five compartments. The second of which was actually a small apartment, that was run by magic, and had a working kitchen, bathroom as well as anything else you would think would be in an apartment.

It was one of the compartments that honestly made Harry's life a lot easier than it would have been otherwise. In fact, with this compartment Harry really wasn't living on the streets and with a little bit of money spent on shipping could very easily travel across countries with very little effort on his part. Seeing as all he had to do was ship his trunk to where ever he wanted to go, and spend the trip in said trunk only having to channel his magic through to top to get it to open once he got to his destination.

In the beginning this was one compartment Harry had been the most determined to get. As having the second compartment the way he had it, would make it so that in one way or another he would always have at least on form of shelter on him. Even if he had to pay extra to have the entire trunk in question covered in different notice me not charms as well as anti-theft charms to make it so he wasn't afraid to leave said trunk on the ground while he was inside it.

His third compartment was on he felt was just as important as the second one, more important in some cases, and one he had been just as determined about getting as he had about his second compartment. This was because the third compartment was a full equipped training room; one that Harry had special care to order to be the best it could be. And improved over the last couple of years to make sure it was the best training ground he could get; at least in regards to his training.

This training room had been, and still was, fully stocked in both magical, as well as, mundane ways of training. Though he did admit the more mundane things where recent additions and that he had to go to the goblins to set up wards in this part of his trunk to get them to run the way they were supposed to. Not to mention he had to be very careful not to use too much magic around them at the same time or else, even with the wards in place, the mundane training equipment that was more electronic would still fry.

To this day, two years after he had first gotten it, Harry still trained hard in this room as much as he could. As parts of him never felt satisfied enough with the skills he currently had and always felt that there was room for improvement. Something that was made all the more difficult for him because of the magical training dummies that were spelled with different skills and could use them at different levels depending on just who entered the training room.

And considering the goblins had spelled the training dummies in question they were highly talented, in both goblin and wizarding skills. So much so that Harry never seemed to really win against them no matter how hard he tried. Not even his eyes worked on them considering the training dummies in question weren't actually alive to see said eyes so they didn't work either; as Harry found out the being had to actual see his eyes for them to have any effect on them.

But still seeing the fact that Harry was always training with dummies, no matter if he won against them or not, meant that no matter what Harry was always learning, always being pushed to him limits and always worked himself to the bone each time he went in to said training room. More so then ever as Harry found that the dummies in question were also always improving as he did as well, seemingly learning just as much as he did as Harry improved.

And because he wasn't necessarily wining the way he wanted to, his instincts screamed at him too continue to push himself that much harder and work out just that much longer. So that he could improve himself just that much more; so as to get into the state his instincts told him he needed to be at.

It had been because of this training room that Harry had become as skilled as he currently was. As well as how he was able to find out just what the Basilisk, as well as, the Phoenix magics had done to him when they had changed him those two years ago.

Something Harry still had mixed feelings about, as the change had given him a whole new chance to be himself without anyone to control him and had given him the freedom he had unknowingly been craving.

Yet, at the same time it had ripped him from everything he had known and forced him to accept parts of himself he never wanted in the first place. Not to mention it had the unwanted side effect of not only having him always watching his back to make sure he wasn't captured but also made it so he did have to constantly train to not only keep his instincts at peace but to control the abilities he had gained. Abilities that he wouldn't have to worry about if the transformation had occurred.

Besides that, and away from the training he had to do, the fourth compartment of his trunk was an actual a potions room; something he knew no one would ever expect him to have. Because as much as he disliked Snape Harry, now knew, just how valuable potions were and how helpful they were when it came to everything.

Though he was a bit embarrassed that it took him a good five months after he had gotten his trunk to actually make his way to said potions room. And all because he had allowed Snape to taint his view of potions for that long before he decided to forget about him.

Something Harry was extremely glad he did because as Harry found out without having someone breathing over his shoulder, or having random things thrown into his potions, or even having the wrong instructions given to him, Harry was actually rather brilliant when it came to potions. Not to mention the potions he could make had both saved his life on a few different occasions, not to mention had been a big help in getting both himself and his godfather into the best shape they could be in.

On top of that he had, under a false name, began to make quite a bit of money on his own selling the potions he made. With a lot of the sales, much to his amusement, coming from the general public of England. It seemed he wasn't the only one whose skills had suffered under the 'teachings' of Snape. Whom in Harry's opinion should have shouldn't have gone in to teaching as he didn't have the necessary patients or mindset needed when it came to teaching.

The fifth compartment was an actual library, filled with all the books that he had gotten from his family vaults, along with those he had picked up over the years, as well as all of the books he had gotten in Knockturn alley after he had gotten his trunk.

Which when added all together was a lot of different books, enough so that Harry hadn't actually been able to read all the books he had in there. Though he had read far more than certain people would have wanted him to; on far many more things as well. Much more than Harry knew he would have been able to have learned about, if he hadn't undergone his transformation and had stayed in the wizarding world like had been planned for him.

Though a lot of the books Harry had, and had learned from were technically classified as illegal. As Harry knew that the books that the wizarding world had, at least those that were deemed acceptable, especially in the England, wouldn't be the ones that had the information he would need in them. Particularly when considering his Basilisk side of things. Seeing as it wasn't a creature most wizards wanted to admit to knowing about, let along actively look for any information about.

Besides despite what most people thought Harry didn't believe in purely light magic, nor purely dark magic. Instead he believed in intent, and he could really see how some of the so-called dark spells could be more helpful then some of the 'lighter' ones. Had proven that as well on several occasions during the last two years.

Seeing as when it came to getting others off his back, or to stop others from attacking him, the darker spells he had learned had more oomph for the amount of magic he used; even if it was a bit harder to control because of that. Which could be why so many others where against darker magic because they had such difficulty controlling it compared to the ones that was classified as lighter magic.

For example, when Harry had used the dark blasting curse, which was a lot more powerful than the light one, to blow a hole in a cave wall before it had collapsed on him. He knew without a doubt in his mind the light curse wouldn't have been even able to dent the wall, let along blast it hard enough for him to be able to escape from the hole the dark curse had created. Even if he did have to concentrate about twice as hard to make sure the darker spell hit where he wanted it was well worth it considering without it he wouldn't have been able to escaped.

The six and final compartment of his trunk was what Harry called an experiment compartment. Because of this, it was the highest protected compartment and layered with so many different protection spells that when he originally got the trunk the person who sold it to him thought he was insane for wanting so many different spells put on just one compartment. Though at the same time rather happy with the sale as each protection spell added to the truck did increase the, already very expensive, value of said trunk.

Not that Harry cared much about that as he had the trunk set up like that for a reason, and honestly the amount it cost him really didn't matter; as it wasn't like he was hard up for money in any way. Nor was it like the trunk wasn't going to be something he didn't use on multiple occasions and over the last two years the trunk in question had more than made up for what it had ended up costing him.

So with that in mind the last compartment of his trunk was set up the way it was because whenever he got an idea in his head about his abilities, or an idea about magic, or even more mundane ideas about things like trying to figure out how to get electric items working better around magic. This compartment was the one he tested it all out in first; even before the training one.

This was the compartment where Harry also went when he wanted to just let go of his magic, lose his temper and not have to fight it out like he would have to in his training compartment. When it just wanted to scream and release all his magic, and flames in one big burst. Hence why it was so protected, otherwise it'd be destroyed by both the destructive and poisonous mix his magic now held. Not to mention how deadly his flames could get; even if they didn't react like any flames he knew about before. Not even some magical flames he had practiced with.

In this last compartment Harry had been able to figure out a lot of things, even more than he had with his training room. As this compartment was where he attempted his riskier ideas first, instead of in his training room; as he didn't want to risk causing permanent no replaceable damage to said training room. Which was where he'd only use said moves when he was sure they would work.

It was in there that Harry had been able to figure out more about what his transformation had done to him. As well as the little bit he had been able to figure out about his soul flames. As it was in that compartment Harry felt safe enough to actually practice with the flames in question.

Those lovely bright orange and pure flames he had within him, that now that he had them Harry honestly couldn't imagine his life without them, as they seemed to shine with his very will to live. Not to mention the purple ones seemed to really strongly influence and be affect by his instincts while the orange flame seemed to where Harry's gut feelings had originated from.

When it came to what the flames could do, as Harry had long since learned they weren't normal flames or even like the magical flames he knew about. He found each flame seemed to do something different, and it certainly wasn't burning; though the orange seemed able to if he pushed it. But in both flames clearly burning wasn't their main function.

Though some testing Harry had been able to find out that the Purple flames, which were the ones Harry worked with the most often and used more often as he felt more drawn to it. Was that these flames seemed to have the ability to increase or multiply whatever these flames were directed at.

Even just thinking on what that could even mean had Harry's mind shooting with multiple ideas of how to use it in his training. Like could it multiple the effect of his body, his intelligence, his ability to move, the amount of damage his body could take, or even his ability to heal. As Harry already knew it could affect the amount of weapons he had as well as effected the length of his weapons when applied to them.

As for the orange flame, and the one Harry was the most weary about using as he had gotten it out of the Goblin that it was this exact flame that was so widely searched for in certain groups, and the one that would most likely get Harry hunted down for.

But these brilliant orange flames Harry found seemed to do something like be peaceful and make things Harmonize with others. Which when Harry first found out about this was rather confused why these flames where so popular or wanted when his purple flames seemed to be able to do so much more and seemed more valuable in his mind.

That is until Harry realized it was these orange flames that could help him so much more in his plans to escape and remain unnoticed if used the correct way and Harry had immediately started working on using his orange flames to harmonize, or synchronize into his surrounding making it all but impossible for anyone to recognize he didn't belong where he was or even really notice him at all for that matter.

Something Harry found was easier in forest or areas that had a lot of nature in it then in the Cities but was do able in the cities as long as he was careful. It was something that made Harry value the orange flames he had more than he had been. But that was mainly what Harry used those orange flames for and more often then not avoided using them for anything else as he still didn't want to bring attention to the fact, he had those flames in the first place.

As while the goblins hadn't exactly told him just what type of groups used and looked out for the type of flames Harry had they had hinted enough that Harry clearly got the feeling that he most likely wouldn't want to be found by them. Not if he wanted to keep the freedom he seemed to be working so hard in keeping, what with out hard he was working to keep out of the wizarding worlds clutches. Not to mention when he went out of his way to avoid anyone finding out about his transformation to begin with.

Speaking about the whole transformation, which had started Harry run for freedom, and escape from the wizarding work in the first place, Harry had been able to figure out quite a bit about it. At the same time, he had managed to prove some of the thoughts he had when he had first found out about his transformation to be true.

Like for example, yes, he really did have the eyes of a basilisk and yes depending on how said eyed were seen they either killed or paralyzed anyone who saw them; be they human or animal. And just like with the Basilisk, he had gotten the eyes from, direct eye contact would kill, while indirect would paralyze.

So far, he hadn't found anything that would go against the norm of that, but the gut feeling he had did inform him that in the future he would find something different from that. That there would be someone or someones who could stand against the full eyes of a basilisk; or if not that have something that would let his eyes be seen without effect anyone else. Something he felt would be both good for him as well as bad. But until then Harry knew he'd have to be careful when it came to his eyes.

He had also found out that the blindfold he had been given by the goblins was one of the safest bets when it came to what to wear to cover said eyes. That is, if he didn't want to kill anyone who met his eyes if they happened to be uncovered. Because, as he found out, normal googles or sunglasses didn't work.

Often time literally melting right off his face when faced with the power of his now deadly eyes. Not even lasting minutes after being put on, and Harry had found that most magical's didn't bother with adding any spells to things like glasses or goggles so even those he bought in magical communities, the rare times he did go into one of them, didn't last longer then that. Sometime lasting a five or ten minutes due to the magic that was in them but not much longer than that.

Though Harry hadn't given up hope in that regrade as Harry himself was working with the goblins to help develop some form of glasses or goggles that could stand up to his eyes for a longer period of time; sadly so far they hadn't made much progress in that regard. '

As for some reason seeing the actual eyes seemed to power the magic behind his, and other Basilisk eyes. Which was why his bandages worked while others didn't despite the fact Harry could see through said bandages in the first place.

This wasn't the only thing Harry had found he had gained from the Basilisk magics his body had absorbed; through its venom. Nor was it the only thing he had gotten from the transformation which Harry knew was caused by a combination, of his magic, the Basilisk's magic, Phoenix's magic and a combination of the two flames he had. And which he now knew could have ended up a lot worse than it had been, like becoming a winged Lamia or something similar to that.

Due to the time and effort he had spent into finding out just everything he could about his changes, be they large or small, Harry had found out a lot about what he considered his new body.

As there had been a large difference between the Harry Potter he had been when he had first turned twelve and the Harry Potter he had transformed into just a little before he had turned thirteen. And Harry made sure to do his best to find out every change he had undergone and what said changes meant. As well as how to best use those changes to not only survive but thrive in the world he was now trying to live in; as his very instincts wouldn't let him do anything less.

Because of this, Harry had been able to find out that the pointed black nails and equally black lips, that he had really hoped had only been a cosmetic change, were anything but. Instead those nails were as hard as iron, a lot sharper than they look, and secreted a deadly acid like poison; similar to that of the Basilisk that had bitten him in the first place. Though luckily Harry found out the nails in question only let loose this poison either when he wanted them to or when he was highly emotional.

Just as his black lips did, seeing as his lips also became coated with the same poison his nails dripped with when he got highly emotional or willed them to do so. Which Harry often did to help coat his weapons with them when he was out hunting so as to quickly catch his food, be it rabbit or something else, as he had also found out that he was immune to his own poison; and in fact his own poison tasted rather pleasant to him More so then ever when it was in the food he hunted down while in the woods.

At the same time, he found when he combined the poison with the purple flames he had, that they could melt through anything he had tired so far, even the magically enforced metals he had tried it on.

Which both scared Harry something fierce yet at the same time let Harry know if he ever got captured or caught in something he couldn't escape from he did have that. And that was caused a fierce burning warmth of pure satisfaction to burn through Harry's chest. Not to mention caused him to continue practicing using his poison and flames in combination so that he could use it at a moments notice if he needed to.

On top of that his hair, which Harry could tell had changed from the very beginning, was a lot how he thought it when he had first seen in in the mirror those two years ago. Which is to say it looked and felt like silk cover steel.

What this meant was that Harry's hair was usually silky smooth to the touch normally, but the very second he channeled even the smallest bit of his magic, or when he was starting to feel threatened in anyway, into it suddenly turned as iron hard as the Basilisk scales had been, while at the same time becoming razor sharp.

Similar Harry found out to the mane some Basilisk could have; though to his distress this was mainly found in the female line more than the male. Making Harry fight back a pout and the urge to scream he was male, not female. No matter how androgynous he may look like now; and if he was honest how he had before.

Harry found out over time that having hair like that, was a great way to dissuaded people from grabbing said hair, as no one liked the feeling of suddenly have a tight grip on razor sharp, razor thin, wire like substance. As usually when they did grab a hold of his hair when it was like this, they quickly released it curse clutching their now bleeding hand; giving Harry the time he needed to react.

Not only that but if he had to, and he had to on an occasion or two, he could very easily use said hair as a weapon. Something he practiced using as his hair wasn't something most people would think of when it came to a weapon and it was always on him. Even if he had several different scars on his hands now from all the training, and mistakes made during said training, when it came to using said hair.

Though he could now say he was very deadly with wire, or as it often proved to be his own hair; which when it came down to it could become long and wire like. What considering his hair length, when he wasn't hiding it, or pulling it up, was nearly midback length in length; giving him plenty of weapon to work with. And because of the magical nature of said hair it wasn't like he could cut it very easily now could he; seeing as the only way to remove it was from the root. So, knowing this, and knowing he was the only one who seemed able to do so, he better make some use of it after all.

Not only that but Harry had been able to finally figure out just what the change that had occurred in his body had been. The one that had been bothering him so much since he had first looked himself over after his first changed. As he had known there was something that had changed, he hadn't been just what it had been, or he had been unsure.

Seeing as back then there really had been no visible proof of changes in his body, besides the much better health and in better shape than he had been before his transformation. Which had left Harry confused as why he had felt that there was a much large change then what he had been seeing.

But what had actually been changed was a combination of his bones and muscles; along with the protective level of his skin. When it came to those, what had happened was they had become dense and leaner than Harry had every thought possible.

As Harry had been able to find out due to the changes that his body had undergone it had become a lot more flexible, seemingly have all the flexibility that a snake would have. Something that was only boosted by the fact Harry had also used his flames to make him even more flexible to easier escape situations he wouldn't have been otherwise.

At the same time, Harry notice that it took a lot more to puncture or damage his skin and that again similar to his hair when he felt threatened, or enraged, his skin changed; becoming a lot rougher and stronger; more scale like as it was. More often likely to shield or tear whoever it touched; similar to a snake or shark's skin could be like.

While the bones seemed to become lighter and well, almost rubber like in ways. Like a mixture between a snake's and a bird's. Yet at the same time because of his magic, and what Harry felt was the purple flames he had gained they still remained as strong as ever.

But with these Harry also noticed that because of the weight of his bones seemed to have changed he found himself move a lot faster than he had ever been possible, jump higher and all together not weighing as much as his body looked like it did; making him literally lighter on his feet.

At the same time because he was so much lighter Harry noticed, with quite a bit of anger, that he didn't pack nearly as hard a punch as he used as it didn't have nearly as much weight behind it as it usually did. And this was even with the help of his purple flames boosting the strength of his punch.

Making Harry learn a fighting style that was more fast précises strikes to places that did seriously damaged when hit; be it by fist or if Harry was being deadly poisoned nails. As if he wasn't going to be able to do as much damage from the sheer strength of his punches then he was going to make sure that the place being hit wasn't going to be the same afterwards either.

When it came to why Harry had bones like that Harry figured it was because of the Phoenix magic that was in his system more than the Basilisk; though there still was some Basilisk in his bones considering the flexibility in said bones. But in the end Harry was just grateful for the flexibility and light-footedness he had gotten from this part of the transformation.

Especially since over the last couple of years Harry had actually gotten a good bit of joy out of scaring quite a few people with his contortionist like skills he now had. Skills that only seemed to get better and better, not to mention creepier, the more he practiced and used them.

Like for example running after some in a backbend with his head seemingly twisted in the wrong way; like a demon out of a horror movie. Luckily, he hadn't been attacked or arrested for what he did though that was mainly because he hadn't been caught and he made sure no one saw his face as he did it.

The lightness to his bones wasn't the only ability that Harry seemed to have gained that felt like it was more geared towards Phoenix's magic part of the magical adaption he had undergone. Not by a long shot, he had also gained another ability that Harry knew that came from the tears that had help caused his transformation. Even though it was an ability he rarely used, considering just how much in drained him of his magic.

This was the fact that now his tears had a healing ability greatly similar to that of a Phoenix's; if only a bit weaker than the actual immortal flaming bird. Though still strong enough to heal his poison, as long as he doesn't add his flames to said poison that is.

At the same time, Harry did find out that when he added his purple flames to the tears, instead of the poison like he usually did, he could make more of them with the same amount of magic.

While on the other hand when he added his orange flames to the tears, something he rarely did, they not only healed better than ever but at the same time gave a strong sense of peace as well. Working on both a physical as well as mental level when it came to healing.

Though he also noted using his flames at all with these tears ended up being even more exhausting as he was using two sources of energy to power the tears in question instead of just his magic. So, it was something he didn't like doing to often as he didn't like how vulnerable he felt when he was a drained as making number of those tears made him.

He also discovered his voice when he wanted it could be rather soothing when he spoke, doubly so if he decided to sing. Which because his still strong dislike of crowds was something Harry rarely, did. In fact, due to his huge dislike of crowds Harry found himself not working on the power his voice held as often as he should have.

Something that showed as sometimes his voice slipped to the more soothing quality it could hold outside of his control. And he only really noticed it happened by the reactions of others around him; which was how Harry had found out about the ability in the first place.

Outside of his training and exploring the powers he had found out about Harry had also began to mix the powers of his flames with not only the abilities but the magic he continued to train in. Because of this Harry also found he could use his purple flames to propagate the nutrient and taste of the food he made.

Along with the potency of any potions he made making them work that much better and faster than before; which in turn also made it so his potions sold all that much better than they would have otherwise. Something Harry was rather happy about, more so when he heard other bringing up the fact his potions, even if they were more basic, worked better than many of those coming out of England.

When it came to this training Harry had at first stuck mainly to his magic, because when he had first found out about magic he had thought he was given a way to his freedom. And despite all the prejudiced found in the wizarding world, Harry still thought of magic as something that was freeing. Besides it was what he knew, and at the same time it was what he had plenty of access to when it came to learning more of it; due to his family vaults and library.

So, because of this, there was no way he was going to give it up, even if it was mainly because of his magic that he had ended up the way he was. And even if he was trying to keep himself out of the hold of the British wizarding world; which thankfully due to the changes in his magic he could never be tracked down my it any longer.

Because of his determination on not giving up on his magic, and the fact that he really didn't discriminate between light or dark magic, Harry had gone from being a twelve, almost thirteen, year old who had knowledge that a mid-level second year might have to a near fifteen-year-old who had enough knowledge to be considered level to a highly skilled adult; one a good deal more skilled then they majority of the withes or wizards that made England their home. Mainly because unlike then Harry didn't limit himself in what he was learning because of some notion of light or dark magic.

Plus, he needed that level of skills to keep his potions, and therefor his sale of potions, up. Seeing as unlike Snape had mention in their first year there were plenty of potions that needed spells in them; and there for the potions did include wand waving in it. Besides learning about the spells in question often help him when it came to finding out how potions would react and vice versa.

Something which was only further helped by the fact, once he got over the fact Harry didn't care about the light or dark magic argument, his godfather actually could help him when it came to learning his magic. More so then most of the other magical's he met during his trips to different magical alleys; at least other than the Goblins who had first help Harry escape that is.

In fact, said godfather often did help Harry when it came to his magical training. And had made it so Harry was more skilled than any other magical he had meet that was his age by far. And he did this by either giving Harry the training that Sirius himself had gone through as an Auror.

Or, if not that, teaching him all then ins and outs he had learned from both the Blacks as well as the Potter when it came to their family magics. Not to mention the joy his godfather had gotten out of teaching Harry to become an Animagus. As well as the scare Sirius had gotten once he saw just what Harry's form was for that matter. Even if because of said form Harry really couldn't use said Animagus form often, or really around any highly populated area; be they magical or not.

Seeing as his Animagus form seemed to take to have either been warped or changed from a combination of the Basilisk venom, the Phoenix tears as well as the combination of both his magic and the still unknown flames he had. Because his form, once he had awoken it seemed to be a lovely though deadly mix of both a phoenix and a Basilisk. Though honestly because of the flames the form had it looked more like a mixture of a dragon and a Phoenix then a Basilisk; even if it did have the deadly venom of said Basilisk form.

However, seeing as said from was obviously magical in nature, and even more obviously deadly looking. Not to mention as Sirius said unknown to any of those in the magical world it was a form he didn't take often.

As he knew, without a doubt in his mind, that it would not only be labeled dark but most likely end up with him chained up in some way. And that was on top of the fact he wasn't likely to be classified as human any more by said wizarding world. So being found in that form would be even worse for him.

Seeing as his godfather seemed to be determined that his form was an unknown until then form of a Chimera of some sort. Which were all at the highest classification on the dark creatures alert list and ruled that all found should be hunted down so they could be killed; for the betterment of the wizarding world of course.

Which gave Harry just yet another reason as to why he didn't use his Animagus form around others. Even if he did learn to use it had control said form as a just in case. As he would rather have the form and know how to use it if he ever did need it. Rather than know his form but unable to use it because something like fear of it being found out having kept him from learning how to actual us it.

On top of training with the powers he had gotten through his transformation, the highly level in training when it came to his magic, which included learning more about the Animagus form he now had.

Not to mention finding out more about the flames he had recently found out about and learning to use them as best he could without the more necessary information on said flames. Harry had also taken care to also work on both his mind and body as well.

After coming to terms with the fact that he couldn't rely only on his magic or the flames he had and would most likely need a more hands on way of defending himself in the future. Like if he ended up in a situation where he was able to or possible couldn't use is magic or his flames.

Though if asked Harry would freely admit that that believe started a good deal, at first, because the training room he had wouldn't actually let him do anything else but that. As it wouldn't attack him with magical like he had originally expected it to but in a more physical sense. Pounding into Harry's hard head just how important a healthy active body was as it did so.

Something that really made Harry realize, rather quickly, that just learning his magic wasn't enough; more so as it brought back memories of his life before he had even known about his magic. Even more so then that when Harry found out that when he was doing only magic to fight the dummies that had been attacking him, he had badly gotten his ass kicked by his magical dummies; as they didn't only use magic when it came to fighting against him.

Seeing as the dummies in question had been set up to use both magical as well as mundane training. Not to mention to win against these dummies or even just get away from them he had to deal with a great deal of strategy as well. Meaning said training dummies didn't only train his body and magic like he had originally thought they would, but his reflexes and mind as well.

As it turns out the one who had made his trunk in the first place, and there for the training dummies he had gotten with said trunk, had actually been a Japanese raised muggleborn. And as such had learned several different things while growing up, as well as after finishing his magical schooling, that he set in place in the trunk he made.

Something the trunk creator in question had done as Harry had not only paid extra for the best the trunk maker had, but because at the same time Harry had been polite about it. Not caring about the fact the man in question was both muggleborn as well as from a foreign county; something not many of the wizarding world had been willing to do.

Not to mention the trunk owner really seemed to be rather amused by something and all that much more willing to give Harry the trunk in question after taking a harder look at Harry; something that had Harry rather tense for a while. But in the end Harry had gotten the trunk in question, and everything the creator of said trunk had added to it to ensure it could do everything Harry had said he wanted.

This included having the training dummies in the training room that knew several forms of martial arts, as well as knowledge of different weapons skills. And this was also added on to it when the Goblins found out about said dummies and added some of their own skills to it.

As a thank you to Harry for not only retuning all the goblin made items, he had but letting them know about the Gryffindor sword that had come out of the sorting hat at the end of the year. Because apparently the sword belonged to the goblins and they had been looking for it. Hence why they had added some of their hard-won skills to Harry's training dummies so that he could eventual learn them as well; as long as he was willing to work hard to do so that is.

Skills which over the last two years, with the help of both his magic, as well as his purple flames, Harry had gotten rather good in. Both with what the goblins had added and what had originally been there from the shop owner.

Not only that somehow the trunk maker had been able to pretty much program the training dummies to seem like they were learning as well as reacting to whatever Harry himself did; making it almost seem like Harry was fighting against actual humans.

With only their lack of actual emotions, or pain for that matter, being the only thing that really set them apart from humans; beside the fact the still looked like training dummies that is. Which helped Harry gain a lot of experience against fighting others because of this added bit.

Even if he did have to deal with the odd fact that unlike most humans that training dummies wouldn't stop when they got a crippling painful injury and would only stop when they literally could not get up. Which because of the built-in repairing charm that was in said dummies made it take a lot longer, and have Harry work a lot harder, then anyone else would have to normally.

At the same time because of how they were designed, and the fact Harry really only trained with these dummies, it did make it so Harry didn't really know how to hold back much in his blows. As he didn't know how hard a blow could be to cause too much pain as the dummies, he practiced with didn't react to pain. But even when he realized this Harry, maybe because of everything he had been put through, or maybe because of the much stronger instincts he now had, found himself honestly not caring to much about this little fact.

Knowing, and accepting instead that if he did attack someone he wouldn't care much if his blows did cause them pain in the first place. As if he did attack them, he was sure he'd have a good reason as to why he was doing so in the first place. Most likely they had attacked or try to imprison him first; giving him no choice but to defend himself.

Outside of his training, and everything he had learned about himself over the last two-year Harry had also done a lot of traveling. Which in turn had left Harry learning not only more about himself, like he had been, but a lot more about the world around him as well.

Something that know that he no longer had to hold himself back from showing his true intelligence, for fear of other's reactions, or the backlash of him doing so, him he really found himself enjoying; at least now that he had the chance to do so that is.

Because of this, Harry had over the course of two years decided to learn several different languages including French, Italian, germen, Spanish and Japanese. Both because he found them interesting as well as because of the sheer necessity of learning said languages; as he had been in countries that mainly spoke only those languages

Though the last language, Japanese, he had only learned very recently and with the help of a magical potion. Something he had done more out of necessary then out of the urge to suddenly learn the language in question.

Which he did because after two years of living on his own, Dumbledore was still doing whatever he could to find him and considering the fact he had gotten a letter from his godfather that the headmaster was starting to close in on him; or at least his latest location. Harry had decided that he needed to get to yet another place that the oh so mightily lord of light wouldn't be looking for him at.

As Harry wasn't sure he could keep himself out of the headmaster's control if he was capture once more; a fear that he had since he first started running. As while he could possibly fight him off, if he was able to surprise him, or out run him, like had been doing if they just happened to meet up without the headmaster knowing about it.

But at the same time, Harry wasn't arrogant enough to think that he could out fight the headmaster for long. As Harry knew that the headmaster knew more magic then he did, not to mention had more people willing to fight for him when it came down to it.

Then when you add all the political power the headmaster had, which combined with the fact that the headmaster wasn't in the least bit wary about fighting dirty if he came to getting what he wanted. Like say, cursing someone in the back and dosing them up with multiple potions to keep his control, like he had done so in the past as Harry had found out. Meant that there was no way that Harry wanted to be found by the controlling manipulative old goat.

At least not until he found a way to ensure he wouldn't be place under said man's control again. And that was without the man in question finding out about his transformation, and how he would use that against him. Because Harry could so see the headmaster putting in several laws that would make Harry all but a slave to the man in question; all for the greater good of course.

This was why after looking through several different law books, as well as books on different countries alliances, Harry had decided that he should go to Japan. Even if it had meant taking the potion he had and forcing himself to learn the language via having nothing but Japanese spoken around him to forces himself to learn in out of sheer necessity. Something he had just managed to get done; and something that had caused him countless headaches as his mind forcefully adapted to the new language.

Harry had decided to do this because, from what he had been able to find out, the British magical world, and the Japanese Magical world didn't get along at all; not by a long shot. If anything, they seemed to go out of their way to push the other's buttons, or to antagonize the other to the point they just left in a fit of rage; wanting absolutely nothing to do with the other. Then again given the British magical world stance on a lot of things they did do this to a lot of other countries as well; with Japan and the many loved creatures in it, being one of the worst.

Something Harry hoped was the case because if it was true there was no way Japan would let, what most would consider, the leader among the British wizarding world, and one of the main reasons why said country was so hated outside certain circle, into their country.

Especially not if he was going after someone who had long since given up their British heritage and embraced one of their ally's citizenships as well; which is what Harry had done a good six month after he had first escaped from them.

Not to mention he was hoping to get a Japanese citizenship as well, as having two countries citizenship, neither one who got along with the British magical section of the world, would be very helpful in ensuring he couldn't be forced back to said county by Dumbledore. No matter what political connections the Headmaster may try to force him to do so; at least not legally that is.

At the same time, even if he was attempting to prepare for it, Harry really didn't see Dumbledore looking for him in Japan in the first place. Because for some reason the Headmaster rarely went out of the lands that were allied to England or weren't primarily English-speaking countries when it came to searching for Harry. It was as if he never thought Harry would have the sense to get as far away from him as possible; as if he thought Harry wasn't smart enough to learn another language altogether.

Which if the past exams he had done on himself at Gringotts urging and finding out the blocks that had been on him. Some of which were geared to seriously hamper his learning, or at least his ability to learn things the Headmaster didn't want him to learn, were still in place. Harry was sure he would have a lot of difficulty learning other languages and would have most likely had to have stuck to primarily English-speaking countries like those the headmaster was searching for him.

Even if the headmaster was making it rather obvious in his searching that he thought Harry wasn't smart enough to figure out about the blocks on him. Or for that matter find a way around his language difficulty. Or even oddly enough change his name as the Headmaster made it obvious just whom he was looking for and didn't seem to change that in any regard.

Which if it wasn't so helpful Harry would find highly insulting about, but instead just found himself thanking his luck stars he had played down his intelligence those two school years the headmaster knew him. Because being underestimated was always a helpful thing when you were on the run, or in a fight for that matter. Even if it did get frustrating at times.

Something he had found out after he got into several fights where he was underestimated, for the fact he looked blind, his age or the fact even with all the work he had done Harry still looked rather fragile looking; his muscle mass going to iron hard lean rather than bulking out in anyway. Not to mention the fact that sometimes, despite where masculine clothing he was still mistaken as a female by some of those that ended up fighting him; making the underestimate him even more for some reason.

Right now, though Harry had found himself in a small little town in Japan called Namimori. He had just gotten a small apartment, so as to not stand out too much, and was now walking down the street observing the people around him; licking a small ice cream cone as he did so.

Doing so both so he could see more of the town he was in, and as a way to slowly ease his way into the town so he wouldn't stand out too badly; at least hopefully not in the long run. Or in not that at least make it, so he wasn't noticeable enough that he stood out when he eventual did have to leave once more.

Or that was what Harry was doing when suddenly, someone ran right into Harry sending the both of them flying; with Harry's ice cream cone actually landing on the head of the person who knocked him over.

Then a loud squealed Heeeeiiii left Harry wanting to hold his ears in agony as the person who had knocked him over, and who now had a half-melted ice-cream cone on top of his head, began to panickily cry out.

"Oh no, I knocked you over I'm so sorry. Oh my, are you BLIND!? I knocked over a blind teen! Oh no I'm so sorry, I didn't mean too. OH no, please forgive me!?" Harry at hearing this blinked and remembered yeah to others he did look blind because of the blindfold he still wore. Knowing this Harry quickly climbed to his feet and held out a hand to help the one who knocked him over.

As he did this Harry got a good look at the teen in question, the teen looked to be a year younger than he was. Smaller both in height and build. Not to mention he had almost gravity defying brown hair with soft brown eyes. All and all he looked the be a very friend gentle, utterly harmless looking, young teen that Harry felt a connection of some sort to.

It was because of this connection, and the fact that the teen in question looked like he was about to burst into tears at any moment that Harry did what he did next. As he was helping the teen up from where he had fallen, and as he was wiping away the ice cream that had fallen on him, Harry told the teen.

"Don't worry I am not blind, it just a certain condition I have that makes me have to wear this blindfold. You could say my eyes are rather sensitive, but I can see through the blindfold in question."

This got Harry a nod and a quick smile that just as quick turn to a look of horror as he looked behind Harry. A look Harry understood as he heard the click of a gun and a voice behind him, coming from whoever had the gun in question pointed at him, saying.

"What is a powerful Sky like you doing here of all places?" Harry hearing this had only question in his mind, one he voiced aloud without much thought; his voice filled with the honest pure confusion he was feeling as he did so.

"A Sky? What do you mean by that?"