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Chapter three

Harry after he said this, and after the others got over the fact he really wasn't reacting to the fact that he had a gun pointed at his head or the fact that it was someone straight behind him, that hadn't been their just moments ago, holding said gun at this head.

Meanwhile Harry himself couldn't help but absentmindly wonder why the smaller teen in front of him hadn't removed the now half melted ice cream cone that was still on his head; making Harry wonder if he could say something about it.

Because of his lack of reaction Harry found himself being met with disbelieving stares, both because the lack of reaction and what he had said, that is until the person who had the gun pointed at him lowered it slightly and snorted.

Obviously finding something in the way Harry was standing, or perhaps the tone he had used when he had spoken, that made him believe that Harry was being honest in what he had just asked. Not to mention Harry felt that hey may have muttered his question about the ice cream cone and if he should bring it up under his breath; just loud enough for the one who had been holding a gun to his head to hear it.

Though if the look on the teen in front of him, and the first person Harry had actual met in this town, face meant anything that necessary wasn't a good thing. After all, there had to be a reason the teen in question looked so resigned and was now giving Harry looks of ill-concealed Pity. Not to mention looked ready to bolt in the opposite direction at a second's notice.

It was after the gun that had been pointed at him was lowered. Something which Harry was rather confused about why he wasn't freaking out about as before he honestly hadn't really seen many guns before.

Besides the one that Hagrid had twisted into a knot after snatching it from his Uncle's hands. And from what Harry had seen that hadn't really been much of a gun to begin with as it was a rather old and beaten up on; with enough rust on it Harry wasn't even sure if it could have shot in the first place.

Still, putting this off his mind Harry instead turned so he could get a good look at the person whom had been point said gun at him in the first place. Seeing as it was this person that left Harry knowing that there was something that wasn't exactly normal was going on here.

Which again made Harry think that he should have realized this before, both knowing his luck, and the fact his gut feeling had started to act up the minute he had met the teen just moments earlier. Though even without those Harry knew he would have figured out something not quite normal was going on.

After all, finding out that the person who had been trying to shoot him was in the shape of a toddler screamed that much at Harry; at the very least. And that was on top of the fact that he had been threatened to be shot in the first place; which really should have raised all sorts of red flags.

Though, now that he was attempting to ignore the younger teen beside him and focus on the others instead, Harry senses and gut feeling was telling him to be very careful of the so-called toddler in front of him.

Because everything inside Harry was screaming to him that he wasn't a toddler at all but was actually someone who was very dangerous; more so then anyone he had ever met before. Including the deatheaters he had met over the last couple of years, and even more deadly than the Headmaster chasing him could ever hope of being.

Something that Harry found to be proven true not even seconds after his instincts screamed this at him. As he found out quite a bit of information being suddenly dumped on him; all with a smile that sent shutters down his spine from the dark eyed 'toddler' as said toddler gave him the information download.

Like the toddler's name was Reborn, and he was the world's greatest hit man. Something Harry noticed with a bit of confusion Reborn seemed to tell him with quite a bit of relish; as if eager to see a reaction of some sort.

Not that, that was all the information he had gotten from Reborn; not in the least bit. As the hitman in question seemed to be rather free with the information, he was giving Harry. And because of this Harry found himself, rather quickly at that, both getting dragged into something he wasn't sure he wanted to be part of.

But at the same time getting all the answers he had been wanting over the last couple of years at the same time. Answer that when he did get them, he wasn't quite sure he wanted them anymore at that; not when he considered just what they could mean.

By this Harry meant that he had found out just what the other teen, whom Harry had found out was called Tsunayoshi Sawada, though he preferred to be called Tsuna, was so resigned about in the first place.

Especially after seeing Reborn and seeing, as well as hearing, the interest that this Reborn seemed to have in Harry. More so then ever after finding out that Harry had no idea what Sky flames was; and seemed to be telling the truth about that at the same time. Yet at the same time obviously had some very controlled flames that had a high level of power to them as well; meaning he did know how to use them even if he didn't seem to know just what they were.

Because after lowing his gun, Reborn had gotten an unholy smirk on his face. One that had raisin the hairs on the back of Harry's neck and at the same time had gotten every instinct he had screaming at him to flee as fast as he could in the opposite direction. And that was before Reborn had even started to speak.

At the same time something told Harry that this was a feeling that was something that happened often around Reborn, and that it was a feeling that he was going to have often around Reborn at the same time. Not only that but something in him told him that he should have listened to those instincts.

But he hadn't and Harry found that with each word that left Reborn's mouth he was tying Harry down into whatever was going on faster than anything the headmaster had ever been able to as he did so. And far better as well, as Harry hadn't expected it to happen even as it was actually happening.

Best yet, it was because of Harry's own curiosity, and the fact he decided, of his own free will, to ignore what his instincts were tell him, that it had happened in the first place. Making it so that no matter what Harry honestly couldn't blame anyone but himself for it happening to him now.

Even more so as he had stayed and listened to what the hitman had to say; despite his instincts screaming at him the way they had been. Leaving him knowing that it had in the end been his own choice to listen, to let his own curiosity overrule his common sense.

"Sky flames are the orange flames you have. They are usually part of certain families and are usually allies to said families or the leaders of their family. You could say they are like a spiritual glue in their families." Here Reborn gave a slight pause but before anyone else could say or add anything to what he had just said he quickly added on.

"Speaking of families and Allies for that matter, Tsuna here has flames very similar to yours and is the leader of his own family. How would you like to join his family as a secure Ally? Because as it is, he needs all the help he can get. And I get the feeling you'd be one hell of a family friend to have. One that wouldn't only help Tsuna here but be a friend anyone would want to have at hand." Harry hearing this couldn't help but blink for a bit, before he answered Reborn.

Not noticing the near wild look in Tsuna eyes or the fact he seemed to be protesting the fact he was a head of a family. Or the fact that Tsuna seemed to be trying to tell Reborn to leave him out of this for that matter. Instead he simply told the toddler shaped hitman.

"If I join, can you tell me what the purple flames are and help me learn to control them as well; or at least learn how to control them enough to hide them completely if I wanted to? Because they seem to be just as strong or maybe even stronger than the orange ones I have. Not to mention despite looking everywhere I can't find any information on them... well besides what I've figured out from experimenting with them."

This got Harry another smirk from Reborn before said hitman tilted his hat down in satisfied way. Then in a tone that screamed said cat got the cream answered Harry. All the while making Harry feel as if he just signed his soul over to the devil as he did so.

"Those flames are called cloud flames, and as long as you work with Tsuna here I would be very happy to help you when it comes to those, or any other flames you need help with." Again, there was pause in what Reborn was saying before he continued; his tone much darker and foreboding as he did so. Not to mention Harry swore that Reborn's very shadow twisted around to take the form of an adult as he spoke.

"Though know, I am the world's greatest hitman and you betray me, or Tsuna-dame here for that matter, there will not be a place you could hide that I couldn't find you at." Harry hearing this swallowed heavily and got wide eyed before quickly nodding in agreement.

Though even as he did this Harry notice with a bit of growing confusion that now that his instincts weren't screaming at him to flee from Reborn, like they had been. They were now telling him that he needed to be here. That being here would be the best chance he had in the future. That this was the best chance he'd ever get to have the freedom he longed from the Headmaster.

So, feeling this, Harry gave a slight smile towards both Reborn and Tsuna before giving the answer he knew Reborn was waiting for, and that Tsuna seemed to be dreading; for reasons Harry really couldn't understand. The answer he knew that would both give him the answers he wanted, while at the same time, unknown to him at the time, being something that would tie him down to what would become his future.

"I would be honored to become part of your family Tsuna, as an Allie or however you'd like me as."

After saying this, Harry was greeting with another soul shutter smile from Reborn, as well as a loud HIIEEEE of denial from Tsuna. Seeing and both hearing this Harry couldn't help but wonder if he should have listened to his earlier instincts instead of the ones he had just gotten; as he felt they may had led him wrong.

And even as he wondered this Harry got the feeling that it was too late to change anything; seeing as his gut feeling was screaming at him that the agreement, he had just given was very binding. More so than any promise he had made or anything magic may have done; at least as far as he knew.

Something that had quickly proven to be true as Reborn let the full truth of everything that was going on be known to him; in the quickest, bluntest way that he could. Taking no care of just how Harry may have felt or would react to what he was saying.

Hell, if Harry got the correct read off of Reborn, he was actually looking forward to how Harry would react to everything he was being told. Seeing as Harry got the feeling that Reborn was something similar to an utter troll.

Which meant that Harry was given a short and rather brutal information dump on all the information Reborn wanted him to know. Including the information Harry wanted on the flames he had, the fact that he had just agreed to join the Mafia of all things and the fact that Tsuna, the seemingly harmless looking teen was apparently a in the training on become the leader of one of the largest, bloodiest, mafia family there was. Something that was seriously hard to believe given the little he had seen of Tsuna or the fact that he was still standing there weakly protesting everything…. with that damn ice cream cone still on his head.

Something which Harry had just fully agreed to become part of as either an actual part of said family or an ally to the family in question. Something that Harry felt he should be horrified about, but at the same time couldn't find himself being horrified as he should about it. Mainly because despite just finding all of this out, Harry could still feel his instincts continued to assure him that this was for the best for him.

Along with that his instincts were also telling him working with Tsuna and Reborn like this would be one of the best ways to keep his freedom, and keep him out of the hands of others that would not only use him much worse then those two but be much crueler about it as well; the Headmaster included.

Not to mention, Harry had figured out not long after he had first transformed, that he wouldn't be able to do anything that even seemed remotely normal as a job as he got older; even if he did want to attempt to.

Because, well for one his eyes, or his constant need to cover said eyes or else meeting them would mean either death or Petrification from them not being covered. Not to mention his physical features and the way he looked now would always stand out; not always in a positive way either. Which would also hinder him when it came to getting a job in what could be classified as a normal station.

However, Harry felt now that he knew more about it, that the Mafia might just be his best shot at normal; which as he thought about it was a rather sad thing. Seeing as if Reborn was anything to be said about the Mafia, then there really wasn't anything normal about the Mafia.

So, doing his best to keep that in mind, not to mention keep the steady confident feeling that what he was doing what was best for him. Something that Harry was doing mainly so that the panic that was starting to form would stay at a more manageable level and not really show.

To help further with this, and as a way to keep his mind off of everything that had just been dumped on him, Harry deiced that since Reborn was doing his best to let him know everything he could about the flames he had. As well as all the other information that Reborn felt Harry should know about, such as what he had just freely joined into, even if he was tricked into doing so, Harry deiced to be just as honest.

Strongly getting the feeling that it would be better for him to be as honest as possible as soon as possible. Not to mention maybe feel the urge to be abut a much of a troll as Reborn was, as honestly Tsuna's reactions were rather humorous; besides he really didn't want anything to bit him in the ass later on.

So, knowing this Harry deiced that it would be best to let both Reborn as well as Tsuna know about the magical world, or at least the parts he knew about that is. While at the same time let them, both know just what had happened to him; so they would at the very least know to be careful of seeing his eyes.

After all it wasn't like anyone was around them to hear them seeing as soon as Reborn had decided to let Harry know what was going on, and to trick him into agreeing to be part of the Mafia in the first place, he had led both Harry and Tsuna to a place they could discuss everything in private. So, knowing, and taking full advantage of this Harry decide to tell the others his story.

"Well, as long as we're being honest here, and doing the best to help each other. I feel like I should let you two in some of my own secrets. After all, if we're supposed to be family then I feel like you should know this as well. After all it only…fair."

Then in front of Tsuna's own horrified eyes Harry let a loose a smirk that was terrifying close to the look Reborn got when he was about to let loose his own brand of chaos before he stated telling the two his own secrets.

As he did this Tsuna could help get the rather terror filled filling that once everything was said and done that both Harry and Reborn would get along far too well for anyone state of mind. A feeling that got all the stronger as Harry began to tell the two in front of him everything he wanted to; not caring in the least bit about the magical laws he would be breaking as he did so.

After all, as far as Harry was concurred those flames he was using, not to mention that both Reborn and Tsuna seemed to have, was obviously a type of magic so it should hurt letting other users know about the other types of magic that were out there. At least that would be the excuse he'd use if every asked about it; however unlikely that may turn out to be.

Beside there was no way the Mafia, especially the ones like Reborn, didn't know about magic in the first place. After all Reborn had obviously been cursed by something so he had to have some idea about magic. Not to mention from even the smallest amount he had seen from Reborn he didn't see like the fact it was supposed to be a huge secret keeping Reborn from knowing anything he wanted.

So, with that in mind Harry told the two all about the magical world, or at least all in knew about it, including things like the war that had been going on in England. The dark Lord he had supposedly beat, how he knew and had proven that said dark lord wasn't gone, the things he had learned at Hogwarts. The prejudiced that ran rapid in said magical world, to eventual the transformation he had undergone, how it had happened; not to mention all of aftereffects said transformation had caused him.

Including all the things he had found out about everything that had happened to him over the last couple of years. Mainly because of all the training he had put himself through to find out said information. Which Harry was careful to keep as detailed as he could as he didn't want to risk something happening that he could have prevented if he had been more informative.

Which meant Harry had been careful to tell the two everything he had found out he could now do. Including things such as exactly what his eyes did and why he made sure to keep them covered the way he did. Something which earned him another high-pitched squeal from Tsuna and a look he couldn't quite describe from Reborn.

A look that grew as he explained just why he continued to wear the goblin made cloth a crossed his eyes instead of glasses, or goggles; as said goggles or glasses always melted rather quickly if he got to emotional.

Something that had actually happened on several different occasions, that sadly did end in death; fortunately, it was someone Harry honestly didn't feel that bad about dying; Seeing as it was someone he had seen attack and threatening to rape a child. Which was why Harry had attacked him in the first place and had been enraged enough for the glasses he had been wearing at the time to melt.

But after a few instantly like this Harry had realized that the glasses and googles he was using wouldn't cut it. Meaning that despite how it looked, or how uncomfortable it could get at times, Harry needed to continue to wear the goblin made bandages he had first started out with; at least until he could find something that could stand up to the power of his eyes.

After explaining his eyes, which he honestly felt was one of the most important things he could tell as they were one of the more deadly parts of him; one that he didn't exactly have full control of for that matter.

Still after informing them of this, and the fact that said eyes didn't seem to be able to turn off, Harry began to tell the about the other things. Again, most of which he had been able to find out through all the training he had put himself through. Like the fact that he was now highly poisonous; which was another key point about himself that he made sure to tell the others about.

Just like he had his eyes, as his poison was just as deadly as his eyes where. With the only thing that made them less deadly being the fact he could control said poison and at the same time knew the antidote to said poison.

Though he noticed at least one of them was rather amused by the fact that the poison in question came through his black pointed nails, or his lips if he willed it, as opposed to his teeth as most would assume it'd come from. Even if he did have slightly pointed fangs that looked like poison could come out of them; seeing as his canine teeth were quite a bit larger and sharper them most others.

An amusement that seemed to actually grow a bit when Harry decided to quickly add to the fact that not only was he poisonous. But that if he wanted to, he could actually make himself even more poisons then he normally was though the uses of his cloud flames.

Something that got him close to an approving look from Reborn, one that got a rather sadistic glint of satisfaction in it, when Harry added, to Tsuna's horror, that the only antidote he knew about to his poison being either his tears or a Phoenix's.

Though, on top of this secondary look Harry had also been given a look of curiosity as well. Which, when it was coming from the one he had just recently found out was called Reborn, had made Harry debate attempting to running. As he got the feeling anything that raised Reborn's interesting would soon regret it as utter chaos was rained down on them.

Though at the same time he felt there might be a good reason for the look in the first place. Seeing as this look of curiosity, was one he had gained after he had added the fact his tears could get both more numerus or stronger depending on the flames he used when he called upon them.

Not to mention Harry had also added that being an antidote to his poison wasn't the only thing his tears could be. As they seemed to be able to heal just about anything, he had tried to use them for. More so then every when he added his sky flames to them; even if doing so only let him produce maybe three sky flame tears max before he was utterly exhausted for the next week.

With it being twelve cloud powered flames tears before he couldn't do more for another week; with the cloud flames being just more numerous at once then normal phoenix tears. Which he could do five a week on average.

This hair-raising look of curiosity was one that didn't dim in the least bit in the least bit as Harry continued speaking. If anything the look seemed to be just getting that much worse, while at the same time not even looking as if it had changed at all, when Harry went over all the other changes his body could do now; be it from help of his magic or his flames Which included the changes his hair, skin and entire body had undergone since he had underwent his transformation shortly before he had turned thirteen

Though Harry did notice that Tsuna seemed to be rapidly shaking his head no with a growing look of horror on his face, while Reborn seemed to be getting more and more interested in what he was say.

Not to mention seemed to be rapidly gaining a growing look of clear sadism on his face when Harry began to describe just how he had learned all of this. Which included all of the training he had undergone to learn the most he could.

In fact, he seemed to particularly interested in the fact he had a trunk that had a training room in it; which included all kinds of different ways to train someone. Out of all the things Harry had spoken about. Asking more question about everything and getting as much detail as he could out of Harry about it.

Including the training dummies he had, along with things such as current pools he used to help strengthen his body, with the current being something hat could be adjusted, the magical climbing walls that's difficulty could be increased; along with all the other magical runes that could be added to training.

Particularly the weighted clothes he had made earlier on his training after reading several different anime that had given him ideas on how to best train himself. Including ones such as Naruto, or dragon ball Z or other such ones. Ones he had outgrown and stored away while the clothes he had on it had been increased; something the had been doing as soon as he got used to the weights his clothes had. And something that only seemed to be further helped by the cloud flames he had; as Harry found they now instinctively healed his body a bit.

Harry after finishing all of this was greeted with a defeated, utterly exhausted looking Tsuna, while Reborn seemed to be grinning like the devil himself. And after all, seeing Harry was done, there was only had one thing Reborn had to say, which was.

"Welcome to the family Harry-kun. I get the feeling that things are going to be a lot more interesting now that your part of the family. Now…about that training room of yours. How exactly does it work and how can I change the difficulty setting of some of those things. Tsuna here needs a bit of training."

Which after hearing Harry felt the hair on the back of his neck stand straight up, while getting the feeling he had just set up Tsuna for some utter seven levels of hell. Something he felt a little bit bad for, yet at the same time couldn't help finding a bit of amusement as well.

After all, all the training he had done had really helped him in the long run and he could see the same being done for Tsuna. Even if it was utter hell to being with. Besides he had a bit of a sadistic side as well and found that it might be a bit interesting to see someone else suffering though his training room besides himself. Which was before he started to lead Reborn towards his trunk, he decided to say something that had been bugging him for a while not.

"It's right this way, but Tsuna may want to take the ice cream cone off his dead before it completely melts; I get the feeling it'd be harder to get out of his hair after then."