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This first chapter is pretty info dumpy, but it needs to be for the set-up. My apologies in advance.



Weiss Schnee considered herself a fan of most of Beacon's coursework. Professor Goodwitch was an excellent math teacher who was strict but fair, Professor Peach made her Biology classes both entertaining and educational, and even Prof- Doctor Oobleck had a fair classwork-to-homework ratio despite his rather eccentric teaching style.

But Port... Professor I-love-the-sound-of-my-own-voice Port... There was no way that she could ever enjoy being in his class.

You see, Port taught several different subject matters, such as Anatomy and Literature, and was also the head of the Drama department. But no matter what he was supposed to be teaching in a given period, he somehow always made it into a story about his or a family member's life. Great poets of the past? "This reminds me of when..." Where certain bones are located in the body? "My grandfather broke this one when he fought a bear!" The lengths that he would go to in order to derail the class were ludicrous.

It was a late October Wednesday in Port's 3rd period Valean Literature class when the seventeen-year-old heiress once again found herself bored out of her mind. Two-and-a-quarter years of monotonous drivel had taught her that, no, the rather rotund man would not be returning to the proper subject matter anytime soon, so Weiss decided to put her attention to better use. Slipping her phone out of her skirt pockets without bringing it out for Port to see, she opened up the Beaconbook app and began typing out a private message.

Crystal: Port is rambling again. Please tell me you're having a good enough free period to make up for my bad one.

Beaconbook. The schoolwide phenomena that started her sophomore year when a girl named Reese Chloris decided to hijack the school's servers in order to create a forum of sorts for the students of Beacon to chat about anything and everything. It actually managed to exist for several months before the staff found out about it, frustrating the teachers to no end when they discovered that the bulk of their tests had been compromised for all of the students to see. Ozpin, the headmaster of Beacon, seemed to see some future business potential in the site, so after Reese's suspension had been served (she did use private property without authorization, after all) Ozpin and Reese came to an agreement: the site would stay up, but only under the control of the staff. Reese even went the extra step of developing a smartphone app for it, allowing for even easier access on mobile devices.

Any student who wished to have an account simply needed to file a short form to Ms. Goodwitch with their desired username and consent to the forum rules. The rules were of the usual affair: no bullying, no violent or pornographic images or videos, so on and so forth. The system worked because requiring the students to go through the teachers meant that nobody could create fake accounts, thus discouraging anybody from abusing their fellow students since each account was linked to a particular person.

It's important to note that students' real names did not have to be publicly disclosed on the site. This inevitably led to the usernames becoming a source of entertainment in-and-of themselves; after all, who doesn't love playing detective and trying to figure out real identities from small context clues? Her own username, Crystal, was vague enough that it could be almost anyone in the school.

Weiss's phone lit up without making a sound and she swiped to open the message she'd received.

Crescent: I can't complain since I'm getting some decent studying in, but I still have to deal with Sir Talks-a-lot later. You know, when everyone has full stomachs from lunch and it's even easier to fall asleep. Just grin and bare it, the bell will be ringing soon.

Weiss smiled to herself as she typed out her reply. Crescent was somebody who had assisted her with her philosophy class several times in the previous year in exchange for frequent help in Algebra 2. Over time their conversations had moved from the discussion boards to PM's, and the topics shifted from school to their personal lives. She had told precious few this, but having a semi-anonymous friend had allowed her to de-stress from the more difficult aspects of her life. To Crescent she was not Weiss Schnee, the prim and proper heiress to the single largest energy company in the world; instead she was Crystal, a girl with some difficulty balancing what she needed to do against everything else.

That had been one of their mutual bonding points. Crescent himself (and yes, she had confirmed that Crescent was a male) had aspirations that he desperately wanted to strive for; but having a large family meant that he needed to work in order to help put food on the table, thus making his dreams just that: dreams. To his credit, Crescent had never come off as angry about his lot in life, only a little regretful of what he knew would be a missed calling. Weiss's own situation was... similar, but not quite the same.

Crystal: I suppose I'll live for now, but mark my words: I will not stand for taking one of his classes my senior year. On a different note, how is your job these days? It's been a while since you've mentioned it.

Crescent: S.S.D.D. my friend. I've been getting decent tips, so all is well on my end. How about you, have you finally managed to cancel those piano lessons?

Crystal: I'm glad you're making some money, and, yes, those useless classes are over with for good. It only took two years to convince my father of their worthlessness and his wasted money. Also, S.S.D.D?

Crescent: Same Stuff Different Day.

Ah, that made sense. Nodding to herself, she put her phone away and flipped the pages of her open textbook. Even if Port refused to cover the material half of the time, she would not allow her grades to drop. It was inexcusable for a Schnee to achieve anything short of perfection.

Time passed and Weiss found herself at her usual lunch table surrounded by the book loving Faunus Blake Belladonna, the loudmouthed aspiring boxer Yang Xiao Long, and engineering prodigy Ruby Rose. Four girls that, in the eyes of the school, formed the foundation of "Table RWBY."

Weiss didn't know who in the student body coined that term, but she was going to punish them for making Ruby of all people their apparent mascot.

Yang addressed the group as she leaned over the table and nicked the last fry from Ruby's tray. "So, girls, who here is ready for the upcoming Fall Dance? We only have seventeen days until it hits, so we need to figure out how we're gonna blow everyone away."

Ruby gave a pout. "Would you stop taking my food!? Also, I'm not going to the dance this year. The money I'd spend on the dress would be better spent getting a new toolset."

"Were we even going to go as a group?" Asked Blake without looking away from her book. "It's not like I hate the idea, but I don't have anybody I'd actually dance with."

"Little miss Belladonna, are you saying you aren't going to accept Sun's invitation?" Yang adopted a scandalized expression. "He's already asked you twice now, and you haven't given him an answer one way or the other!"

Blake made a small grunt. "Well, he seems... nice... but I'm not really interested in a relationship at the moment and he's made it clear that that's exactly what he's looking for."

Weiss felt rather strong sympathy pains for her stoic friend. Just one year prior she'd been dealing with her own unwanted advances from one Jaune Arc, a boy who had required not one or two, but seven staunch refusals to come to grips with the fact that she wasn't interested in him. The last rejection had been, unfortunately, a rather public one, but it had been perfectly clear to her that he was just another fool who had only been interested in her money or title.

A hearty laugh brought her attention to a table not too far from her own, where the very boy she'd been thinking about was sitting with his friends. Nora Valkyrie was rambling on about some dream she'd had while Lie Ren gently corrected her. Pyrrha Nikos and Jaune were listening to the tale in open laughter, both happily indulging the ginger in her wild stories. What caught Weiss's attention was that whenever Jaune happened to be distracted with his food or Nora's story, Pyrrha would take the opportunity to sneak at peek at the blond. While the heiress had never understood the reason for the track and field star's not-so-secret attraction for the boy, the inevitable couple had her freely given blessings.

"-iss? Remnant to Weiss?"

Weiss brought her focus back to her own table. "I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention. What is it?"

"Nah, you were paying attention; it just wasn't to us." Yang had a wide grin at catching her staring. "Anyways, what I was asking was if anyone was taking you to the dance? We've all seen Neptune flirting with you, but I know you have your little talking buddy~"

She gave an open sigh. "I swear, Xiao Long, telling you about him has got to be one of my greatest mistakes. If you must know, I currently do not have an escort to the dance; I do, however, have an arrangement to meet with the quote 'talking buddy.'"

All three of her companions, even Blake, looked at her like they were seeing an alien, but Ruby was the first to speak. "Um, Weiss, I know I've only known you for a few months now, but isn't it dangerous to meet with someone you've never actually seen before? The internet is a scary place."

"Normally you'd be correct, Ruby, but the simple fact is that everybody with a Beaconbook account is a member of this school. It's incredibly likely that I've seen this individual every day of my tenure, so I have little reason to suspect them of being an unsavory individual." What she didn't say was that choosing to meet Crescent had been no easy decision. For just about a year she'd pondered over the name, using every little clue he dropped in a futile attempt to suss out his true identity. The most important factor in her choice to meet him was the fact that they'd connected so well despite never speaking in person.

She wanted to put a face to the name so that she could thank him for being a friend in the darkness of her life. While she was trapped in her destiny, he held her hand and made her feel that maybe, just maybe, she could have a dream of her own. Because while she knew what she was going to do in the future (that is, becoming the next head of the Schnee Energy Company,) she had no idea what she wanted to do. At least Crescent had a dream, however impossible it seemed to be for him.

Weiss's heart had nothing to strive for.

"I have two more questions, Weiss-cream," said Yang as she interrupted her thoughts once more. "First, where are you meeting this mystery man; and second, will you at least tell us his username so I can look the guy up? Maybe I could figure out who it is before you even go!"

She rolled her eyes at the brawler. "I'm meeting him at the Vermilion Garden, and I absolutely refuse to tell you who it is. Knowing you, you'd likely interrogate him before I meet him and scare the living daylights out of him."

"I object! I'd only interrogate him if he were going after Ruby." The blonde rubbed her sister's head affectionately, making the younger girl whine a bit. "Because it's you, I'd probably just make a whole bunch of innuendos and puns at your expense!"

"And there we have it! You'll be getting no more information from me." Yang tried for several more minutes go pry anything she could from the heiress, but Weiss kept her mouth firmly shut. She was in no mood to add fuel to Yang's wild speculations.

After school, her butler Klein was waiting at the school gates with the family Mercedes-Benz in order to drive her home, as was the routine. It was a twenty minute drive between school and the Schnee estate; but Klein had always been the best of listeners, so what could have been a long and cold drive was almost always a warm conversation that ended all too soon. They soon came upon the familiar gates, which automatically opened just far enough to let the car through. When they walked into the mansion she handed the satchel that held her textbooks to Klein for him to take to her room and made her way to her father's study.

The halls of their estate were as white and as cold as they'd always been. Aside from a large family portrait and the occasional decorative urn, there was nothing to cheer her up before speaking to her father. Whitley passed by as she walked and gave her a polite nod, which she returned without much thought. Younger than her by two years, his dislike for her and Winter had never been well hidden; still, he had yet to take any actions against them, so Weiss was content to let him go about his business.

Jacques Schnee was on the landline telephone when she let herself into his study-slash-office. When he registered her presence he simply held up a finger as a silent command and continued speaking to the person on the other end. Her father seemed to be in a decent mood, so she was more than happy to wait for his conversation to finish. Two minutes later he hung up the phone and finally spoke to his second daughter. His tone was courteous, but nowhere approaching warm. "Hello, Weiss. How were your classes today?"

"As fruitful as always, father." Weiss made sure she sounded equally as distant. "Klein said that you wished to speak to me?"

"Indeed I do," he replied as he posed his hands together in front of his face. "There is to be a meeting in two weeks time that requires your presence. Unfortunately, it is in the middle of the day due to the other party's schedule limitations. You don't have any exams or major projects on that week, correct?"

She gave it a moment's thought. The only things she could recall were her meeting with Crescent and the dance the week after. "I'll be unavailable the Saturday before or after, but the middle of the week has only normal school activities. What time will the meeting be?"

Jacques smiled; it only served to unnerve her. "One o' clock sharp, so make sure your teachers understand that you must be allowed out before then. The fate of the company, of the family itself, rests on this meeting going well. Do you understand?"

Confusion arose within her. "Getting permission to be absent from school shouldn't be an issue, but who are we meeting with? They must be very influential if you're this concerned about my presence, father."

"Influential they are, Weiss. It is the head of Menagerie's branch of the White Fang: Sienna Kahn."

The shock of his words made her physically recoil for a moment. The White Fang was a well-known advocacy group for Faunus rights. Many years ago they'd been a rather violent group, but over the last two decades they had become a respectable organization that the Faunus could rely on to push for equal treatment throughout the world. The Schnee Energy Company employed many Faunus in its plants, so getting on the good side of the White Fang was not only prudent, it was integral to their future success.

The importance of Weiss attending couldn't have been clearer. As the next head of the Company, Sienna Kahn would want to make sure that she would consent to any agreement her father struck with them. Recovering from her shock, she bowed her head. "I understand completely. I'll make all of the arrangements I need to with my classes and be properly prepared for the meeting."

That same snake-like smile slipped onto his face. "Excellent, I'm glad to see that you're quick on the uptake. That will be all for now, Weiss. I shall inform you of any changes that may occur."

"Yes sir. Excuse me." Slipping out of the room, Weiss heaved a sigh of relief at being out of her father's presence. The last thing she wanted was to deal with SEC related matters, but dealing with the White Fang was extremely important. She would never shirk her duties as the heiress...

...but she also could not wait for next Saturday to arrive.


Jaune Arc had a steady routine most days. Wake up, make breakfast for the family, and then go to school. Do an hour of homework, head to his job to make some money, do some more homework, and, finally, sleep.

Making enough food for seven people was exhausting. Olive would help as much as she could, but she hated eggs. Sapphire was easy to please, but was also liable to burn the house down on accident if she helped. Juniper, their mother, did the most her health would allow: namely, organizing the kids' chores from her bedroom.

Their father wasn't of this world anymore.

It still hurt, if he was to be honest; but there was still a family to feed, so Jaune had long since put his mourning aside so he could focus on putting food on the table. His mom's health stopped her from doing most physical labors, but her mind was as sharp as it'd always been. Her old law firm still used her as a consultant from time to time, so it wasn't like she couldn't make money; Jaune just needed to chip in where he could, that was all.

His schoolwork was average, which was good enough as far as he was concerned. He did a lot better in subjects that allowed for some lateral thinking, like literature, so he only really needed help in math and physics these days.

Jaune didn't have a huge number of friends, but the ones he did have were the best that anybody could ask for. Nora's energy always brought a smile to his face, especially when she talked about music and how her drumming skills were coming along in the school band. Ren wasn't overtly passionate about anything besides his eccentric cooking, and he was great at giving you sound advice wherever he could. And Pyrrha? Well, let's just say that Pyrrha was going to be an absolute beast at any international track events after she graduated high school. She was a powerhouse whose competitive nature contrasted her extremely gentle nature. He also saw Yang from time to time, though she seemed to talk to his sisters more often than him. She was great at handling his family, likely a skill she earned from having Ruby in her life.

Jaune's best friend, though, was one he had yet to meet in person.

It was Friday when Jaune's scroll vibrated in his pocket during his final class for the week, Professor Peach's mammal biology, so he stealthily snuck the device out of his pocket and read the Beaconbook message.

Crystal: Sorry for the silence. I was busy making preparations for a school day I have to miss.

He replied while eyeing the teacher to make sure she wasn't going to catch him.

Crescent: All is well. You missing school, though? It's either family related or that Mercury guy rubbed off on you. I hope it isn't anything too awful.

Crystal: It's a business meeting with a potential foreign "business partner." I would love to skip the meeting, but it's too important. And I wouldn't be caught dead hanging around that "too cool for school" buffoon!

Crescent: Is it soon?

Crystal: The Wednesday after you and I officially meet.

"Mr. Arc, we still have three minutes left before dismissal. Put the phone away." Nearly jumping out of his seat at being addressed, Jaune issued a hasty apology and stowed it away.

Getting to know Crystal was a happy accident that occured when his Algebra scores had been down to abysmal levels. She (yes, he'd somehow managed to not screw things up with a girl so far) essentially tutored him for a couple months until he was able to fly straight. For a while he believed that he'd never be able to return the favor, until Crystal started having trouble in Oobleck's philosophy class. Fast forward to today, where they now spoke almost every day about a range of topics.

Crystal's suggestion to finally meet in person had come as a legitimate surprise, but the request couldn't have made him any happier. It was him who suggested that they meet at his sister's restaurant, although he made sure to omit mentioning that he worked there himself. Or that the owner was related to him at all.

The situation was stressful enough without making it look like he needed his sister's help to have a date.


The word alone was enough to make his cheeks flush. Crystal hadn't called it a date, but here he was scheduling a get together with a girl. She liked his personality, they got along great, and they were meeting at a nice restaurant he just so happened to be more than acquainted with. They had agreed to wear casual-nice outfits, and his palms started to sweat every time he started to stress over being presentable. It sure felt like a date.

The school bell rang to release the teenagers in the wild, though Jaune took a more casual pace out of the doors. The parking lot was always chaotic at dismissal, and he'd long since learned to save himself the effort of rushing out. He drove a dark-green pick-up truck that sat four people, though two of those seats were the little pull-down kind that faced inward behind the front seats. It wasn't the most fuel-efficient ride, but he kept he clean just like his had.

Content to let the most eager teen drivers fight for the exit, Jaune let the air conditioner keep him cool while he nailed out some of the easier homework assignments. Thankfully, it was mostly reading through the material that day. Once the chaos of the parking lot settled down, he buckled up and rode out to his job.

The Vermilion Garden, so named because his sister, the head chef and owner, was named Vermilion. It was a pretty nice restaurant that served southern Mistralian foods, usually centered around pasta. Jaune was a host from Monday to Thursday and a server on the weekends. He was originally a server the whole week, but they were usually slow in the middle of the week. Having his sister be the boss meant nobody could complain about him having the best hours. That said, Vermilion never let him take it easy. When she agreed to hire him a year ago, she made it perfectly clear that she expected the same work ethic from him that she needed from every other employee.

His oldest sister was a weird egg for sure. One moment she'd be yelling at him to pick up the pace, the next moment she would be giving him tips for any future dates. There's nothing quite like having the head chef of the restaurant poke her head out of the kitchen just to point at a couple and say, very loudly by the way, "You see those two Jaune? That's how a woman wants to be treated when you go out together!"

Vermilion also contributed funds to the Arc household, but the fact that she lived separate from them meant that she could only give so much; hence why Jaune worked seven days a week.

It was a Friday evening, so when he got to work he put on his black button-down work uniform, donned his apron with the restaurant logo at his hip, and immediately started tending to the tables passed his way. It wound up being a slow evening for the business, but he still managed to walk away with 50 Lien and some change by the end. At eight he was summarily dismissed by Vermilion and went home right away.

The smell of pizza hit him as soon as he walked into the house, no doubt ordered from the local pizzeria as was the usual. Having eaten some food at the Garden, he ignored the smell and walked straight to his room on the second floor. In a family with so many children, the only reason Jaune had his own room was because he was a guy.

Thinking that the homework could wait, he dropped his book bag unceremoniously on the floor and leaned over his bed, grabbing the guitar case hidden there. Jaune couldn't help but smile as he brought out the acoustic beauty within, it being one of the few things he'd spoiled himself with in recent years. There was nothing unique about it, really; the wood was a simple light-brown with a dark trim on the edges. But as he plucked the strings and began tuning it by ear, he felt his heart soar as it always had when he played.

Music was... It was heaven for Jaune. On bad days it cheered him up, and on good days it congratulated him. There wasn't a thing in this world that failed to be better when it was accompanied by a song. He didn't care that there were a thousand better guitar players, or tens of thousands more experienced singers; all that mattered was that he could occasionally slip in the sea of notes and lyrics.

Many moons ago, Jaune had considered making a living off of music. He knew he wouldn't be selling out any concert halls, but it would be a job doing something he loved. Nicholas Arc's passing, however, made that dream impossible to follow. He had a family to provide for, and he was determined to do just that. In the meantime, he would indulge himself every so often in his free time. It was enough for him.

It had to be.


Yang Xiao Long had a secret. It wasn't anything explosive, or new, or even that interesting to most people; but it was hers, and there was a part of her determined to keep it that way.

Yang jogged several miles everyday for fitness reasons. With a goal of making the amateur boxing circuit when she graduated high school, she had to do everything she could to stay at peak physical condition. Most days her route took her through downtown Vale to the park, but every Sunday she altered that course to go to a different residential area, crossing a river by bridge for a singular purpose: to see her private musician.

Discovering him had been a genuine crazy random happenstance! In late Sophomore year, she had spent some weeks figuring out her ideal route when she wound up going over the river one Sunday morning. Her feet had been aching from underestimating the distance she was making that day, so she slowed to a walk, took in the sights... and that's when she heard it.

The singing was the first thing she caught, but as she neared the source she could hear a guitar playing. It was a simple ballad, slow and soulful, but the sound was so earnest that she simply needed to find out who it was. Imagine her surprise when she found Jaune Arc, of all people, sitting on the front steps of a home and playing to a crowd of two blond girls that were both younger than him. Closer examination revealed they were all clearly related, but none of them even noticed her presence until his song ended.

Jaune's eyebrows rose in surprise, but the youngest girl (who she now knew very well to be Lavender) happily waved to the new arrival. When Jaune confirmed to Lavender that he knew Yang from school, the little girl jumped from her seat and dragged Yang in to listen to the next song. Thus began her weekly ritual of listening to the only Arc son perform.

Over the months, she'd slowly come to know more about the Arc family, usually from one of Jaune's sisters being talkative. The oldest two sisters had moved out, their mother was sick all of the time, and their father had passed away in some currently undisclosed incident. Jaune worked all the time to support his family financially. Spending time with the family each week eventually led to closeness, and Yang always looked forward to hugging the adorable Lavender or exchanging snark with Olive, who was a rather vivacious girl that was Ruby's age.

But most importantly, she always looked forward to being near Jaune.

In her heart, Yang couldn't quite call the feeling love. Her conversations with the boy tended to be polite and short, and were never about anything too deep or important; but she felt like she lived to hear him perform! He put his all into every song, and the one time she requested a particular tune Jaune spent two weeks trying to get it right. It was like they had an unspoken agreement to just sit and let the music wash over both of them.

Pyrrha, a friend that had moved from Mistral some years ago, had a pretty obvious crush on Jaune; as in, practically everyone at Beacon knew except the blond himself. Pyrrha denied it, naturally, but the way she stared at the back of his head? Come on. One of these days either Pyrrha was going to confess or Jaune was going to gain a few brain cells and finally catch on, and when either of those things happened they'd get together and be happy all the rest of their days. Until then, Yang was going to keep the Sunday performances for herself.

That was okay to do, right?

On this Sunday, like so many others now, Yang made her jog across the bridge and came upon the Arc household. Jaune was by himself, a rarity in all honesty, and was rather energetically singing Uncle Kracker's "Follow me"; and when she said energetic, she meant Jaune's whole body was swaying back and forth in time with the beat. Once he finished his little show, Yang took a seat right next to him and shot him a grin. "Well, somebody's in a good mood today. Judging from the song, it must be about a girl~"

Jaune laughed as he set his guitar down. "Actually, yes, it is. I'm excited for a date that's coming up next week."

Yang blinked. She hadn't meant the suggestion seriously, but she'd roll with it. "Oh-ho-ho! And just who is the lucky lady? Is she a singer like you, lover boy?"

'...or a redheaded athlete...'

"Hmm." He made a dramatic gesture out of thinking, cupping his chin with his left hand. "I've known you long enough to know that anything I say can and will be used against me in a court of teasing. I think I'll stay quiet for now."

"Oh come on, don't throw me some bait and then leave me hanging for the meal! You've gotta tell me something, anything." She held her right hand over her heart. "I solemnly swear to avoid mocking you or telling anybody you don't want to know about this. Okay?"

"Remember, I have seven sisters. I've seen plenty of hidden crossed fingers in my time." Yang held her left hand in the air, revealing them uncrossed. He shrugged. "Good enough for me, I guess. It's somebody I met on Beaconbook."

"Really? These online romances seem to be all the rage these days. Maybe I'll take a stab at it soon. So, I can assume you don't know their real name?"

"Nope, but her username is Crystal. I'm convinced she couldn't have picked a more generic name if she tried."

"Crystal? Yeah, it doesn't give you any clues to who they actually are." As Yang spoke, she realized that the scenario had started to sound a little... too familiar. "Question: where are you meeting them? Movie, restaurant, or maybe at a park?"

"Oh, I'm meeting her at the Vermilion Garden. I work there and my sister is the owner, so I've managed to get the meal paid for. Don't go spreading that, though, because I'd rather not have a hundred people coming to me for free food." Jaune chuckled to himself, blind to Yang's mental cogs going at rapid speed. It couldn't be right, but the day and locations were adding up. The only thing she was unsure of was Weiss's username, since she'd never needed to know. Before today that is.

Memories of Jaune asking Weiss out the previous years rolled through at warp speed, of Weiss publicly shooting him down. If her suspicions were correct... then things were not going to go well next weekend. Should she tell him? Was it her place to?

Jaune soon dismissed himself so he could get to his chores, and Yang was left only with her worries as she walked back to her house. If this were a romantic comedy, she could rely on things to at least be funny when her two friends reported to her what happened; you know, the kind of funny that would let her go 'Oh my gosh, you two knew each before? No waay~' with a little heart symbol at the end. But these were real people, with real feelings. They would, one way or another, find out the other's identity, and it likely wouldn't be a pretty sight.

So what was her role in this going to be?


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