Hey, guys this is the new story I was talking about. It's a little different, not really a cross over but it does include a different pantheon. I hope you guys enjoy this.


Somewhere in Egypt:

He was standing there clutching his stomach, Set looked at the gaping hole through his stomach. He knew his Pantheon was going to fall soon. He looked at his child. An unknown god. The child of Set and Anuket, blessed by Ateh, the god of energy, original aspect of Ra, Atum, The god of creation, Thoth, The god of knowledge. He was originally a problem because of his heritage, but despite his heritage, being the son of the God of Evil, the child had so much good in his heart. He was loyal and kind, and had gained the favor of the entire pantheon in just the 5 years of his life. He had tried to befriend Apopis, tried to make the evil serpent see good in life, but some things even this little child could not change.

Set called him over," I name you Perseus, the Greek word for Destroyer, for the romans will be our downfall" He said with a steady voice despite bleeding out. The he leaned in to Perseus, "Son, you have already made your mother and me the proudest parents, I could not wish for a better son. Continue on your path, bring good to this world even if you are a child of evil. Promise me this, Promise me you won't change." Set pleaded. Perseus had tears in his eyes. "I promise, despite being the God of Evil, you are not so father. Rest in Peace in the void, however a part of you will always remain here," Perseus said gesturing to his heart, tears now flowing freely down his cheeks. With that Set smiled and faded out of existence.

Greek name. Perseus never looked Egyptian, even though his looks were commendable. He had raven black hair, tanned skin, sea green eyes rimmed with red. He was wearing a black cloak, one gifted to him by Atum. He flashed himself to his mother, Anukhet, the goddess of the river Nile. "Mother. It's Set" Perseus started, he refrained from calling set his father in front of his mother because it was only a reminder that Anukhet was courted by The God of Evil, not that she minded because she got an amazing son out of it. "He's faded, he's also named me. I am now Perseus." He continued. Anukhet shimmered in front of him. "It's now time for you to move on, you must not stay here any longer." Anukhet said. "But mom..." Perseus started only to get cut off. "You have made me proud, just know that you will be loved by the entire Pantheon. It's time you made another Pantheon as fond of you as we are. I'm sorry for this. I love you." Anukhet said crying. Perseus felt the tears rolling down his cheek. He was confused, he tilted his head but with the remnants of Anukhet's power the goddess blasted her son across the sky.

How was that for a prologue? I know it's short but I'll get another chapter out there soon. I hope oyu enjoyed this chapter. I'll be uploading soon. Thanks for reading. You all are awesome.