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Percy POV:

When I woke up I got the surprise of my life. There was an auburn haired sleeping not more than five feet away from me. I got up cautiously, I tip-toed out of the cave that I was in, and sprinted through the forest in front of me. Little did I know that these actions would change my life forever.

Artemis POV:

The strange raven haired boy was not there anymore. When I got up, I left my room to see if my mother was awake yet. She was not. I left the cave, something mother had told me not to do. I ran through the forest, but stopped when I heard the noise of someone crying. I inched closer to the apparent source of the noise, what I saw made my heart ache.

The raven haired boy was on his knees, clawing at the sandy beach he was on, he was crying with his head down.

Third person POV:

As the auburn haired girl inched closer to the raven haired boy, you could see the raven haired boy visibly tense up. He suppressed the sobs he was letting out earlier. He steeled himself and asked "who's there?" His voice sounding like a melancholic melody even though he was crying literally five seconds ago. "I am sorry, but I heard someone crying, is everything okay?" Artemis said quietly.

Perseus seemed to be contemplating whether to tell the girl in front of him or not. He barely even knew her. He dismissed the thought as fast as one could blink. "Nothing" he said hoarsely.

He walked past her into the woods, she trailed after him determined to find out why he was crying.

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